‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Welcome to Zombieland, humanity. I hope you’ve been doing your cardio

Fear the Walking Dead MUST. RUN. TO. STORE. BUY. SMALLER. PANTS. Justin Lubin/AMC Meet Nick, the world’s healthiest-looking junkie. Nick wakes up in his usual spot, on a dirty pile of sleeping bag in an abandoned church, and finds that his girlfriend Gloria is missing. A noise from downstairs prompts him to investigate, and he heads downstairs, past walls smeared with graffiti and then … alarmingly … blood. And then there’s the screaming. And then there’s the man’s body with his throat torn out. Nick is understandably upset, and so when he finally finds Gloria crouched in the nave, he urges her that they have to leave, SOMEONE IS EATING PEOPLE THROATS! But if you’ve seen any Fear the Walking Dead promotional materials, you know exactly who that someone is: Gloria. OHAI.  Justin Lubin/AMC “ACK!” says Nick who flees the church and his zombie girlfriend, without even giving her a chance to explain or prove her crime-solving skills. And then Nick gets his fool self hit by a car. Nick’s mother, Joanie from Deadwood Cassidy from Lost Janette from Treme Shelby from Friday Night Lights Collette from Sons of Anarchy Kate from House of Cards “Madison,” receives a call from the hospital and is all, “OH BROTHER, IT’S MY JUNKIE KID AGAIN.” When she, her boyfriend Travis and her daughter Alicia arrive at the hospital, they learn that Nick ran barefoot into traffic in a drug-fueled psychosis, ranting nonsense about “viscera.” Mom decides that it’s time to try rehab again, but her son reminds her that he’s 18 now, so NOPE. Meanwhile, Boyfriend receives a call from his ex, who wants him to take his teenage son for the weekend — something that Teenage Son wants no part of because Daddy Issues — but Boyfriend is like, NOPE. Madison then announces that she has to go into her job as a guidance counselor at a Continue Reading

Nelson George, Gale Anne Hurd, Joe Swanberg to keynote SXSW Film

Writer Nelson George, producer Gale Anne Hurd and actor/director Joe Swanberg will offer the keynote addresses at the SXSW Film Conference and Festival, it was announced Tuesday.SXSW also released their full conference schedule which also included (deep breath) conversations with “Miles Ahead” director star Don Cheadle, actress Gaby Hoffmann, directors Joe Berlinger and Barbara Kopple, Texas filmmakers Andrew Bujalski and David Lowery and actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Nelson George George, a longtime journalist, critic, filmmaker and producer, directed the HBO films “Life Support” and “A Ballerina’s Tale” and is a writer/producer on the Netflix series “The Get Down,” which is slated to premiere in August. (It also sounds like it covers the same place and time as HBO’s “Vinyl” — New York’s wild ’70s are back!) Gale Ann Hurd with Waking Dead star Andrew Lincoln Hurd produced the “Terminator” trilogy, “Aliens,” and many other films and currently exec produces AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” Look for her to survey her career and discuss her new shows, the Syfy series “Hunters, which premieres April 11 and USA Network’s “Falling Water” will debut later this year.  Swanberg has directed 20 features, including “Drinking Buddies” and “Happy Christmas,” and starred in “You’re Next,” “The Sacrament” and “V/H/S.”and has started producing for other filmmakers such as  Alex Ross Perry and Zach Clark. As for the conversations, Joe Berlinger (the “West Memphis 3” films) and Barbara Kopple (“Wild Man Blues,” “Harlan County U.S.A.”) are both brilliant and well-regarded documentarians; their chat should prove extremely insightful about their discipline. Childhood buddies Louis Black ( SXSW Continue Reading

