7 things every homeowner should know during Hurricane Preparedness Week

The Atlantic hurricane season will begin June 1 and to help people prepare, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration kicked-off its Hurricane Preparedness Week Sunday. During hurricane season it's important to stock up on food, water and other emergency materials. Although it may seem like a no-brainer to prepare, sometimes people forget or don't have time. Clement Feng, senior vice president of marketing and storm preparedness expert at Generac, told the Daily News that people who live in a hurricane zone should always have the essentials. "The basics are to try and have a preparedness kit in your house that includes things like nonperishable food and water enough to last a family for three days," Feng told the Daily News. "Have a battery powered or hand crank radio, flashlights and batteries and photo copies of your most important documents." Creating an emergency checklist, having hurricane-proof household items and charging electronics are also a few additional things homeowners should be reminded of. Because it's always better to be safe than sorry, here are some things you should do to prepare before the storms hit this hurricane season: In case of a power outage make sure to have clean laundry and dishes ahead of time. If the power goes out for several days you'll be stuck with dirty items and won't be able to clean them. Power outages are very likely to happen during a hurricane, so you need to make sure all your electronics are charged. That includes laptops, smartphones, tablets and even gaming consoles for the children. Your phone will definitely need to be charged in case you need to make an emergency call. Make sure to also have extra batteries. Have an automatic standby house generator installed. Flashlights, candles and portable generators can only get you so far during an extended power outage. Portable generators can be a good temporary solution, but they are more dangerous than a standby generator. Portable Continue Reading

Ayalon: Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech was the right thing to do

I had some reservations regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech, especially the way it was handled. But now I am convinced it was the right thing to do. Yes, the White House should have been given a heads-up in a more respectful way — but the breach of protocol did not justify the eagerness of the administration to pick a fight. The message of the speech was clear and cogent: One must not and cannot compromise with evil. Now that it has been delivered, it is time for statesmanship and responsibility. President Obama and Netanyahu need to work together against Iran. Just as the Allies in 1945 demanded and received total surrender from Nazi Germany and imperial Japan, so must the international community today led by the United States refuse to compromise with the ayatollahs of Iran. More than that, a complete and unconditional abolition of Iran’s illegal nuclear program is attainable through negotiations, because Iran is no match for the economic and military power of the P5+1 (the U.S., France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia). Morally, we are fully justified in demanding nothing short of Iran living up to its obligation according to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. A just and strong political stand by the international community against Iran today will prevent a nuclear nightmare tomorrow . Let’s remember that eliminating the Iranian threat not only to Israel but the entire international community is the real challenge, and it must be kept out of politics — both in the U.S. and Israel. Danny Ayalon was Israeli ambassador to the United States from 2002 to 2006. Continue Reading

‘Fantastic Four’ debuts first look at Jamie Bell as The Thing

The “Fantastic Four” reboot is one of the most highly anticipated superhero flicks of the year — and now fans can see their first glimpse of Jamie Bell as The Thing. A new image released Thursday via Empire fully reveals Bell’s portrayal of Ben Grimm after he is transformed into a human rock pile. Along with the rest of the Fantastic Four — Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) — Grimm was imbued with superpowers while visiting another dimension, changing him into the rocky, blue-eyed creature. Rather than wearing a rubbery suit, as Michael Chiklis did when he portrayed The Thing in the previous “Fantastic Four” franchise, Bell was transformed into the iconic character via CGI. Director Josh Trank said he decided to go the digital route to portray The Thing in order to better show the character’s humanity. “Jamie in real life is a tough guy,” he told Empire. “He exudes this strength.” “Ben is Reed’s best friend in the archetypal, spiritual way, and you want that character to have that warmth and that strength.” The “Fantastic Four” reboot blasts into theaters Aug. 7. Continue Reading

Gyrocopter that landed at U.S. Capitol looked just like flying things such as birds, kite: FAA official

It's a bird, it’s a balloon — no, it’s a gyrocopter. The aerial contraption a Florida mailman flew through miles of restricted airspace before landing at the U.S. Capitol was indistinguishable from things such as a flock of birds, a kite or a balloon, the head of the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday. “All available information about the slow-moving, irregular symbol made it indistinguishable from other nonaircraft radar tracks,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told a House panel. Huerta and other officials said the unidentified object piloted by Douglas Hughes did not appear to pose a threat before landing on the Capitol’s West Lawn April 15. But Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said Hughes “should have been blown out of the air.” ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

