Word Up bookstore organizers launch crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com

A popular Washington Heights bookstore that closed its doors last summer is looking to start a new chapter, but its volunteer organizers are seeking the public’s help to enable them to reopen. Word Up bookstore — a nonprofit experiment that lasted far longer than originally intended — was closed in August; since then, organizers have been searching for a new space. “We’ve had a taste of what it’s like to have a community bookshop and arts space in the center of our neighborhood,” the organizers wrote in an e-mail that went out to supporters last week. “Now, we want to bring back that space. We want to bring back Word Up Community Bookshop.” To revive the enterprize — initially just a pop-up store on Broadway near W. 175th St. — organizers are looking to tap into the widespread enthusiasm that made the store so successful in the first place. Last week, organizers launched an online crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. In exchange for donations, supporters can receive various perks including books, a tote bag or a “symboilc key” to the store. And if you can spare $10,000, a graffiti artist will spraypaint your face on the wall of their new location. The online campaign has already raised more than $4,000 of the organizers’ $60,000 goal. The campaign ends on Dec. 23. One supporter, identified as Mary Ann, wrote on the online donation site that she was looking forward to the bookstore’s revival. “Excited to see Word Up open again!” she wrote. “I miss the open mic nights & poetry readings & impromptu dance parties. Oh — and the books!” To donate, visit http://www.in diegogo.com/wordupbooks [email protected] Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Radio’s Jeff Foxx getting into the online TV biz with new talk show at his website, jefffoxxtv.com

Jeff Foxx, afternoon host at WBLS (107.5 FM), has launched a TV show on the Internet, at www.jefffoxxtv.com, or www.wbls.com. Foxx says he will be focusing on New York, including the performers, style and “urban street vibe” of the city. It will be set up much like a traditional talk show, with interviews and staged bits. He has an advantage over most other hosts, because he can be his own band. The Jeff Foxx Band has been performing around the city for years. His guest for the show that premiered Thursday night, and can be seen now, was the comedian Talent. One of the other interview features will be a “Legends” segment that soon will show an interview with the late James Brown. LITE BRIGHTENS CHRISTMAS — WLTW (106.7 FM) morning host Bob Bronson was lamenting on the air last week that when he was a child, he never got a brand-new G.I. Joe doll. “I had to settle,” he confessed, “for hand-me-down Joes.” Well, the representatives for Hasbro Toys, which makes G.I. Joe — who these days most kids would know as an “action figure,” not a “doll” — heard this and arranged for Hasbro to send over a big box of G.I. Joes. Alas, Bronson still didn’t get a new one, because he and the station decided to create a morning giveaway and distribute them all to deserving children. It was such a big success, Bronson says, that he only wishes he had something to give to girls as well. In any case, Bronson has plenty of people hearing whatever he says. As the city’s Christmas music station, Lite expects to rack up another monster rating book for December. HANUKKAH CHIMES IN - In what was a first for WQHT (97.1 FM) — and might be a first anywhere in the hip-hop world — Hot 97 morning co-host Peter Rosenberg presented a Hip-Hop Hanukkah concert Dec. 15 at SOB’s. Admission was free with a toy donation, and more than 150 toys were Continue Reading

And the winning Bronx Zoo cobra name is …. Name to be revealed noon Thursday on NYDailyNews.com

The votes are in! Nearly 60,000 people cast online ballots for their favorite of five names for the Bronx Zoo's runaway cobra. And the winning name will be revealed on the Daily News website - www.nydailynews.com - at noon on Thursday. The five choices were: Cleopatra - last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt Mia - short for missing in action Subira - the Egyptian word for patience Amaunet - a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion Agnes - Greek for pure or holy The public will have the chance to meet the newly named Egyptian cobra when she goes on exhibit for the first time Saturday at the Bronx Zoo's Reptile House. The agile asp made headlines around the world when she somehow slipped out of her cage March 25. Missing for six days, the venomous snake inspired a wildly popular Twitter account with made-up misadventures around the city. Throughout the ordeal, zoo officials insisted the fanged fugitive had to be hiding out somewhere inside the Reptile House. She was found there last Thursday. The Daily News teamed up with the Wildlife Conservation Society, which runs the Bronx Zoo, to find a name for the now-infamous snake. The zoo chose the five semi-finalists from the submissions, and then snake fans were able to vote online for the winner.   Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Daily News reader finds angel on Web: Suicidal Bronx woman saved by NYDailyNews.com comment board

