Video released shows Deputy remained outside Florida high school during Valentines Day shooting

It was Valentines Day at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.School Surveillance video released on Thursday by the Broward County Sheriff's office starts at 2:22 pm, less than one minute after the first shots were fired.  The video shows assigned school resourceThe two turn back around and Peterson can be seen talking into his radio.  His walk becomes a run.Moments later, they get into a golf cart while students, whose faces are blurred, can be seen running out of the building.Seconds later, Peterson can be seen back on foot running up to the building.  Video shows the unidentified employee running, what appears to be, into the building while Peterson stops outside and remains there for "He never went in," said a visibly frustrated Sheriff Israel during a news conference about one week after the shooting that killed 14 students and three teachers."It's hard to look at that and see what the other environment is," said Sgt. EJ Diaz of the Tampa International Police Department.  Diaz is a career law enforcement officer who worked for the "Protocol is to take care of the situation but a lot of time what happens with training is there's so many variable and so many things going on so its not the same thing every time," he explained The video was released to the media after a short court battle with several media organizations.  The Broward County Sheriff and the Broward County school board initially did not want to release the video out of concern it would reveal school As the seconds tick on the surveillance video, activity around Peterson appears to get more frantic.  More students can be seen running, more officers can be seen responding in the corner of the video screen, while Deputy Peterson remains outside.The Broward County Sheriff's office released the video via an email link that included the following message, "we welcome the court's decision to release the video of Deputy Scot Peterson's Continue Reading

He texted his ex a Valentine’s Day message

Stay warm today. If you're bored, sign up for the Love Letters newsletter. And get your tickets for April 3. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and three months. We split up in the middle due to distance, however we got back together and are now living in the same place. On Valentine's Day, I noticed a notification on his phone from his ex-fiancée. They broke up three years ago. It led me to look into it further, and I found that he has been messaging her pretty much the whole time we have been back together. She's in a different country, so I know he isn't physically cheating, but I found messages of him saying he "misses her." They have been scheduling video calls, there are messages with him talking about how he had a dream about her ... and then I found a happy Valentine's Day message sent by him. I hate that I went snooping, but when I saw her name and the message, it left me with such a horrible feeling that I had to see what was up. I'm not sure what to do. We had a messy breakup before and he put a lot of effort into getting back together, but lately I have felt that he's not working as hard to maintain our relationship. I don't want to lose him, but I feel kind of like a second option at the minute, as opposed to a priority, which was what I felt like before. Any help and advice would be amazing. Thank you. – Second option At this point, you might as well tell him you snooped. Just be prepared to deliver the news with an apology. You should make it clear that you understand that you violated his privacy. Let him know that he's entitled to have his own life, with messages you never know about. Then explain that you went investigating – despite knowing better – because you had doubts about the relationship. Now you're stuck with this information and have to ask: Do these messages mean that he'd rather be with someone else? Do they have anything to do with his level of interest? Hopefully this will lead you into a Continue Reading

Send us your special Mother’s Day messages and we’ll publish the best

DON'T forget it's Mother's Day this Sunday, March 11. Struggling to think of a sweet gesture? What could say 'I love you' more than seeing a Valentine's Day message from you in ​this​ week's Sun on Sunday? Send yours in ​to the ​[email protected]​ and we will publish the best. MOST READ IN FABULOUSS-WIN-GERS Swinger couple whose exes ran off together say it's best thing that happened OH, BABY! Stunned mum had a surprise baby despite having a flat stomach and regular periods frocky horror show Are these the worst red carpet wardrobe malfunctions ever? I'm offended! Selfish, lazy victims: Why I HATE being part of Generation Z EXPLICIT EPILATION What's the best way to shave your pubic hair? Porn star reveals all FROCK HORROR The most memorably AWFUL Oscar gowns of all time Need more Mother's Day inspo? Here are some great gifts and presents to spoil mum – from £3.29 to £85. And Lush has launched a 15-piece Mother's Day collection costing from £3.95 - and this video shows the magical way they're made. Five Mother's Day gifts under £5 at B&M Continue Reading