In Rosarito Beach, American residents feel the Trump effect

In the Baja California city of Rosarito Beach, President Donald Trump has plenty of critics.American critics.Ken Bell, a Californian who has lived here since 1999, recoiled when candidate Trump promised to build a border wall while trashing Mexican immigrants. (“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”)“If I’m going to build a fence with my neighbor,” said Bell, a former Vietnam War veteran, “the first thing I do is not insult them.”Terri Raposa, who has lived here for 12 years said: “Trump is like a joke. I don’t know of one person who voted for him, and if they did they won’t admit it.”But the fact is, there are more than a few Trump fans among the area’s estimated 15,000 to 30,000 U.S. citizens. John Murphy, a former Anaheim resident who has lived here for 28 years, cheered Trump’s victory. Even so, the loyal Republican and Baja California enthusiast offered some friendly advice to the new U.S. president.“Tone down the rhetoric.” Murphy said.Just like their fellow Americans north of the border, Rosarito Beach’s expatriates are coming to terms with the Trump administration. Living just 35 miles south of San Diego, these U.S. citizens’ perspectives are seasoned by their residency in a foreign land.As events unfold in Washington, they wrestle with concerns that have as much to do with their temporary home as their native country.Will tightened security add to the delays at the border crossings? Will tariffs on goods exported into the U.S. damage Rosarito Beach’s economy? Will more deportations lead to increased crime in Mexico’s border cities?Living abroad has always meant adventures and adjustments. For Rosarito Beach’s expats, the Trump era means a new set of uncertainties.“If Trump has complete control over the border, who knows what will happen,” said Continue Reading

Porn journalist spills the dirty details of the on-camera sex industry in tell-all book

It’s an old tale with a new twist: Lynsey G. was a nice girl from Montana who came to the big city and stumbled into a career in pornography. Except she kept all her clothes on. In her book “Watching Porn: And Other Confessions of an Adult Entertainment Journalist,” she reveals all about what she learned covering the smut business — first for McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies, then as the editor and co-founder of Whack! Magazine. Lynsey G. is her nom de porn. She’s also known as Miss Lagsalot, her pseudonym as editor and reviewer for the now defunct Whack! G.’s first porn biz revelation was hard to miss: “The new-girl syndrome.” The industry goes wild for the fresh new faces, casting aside the tried and true. Newbies are soon awash in money, courted by producers and photographers, treated as celebrities at industry parties. “Both novelty and youth are hugely popular in terms of human arousal worldwide, and new girls have both these attributes,” G. writes. But a fast rise is most often followed by a hard fall, sometimes in a matter of months. A new girl typically works her way through a trajectory of sex acts. Her pay rate escalates with each step into more hardcore action. The newbie starts with boy/girl. Next is girl/girl, though G. points out scenes between women who are strictly “gay for pay” are inevitably disappointing. Interracial might follow, but racism in porn makes that negotiable turf. The acts thereafter are too various, never mind inventive, to list. But one is a given: There’s a gangbang in her future. Once she’s exhausted the repertoire of on-camera firsts, the new girl is past her expiration date. “That whole first year, everything’s amazing,” says Kelly Shibari, a plus-size porn model. “Then the second year Continue Reading

Fans question Sasha’s future in ‘The Walking Dead’ after actress takes lead role in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Sonequa Martin-Green is the female lead for the upcoming CBS All Access show, “Star Trek: Discovery.” She’ll become the first African-American female main character to appear front and center in a “Star Trek” show or film. However, with what’s sure to be a rigorous shooting schedule (production began this week), fans of the show she’s currently featured in, “The Walking Dead,” are beginning to fear there may be a bloody farewell for her in the works. Both Martin-Green and “TWD” showrunner Scott M. Gimple failed to really expand on the matter when pressed by EW.com. Martin-Green said the show’s story is as strong as ever while Gimple praised Martin-Green’s talent. Martin-Green, who plays the strong-willed and independent Sasha on “TWD,” will not be the first show actor to seek — and land — work elsewhere. Jon Bernthal, David Morrissey, Corey Hawkins, Danai Gurira and Lennie James, to name a few, have all done so. Still, for many of them (Bernthal’s Shane and Morrissey’s The Governor), the outside casting spelled the end of their days on the hit AMC show. The truth is, though, that the actors sought work elsewhere only once they were written off the show. Bernthal moved to Frank Darabront’s “Mob City” while Morrissey moved to a pilot called “Line of Sight,” which didn’t get ordered to series. While their “TWD” death scenes hadn’t aired yet, they were still cast in these outside roles. For others, like Hawkins, who plays an Alexandrian named Heath, the (quasi) departure is a bit more complex. He’s hardly appeared on Season 7 of “TWD,” due most in part to his starring role in Fox’s “24: Legacy.” While the show’s production commenced, his onscreen character in Heath was Continue Reading