It was just two weeks ago that Suena Williams was finalizing her suicide plans: A fistful of sleeping pills, a bottle of rum, a note already written. Out of work and overwhelmed, the Bronx woman looked forward to death. And then, amid the anonymity of cyberspace, she found an angel: an Illinois woman who saved her life. "You live with the pain every day, feeling so alone, so isolated," Williams said Saturday, alive and upbeat in her neat-as-a-pin Riverdale apartment. "I never expected a perfect stranger to help." Williams found Linda Lawson, 44, of East St. Louis, Ill., on the Daily News Web site on Feb. 20. Both were reading about an aspiring male model who committed suicide at a Brooklyn park after posting a note on Facebook. Williams, 43, posted on a readers' message board about the cavalcade of woe that had buried her: No job prospects. A year's worth of unpaid rent. Feelings of depression laced with desperation. Lawson recognized herself in those words. A suicide attempt survivor herself, she posted her e-mail address and asked Williams to reach out. "When I saw her comments, I distinctly knew she was going to be out of here in about two days," Lawson recalled. "It was just a desperate move: 'Here is my e-mail, don't give up.'" The message resonated with Williams, and the women swapped e-mails for the next 11 days as Williams' suicidal feelings slowly abated. "She kept me alive," Williams said. "I didn't expect to find help reading the Daily News articles that day. That's one of the biggest miracles in all of this." She and Lawson spoke by phone last Tuesday, and the Illinois woman was soliciting help for Williams on her Web site (www.angelhelper.net). Strangers are contributing to help Williams pay off $17,000 in back rent, and her résumé is posted online. Williams is overwhelmed again - but this time, by the kindness of people she's never met. "I was ready to let go," she said. "I don't know what's going to happen to me, but I Continue Reading


As of late Wednesday, anyone in the world could click on YouTube, the Internet's most popular video-sharing site, and find a celebration of assassinations of U.S. troops by terrorist snipers. Produced by a group called the Islamic Army in Iraq, the video shows the killings of soldier after soldier while a spine-chilling devotional soundtrack plays in the background. At a length of seven minutes and 31 seconds, the video has but a single purpose: to glorify the slaughter of Americans. It does not belong on YouTube, a hugely successful arm of Google, the most powerful company in cyberspace - a U.S. company. But the video was readily accessible on Wednesday, under the heading "America could save their sons," as were countless other radical Islamic propaganda works, some of them branded with the official logos of terrorist organizations. Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman is calling on Google to "remove content produced by Islamist terrorist organizations from YouTube." Lieberman is right. The senator focused on YouTube in his capacity as chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, which earlier this month completed a bipartisan investigation into how Al Qaeda and other groups are using the Internet as a primary tool to recruit terrorists on American soil. The panel's report concluded: "The violent Islamist Internet campaign facilitates the exposure of potential followers to the ideology. It allows leaders of the movement to talk directly to those who may be vulnerable to the influences of the core terrorist enlistment message without having the ideology filtered through intermediaries, like community leaders or media outlets." The conclusion parallels that of a study by the NYPD: Terrorists are recruiting members, including sleeper cells inside this country, with increasingly aggressive and savvy use of the Internet. No matter. YouTube has been facilitating that effort - in apparent contravention of its own "Community Continue Reading


EVEN HIS SON believes the Long Island man arrested this week for carrying a fake U.S. Marshal badge is a two-timing fraud. "Do I think he posed as a marshal to get women? Yes," Richard Kudlik Jr., 16, said yesterday of his father, who allegedly told women he was a single, 34-year-old marshal when he was really a married, 43-year-old mechanic's helper. The elder Richard Kudlik was busted Tuesday after one of his duped girlfriends, Pam Brown, 39, set up a Web site to expose him - prompting others to call the real marshals and turn him in, officials said. "Do I see him as a responsible adult in my family? Honestly, no, because of what he did," his son said outside the family's Port Jefferson Station home. "But I will stand up for my father if it has to come down to that. It was a wrong thing. Yeah, he messed up." Kudlik was released on $5,000 bond and is hiding out at home after he was barred from his maintenance job at the Plum Island animal disease lab. "He's fine. He has to go to court about this, but beside that everything else seems to be pretty fine," the son said. "He's not depressed. He's just kind of upset at the way that they just kind of came in." The son said his parents seemed to have a happy marriage until about a year ago, when his father started spending more time away from home. "He just started becoming, I guess, more work-oriented," Kudlik's son said. "He would kind of start to just drift away and we wouldn't hear from him for a little bit, but then he'd come home." Kudlik had guns, a marshal's jacket and flashing lights installed on his Dodge pickup, authorities said. Brown said she fell in love with him and believed his lies that his work as a marshal required unexplained absences and lots of travel. Brown, who lives in Mattituck and is the single mother of a 17-year-old daughter, said she has notched lots of support - and publicity - for turning the tables on him when she learned the truth. [email protected] Continue Reading