Arizona Sen. John McCain reps UA hat in Valentine’s Day message to wife

John McCain, 81-year-old Arizona Senator who is battling brain cancer, posted a quick Valentine's Day note to his wife, Cindy Wednesday morning. The note, posted on his Twitter account, read "Happy #ValentinesDay to my valentine @cindymccain!" with an old photo of the couple.  The photo shows Cindy McCain hugging John, who is sporting a flannel shirt and a University of Arizona baseball cap.   Happy #ValentinesDay to my valentine @cindymccain!— John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) February 14, 2018 Cindy and John have been married since May 17, 1980.  McCain was diagnosed with a deadly form of brain cancer last year. McCain missed his personal goal of heading back to the senate in January but is "working hard and gaining strength" according to Senator Jeff Flake.  Continue Reading

Read Sen. John McCain’s Valentine’s Day message to wife Cindy McCain

Sen. John McCain, who is battling a deadly form of brain cancer, on Wednesday tweeted a poignant Valentine's Day message to his wife, Cindy."Happy #ValentinesDay to my valentine @cindymccain!"The tweeted included an old photo of Cindy hugging McCain, who is wearing a plaid flannel shirt and a University of Arizona baseball cap.McCain, 81, and Cindy McCain, 63, have been married since May 17, 1980. McCain is the 2008 Republican nominee for president and a six-term senator from Arizona.McCain in July was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. In December, he was hospitalized in Bethesda, Maryland, for a viral infection and for side effects to his ongoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. He returned to Arizona on Dec. 17 where he has remained, getting physical therapy at his family's cabin in Cornville, near Sedona.McCain missed an informal goal of returning to the Senate in January and it remains unclear when he will go back to Washington, D.C.Meghan McCain, the couple's daughter, also tweeted about Ash Wednesday, which fell on Valentine's Day this year, and expressed gratitude toward Christians "who will keep my father in their prayers.""Today marks the beginning of Lent, of prayer and fasting," she tweeted. "My deep thanks to all believers around the world who will keep my father in their prayers."Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., visited McCain in Cornville on Saturday and reported that McCain is "working hard and gaining strength." Nowicki is The Republic's national political reporter. Follow him on Twitter, @dannowicki. READ MORE: Sen. Flake visits Sen. John McCain, tweets 'he's working hard and gaining strength' Flu season concerns keep Sen. McCain in Arizona, Meghan McCain says Exclusive: McCain's son Jack says every day, dad 'sounds better than the day before' Continue Reading

Boston Children’s Hospital needs Valentine’s Day messages for young patients

Advertisement Share Shares Copy Link Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 12:00 PM EST Feb 9, 2018 Boston Children's Hospital needs Valentine's Day messages for young patients Share Shares Copy Link Copy {copyShortcut} to copy Link copied! Updated: 12:00 PM EST Feb 9, 2018 BOSTON — Boston Children’s Hospital is collecting digital Valentine’s Day messages for its patients.Hospital officials said they have received more than 8,000 messages of support, but more than 3,600 are still needed. Advertisement Children’s has set a website set up to share Valentine’s Day messages. To add your own message, visit the site, choose a design and sign your name. You can even add a special Valentine’s Day message if you like.The message will be displayed in the hospital on Feb. 14 for children and their families to enjoy.Click here to send a message. Continue Reading

Julianne Hough holds hands with NHL player Brooks Laich during romantic post-Valentine’s Day stroll

