Mexico threatens to boycott Miss Universe pageant over Donald Trump’s statements

The organization that picks Miss Mexico may pull out of the Miss Universe pageant because of disparaging remarks made about the country by contest owner Donald Trump in his bewildering presidential speech last week. Lupita Jones, who was Miss Universe 24 years ago, said she may withdraw Mexico's contestant because "in this moment, I feel that our representative's integrity and dignity is at risk," she told Mexican broadcaster Radio Channel, KNBC-TV reported Wednesday. Jones said Trump's remarks about building "a great, great wall" on the Mexican border and making the country pay for it were insulting and misleading. Most immigrants enter the U.S. in search of better lives for themselves and their families, she said. TEN OF THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS THINGS DONALD TRUMP SAID DURING HIS 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Jones, the first Mexican contestant to win Miss Universe, said she felt disrespected as a citizen and as a woman by Trump's remarks that Mexico does not send its best to America, but rather exports crime, drugs and rapists. Trump, in a statement Wednesday, said he was "personally offended by the main-stream media's attempt to distort my comments regarding Mexico and its great people." Trump added, "We cannot allow illegal immigrants to pour into our country. We can barely support our own, much less continue to allow millions of people of many different nationalities to enter our country ... and take much needed (sic) jobs from American citizens."  Miss Mexico Wendy Esparza, 23, who works as a journalist, has not responded to the comments. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? SEE THE VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Donald Trump bans Univision employees from his Miami golf course after network dropped Miss USA pageant

Donald Trump to Univision: No golf for you! The mouthy mogul — and aspiring President — on Friday sent a letter barring Univision employees from enjoying his Miami golf resort after the network dropped coverage of his Miss USA pageant over his characterizations of Mexico and its immigrants. The letter — sent a day after Republican Trump threatened to sue the Spanish-language network for dumping the beauty contest — says officers and reps of Univision are “under no circumstances” allowed to use his Trump National Doral Miami course. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS ON FACEBOOK. CLICK HERE TO "LIKE." Trump turned off the network and led it to drop its July 12 showing of Miss USA after saying in his 2016 campaign launch speech that Mexican immigrants are "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists." Univision had no comment Friday on Trump’s latest hissy fit. However, a directive sent to Univision managers on Thursday suggests the company is already putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to breaking ties with Trump. "As part of this decision, UCI employees should not stay at Trump properties while on company business or hold events/activities there," the memo said. Trump National Doral, according to its website, is a lavish 800-acre spread featuring four championship golf courses, fine restaurants and hotel accommodations, spa services, and meeting rooms. Trump, who says he plans to sue Univision for breach of contract over the Miss USA flap, added a postscript to his letter about the golf blockade to Univision Communications CEO Randy Falco. “Please congratulate your Mexican Government officials for having made such outstanding trade deals with the United States. However, inform them that should I become President, those days are over,” he wrote. “We are bringing jobs back to the Continue Reading

New Yorkers with Mexico roots slam Donald Trump’s presidential chances after he dissed country

Donald Trump dropped a verbal bomb on Mexico — don’t send us your rapists, your druggies, your huddled losers yearning for a free ride in America. “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will make Mexico pay for that wall,” Trump said Tuesday as he declared himself a Republican candidate for president. Trump said the Mexicans who have made their way el norte don’t measure up to his standards. DONALD TRUMP SAYS HE'S ENTERING 2016 RACE IN BIZARRE SPEECH “When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best, they're sending people that have lots of problems,” he said. “They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists.” A spokesman for the Mexican government said they would not comment on Trump’s remarks. But Mexicans in New York City — both immigrant and U.S. born — had plenty to say. "It's like stand-up comedy when Donald Trump tries to talk about foreign policy and immigration," said Staten Islander Cesar Vargas, 31, who emigrated from Mexico as a child and is a lawyer. “Who is taking him seriously? I highly doubt anyone is.” Up in The Bronx, Jesus Palacios said Trump is torpedoing his slim chances of winning the White House. “If he wants to win the presidency, he needs the Latino vote,” said Palacios, 46, whose wife and three kids are still in Mexico. “He’s not going to win it by being racist.” Genesis Guerrero, who is 21 and was born in the U.S., shook her head in disbelief. FULL TRANSCRIPT OF TRUMP'S ANNOUNCEMENT "If you want to be President of the United States, you need to welcome people of all races and backgrounds,” she said. “That includes Mexicans.” The brazen anti-Mexican attack by Trump was in many ways a rehash of remarks he made last month at the South Continue Reading