HE’S A WWW.CREEP Woman uses Net to bust Lothario as fake lawman

WHEN THE MAN of Pam Brown's dreams turned out to be a lying, cheating and married phony, the 39-year-old Long Island woman was humiliated and heartbroken - until she got revenge on the Internet. Brown posted her sad story on the Web and quickly rounded up an online posse of other women who say Rick Kudlik deceived them, too - and this week, they got him arrested. Kudlik had claimed he was a divorced, 34-year-old U. S. marshal, but in fact he was a married, 43-year-old mechanic's helper with two kids. Thanks to Brown's alert, the real U. S. marshals arrested him Tuesday and charged him with possession of a counterfeit badge. "I am so relieved that his lies have finally caught up with him," Brown told the Daily News yesterday. "I knew if he did this to me, he was doing this to others. I wanted to protect any other women from that. " Kudlik refused to speak with a reporter at his Suffolk home yesterday, but his wife came out to defend his honor, blasting Brown as a "Fatal Attraction" type out to get her husband. "I'm standing by my husband because I know him as a person," Denise Kudlik told The News. A single mother of a 17-year-old girl, Brown said she was cautious about Kudlik when she met him several years ago - because he was dating one of her friends. They reconnected last year, and she started falling in love. "It was very close and very intense," the Mattituck woman said. "I was very happy with the way things were going. I was seeing him every day. " She didn't know Nassau County cops and marshals learned last year that Kudlik was representing himself as a marshal, and told him to knock it off. But behind the marshal's badge, his work tales and his professions of love, Kudlik was hiding the truth - he worked in maintenance at the high-security Plum Island Animal Disease Center, Brown said. And he had been married for 17 years with two teenaged children at his Port Jefferson Station home. Kudlik's tissue of lies unraveled in late Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: March 29

Only Steve Malone, owner of Faddy Malone’s in Levittown, would request ink for his OWN surprise party! “Will be celebrating the Big 60 Wednesday the 29th. Heard the gorgeous Amanda is setting up a really nice surprise party for me. The happy hour crowd will all be bringing gifts. Faddy’s happy hours are legendary. My son Josh will also be having a party for me Friday night. The theme being this is the last time we're celebrating my 60th ... AGAIN. “Also RIP Gene Calabrese ex-NYPD. Great family, church and community man. Eight boys, 2 on NYPD and 1 in FDNY. Another teaches submarine warfare as Navy Chief. He will be missed.” — Faddy. NOTE: You can email Mighty at [email protected] and read him at www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/ Mighty was waiting on CS-Bakersfield (+1 1/2) on Tuesday and likes Wyoming on Wednesday. The deficit is 885 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: April 15

Will there be a coin toss to decide who gets to call the coin toss? NEWS ITEM — The next village president in a southern Illinois community will be decided by a coin toss. The Southern Illinoisan in Carbondale says Tammy O'Daniell-Howell and Bryan Riekena each received 11 votes last Tuesday in Colp. Williamson County Clerk Amanda Barnes says the tie will be broken on April 20. Illinois law calls for such ties to be settled by a coin flip. O'Daniell-Howell is a lifelong resident of Colp and has been the village clerk since 2009. Riekena describes his occupation as “geek.” Only 29 of the 250 registered voters in Colp participated in the election. NOTE: You can email Mighty at [email protected], read him at www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/ or on Twitter @MightyQuinnNYDN Mighty was waiting on the Wild on Friday and likes the Bruins on Saturday. The deficit is 805 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: April 3

“Hello Mighty, this is Drew Watson (president of the MQFC in Elmsford, Westchester County). For my 40th birthday party the boys and myself went out to Vegas. You told us to take the Yankees. This year is my 45th (April 8). The boys (Fern, Mean Gene, Hogans, V and Easy Ed) and myself are headed to New Orleans! The Big Easy will never be the same. I will invite you to my 50th. Where should we go? May your deficits turn into profits! Sincerely, Drew Watson.” Mighty emailed back: “Here's this year's pick: Mets win the World Series! This is the year it all comes together, pitching, hitting, bullpen. And for your 50th, we'll all head to Cuba!” NOTE: You can email Mighty at [email protected], read him at www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/ or on Twitter @MightyQuinnNYDN Mighty had no play on Sunday and likes Gonzaga on Monday. The deficit is 895 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading