CBS News Logo Californians reported the most UFO sightings in recent years

For Californians, the truth is out there. “UFO Sightings Desk Reference,” a new book on reported UFO sightings, found that California had the most reports of visual encounters with unidentified objects in the United States. This includes hundreds of reported sightings, CBS San Francisco reports. The book analyzed more than 120,000 reports of UFOs and found more Californians believed they’d come in contact with extraterrestrial life than anyone else in the country. “We found that UFOs were sighted in every county in the United States. Every county had at least one sighting sometime in the past 15 years,” the book’s co-author, Cheryl Costa, explained. Using data from the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, and the National UFO Reporting Center, she said Californians reported seeing nearly 16,000 UFOs between 2001 and 2015. “We think a great deal of it has to do with California’s weather,” Costa said. Costa explained that California’s mild weather allows people to be outdoors during much of the year and thus in position to spot possible UFOs. According to Costa, Santa Clara County topped the list in Northern California with 569 reported sightings. Alameda County was second with 518, while San Francisco trailed with 327. It should be noted that these reports are anecdotal and haven’t been investigated, let alone proven.  But for those who believe we’re not alone in the universe, the book may seem validating. “Most people were very sincere about what they reported, about what they think they saw, Costa added. “They weren’t jerking us around. But we understand the only proof some people are going to accept is a space ship cracked up in the mall parking lot.” Continue Reading

U.S. government is “ignoring UFO sightings” because “nobody wants to be the alien guy,” former Pentagon official said

U.S. Pentagon UFO alien life ufos Aliens The government is “ignoring UFO sightings” because “nobody wants to be ‘the alien guy’ in the national security bureaucracy,” a former Pentagon official said. Christopher Mellon, a former deputy assistant security of defense for the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, claims that the government needs to thoroughly investigate nationwide reports of flying unidentified objects, given the sheer quantity in recent years. In a Washington Post op-ed, Mellon, who now works at The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), says some U.S. pilots have encountered a UFO and several have even caught footage of the occurrence, but not enough has been done about it. "We have no idea what’s behind these weird incidents because we’re not investigating," he wrote. Keep up with this story and more by subscribing now On Friday, the Stars Academy of Arts and Science released footage of a UFO spotted by the U.S. Navy off the East Coast in 2015. Youtube Mellon believes that although they may not necessarily indicate alien life, the UFOs could be advanced Chinese or Russian technology, which would still warrant an investigation. However, he claims that people in the Pentagon turn their backs on bizarre videos and treat them as isolated incidents, rather than connected events. "If these craft mean that Russia, China or some other nation is concealing an astonishing technological breakthrough to quietly extend its lead, surely we should respond as we did then," Mellon wrote. He added: "Or, if these craft really aren’t from Earth, then the need to figure out what they are is even more urgent." Mellon then states that “nobody wants to be ‘the alien guy’ in the national security bureaucracy” because those types of people are often “ridiculed or side-lined for drawing attention to the issue.” On Friday, new UFO footage was released by TTSA, a Continue Reading

What’s that in the sky? Group analyzes local UFO sightings

WASHINGTON — Last month, something strange hovered in the sky just a few miles from the Pentagon, a witness reported. The witness, who took photos, said whatever it was appeared to rotate and then morph into a group of glowing objects that split apart. The photos are hard to make out, but one does seem to show a set of glittering, airborne lights. Maybe there’s a good explanation, but the incident is one of the most recent UFO sightings reported in the D.C. region to the Mutual UFO Network, also known as MUFON. MUFON collects reports of sightings worldwide and investigates them. Another organization, the National UFO Reporting Center, or NUFORC, also accepts reports of UFOs. “Our first credo is believe the witness. At least listen to the witness,” Susan Swiatek, MUFON’s Virginia director said to WTOP. “That’s a big therapeutic thing we can do for people and get their remarks on the record for hopefully a greater whole that will emerge.” Swiatek said some people are happy to have a strange encounter, while others are definitely not. “Just seeing something in the sky that they know they can’t explain, that’s enough to really upset people. And if you can just come alongside them and say, ‘It’s OK, we get those reports all the time,’ then that can help. Conversely, I’ve had people get really upset. They’d rather say ‘I’m crazy, give me a pill,'” she said. There were more than 100 sightings reported in Virginia last year — up 13 from the number of 2016 sightings reported, MUFON reported. In 2017, Virginia had more sighting reports than Maryland and D.C. combined. There were 65 reports in Maryland and 11 in the District. Reports can be filed online, and submissions can remain anonymous. Tony Angiola, assistant state director of MUFON Virginia and an investigator, has appeared on TV’s “NASA’s Unexplained Files” and “Hangar Continue Reading


