‘The United States of Intoxication Is Not a Good Thing’: O’Reilly on New Pot Study

Bill O’Reilly tonight discussed a new study which reveals that smoking pot may hurt your brain. The Journal of Neuroscience analyzed people between the ages of 18 and 25 who smoke pot about six times per week. The data suggests that smoking pot creates brain abnormalities which affect emotion, motivation and decision making. Is America Going to Pot? Starting in 1966, the federal government trotted out an anti-tobacco posture, saving millions of lives. But pot use is on the rise and considered cool in many circles, even legal in Colorado and Washington states. O’Reilly said that there should be a campaign against pot as there is tobacco. Almost 20 million Americans are regular pot smokers, and O’Reilly said that people who are involved with intoxication are selfish. “Their need to flee reality supersedes other goals,” he said. “Once getting high becomes a priority, a person changes for the worse, and those around that person better watch out.” “Talking Points is not the morality police, but the United States of intoxication is not a good thing,” O’Reilly said. “The Factor” host noted that he will get the usual letters from people who like pot and want him to butt out of the issue. To those people, he said, “My job is to look out for you, not patronize you. If you care at all about your health and well-being, you will read the Journal of Neuroscience. Are you motivated enough to do that?” Watch his full Talking Points Memo above. ‘They Are Promoting Intoxication!’: O’Reilly Blasts Denver Post’s Marijuana Editor 'You're Part of the Problem!' Watch Heated Debate on Legalized Pot   Continue Reading

Carson: This Is the ‘United States,’ Not the ‘Divided States’

Dr. Ben Carson told Sean Hannity tonight that the Black Lives Matter movement is dividing the American people at a time when we need to be coming together. "This is the 'United States of America,' not the 'Divided States of America,' and we should be looking at how do we take all of our people into consideration," Carson said. He pointed out that the U.S. only has 330 million people, while China and India each have more than a billion people. "That means we need to develop all of our people. We need to get the most bang for the buck out of all of our people, and our policies should be aimed at promoting everyone – getting a good education, providing the right kind of opportunity," Carson said. "It strengthens us, it strengthens the fabric of our country." "That’s what we need to be worried about, not how we divide ourselves up into little special groups." Watch more above. You might also be interested in... Actress Ali Landry's Family Members Kidnapped, Murdered in Mexico $2 MILLION?! Man Can Only Laugh at Unthinkable Verizon Bill One of Bin Laden's Bodyguards Is Leaving Gitmo for Saudi Arabia Army Rejects Appeal of Green Beret Who Stood Up for Afghan Rape Victim Continue Reading

Inauguration Highlights: Donald Trump Becomes 45th President of United States

Below is the running stream of Fox News Insider's updates during Friday's presidential inauguration. The video above is the president's inaugural address in full. The Obamas boarded a helicopter referred to as "Executive One" as they left Washington, D.C. The helicopter is no longer referred to as "Marine One" since it is carrying a former president.The Obamas are set to head to California for vacation.Singer Jackie Evancho performed a beautiful rendition of the national anthem Friday during Donald Trump's inauguration as 45th president of the United States.The 16-year-old Pennsylvanian burst onto the scene at age 10 on "America's Got Talent."After the performance, the camera focused on Trump, who could be seen saying, "Great job Jackie!"In his inaugural address, President Donald Trump said this isn't just a transfer of power from one president to another or one party to another."We are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people," Trump said to cheers.Click here for more on the president's inaugural address.Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.Here he is taking the oath of office, administered by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.Mike Pence was just sworn in as the vice president of the United States.He was sworn in by Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.President-elect Donald Trump just arrived on Capitol Hill, walking out to cheers from the crowd before he is sworn-in as the 45th president. He kissed his wife, Melania, and First Lady Michelle Obama, before greeting President Barack Obama. Incoming Vice President Mike Pence has descended the Capitol Hill steps in anticipation of his swearing-in ceremony, as well as that of President-elect Donald Trump.Soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump has arrived at Capitol Hill and joined her family.She was greeted to a thunderous applause by the crowds gathered to witness the swearing-in ceremony of her Continue Reading