Readers sound off on Donald Trump, Charleston and Flag Day

How dare you diss The Donald? Scarsdale, N.Y.: Shame on you. Your front page portraying Donald Trump as a clown was downright nasty (“Clown runs for Prez,” June 17). I happen to think (and I don’t think I am alone) that he would make a good choice for a Republican presidential candidate. He has enough money so that he doesn’t have to do favors for or receive money from anyone. He is his own man, one who would like to see America get back to a time when people were proud to be American. What’s wrong with that? The other candidates on the Republican side can’t offer us any more or less than he can. Give the guy a break. Helen Centorrino Shrub Oak, N.Y.: I welcome Donald Trump’s entry into the race for President. He is beholden to no one, which gives him the ability to ask questions about issues that the mealy-mouthed other candidates would do almost anything to ignore. There are so many problems we face, both domestic and foreign, that no one except Trump is willing to address with absolute candor. As wacky as some of his positions are, at least he has one for every issue — and he will demand that the rest articulate theirs. We will quickly see that most of these people are just clueless empty suits. He is Ross Perot on steroids. This will be great fun. Gabriel Pompe Trump vs. chumps Fords, N.J.: I was totally disgusted when I saw the picture of Donald Trump as a clown on the front page of your paper. This was in very poor taste and showed that your paper has no class. He is the only one sticking up for Americans. Thank you, Mr. Trump. Karen Banasiak Look who’s talking Seaford, L.I.: I find it ironic that the Daily News portrays Donald Trump as a clown on its cover, when you employ columnists Mike Lupica and Bill Madden, two of the biggest clowns in town. John Shea Trumpmentum Monticello, N.Y.: The Daily News should be ashamed of the idiotic headline “Clown runs for Prez.” Continue Reading

Whiskey heiress Sara Bronfman sues Trump International Hotel condo board over $160,000 repair bill

A whiskey heiress is taking a shot at her old apartment building. Sara Bronfman is suing the Trump International Hotel and Tower Condominium, charging the building’s board is unfairly forcing her to pay a $161,288 repair bill for water damage caused by a broken pipe.  In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Bronfman says the pipe that burst in February 2013 was behind the wall of her condo on the 33rd floor and had never been altered — so the building should pay for the damage, not her However, in December 2013 when she wanted to sell her unit, Bronfman says the board forced her to put the full disputed amount in escrow to close on the deal.  She is suing them for the money, saying it was illegal for them to force her to do that.  Bronfman's attorney, Adam Leitman Bailey, said the condo board also overcharged his client, forcing her to take on costs to put her downstairs neighbors in a hotel room and pay to launder another unit owner's undergarments. Alan Garten, general counsel to The Trump Organization, said the pipe that burst was not behind the wall but under Bronfman's kitchen sink and so the responsibility for the damages are hers, not the condominium's. “Nobody prevented her from selling her apartment,” he added. However, he said, the condo has a rule: if there is an unresolved financial dispute when an owner wants to sell, the owner has to put the money owed into an escrow fund or the buyer has to agree to assume the potential liability. Garten said Bronfman had a year to resolve the dispute but didn't, so this lawsuit will effectively block the condominium from taking the money from the escrow account. Bronfman bought the three-bedroom, 2,165-square-foot unit in 2006 for $6.4 million from Greg Olsen, a scientist who was the third private citizen to spend millions to fly into space. She sold it for $8.8 million to a real estate company, finalizing the deal in April 2014.  Continue Reading

Rock legend Neil Young slams Donald Trump’s use of ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ for campaign announcement

Freedom isn’t free, this rocker says. Rock legend Neil Young said Tuesday night that he didn’t approve of the message blasted out by real estate mogul Donald Trump at the Republican billionaire’s 2016 presidential campaign launch — or Trump’s use of Young’s 1989 classic “Rockin’ in the Free World” as an entrance tune. Young’s agent issued a statement supporting a Democratic candidate far on the other side of the political spectrum from Trump just hours after he exited the stage at the swanky Trump Tower in Manhattan. “Donald Trump was not authorized to use ‘Rockin' in the Free World’ in his presidential candidacy announcement,” Elliot Roberts said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “Neil Young, a Canadian citizen, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders for president of the United States of America.” The latest instance of the long-running trend of musicians who protest the use of their songs at campaign events didn’t faze Trump. The professed serious candidate’s staff told Rolling Stone that the singer and songwriter was off key. “Through a license agreement with ASCAP, Mr. Trump's campaign paid for and obtained the legal right to use Neil Young's recording of 'Rockin' in the Free World' at today's event,” a Trump spokesperson said Tuesday. The spokesperson added, “Mr. Trump is a huge fan of Neil Young and his music and will continue to be regardless of Neil's political views." Follow on Twitter @tobysalkc Continue Reading

Donald Trump to finally report for jury duty after claiming he never received 5 summonses in past 9 years

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made a firm date to report for jury duty on Aug. 17, Manhattan court officials confirmed Friday. Officials have told the bombastic billionaire — who was just fined $250 for ignoring five jury summonses in nine years — that the fine will be erased as soon as he shows up for service, according to Trump's attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen said Trump didn’t show for jury service because notices were mailed to the wrong place — a Central Park South condominium building that Trump manages. Cohen said Trump has never had an office or residence there. He lives and works in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. Follow The Daily News on Facebook. Click here to "Like." “Is this a Democratic plot to keep Mr. Trump off the campaign trail?” Cohen fumed Friday. Court officials confirmed that the date was chosen by Trump because it was the first opening in his busy campaign schedule. It’s also an ideal date for someone who wants to minimize his chance of spending more than a day on jury duty, because there are so few trials that month. Administrative Judge Peter Moulton said the courts are open, and judges are available but lawyers take vacations — and there are only two jury trials slated to begin in Manhattan Supreme Court in the last two weeks of August. Manhattan County Clerk Milton Tingling said Trump — like any other juror reporting to civil court — could be sent to Centre Street to serve time in the criminal courts. Either way, once he's served, even if only for a day, he's free for six years. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Donald Trump deletes a Hil of a tweet about Clinton; Alice Cooper and John Varvatos rev up Detroit style