6 things we want to see on the sixth generation Camaro

There's no question that the phoenix-like rise of the current Camaro has been a big success for Chevrolet and General Motors. With a striking, angular design and a suite of V-6 and V-8 engines that can put it in the pantheon of the world's best sports cars, the Camaro set the pony car wars ablaze again, and enthusiasts everywhere are reaping the benefits. While the current Camaro, especially the SS in the track-ready 1LE trim, is one of the best performance bargains for sale today, there are a few things that we think could make it even better to take on the likes of the brand-new Mustang GT. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. ‘LIKE’ US HERE. Here are 6 things we'd love to see on the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. Don't get us wrong, we're suckers for a smooth six-speed manual, and will choose one almost any day of the week over an automatic, but having spent some time behind the wheel of the auto-equipped 'Vette, there are few things better than a highway cruise with the top down and the car shifting for you. With the excellent 8-speed, the 6th-gen Camaro could be an even more comfortable cruiser. Here's another area where the Camaro could take a few pointers from its big brother. Chevy upped its refinement game in a big way with the new Corvette Stingray, but the aging Camaro still has shades of "old GM" in its hard plastic materials and chintzy build quality. We love the retro styling, but a bit of refinement could go a long way to compete with the surprisingly suave interior of the new Mustang. READ MORE ABOUT THE 2015 CAMARO SS. But really, when is more power not on the menu? The current Camaro is certainly not a lightweight when it comes to pushing out ponies (we're looking at you, 580-hp ZL1), but with muscle cars now reaching over 700-horsepower like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, more power is certainly on the menu. And that's not just for the top-of-the-range models either. The Continue Reading

Cowboys coach says Greg Hardy must do ‘right things from the beginning’

PHOENIX (AP) — Dallas coach Jason Garrett says Greg Hardy must “do the right things from the beginning” to be part of the Cowboys. Speaking when NFC coaches were available to reporters at the NFL owners meetings, Garrett said the team talked to people going all the way back to Hardy’s high school days in determining whether to sign him. The talented but troubled defensive end was convicted in North Carolina last July of assaulting a female and communicating harassment, but the case was dismissed after Hardy reached a settlement with the victim. Hardy signed a one-year, $13 million free agent contract with the Cowboys, with only $1 million guaranteed. The rest of the money is tied to incentives. Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his news conference Wednesday that the league continues to review Hardy’s case to determine if discipline is warranted. Continue Reading

Beyond the Confederate flag: Five more racially insensitive things that need to go away

This could get out of hand. As outrage over the Confederate Battle flag's display grows around the nation and online, politicians and business leaders are joining the chorus of people condemning arguably racist Civil War-era memorabilia. But companies may want to tread lightly on this topic. Purging the nation of perceivably racist cultural relics could be harder than most people think. Here are five other questionably racist things that may be next to go: The famous breakfast brand owned by Pepsi Co's Quaker Oats division first introduced its iconic "mammy" mascot back in 1889. Scholars regard the mammy as a stereotypical depiction of black women who served as maids and nannies to white families during and after slavery. Back then Aunt Jemima, wore a red bandana, bright red lipstick, and an apron. Today, she sports a short hairdo. She also used to say grammatically incorrect catch phrases like, "I's in town, honey!" Quaker Oats has done away with most of the stereotypes since then, but Aunt Jemima's name and likeness remain. Descendants filing on behalf of former Jemima actresses Anna Short Harrington and Nancy Green, a former slave, sued Quaker Oats in 2014 seeking billions of dollars in unpaid royalties for the women's role in making the brand famous. That lawsuit was dismissed in February. Owned by the Mars Company, this racially-charged pitch man and his self-titled line of rice and side dishes were first introduced in 1946. The man who inspired the Uncle Ben character was a black Texan rice farmer, but the image was an old African-American restaurant maître de. Uncle Ben is depicted as a bow tie-wearing servant. And no, the company's founders were not his nephews or nieces. The "Uncle" in his name was a common 19th century pajorative term used to describe an elderly, submissive black male slave, e.g. the phrase, "Uncle Tom." In a 2007 branding makeover, Mars dropped the “Uncle” and just called Continue Reading