President Obama officially sworn in for his 2nd term as President of the United States

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama officially began his second term as President on Sunday, taking the oath of office during a brief, late morning ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath to the President, who was accompanied by First Lady Michelle and daughters Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11. PHOTOS: Look back at Inauguration Days of years gone past all the way to 1920s "Congratulations, Mr. President," Roberts said. "Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice," Obama replied. "Thank you so much." Josh Haner/New York Times via AP Vice President Joe Biden takes the oath of office on Sunday morning. "All right, thank you everybody," the President then said to a handful of family members, before hugging and kissing his wife and his daughters. "Good job, dad," Sasha could be heard saying. "I did it!" Obama replied, before the family filed out of the room. The swearing-in went off without a hitch, unlike at Obama's first inauguration in 2009, when Roberts flubbed part of the oath, leading the White House to hold a second private swearing-in later that day to ward off any potential legal questions about the legitimacy of Obama's presidency. Pool/Getty Images Vice President Joe Biden kisses U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor after taking the oath of office. Obama recited the oath on Sunday in accordance with the Constitution, which dictates that a President's term ends at noon on Jan. 20. Because Jan. 20 fell on a Sunday this year, the official inauguration celebration was moved to Monday. And so Obama will take the oath again Monday - Martin Luther King Jr. Day -  in a midday ceremony in front of the U.S. Capitol before VIPs, hundreds of thousands of spectators on the National Mall and a worldwide television audience. He also will deliver an inaugural address. While not fully open to the public or media, Sunday's  ceremony was attended by a pool reporter and a television Continue Reading

Rep. Eric Cantor: ‘Birthers’ are wrong, ‘President [Obama] is a citizen of the United States’

The GOP leader in the House of Representatives doesn't think birthers are "crazy," they're just wrong. Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) defended the fringe group from insult despite its continued belief that, regardless of evidence clearly indicating President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, is ineligible to be commander in chief. When "Meet the Press" host David Gregory called birther theories "crazy talk," Cantor said he was being rude. "I don't think it's nice to call anyone crazy," he said. The Republican, after being pressed, then conceded that he believed the claims by birthers are simply not true. "I don't think it's an issue we need to address at all," Cantor said. "It is not even an issue that needs to be on the policy table right now." Then he stated: "I think the President is a citizen of the United States." The conspiracy theory around Obama and his citizenship has dogged the White House since the Chicago politician first ran for office in 2008. Dismissed by some politicians and pundits, including Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, tales of the president's past have taken on a life of their own. Many range from faked birth records to alleged welfare fraud. Some argue he is not a "natural born citizen," while others believe he is really a British national because his father is from Kenya. Obama's campaign presented a "Certification of Live Birth" in 2008, an official document that is legally similar to a birth certificate according to Hawaii, failed to quite rumors of his citizenship. Gov. Neil Abercrombie vowed he would prove that documents show Obama was indeed born in Hawaii in 1961, but legal restrictions on such personal data forced him to back off his promise. "There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," Abercrombie's spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president." The White House has not Continue Reading

World Cup 2010: Magic of sports emerges from United States victory as Americans celebrate abroad