After Donald Trump’s account retweeted @mplefty67’s comment, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” a rep said Trump was not at fault: “It was retweeted by one of 10 staff members” who handle Trump’s social media. “As soon as Mr. Trump saw the tweet, he deleted it,” said the rep. ALICE COOPER REVS UP DETROIT STYLE A couple of Detroit’s favorite sons enjoyed a rock ’n’ roll homecoming for the ages on Thursday. “School’s Out” singer Alice Cooper performed at the opening of John Varvatos’ store in Motor City for a crowd including Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander and St. Joseph, Mich., native Kate Upton. This isn’t the first time Cooper and Varvatos have teamed up. In 2009, Cooper played Varvatos’ Bowery store in the former CBGB space. McHALE, DE NIRO MAY WORK CLOSELY Joel McHale made an indecent proposal to Robert De Niro Thursday night. Hosting the IWC Schaffhausen “For the Love of Cinema” Tribeca Film Festival gala, the “Community” star said the “Raging Bull” actor mysteriously continues to invite him to events, even though he always makes fun of him at them. “Here we are together, once more, engaged in this emotionally charged dance: I insult you, you pretend to laugh, you invited me to another event,” said McHale. “When are the two of us just going to get it over and f—?” LATEST WOMEN OF THE YEAR Talk about being fashionably late! Models Julie Henderson and Arizona Muse joined Bergdorf Goodman style guru Linda Fargo at the “New Year’s in April: A Fool’s Fête” spring dance at the Mandarin Oriental. The Saks Fifth Avenue-sponsored party honored Oscar de la Renta and raised Continue Reading

Liz Smith reflects on legendary gossip career; dishes on Kardashians, Barbara Walters, Donald Trump

Liz Smith is a gossip legend — but even she has trouble telling the Kardashians apart. The 92-year-old gossip columnist spoke about her decadeslong career in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, which has seen her cover Tinseltown’s most iconic stars since the 1950s. Smith has written about hundreds of stars ranging from Jackie Onassis to Oprah, but admitted she has trouble keeping track of the Kardashian clan. “Oh, I don’t even know who they are!” the columnist said about the famous family. “Suddenly you have to remember a dozen Kardashians, and really, who has the time? “The only reason I can do that is because I’ve written out their names on a piece of paper stuck on the wall. And still, I’m always having to check, is that Khloe or Kourtney or Kendall or Kim?” Smith also described the nature of celebrity in the 21st century, saying that today’s stars “arrive full-blown from the head of Zeus with not a shred of talent.” But while the grande dame of gossip might not be a fan of most of the current crop of celebs, she said she admired Taylor Swift —to an extent. “When you see her perform, it’s kind of old-fashioned, like if Lana Turner could dance and sing for one number,” she said. “But I have no interest in hearing her whole catalog.” While Smith’s career covering celebrities has led her to form friendships with legendary celebs such as Elizabeth Taylor, she revealed that her longstanding friendship with Barbara Walters has faltered in recent years. “Well, it turns out Barbara Walters can do without me, though I still consider her a friend,” Smith said. “She has done so much for me through the years. But when I lost my column and my power, she kind of lost interest in me,” she added. “When we run into each Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s new golf course at Ferry Point Park in Bronx has become $230 million sand trap for taxpayers, but a big bonanza for real estate mogul (EXCLUSIVE)

The new Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx finally opened this week to rave reviews from some quarters. But all the accolades for its fairways and greens can’t hide the sinkhole this project has become for taxpayers — or the bonanza Trump is about to reap from it. “This incredibly popular project has been years in the making, and will play a major role in distancing the Bronx from the negative stereotypes that have plagued us for decades,” Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said after teeing off at the grand opening on Wednesday. “This was a dump beforehand,” said Ron Lieberman, a vice president for the Trump Organization. “If we didn’t come into this project, it would never have gotten done. Now the city has a super high-end-quality golf course.” The price to the public for this fancy playground, though, will be nearly $230 million, according to the most recent estimate by the Independent Budget Office. That includes the cost of cleaning up the former landfill site, building a Jack Nicklaus-signature course on top of it and related park improvements. That makes this the most expensive municipal golf course in the nation. And the city has agreed to pay all water bills for the course, which could run more than $300,000 annually. As for Trump, he has pledged $10.8 million of his own money to build a new clubhouse and to manage the course. The contract he reached with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg allows him to close the course to the public for private events and tournaments during up to 20% of the golfing season, and it specifies green fees at Ferry Point that dwarf those at any other Parks Department golf course. By Opening Day, however, those green fees suddenly spiraled even higher. Instead of the $100-per-player fee on weekdays and $125 on weekends spelled out Continue Reading