Dallas woman on trial for murder in botched butt injection was known for giving clients ‘Wee Wee Booty’

A Dallas woman on trial for murder after allegedly injecting industrial-grade silicone into a victim's buttocks was known for giving clients the "Wee Wee Booty," a prosecutor said. Denise Rochelle "Wee Wee" Ross is accused of causing the death of 34-year-old Wykesha Reid in February of 2015. Jimmy Joe "Alicia" Clarke is also charged in Reid's death, but his trial begins later this year, according to the Dallas Morning News. "They left Wykesha Reid's body on that massage table," prosecutor Summer Elmazi said, according to the Morning News. "They left her there like a piece of garbage." Elmazi said during opening statements on Tuesday that Ross "never one single time ever told them she was injecting industrial-grade silicone into these women's bodies," according to the newspaper. Additionally, Ross didn't always clean the massage table used for procedures or the clients' skin, according to Elmazi. The prosecutor said super glue was used to seal the wounds. Denise Rochelle Ross (l.) is on trial for murder, while Jimmy Joe "Alicia" Clarke awaits her own trial. However, the pair cleaned up pretty well following Reid's death, according to the prosecutor, as they tried to cover up the alleged crime. Defense lawyer Heath Harris argued that there is no evidence that the defendant performed the fatal injection. "It was Alicia that gave her the shots that led to her death, not Ms. Ross," Harris said, according to the Morning News. However, Elmazi said both of them did the injections. Last week a 25-year-old woman died following a Brazilian butt lift procedure. She was the second patient in less than a year to die from the procedure at the clinic. Continue Reading

Tennessee man on trial for murder escapes jail by using scissors to cut off GPS monitor

A Tennessee man escaped from jail while on trial for murder, after using a pair of scissors to remove his GPS monitor, according to the Times Free Press. Christopher Padgett, 22, is accused of murdering a cab driver in 2012. The prosecutors had presented their evidence and completed their case on Wednesday. The defense was set to present its case on Thursday morning, when authorities realized Padgett had disappeared. "Mr. Padgett, are you in the courtroom?" Judge Tom Greenholtz asked on Thursday. Greenholtz excused the jurors to return at 1 p.m. without informing them of Padgett’s escape. Without the presence of jurors, Judge Greenholtz told prosecutors to hold a hearing to decide whether to call a mistrial or continue the trial without the suspect. Chris Jackson, Superintendent of Felony and Misdemeanants Program for Hamilton County, told the Times Free Press that the GPS monitor had been tampered with at around 1:43 a.m. Authorities called Padgett’s mother later that morning to inform her that her son had escaped. Authorities went to Padgett's mother’s house to interview her and the rest of the family when he spotted the GPS device on a loveseat in the house, according to the Times Free Press. Padgett called for taxi driver Nathan Deere  and, when he got into his cab, shot Deere in the back of the head and robbed him, authorities say. The trial will continue without Padgett on Friday at 9:30 a.m. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

California serial killer hauled to New York to face trial for murdering two young women in 1970s

Rodney Alcala, the convicted California serial killer who once appeared on the "Dating Game," is coming to New York to face two more murder charges going back to the 1970s, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's office. U.S. Marshals are expected to deliver the brutal murderer into the city's custody on Wednesday afternoon. The amateur photographer and self-published author was convicted and sentenced to death in California in 2010 for strangling four women and a 12-year-old girl. He was also indicted in Manhattan in 2011 for the rape and murder of Cornelia Crilley, a flight attendant, and Ellen Hoover, the daughter of a Hollywood nightclub owner. "Cold cases are not forgotten cases — our prosecutors, investigators, and partners in the NYPD do not give up," said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. "These cases were built one brick at a time, as each new lead brought us closer to where we are today. In 2010, this Office's Cold Case Unit began an exhaustive re-examination of these two homicides, including a full re-investigation of evidence, and new interviews with more than 100 witnesses." [email protected] Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Nude housekeeper on trial for murdering paralegal for getting ‘too rough’ during steamy tryst

A nude housekeeper is on trial for murdering a Manhattan paralegal who "got too rough" with him during a routine clean-up. Thomas Cordero, 41, of the Bronx is charged with murder for stabbing customer John Conley to death in the aspiring lawyer's Eastchester apartment, prosecutors said Monday. Cordero, who advertised on Rentboy.com as a naked housekeeper  was hired by Conley to clean his home in the buff on Oct. 6, 2001. The tidying up quickly turned into a steamy tryst. "He wanted to get down to business," Cordero told police in a taped confession. "He wanted to see my body." But Conley, 50, "got too rough" in bed and grabbed a knife, Cordero said. "I wanted to leave but he wouldn't let me go," said the nude maid. "I felt threatened, so I grabbed the knife from him and hit him in the back of the head." As Conley lay dying in his bedroom, Cordero took $40 from his wallet "per our agreement," he told police. Conley's killing remained unsolved until Apr. 2007, when cops linked Cordero to the case through surveillance video, sources said. The nude cleaner blamed his body for sending Conley into a tizzy. "It's because I have a nice ass," that Conley attacked him, he told cops. Cordero faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