LONDON - This wasn't the world coming to Cockspur St. late afternoon to watch the United States try to get a goal against Algeria and get another game in the World Cup. This was America coming to this corner of London, down the street from the statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square, because of a moment when soccer was as much our sport here as theirs. What you saw and heard in the loud, crazy moment when Landon Donovan put one behind the Algerian keeper and put the U.S. team into the second round of the 2010 World Cup, what you really had in an unlikely setting with the unlikely name of Texas Embassy Cantina, was this: The power and pull and magic of sports. In that moment, it was as if the U.S. hadn't beaten just Algeria, but the whole world. The ball came to Donovan, the best all-around player we ever had, and he drilled it home like a champion. The two levels of the Texas Embassy Cantina exploded with the raucous, throaty sound of America, of an American sports crowd, a long way from home. "This is what the Garden used to sound like," a guy named Mark Pannes, who used to work at Madison Square Garden and works for HSBC Private Bank now in London, yelled over the noise of the place, trying to high-five everybody at once. It was 1-0 for the U.S. and now it didn't matter that a ref had robbed the U.S. of a goal at the end of its game against Slovenia. It no longer mattered that the refs stole another goal from the U.S. team Wednesday on a bad offsides call. All that mattered was that a couple of minutes into what soccer calls "added time," with his team on its way out of the World Cup, Landon Donovan had put one into the goal like the best guy you had in baseball hitting one over the wall with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. That was the kind of moment Donovan gave his country in soccer, that was why the country came to bars like the Texas Embassy Cantina in London in late afternoon. And bars like it all over the world. A college friend of Continue Reading

President Clinton attends United States-Algeria match, speaks to team in locker room after victory

PRETORIA - A unique visitor congratulated the United States in its locker room after the victory over Algeria Wednesday: former President Bill Clinton, who spoke to the team for 45 minutes at Loftus Versfeld Stadium. "He is one of the most-liked and popular people around the world and he's very charismatic," U.S. midfielder Landon Donovan said. "You could tell how touched he was by the moment, and it was very nice to have him there." "He was so proud of the team," U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said. "They didn't get frustrated by missing some chances today and they didn't let the last game affect them." Gulati said team captain Carlos Bocanegra "gave a great speech on how proud he was of the team and the fact that the President was there. It doesn't get any better." Clinton, who sat next to FIFA president Sepp Blatter and in front of Gulati during the match, cheered the winning goal. "He stood up. He was excited," Gulati said. "He was facing away from me at the time. I didn't think it was a good idea to try to get him to spin and do a big bear hug. There were Secret Service guys around." CONTINENTAL DIVIDEBianca Kajlich. "I carried her with me through this tournament," he said. "She's been a part of this with me. I'm lucky to have her." A reporter asked Donovan if a reconciliation was possible. "What's this, 'Access Hollywood'?" he asked. "Next!" MEDIA MELEE The two had a history. According to Asma Halimi of the Algerian newspaper Competition, Rafik Saifi had once before struck her because of an article she wrote about Saifi and his French wife. When Saifi saw Halimi Wednesday, he slapped her. She struck him back with a punch. Saifi then hurled a water bottle at Halimi, who continued to do her job and interview other players after the incident. STAT OF THE DAY - 17World Cup matches that Thierry Henry has played for France, which ties the mark set by goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

New state bill and 5G reward aim to KO dog, rooster rings

Earning a few thousand dollars is no simple task for many Americans in this dour economy. But now the opportunity is up for grabs for New Yorkers who help crack down on animal cruelty. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered by the Humane Society of the United States for any tip that leads to the conviction of people involved in illegal dogfighting or cockfighting. "New Yorkers should have no tolerance for the cruel treatment of man's best friends," said Patrick Kwan, New York state director for the Humane Society. New York has one of the worst animal fighting laws, ranking 48th in the country. While dogfighting and cockfighting are felonies in New York, possessing animals for the purpose of fighting is only a misdemeanor, and attending an animal fight is a misdemeanor punishable by little more than a slap on the wrist. New York's lenient laws also attract spectators from other states that have more severe punishments, such as New Jersey, which has the stiffest animal cruelty laws in the country. But that may be about to change. Last week, the state Senate's Agriculture Committee unanimously passed a bill that would toughen the animal fighting laws by making it a felony to possess animals for the purpose of fighting and attend an animal fight. Still, if passed, the law will not come early enough for some offenders to do time. In late April, no arrests were made after 33 roosters were rescued by NYPD and NYC Animal Care & Control from a cockfighting operation in the basement of a Bronx apartment building on Hoffman St., in Belmont. Three of the four injured birds had to be euthanized, and others have been relocated to various animal sanctuaries. The lack of punishment infuriated many animal advocates. "New Yorkers want these criminals punished to the max for these heinous crimes and to rid animal fighting out of our great city," said Jennifer Panton, who runs United Action for Animals (www.ua4a.org). The nonprofit group Continue Reading

