Is the Legal Marijuana Industry Sustainable for Entrepreneurs? What You Need to Know

Fun fact: The average marijuana dispensary or recreational store brings in about $974 in annual revenue per square foot, about the same as a Whole Foods store. Anna Johansson Published 11:30 am, Thursday, March 15, 2018 Photo: Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Is the Legal Marijuana Industry Sustainable for Entrepreneurs? What You Need to Know 1 / 1 Back to Gallery Though it’s been a subject of ethical and political debate for decades in the United States, marijuana is facing a new kind of scrutiny. Consider that: More than 60 percent of Americans favor the full legalization of marijuana for adult consumptionThe majority of states allow at least some kind of marijuana use (including recreational use or the use of medical or low-THC varieties)12 states plan to introduce new legislation this year to push for further legalization Related: Investment In Marijuana Industry Has Grown 600 Percent so Far in 2018 The logical conclusion here is that marijuana has the potential to become a massive industry. And demand seems ample, since 52 percent of adults have smoked it at least once, according to surveys. So, it's no surprise that many investors and entrepreneurs believe that legal marijuana poses an enormously profitable business opportunity. Recommended Video: Now Playing: Jeff Sessions to Reverse Obama-era Marijuana Policy On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will assess whether marijuana will be subject to certain protections under the federal marijuana law, even if it's been legalized in a certain state. Back in 2013, The Obama Administration allowed states to legalize marijuana if state officials assured it would kept from minors and criminals. Now, eight states have legalized Continue Reading

How AI Is Addressing the Fraud in Advertising: Here’s What You Need to Know

According to Forrester, 20 percent of marketers' budgets is being wasted on fake traffic. Andrew Medal Published 1:00 pm, Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Photo: Shutterstock Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Shutterstock How AI Is Addressing the Fraud in Advertising: Here's What You Need to Know 1 / 1 Back to Gallery Given the online advertising boom in today's digital age, businesses need to learn to allocate their marketing dollars wisely. Unfortunately, there's a big challenge to meeting that goal: Advertising fraud and lackluster results are rife in the digital ad space. Related: Telltale Signs You Have an Ad Fraud Problem As a business owner, digital manager and entrepreneur, you've likely already experienced these issues, via paid Instagram ads that failed to achieve their intended results, or paid services like Google Adwords that had no conversions. To avoid such outcomes, you need to make sure your ads stand out and that you're spending your dollars on actual results -- not bot traffic. To clarify my Instagram example: Let's say that you paid Instagram to promote your post, and, all of a sudden, you start gaining a bunch of followers who, according to their account information, live in India and have only about five pictures each on their individual profiles. I'm no ad-fraud detective, but judging from the looks of that kind of new traffic, you'd be wise to question these followers' validity. While Instagram gains a benefit by earning your ad money, you need clicks from people likely to buy your product -- not "followers" from some faraway land with profiles that appear fake. Those people won't benefit you as a business owner. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing David Robinson Doesn't Think Spurs-Kawhi Leonard Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Emergency Funds to Make Sure You’re Ready for Anything

Be prepared when life throws you a curveball. Phil Town Published 10:00 am, Friday, March 9, 2018 Photo: Entrepreneur Network Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Preparing your emergency fund Preparing your emergency fund Photo: Entrepreneur Network What You Need to Know About Emergency Funds to Make Sure You're Ready for Anything 1 / 1 Back to Gallery Life is unpredictable, which is why it's risky to try to live paycheck to paycheck. If you can, it's best to set aside money for an emergency fund in addition to your other investments. That way, you can be ready when something unexpected and unwelcome comes your way. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Phil Town quickly breaks down what you need to do to make sure you have an emergency fund that actually works for you. He explains what you'll need to make sure you can afford, how long your emergency fund should be able to sustain you and more tips that can help you develop a plan for emergency funds that works best for you. Click play to learn more. Related: The 10 Commandments of Investing, From Billionaires Like Warren Buffett Recommended Video: Now Playing: Guillem Posanz, 52, is a telecommunications technician who is currently unemployed and has been sleeping on the street for three years. This is exactly what he wrote on the sign that he held up at the entrance to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) for attendees to see as they walked in last week. Guillem's actions have resulted in several job interview offers. The initiative is part of a campaign launched by the NGO Homeless Entrepreneur to give visibility to the stories of people who sleep rough while searching for a job to get them out of this situation. Based in Barcelona, the charity organised a "Sleepout" on the doorstep of the MWC, which took place from Continue Reading