A look at 7 popular ‘Toy Story’ fan theories on the film’s 20th anniversary

Twenty years later and you’ve still got a friend in them. It was Nov. 22, 1995 when fans were first taken to “infinity and beyond,” with an adventurous group of toys in the animated hit “Toy Story.” The first movie in the still-thriving franchise was a pioneer in its genre. It was the first Pixar film, the first entirely computer generated animated feature and the first animated flick to garner an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay. It was also a cash cow, raking in over $360 million at the box office. By the time “Toy Story 3” rolled around, it collected $1 billion in ticket sales, becoming the highest-grossing animated film at the time (now trumped by “Frozen”). And movie producers aren’t ready to put the money-making franchise to bed as “Toy Story 4” — which follows a romance between Woody and Bo Peep — is set for a 2018 release. So, it’s not surprising the fandom is so intense it’s spawned multiple fan theories about the toy world. Here are seven of the most popular ones to celebrate the first film’s anniversary: 7. Sid the savior Sid the bully grew up to become a garbageman, as seen in “Toy Story 3.” Some fans saw that as just desserts for the hated character who tortured toys. Yet, others believe the mischievous neighbor has reformed his ways. Sid learned toys are real at the end of first film and one theory claims he’s now determined to rescue discarded toys. “He's trying to save the toys. He picked the one kind of job where you can rescue those things,” a circulating post last year on Reddit said. 6. Andy’s dad is dead In the world of Disney/Pixar, it’s the norm for parental figures to be dead and one popular theory is that the same is true for Andy’s father. A Reddit post believes the dad was killed in the line of duty, Continue Reading

‘The Walking Dead’ season six: Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Melissa McBride dish the gory details

Something is rotting on cable — and millions can’t wait to take a bite. When “The Walking Dead” returns for its sixth season on Oct. 11 (9 p.m. on AMC) fans can expect legions of animated corpses to swarm into their living rooms. “We are unashamedly a zombie show, and we will give you more zombies than you have ever seen before,” swears actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays conflicted leading man Rick Grimes. “I know I say this every year, but I think this time we’ve maxxed out on what we’re capable of doing,” he adds. “It’s the biggest, most ambitious season yet, and the crew have brutalized themselves to get this made.” We will give you more zombies than you have ever seen before. “The Walking Dead” remains the most watched series on cable thanks to its sharp balance of character-driven storylines sandwiched between bloody decapitations. A record-breaking 15.8 million viewers tuned into the season five finale last March. But for all the human drama, the show takes its face-munching mayhem to new levels. A feat its companion series “Fear the Walking Dead,” has yet to achieve. And it shows: with just a fraction of the zombies, the spinoff is only pulling in a fraction of the original “Dead’s” numbers, averaging under 7 million viewers. The new season picks up where the story left off last year. A group of world-hardened survivors are struggling to integrate with the inhabitants of Alexandria, a walled-in, zombie-free sanctuary outside of Washington, D.C. That conflict peaked in last season’s finale after Rick executed alcoholic, wife-abusing resident Pete (Corey Brill) - the community’s only doctor - after the booze-soaked surgeon accidentally shot the husband of the town’s leader. The aftermath will impact the rest of the season as the groups must decide whether or not to unite. Continue Reading

New fall season on TV boasts plenty of zombies, the debut of Stephen Colbert in David Letterman’s slot, and a mix of drama, comedy and documentary

Not to sound depressing, but this fall is looking like the Autumn of the Dead on television. AMC’s “The Walking Dead” returns Oct. 11, by which time it will also have had a warmup act: the six-episode “Fear of the Walking Dead,” a “companion series” that launches Aug. 23. “Fear” will confirm that zombies are no more congenial on the West Coast than they are on the Atlantic Coast. If that’s not enough “Dead” shows, Starz will roll out the much-anticipated “Ash Vs. The Evil Dead” on Oct. 31. On a more modest Halloween scale, Fox plans a crossover episode between its medical drama “Bones” and its supernatural historical drama “Sleepy Hollow.” NEW FALL MUSIC INCLUDES ALBUMS FROM JANET JACKSON, PRINCE, KANYE, ONE DIRECTION, KEITH RICHARAND EVEN ADELE Imagine if the Colonial Army in the Revolutionary War discovered that some of the British forces were zombies. Would Washington still have crossed the Delaware? Fans of the “dead” will want to tune in to the Oct. 12 return of AMC’s “Fargo,” which tends to rack up a healthy body count, and ABC’s Oct. 27 “Wicked City,” billed as a love story between two serial killers. Much of the splatter is good-natured in Fox’s new “Scream Queens,” which debuts Sept. 22. And even a show about ballet, Starz’ “Flesh and Bone,” promises to turn very dark when it launches Nov. 8. “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter is back Sept. 15 with FX’s “The Bastard Executioner,” which seems to practice population control medieval style. On Oct. 7 FX also brings back “American Horror Story,” which regularly kills off a good part of the cast. On a more metaphoric level, CBS will mark the death of the long-running “CSI” with a two-hour movie on Sept. 27. That’s Continue Reading