Not long ago, I wrote about the resurgence of our government’s interest in unidentified flying objects and included an account by former Navy Commander David Fravor who in 2004 witnessed such a craft that fellow pilots photographed off the California coast during F-18 exercises. Working under the unpublicized Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the project operated between 2007 and 2012 and some aspects of its mission continue, a Washington Post story said. That column sparked responses from readers who, like me, said they, too, had witnessed UFOs or were close to someone who had. One man said that in 1969 he “was getting my check ride for night-flight flying between a 100-mile round trip between Lincoln and Omaha.” His plane was a Piper that only flew about 85 mph, which provided plenty of time on a dark and starry night to see the horizon for miles. “The short story is that on the way back from Omaha I saw another ‘plane’ in front of me at the same altitude but it was off to my right about a half-mile,” he wrote. “I could tell it was a plane because of the red/green wing lights and white taillight facing me. “It kept the same pace in front for a while and then my instructor pulled my power and I had to make a simulated emergency landing at the Millard airport outside of Omaha.” After he’d landed then regained altitude to continue, “that same ‘airplane’ was ahead of me, only a little bit closer. I asked my instructor what I should do as we were flying under visual flight rules. He said just move off to his right a little, which I did.” That’s how they flew along for several more minutes. “Then, all of a sudden this ‘plane’ I was following for about an hour began flashing red with lights that blinked and moved around the outside of a disk shape,” he said. “The light increased in speed and movement. Then, from out of nowhere, Continue Reading

85 UFO Sightings In New York City Over Past Two Years

New York City experienced 85 UFO sightings in the past two years, according to the New York Post Saturday. The information comes from a database collected by the National UFO Reporting Center based in Washington state. The organization takes submission of UFO sightings by phone and online. “Do I believe in UFOs? I absolutely believe . . . I believe what the data says,” Peter Davenport, the center’s director told the Post. “Read the cases and you come to the realization that these objects we’ve been calling UFOs for 70 years are being seen across the country and around the world on a daily basis.” New York City’s borough of Manhattan experienced the most sightings — racking up 27 since 2016. The details of the sightings run the gamut from a paltry amount of information to much more descriptive. “[I was] Looking out my 5th-floor apartment window in Astoria, Queens, which overlooks the East River and Manhattan's Skyline of the Empire State Building. All of the sudden, I see 2 triangles made up of lights floating by in the sky. There 1 second gone the next. One triangle was made of red lights and the other craft made of blue,” reads one entry from Oct. 20, 2017. The bulk of sightings are mysterious lights viewed in the sky, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for much longer.  “Three very bright lights in sky, still. One would move away, then rejoin. Often a pair would be so close as to look as one light. Hovered over Queens … for at least 15 minutes. I saw from more than a mile away and the lights were very big and bright. Very still,” reads one report from the New York City borough of Queens from Nov. 1, 2017. Davenport said that reliable and clear photos of these mysterious UFO sightings are hard to come by because people typically only have a few seconds to react. The sightings the organization compiles are self-reported, meaning there are only verified by the Continue Reading

UFO Sightings, Alien Threats: Pentagon Admits Having Secret Investigation Program

For the first time, the Pentagon has admitted that it ran a program that investigated sightings of UFOs, according to a New York Times report. From 2007 to 2012 the $22 million Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program investigated UFO reports and run under military intelligence official Luis Elizondo inside the Pentagon. Officials said program was shut down five years ago. “It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding, and it was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change,” a Pentagon spokesperson told the Times. However, supporters say the program still exists, although the Defense Department stopped funding it. Since 2012, the program has continued to investigate reports and has also carried out other Pentagon duties, the report said. Harry Reid’s Connection To UFO Pentagon Program The secret program was primarily funded at the request of former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., the report said. The Democrat, who retired last December, was reportedly a space fan. Most of the funds went to an aerospace research company run by billionaire entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, a friend of Reid’s. UFO Sightings Reports: Documents, Videos The Pentagon UFO program teamed up with Bigelow’s company to produce documents that detailed sightings of aircrafts that appeared to move at high speeds with no visible signs of propulsion, as well as other objects that hovered in the skies. The program also looked into videos of encounters with unknown objects and U.S. military aircrafts. One of the videos showed an oval object about the size of commercial airplane, according to the Times. The aircraft was chased by two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of San Diego in 2004. The program and company also stored metal alloys and other materials that were believed to have been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena. Researchers also studied people who reported going through physical effects from Continue Reading

Pentagon confirms secret program on UFO sightings since 2007; official wants data released

Just before leaving his Defense Department job two months ago, intelligence officer Luis Elizondo quietly arranged to secure the release of three of the most unusual videos in the Pentagon's secret vaults: raw footage from encounters between fighter jets and "anomalous aerial vehicles" - military jargon for UFOs. The videos, all taken from cockpit cameras, show pilots struggling to lock their radars on oval-shaped vessels that, on screen, look vaguely like giant flying Tic Tacs. The strange aircraft - no claims are made about their possible origins or makeup - appear to hover briefly before sprinting away at speeds that elicit gasps and shouts from the pilots. Elizondo, in an internal Pentagon memo requesting that the videos be cleared for public viewing, argued that the images could help educate pilots and improve aviation safety. But in interviews, he said his ultimate intention was to shed light on a little-known program Elizondo himself ran for seven years: a low-key Defense Department operation to collect and analyze reported UFO sightings. The existence of the program, known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, was confirmed officially for the first time Saturday by a Pentagon spokesman. The acknowledgment came in response to media inquiries, which were generated in part by a start-up company Elizondo has joined since retirement. The private company specializes in promoting UFO research for scientific and entertainment purposes. Current and former Pentagon officials confirm that the Pentagon program has been in existence since 2007 and was formed for the purpose of collecting and analyzing a wide range of "anomalous aerospace threats" ranging from advanced aircraft fielded by traditional U.S. adversaries to commercial drones to possible alien encounters. It is a rare instance of ongoing government investigations into a UFO phenomenon that was the subject of multiple official inquiries in the 1950s and 1960s. Spending for the program totaled Continue Reading