4 Things Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Approaching Angel Investors and VCs

Here are four factors that will help you prepare your pitch and secure an investment. Carol Sankar Published 8:30 am, Monday, February 5, 2018 Photo: Willie B. Thomas | Getty Images Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Willie B. Thomas | Getty Images 4 Things Women Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Approaching Angel Investors and VCs 1 / 1 Back to Gallery The demand and focus on the issue of gender equity in the world of successful startups and venture capital is on the rise. For many years, I have followed the journey of several successful startup entrepreneurs and their haste to secure seed rounds from angel investors and venture capital groups to help expand and grow market share within their respective industries. Related: These Female Entrepreneurs Created a Fake Male Co-Founder to Work Around Sexism. How Well It Worked Is Incredibly Eye Opening. The enormous success of backing some of the largest companies, which have been labeled as "disruptors" in the market within the past decade, has been possible due to filling unique deficiencies. However, there is noticeable change coming to the world of venture capital, so the playing field can be more balanced to include a more gender neutral approach to the visibility of women-owned venture capital groups. In a recent interview which aired on Bloomberg Television's Studio 1.0 with Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital, he stated that some of the disparity in the venture capital markets can be attributed to education in the formative years. According to the Cruchbase Women Venture Report, which was commenced to study the percentage of women with decision-making authority as investing partners at leading venture and micro-venture firms, 7 percent of partners at the top 100 venture firms are women. In addition, women received a mere Continue Reading

When Doing Business in Countries That, Um, Don’t Like Us, Here’s What You Need to Know

Russia, Ukraine, China, Syria, Iran, the Central African Republic, Cuba? Doing business in those places is risky but full of opportunity. Robert Courtney Published 11:30 am, Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Photo: Sam Hodgson | Getty Images Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Sam Hodgson | Getty Images When Doing Business in Countries That, Um, Don't Like Us, Here's What You Need to Know 1 / 1 Back to Gallery Expanding your business into a foreign market that is occasionally or full-on hostile to the United States poses problems that can limit your success. Here, I'm talking corruption, potential non-payments and currency risks, for starters. Related: 17 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Business in Cuba Then there are the endless bureaucratic obstacles you'll face, the ever-shifting regulatory and tax climates and the fallout from geopolitical hot spots: All will add an extra layer of unpredictability which can negatively impact the performance of your company's strategies, business plans and investments. Where do these things happen? Think countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Syria, Iran, the Central African Republic, Cuba, Afghanistan and more (the U.S. Treasury, Commerce and State departments currently list embargoes and economic sanctions against 30 nations and territories, in response to alleged trade infractions and state-sponsored terrorism). To say such actions prompt friction with these countries is an understatement. Yet, despite the resulting challenges, profitable business results can still be achieved internationally, if pursued with diligence and care. First, know what to be aware of and plan for: Boycotts Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing SAPD: Man catches 2 suspect breaking into car on West Side, opens fire Caleb Downs Kawhi Leonard's Continue Reading

Interested in VC Funding? These 4 Statistics Tell You Exactly What You Need to Know.

If your startup focuses on AI and machine learning, you're sitting pretty. Real pretty. Jayson DeMers Published 2:00 pm, Monday, January 22, 2018 Photo: Shutterstock Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Shutterstock Interested in VC Funding? These 4 Statistics Tell You Exactly What You Need to Know. 1 / 1 Back to Gallery If you're looking for venture capital (VC) this year to fund your startup, you need to know the direction of the current market: For the past several years, the total dollar amount of VC given to startups has increased significantly, with venture capitalists showing increasing interest in new technologies and potential "unicorns" that could be valued at a billion dollars or more. What else do the latest statistics indicate about the state of the VC world, and what can you do to make the most of it? Check out these four important statistics: 1. Total VC funding dollars are down 11 percent. VC rates exploded in the early 2010s. Starting in 2010, that year's first quarter showed less than $15 billion in funding, with around 2,500 VC deals closed. Then, in the second quarter of 2016, the VC market -- at its peak -- closed 5,500 deals and funded $45 billion. Some economists have speculated that this surge represented just the middle step of a larger run of upward momentum. Others called it a sign that the tech industry was in a valuation bubble, and the bubble was about to burst. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing Shots fired call near Alamo Heights prompts large police presence Fares Sabawi UTEP athlete, SA native snubbed @lamTre_/ Twitter Cold Case Unit, San Antonio Police Department San Antonio Police Department Sinkhole discovered on the West Side 21 Pro Video Timelapse shows icy cold front moving into San Antonio Courtesy AJ Pena SAPD: Continue Reading