Here’s where to get your horror fix this Halloween

The scary season is upon us, and the ghoulish demonic clown of Itis just the tip of the ghastly fun.But where to start? Never fear, we’re here to help. (Well, perhaps a little fear would be apropos.)Here's a guide to what's new out there for getting your horror fix between now and Halloween. More: 5 ways that 'Happy Death Day' is the 'Groundhog Day' reboot we need Earlier: 13 movies to watch on Friday the 13th (beyond the obvious 'Friday' films) Related: Kid heroes step up to save the world in throwback 'It,' 'Stranger Things' There are plenty of options if you want theatrical chills at the movies, from new hit Happy Death Day to a pair of upcoming big-screen projects featuring familiar figures: The sequel Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (in theaters Friday) offers a cross-dressing Tyler Perry dealing with a haunted campground, and Jigsaw (out Oct. 27) brings back the famed killer of seven previous Saw movies.If you’re feeling adventurous, take a chance on some diamond-in-the-rough film fare on iTunes and other digital video outlets. Wish Upon takes a teenage girl (Joey King) on a very bad path when she's gifted a magical music box by her dad (Ryan Phillippe), and Halloween gets a Christmas twist with the horror comedy Better Watch Out, featuring a babysitter (Olivia DeJonge) and her young charge (Levi Miller) trying to stay alive during a home invasion.Old-school horror cinephiles, though, will want to check out 78/52, a documentary featuring Guillermo del Toro, Jamie Lee Curtis and other notables breaking down Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous Psycho shower scene frame by frame.AMC's zombie-tastic The Walking Dead lumbers in for an eighth season on Sunday but if you're looking to binge on creepiness, head to the various streaming platforms. The new anthology series Lore, based on the popular podcast, just premiered on Amazon Prime and focuses on the real origin stories of Continue Reading

Comic-Con’s first night is a real horror show for fans of ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘It’

SAN DIEGO — More than 125,000 people have descended upon Comic-Con, and if that wasn’t scary enough for the nerd crowd, a few horror movies plus a terrifying TV show were on display during the event’s annual preview night. We'll be on the ground for all of the annual comic-book convention's offerings, but before the pop-culture extravaganza begins in earnest Thursday, here are some of Wednesday’s freaky highlights:The San Diego Convention Center’s floor is packed with booths for all sorts of movie studios, TV networks and comic-book companies, with big properties like Star Wars and Justice League. AMC always puts out a nice spread featuring The Walking Dead, and this year’s presentation is no slouch: Next to the massive fort-like structure is a fenced area where zombies hiss and snarl at onlookers. If that’s too frightening, there’s also a chair where visitors can pose like King Ezekiel next to a lifelike tiger Shiva.At a New Line presentation at a nearby theater, director Andy Muschietti introduced never-before-seen footage from his upcoming Stephen King adaptation It (in theaters Sept. 8). The audience got to see the young members of Derry’s Losers Club (played by Wyatt Oleff, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jacobs, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis and Jeremy Ray Taylor) in a couple of scenes that bring the group together — from diving off a cliff in their underwear to a rock fight with local bullies — and gave a quick glimpse at the evil clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) waving a disembodied arm. Executive producer Seth Grahame-Smith compared the kid characters' vibe to the friends in Stand by Me: “We believe they have that same kind of relationship.”Keeping the “children in peril” theme, director David F. Sandberg presented an early screening of Annabelle: Creation, which digs into the 1950s origin of the super-creepy doll from The Conjuring and pits her Continue Reading