Daily Checkup: Time to man up and get prostate checked, among other things

The specialist: The chairman of the urology department at Mount Sinai, Dr. Ash Tewari specializes in treating urological cancers and in promoting men's overall health and well-being. June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Who’s at risk: It’s not just an urban legend that many American men avoiding going to the doctor-quantitative studies find that men are 24% less likely to have seen a doctor in the past year than women, and far less likely to receive routine screenings and preventive care. “Men use health care much less than women, partly because men often don’t feel that preventive medicine is useful for them — which means that many men don’t get screening for things that are preventable,” says Tewari. “Because many of the diseases that most commonly affect men can be cured if we find them early on, we’re trying to convince men to come in for an annual checkup.” One of the biggest health concerns for men is prostate disease. “There are three main types of prostate disease: prostatitis, benign prostate enlargement (BPH), and prostate cancer,” says Tewari. “These diseases are extremely common, but also very treatable — the key is to catch these problems before they progress to bad outcomes.” Each type of prostate disease is associated with different risk factors. “A personal health history of infections and especially urinary tract infections increases your risk of prostatitis, while family history plays a role in both benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer,” says Tewari. “On top of genetics, other factors that can contribute to prostate cancer include eating a diet heavy in red meat, animal fats, and sugar, lack of exercise, exposure to chemicals, exposure to some kinds of radiations, and having inflammation and infection of the prostate generally.” Signs and symptoms: One of the challenges of treating prostate Continue Reading

Elton John voices support for Bruce Jenner during gender transition: ‘It’s an incredibly brave thing to do … I admire him’

Elton John is standing up for Bruce Jenner. "I think anybody who comes out like that is an incredibly brave person," the "I'm Still Standing" singer told Access Hollywood on Thursday night. John, 68, voiced his support a day before Jenner's highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer, set to air Friday night on ABC and reveal an intimate portrait of the former Olympian's gender transition. "It's an incredibly brave thing to do, especially when you're older," John said of 65-year-old Jenner. "I admire him for doing it, and I support him 100 percent, " John said during the red carpet interview at an event for the charity group Operation Change. "People should support him," John's filmmaker husband David Furnish, 52, said. "People should support him," Elton echoed as he nodded in agreement. In a new teaser for the ABC interview released Friday morning, Jenner told Sawyer that this year "is going to be quite a ride." The revered athlete who gained renewed fame in recent years as the patriarch on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" voiced cautious optimism. "I hope I'm going to be OK. I feel like I'm going to be OK," Jenner said. Continue Reading

These are the things you can buy with $10K instead of an 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition

Tim Cook announced Monday that the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition would go on sale starting at $10,000 and it would be available in limited quantities. Depending on which band the consumer gets with the smartwatch the price could go up to $17,000. Quite frankly, any price above $10,000 is way too much money for a smartwatch, but there's no doubt that people will still want to buy the gold-covered watch. Here's a list of things that Daily News staffers would buy with $10,000 instead of a gold smartwatch: Laura Thompson @wawawomp: With $10K I could buy 5,000 $2 scratchers and have 5,000 chances at $1K a week for life (Similar to this teen). Robert Shields @rshields37: Apparently, a pony costs around $1,000 … So I’ll say 10 ponies. Arielle Landau @arilandau: I'd buy .97 carat Tiffany’s earrings … Or a trip to Bali. Rent a hut, sit on the beach, eat lychee … ahhhhh. Sean Keane @SpectacularSean: Assuming each new video game console is about $450, I could buy one from the next 22 years for $10,000, with change left over for games. Zayda Rivera @RiveraZayda: Apple stock. Ryan Beckler @RyanBeckler: A 14-day cruise of the Mississippi or Chipotle every day for three years. Meredith Engel @MeredithEngel: That's easy — I would pay off some wedding bills. Getting married is expensive!! Ethan Sacks @ethanjsacks: Next year’s season tickets to the 2015 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers. Plus a hot dog and beer. Victoria Taylor @vic_taylor: I would rent a villa in Tuscany for a week. Colin DeVries @colin_devries: The will to live. Nina Lin @nlinphoto: I would take a year off to go on a vacation! For that kind of money you could visit every country twice. Alejandro Alba @MrAlexAlba: I'd buy a water thrusting jet bike ... or produce a low budget film with the potential to become a huge success.  Thomas Shea Continue Reading