92-year-old Clara Tang on trial for murdering her 98-year-old husband in Australia

A 92-year-old woman is set to stand trial for allegedly killing her 98-year-old husband after more than 70 years of marriage.When cops found her, they say Tang was soaked in blood after stabbing She has pleaded not guilty due to mental illness. Her lawyers say she suffers from dementia and had feared her husband was trying to poison her.She was initially denied bail due to "the level of violence" in the killing, but was later allowed to move into a nursing home.Court papers show the couple survived both the Japanese invasion of Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Pizzamaker stands trial for murder of Jackson man

TOMS RIVER - Peyman Sanandaji went to Casanova Ristorante in Jackson for a payday on April 9, 2015 – money he expected in exchange for an investment he made with the heir to a thriving pizza operation.But the 34-year-old car salesman never came out alive. During an argument in the shuttered restaurant, an assailant shot him three times with a .38: once in the side – the bullet piercing a tattoo that read “hated” – and twice in the head.In Ocean County Courthouse Tuesday, a prosecutor told jurors that gunman was then-47-year-old pizzamaker, Hector Calderon. PREVIOUS: Man arrested in Jackson murder Sanandaji had invested money with Daniele RomeodiSantillo, whom he met with at the restaurant that day. RomeodiSantillo was sentenced in May to 30 years in prison for the slaying. Authorities said he had Sanandaji killed to cover up the theft of more than $140,000.Calderon worked for RomeodiSantillo’s father at Romeo Pizza, in the same shopping plaza. He had invested $5,000 to take over a pizzeria in Spotswood owned by Antonio RomeodiSantillo, Calderon's attorney said. DEADLY SURF: Seaside Park yoga instructor 'Loved everything that was living' Prosecutors called Sanandaji the middleman in the business deal involving Daniele RomeodiSantillo and Calderon. For other news, go to the video at the top of the page.Calderon is facing charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, possession of the revolver used to kill Sanandaji of Jackson and another weapons offense.The evidence against him includes a statement to investigators admitting to shooting Sanandaji and wearing latex gloves when he did it, said Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Kristin Pressman.Pressman said before speaking to investigators, soon after the murder, Calderon was caught on an intercepted call telling RomeodiSantillo “You go to Italy, I’ll open the pizzeria.”But Public Defendear Ernest Ryberg told jurors to pay close attention to the Continue Reading

Ohio’s John Demjanjuk to go on trial for murder of 27,900 Jews at a Nazi death camp

John Demjanjuk goes on trial Monday on charges of being an accessory to the murder of 27,900 Jews at a Nazi death camp, opening the final chapter of some 30 years of efforts to prosecute the retired Ohio autoworker. The 89-year-old was deported in May from the United States to Munich, and has been in custody since then. He could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted for his alleged activities as a guard at the Sobibor camp in occupied Poland. Demjanjuk has been deemed fit for trial, though his family says he suffers from a bone marrow disease and could have only months to live. In deference to his fragile health, his trial at the Munich state court has been limited to two 90-minute sessions per day. Demjanjuk became a household name in the 1980s when he was extradited by the United States for trial in Israel on charges that he was the notoriously brutal guard at Treblinka who earned the moniker "Ivan the Terrible" for his deeds. He was convicted in 1988 of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and spent seven years in prison until Israel's Supreme Court in 1993 overturned the conviction. It ruled that another person, not Demjanjuk, was actually "Ivan the Terrible." Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk, a former Soviet Red Army soldier, is now accused of volunteering to serve as a guard under the SS after being taken prisoner by the Nazis in 1942. According to the indictment, he served as a simple "wachmann," or guard, under the SS. As such, he is the lowest-ranking person to go on trial for Nazi war crimes. The prosecution argues that, even with no living witnesses who can implicate Demjanjuk in specific acts of brutality or murder, just being a guard at a death camp means he was involved in the Nazis' machinery of destruction. Before that, however, the prosecution must prove that Demjanjuk, who is being tried in Munich because he lived in the area briefly after the war, really did serve at the camp. Demjanjuk maintains he was never at Sobibor and Continue Reading