NHL pro Brooks Laich is known to hockey fans as a defense-first center, but he just scored big time. The Washington Capitals player was photographed holding hands with actress Julianne Hough on a romantic stroll on a Los Angeles-area hiking trail Sunday. Hough, 25, who brought her two puppies in tow, even let her new beau drive her Mercedes SUV — as big a sign of commitment in Hollywood as anything else. Laich, 30, the pride of tiny Wawota, Saskatchewan, had some time off while his more offensively gifted teammates were busy in Sochi battling for medals in the Winter Games. Both seemed in buoyant spirits Friday, posting gushing Valentine's Day messages to their Twitter followers. "Share a kind gesture to a stranger today and show them the true meaning of love. Show love. Be love. Happy Valentine's Day!!'" tweeted Hough. "Happy Valentines Day everyone — hope you are spending it with that special someone who makes you happy! #onelove, '" posted her body-checking beau. Hough, last seen on the big screen in the romantic drama "Safe Haven," is a free agent after ending her longtime relationship with Ryan Seacrest last March. The former "Dancing With the Stars" cast-member joins the all-star team of American starlets who have hooked up with Canadian hockey players — Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews skated off into the sunset with L.A. Kings center Jarret Stoll; "24" veteran Elisha Cuthbert is married to Maples Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf; and Carrie Underwood is wed to Nashville Predator Mike Fisher. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Retailers say 1 in 5 Americans will buy their pet a Valentine’s Day gift

It's Valentine's Day, so Americans are naturally showing off their love — for their pets. Consumers will spend a a total of $815 million on heart-shaped gifts for their furry and cuddly loved ones on Thursday, the National Retail Federation finds. One out of every five Americans plans to purchase Feb. 14 gifts for their cats and dogs. Overall, Americans will spend a total of $18.6 billion on Valentine's Day presents, according to the survey. Here's how they will spend the money on their two-legged loved ones: — $4.4 billion on jewelry — $1.9 billion on flowers — $1.6 billion on candy — $1.5 billion on gift cards The survey also finds that 7% of Americans will send their main Valentine's Day message in 140 characters or less. While Twitter may not be the popular or romantic way to celebrate the holiday, many people do rely on social media and their computer keyboards to express their affection. "You communicate digitally with most people in your life through text, e-mail and Facebook," pet expert Kristen Levine told USA Today. "But you can't do that with your pet." The ASPCA really took Valentine's Day to heart, hosting a "Meet Your Match" dating show online earlier this week where viewers were able to learn about many eligible shelter animals. [email protected] USING MOBILE? CLICK FOR VIDEO Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day turn off: Australian women reject  ‘I love u’ texts, prefer face-to-face contact

Australian women may have embraced the digital era, but they prefer a face-to-face declaration of affection to an "I love u" text and find men addicted to their mobile phones a major turnoff. That's according to a study carried out by romance publisher Mills & Boon, timed to coincide with Valentines Day on Tuesday. The 2012 Australian Romance Report found found 91 percent of woman expected to be asked out on a date with a telephone call rather than via a mobile phone message. And 86 percent of respondents were more comfortable saying "I love you" in person than via text. The least romantic of gestures was declaring one's love via a relationship status change on Facebook. At a time when women see themselves as more independent than ever before, many of the traditional beliefs about romance still resonate, said Michelle Laforest of publisher Harlequin Enterprises, which carried out the survey. "We are seeing new challenges as women manage their persona on a digital level yet they are still cynical about finding romance on the very same medium, instead preferring the authenticity of real life experiences," she said. While most single woman would admit that the rules of dating have changed, 61 percent still believe a guy should "ask me out". The online survey of 1,200 single women aged 18 to 55 also revealed 76 percent would be more willing to stand in front of someone naked with the lights on then send a naked photograph by text. When it came to relationship deal-breakers, a Blackberry/iPhone dependency and Facebook photos with ex-lovers rated highly as turn-offs. Asked what they most wanted in a partner, women were mostly traditional, nominating a killer smile, a great sense of humour and an accent as their biggest turn-ons. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Alabama sex shop offers customers chance to swap guns for sex toys in Valentines Day special

An erotica shop in Alabama has a message for Valentine's Day shoppers: Swap that Remington for something a little more romantic.  Huntsville that bills itself as a "one-stop romance shop," rolled out a promotion Tuesday that allows customers to trade in their guns for sex toys. Agence France-Presse.its website encouraging gun owners to consider "trading guns off the streets for FUN between the sheets!" Williams told AFP. David Smith, a licensed gun dealer, and any gun discovered to have been used in a crime will be turned over to the police, Williams said. U.S. Supreme Court, but the ban stayed in place after the court refused to hear it. With News Wire Services Join the Conversation: Continue Reading