If U.S. government is tracking UFO sightings, Arizona is fertile ground

Editor's note: This story was originally published in January 2015, following the online publication of 130,000 declassified records on the Air Force's files on UFO sightings and investigations.The possibility that humans are not alone in the universe is something the U.S. government is preparing for — if recent headlines are any indication.Welcome to the real-life "X-Files."The New York Times, on Dec. 16, 2017, published a story detailing a mysterious Pentagon program tasked with tracking UFOs.Defense officials said the program, called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, ended in 2012. But the Times reported that the program is still in operation in 2017, even if the Pentagon stopped funding it. PREVIOUSLY: 'Alien Ranch' west of Phoenix can be yours for $5M In response to the Times' story, Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official told CNN: "My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone."Is it any coincidence that NASA announced, in August, that it was hiring a "Planetary Protection Officer"?Meanwhile, Phoenix has a storied history of UFO sightings.Decades before the "Phoenix Lights," Arizona residents reported seeing V-shaped formations of UFOs hovering over Yuma and Phoenix.They reported reflective flying disks, glowing fireballs and swarms of starlike spheres streaming though the Arizona night skies.These sightings, and many more, come from a trove of nearly 130,000 pages of declassified records from Project Blue Book, the Air Force's files on UFO sightings and investigations. The records were released online in January 2015 thanks to UFO enthusiast John Greenewald. MORE: What's the story behind Phoenix's most famous UFO sighting?For Project Blue Book, the Air Force compiled 12,618 UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969 — some of which are from Arizona — but decided to discontinue investigations after finding no proof of national security threats or extraterrestrial Continue Reading

A UFO sighting in Spring Grove

  It was sometime around 1970 that Bill Hoover had an experience that changed the way he sees the world, and the universe, and, well, everything. He was working the night shift at the P.H. Glatfelter paper mill in Spring Grove. His entire family worked at the paper mill, as did a lot of the people he grew up with in the Pigeon Hills, just outside the mill town.He had worked previously on a fruit farm and had done some other stuff before going to work at the paper mill, an inevitability in those parts, Glatfelter being the primary industry in town, its reason for existing, pretty much. He was a wastewater treatment plant operator. It takes a lot of water to make paper, and the mill cleansed the water it used in the process in a series of three wastewater plants, consisting of large pools and sludge beds just outside of town.Part of his job was to periodically drive from the plant – he drove a company Jeep – to the wastewater plant, dip out some water samples and drive them back to the lab for testing. The plant ran three full shifts back then, and even though it was the middle of the night for most people, the plant operated at full steam.   Related: UFO sighted in York? Sure, why not.  That night, he had driven down to the treatment plant and was scooping water out of one of the sludge beds for testing when he heard something. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner, a low humming noise. It was coming from above. He thought, "This is not normal." He looked up and this, well, thing was right above him. It was triangular with three white, translucent globes anchoring the corners. Along one of the sides of the triangle were two bright lights; they looked like headlights. The three globes had bright red points of light in their centers.   He had never seen anything like it. He had no idea what it was. It hovered overhead for a Continue Reading

Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower covered up UFO sighting in England, letter claims

It's an international conspiracy worthy of the "X-Files." British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower covered up a UFO sighting during World War II in an effort to prevent mass panic, a letter sent to the British government suggests. The missive was one of thousands of documents related to the sighting of unidentified flying objects released by the United Kingdom's National Archives on Wednesday. This is the second mass release of UFO-related documents this year, and the sixth since 2008. The latest collection spans from 1995 to 2003. A letter sent in 1999 by an unnamed person from Leicester, England, relays a story he was told by his mother, which came from his grandfather, who claimed to have witnessed the alleged cover-up. "It is claimed that my grandfather, [REDACTED] was present during a debate between Winston Churchill and Mr. Eisenhower during World War II involving making a decision about an unexpected incident," the letter states, dated Sept. 20, 1999. The incident in question took place off the English coast and involved a Royal Air Force bomber crew, which was returning from a "photographic mission" in either Germany or France. "The aircraft was intercepted by an object of unknown origin," the letter explains, "which matched course and speed with the aircraft for a time and then underwent an extremely rapid acceleration away." Photos and/or film were supposedly captured of the object, which "hovered noiselessly" and seemed metallic. The incident sparked a discussion between Churchill and General Eisenhower, presumably via telephone, who commanded the Allied forces during the later period of the war.According to the letter, the grandfather who witnessed the conversation heard Churchill state: "This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic amongst the general population and destroy one's belief in the Church."The writer of the letter claims to not be a Continue Reading