What is bitcoin? What you need to know about cryptocurrency

If you own bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, it might be a bad day for you. The price of bitcoin plunged by 15 percent Tuesday morning, dropping below $12,000 for the first time since Dec. 4. Other cryptocurrencies have also seen price declines, with Ethereum falling by 20 percent and Ripple falling by 33 percent. The plunging prices are a stark difference to the success bitcoin saw last month — hitting a record of nearly $20,000 on Dec. 16. As the digital currency bitcoin surges in popularity, curious investors and entrepreneurs alike are watching closely to see what happens with the fluctuating prices. Don’t understand the basics of bitcoin? Here’s what you need to know: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a digital token, that can be sent electronically and directly from peer to peer. There is no physical backing and it is a decentralized currency — meaning it is not controlled by any government or banking entity. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created, and remains the most popular one to date. “I tell people it’s a digital currency and it’s a program,” said Jad Mubaslat, Wright State University graduate student and founder of, a bitcoin trading platform. “For the first time in history, it allows anyone anywhere in the world to send any amount of money instantly. Most importantly, it’s without a third party … like a bank or a government. Now, you can truly send your money without somebody telling you what you can or cannot do.” The record of all bitcoin exchanges and transactions are on what is called the blockchain, which is a network of decentralized computers. Bitcoin was created by a programmer going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. He communicated only through email and social messaging, and no one truly knows Nakamoto’s identity. He released the software globally in 2009, and now anyone can use and download it. How do you buy bitcoin Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Looking for a Job in 2018

From when to send your application to the most lucrative locales in the country. Nina Zipkin Published 12:30 pm, Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 What You Need to Know About Looking for a Job in 2018 1 / 1 Back to Gallery From when to send your application to the most lucrative locales in the country.Copyright 2018 Inc., All rights reservedThis article originally appeared on Continue Reading

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademarks

Remember to renew and "police" your trademark registration, because if you don't use it, you lose it. Brian Hughes Published 11:17 am, Friday, January 5, 2018 Photo: Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademarks 1 / 1 Back to Gallery Small business owners have a lot of decisions to make. From deciding what is the best business entity type for their venture to figuring out where to purchase office supplies, decision-making can be overwhelming. As a result, owners may neglect, or postpone thinking, about how to protect their intellectual property. Related: California Bill Provides Trademark Protection for Marijuana Industry Of course it's difficult to place a value on an intangible asset like Intellectual property, particularly when it's a business’s trademark. Yet that asset may actually be the most important one the business has. Registered trademarks can be particularly beneficial to the overall branding and success of any seller of goods or services. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing This tamale-making hack may change your next tamalada mysa Dog caught in middle of family's New Year's Eve fireworks mysa San Antonio child sings 'Remember Me' from Coco in heart-wrenching tribute to baby sister mysa Well-known San Antonio cook gunned down on his front porch, suspect at large mysa Man found dead in rollover wreck at busy S.A. intersection mysa Woman killed in fiery rollover crash on U.S. 281 mysa Video of San Antonio dad's Christmas hover board accident goes viral on social media mysa Summers enjoying trip home with TCU Bexar County identifies woman killed in deputy involved shooting Fox7 San Antonio hospital offers needed treatment for Continue Reading

Interested in growing industrial hemp? Here’s what you need to know

The second coming of industrial hemp in Pennsylvania is entering its second year, with greater opportunities available to interested farmers, researchers and entrepreneurs thanks to the expanded scope of the Department of Agriculture’s pilot program.But you still need approval from the state to grow hemp, and the Jan. 19 application deadline is fast approaching. Here’s what prospective applicants need to know:How to apply: Here’s the agriculture department’s industrial hemp landing page, and here’s a direct link to the application.What is industrial hemp? Industrial hemp refers to the varieties of the cannabis sativa plant that have a negligible amount (0.3 percent or less) of THC, the chemical compound that gets you high. Industrial hemp does not get you high, but it got caught up in America’s indiscriminate 20th century war on marijuana. Cultivation has essentially remained banned because the federal Controlled Substances Act still classifies hemp under its broad, archaic definition of marijuana as a drug with no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.What can industrial hemp be used for? About 25,000 different things (seriously). A sampling: Beauty products. Clothing. Car parts. Building materials and housing insulation. Energy storage devices for electronics. Pest resistance and weed suppression. Medicine. Salad dressings and food oils. Rope.If the Feds still associate hemp with pot, how can we grow it? The 2014 U.S. Farm Bill gave states the authority to establish agricultural research pilot programs, and Pennsylvania did so in 2016.What are the rules of this pilot program? Here’s the complete list of the 2018 parameters, as well as a summary of the main points. The agriculture department will allow up to 50 projects this year, up from 30 last year. The department will allow projects focusing on the the growth, cultivation or marketing of industrial hemp exclusively for research purposes and not for the Continue Reading