Mother on trial for murder for driving son, friends to fatal gang fight

LONG BEACH, Calif. - A Long Beach woman accused of driving her teenage son and his friends to confront a rival gang testified Tuesday she didn't plan for a 13-year-old boy to die in the fight and insisted she did nothing wrong.Eva Daley, 31, is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Jose "Bobby" Cano near a Long Beach skate park in June 2007. One of the teens she drove is being tried with her and is accused of killing the victim.RELATED: POLICE: MOM SAYS DAUGHTERS' REMAINS IN FREEZERDaley, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun, told jurors she did not expect a fight when her son and six friends ran from the vehicle and started chasing Cano and other gang members."When I saw my son jump out of the car, that's when I got worried," Daley testified, adding that she saw "shadows of people running" as she allegedly waited by her sport utility vehicle for her son to return.Daley said she did not suspect anyone was killed after her group returned from the fight. Her co-defendant, 17-year-old Herbierto Garcia, is accused of stabbing Cano and leaving bloodstains in her SUV.RELATED: MOM ADMITS TO HELPING SON BUILD WEAPONS ARSENALProsecutors have said that Daley drove the teens to confront the rival gang because she was seeking revenge, perhaps because Cano had stabbed her son a few months earlier.Daley denied knowing beforehand that Cano wounded her son. She also testified she did not hear the teens planning any payback because she was talking on the phone while she drove them.Daley's son and four other youths pleaded guilty to manslaughter and were sentenced as juveniles. One other youth has not entered a plea.Closing arguments in the trial begin Wednesday. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Ex-cop’s ruled unfit to stand trial for murder

A disgraced ex-cop accused of killing his girlfriend and wounding another woman has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial, the Daily News has learned. Jerry Bowens, 43, will be transferred to a psychiatric institute instead of facing a possible life sentence for the March 8 murder of Catherine D'Onofrio and wounding of her friend Melissa Simmons, his lawyer said Tuesday. "They said he's depressed, well that's too bad," Jane D'Onofrio told The News. "He put a .357 magnum bullet in my daughter's head and now he's depressed? I'm depressed that I don't have my daughter." Bowens, had pleaded guilty and was set to testify against fellow officers in a drug scandal when he compiled a "hit list" that included D'Onofrio, Simmons, both 28, several and cops and his lawyer, prosecutors said. He later told cops he was "in a trance" at Simmons' Brooklyn apartment and meant to commit suicide, but "accidentally" killed D'Onofrio and wounded her best friend. "I remember seeing Melissa outside screaming about someone being shot in the building but I didn't know who she was talking about," Bowens later told cops. Bowens was placed under psychiatric observation after his arrest. Justice Matthew D'Emic ruled last week that he was mentally unfit following the recommendation of a psychologist. "He can't really assist in his own defense," defense lawyer Wayne Bodden said." Bowens will be treated and reexamined from time to time, Bodden said. It's possible that at some point he will then be declared fit and return to face the murder charges, which remain in place. Bowens is in isolation and cannot have visitors. "He should be in a jail, not a padded cell," Jane D'Onofrio said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

On trial for murder – and terror

Edgar Morales' stepfather still can't believe his son is charged with the murder of a 10-year-old Bronx girl who was gunned down after a christening. He's even more perplexed that he was charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act. "Edgar is not a murderer and he's not a terrorist," Inocencio Hernandez told the Daily News. "He is not any of those things, and that's why I am spending my time to come to court to support him." Morales, 25, is on trial in the Bronx for the fatal shooting of little Malenny Mendez in the head after he and his St. James Boys gang crashed the christening party almost five years ago. All eyes are on the court to see if the anti-terrorism charges will stick in a case involving the actions of a street gang. The state's anti-terrorism law went into effect after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "It's a stretch to bring a case like this under anti-terrorism," argued Morales' attorney, Dino Lombardi. "My client did not shoot anyone, and he is not responsible for the tragic shooting." Lombardi said the law was not intended for cases like his client's. But Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson disagrees. Johnson said the "terror perpetrated by gangs" occurs too often on city streets and "also fits squarely within the scope of this statute." Malenny's mother, Antonia Mendez, said somebody has to pay for the death of her daughter, who was gunned down Aug. 18, 2002, outside St. Paul's Lutheran Church on McGraw Ave. in Parkchester. "I don't care if [Morales] is or is not the shooter," Mendez said in Spanish. "If he is in the gang, he takes the blame for everyone. He should not have grabbed the gun." Initially, Morales was charged with trespassing and handling the gun that fired the shots outside the church, but those charges were elevated to murder and terrorism. Lombardi said he believes the DA's office is using Morales as a scapegoat because the actual triggerman fled to Mexico and his underlings pointed the finger at Morales. "The Continue Reading