United States Anti-Doping Agency teams up with NFL, MLB to curb steroid-spiked supplements

The United States Anti-Doping Agency is teaming up with the NFL, Major League Baseball and other sports organizations to pressure the federal government to crack down on rogue companies that manufacture supplements spiked with steroids and other banned substances. USADA's "Supplement Safety Now" campaign won't ask Congress to repeal the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, the 1994 law that allows supplement manufacturers to sell products without testing them for safety or effectiveness. But the campaign will seek modifications to DSHEA and other federal laws to make it more difficult for companies to sell steroid-tainted supplements online and through mainstream retail outlets. USADA chief executive officer Travis Tygart said the campaign will also ask lawmakers to provide more resources to the Food and Drug Administration and other regulators. "Our mission is to urge Congress to establish a regulatory framework that ensures that all supplements sold over the counter in retail stores and online are safe and effective and that the federal agencies regulating this industry have the tools to effectively protect consumers' health," Tygart said during a telephone press conference. "From our perspective, until these problems are adequately addressed, even the most informed and cautious consumer can't have full confidence in their choice when deciding to select supplements," Tygart said. The campaign will ask Congress to require supplement manufacturers to register with the FDA and provide the agency with product names and ingredients. "The FDA has no idea how many products are out there containing these different designer steroids," Tygart said. Athletes, of course, have been blaming positive tests for banned substances on tainted supplements for years, and in many cases that excuse sounds as credible as "the dog ate my homework." But Tygart said studies show that numerous products available at stores or on the Web contain steroids, stimulants and Continue Reading

‘I never thought I’d be talking to the President of the United States’

Big Town Big Dreams Stories about immigrant New Yorkers who make this town the great place it is "My last name in Arabic," explained Fouzia Bouanane, "is the word for 'artist.' My father would laugh about how nobody in our family is an artist. So I was always telling my daddy, 'Yes, I'm going to be a makeup artist.'" She was right - although the 43-year-old Queens resident wasn't pursuing career plans when she came to America in 1990. The native of Morocco arrived in Connecticut as part of an arranged marriage - "It didn't work," she says. Bouanane then moved on to New York City, where she found some unexpected opportunity. "I took a job with the Fox News Channel," she says, "working in housekeeping. Thank God for that. I used to go to the green rooms and put coffee and soda in there, and I would still sigh and say, 'One day, I'm going to be a makeup artist.' And suddenly I was able to go to school and work with great makeup artists there." That opportunity began with Bouanane's daily routine. As she explains, "I used to make the coffee each morning for Roger Ailes, who is the CEO of the company. He told me that he would see me each morning with my big smile and my attitude, happy all the time. I first spoke of my dream to Roger, when he asked me what I wanted for myself." Bouanane laughs at her own ambition: "I didn't know what would happen - if maybe they would fire me. But I knew one day I would be a makeup artist. Maybe it would have to be another day, but it would happen." As it turned out, Ailes was planning a paid apprenticeship program as part of Fox News' diversity initiatives. Bouanane soon became a pioneer in Fox's plan to give in-house employ-ees advancement opportunities. Shortly after becoming part of the Fox News makeup staff, Bouanane was touching up Bill O'Reilly, whose "O'Reilly Factor" is the most popular show on cable news. "I used to clean his office," she recalls, "and then his makeup artist tells him, 'Okay, I'm Continue Reading