Terrence Howard also choked and punched me during relationship, alleges ex-girlfriend: ‘When he gets in a certain headspace, it’s scary’

An ex-girlfriend who called the cops on Terrence Howard during a violent fight last year says she's not surprised by his ex-wife's new blockbuster claims of abuse. Pennsylvania resident May Seng Yang says she first met the Oscar-nominated actor, who's now appearing in Lee Daniels' No. 1 flick "The Butler," when he was separated from this first wife and dining with his kids at a local pizzeria. She says things quickly turned sexual, and they continued seeing each other even after his 2010 marriage to Michelle Ghent Howard. The 40-year-old brunette beauty shared email and text messages with the Daily News backing up her claim. Michelle, 36, now has a restraining order against Terrence based on claims he "sucker punched" and choked her in a Costa Rica vacation home during a failed reconciliation in July. The ex-wife filed new court paperwork last week claiming the "Hustle & Flow" actor physically abused her in Toronto and threatened a murder-suicide with an X-Acto blade just two weeks before their divorce was finalized on May 6 in Los Angeles. Terrence has denied ever laying a finger on Michelle and said in his own court filing that her allegations are a vengeful attempt to "ruin" his career. "I believe Michelle. I've seen the same behavior firsthand. He's very likable, but when he gets in a certain headspace, it's scary," Yang told the News Tuesday. "He didn't have these tendencies when I first met him, but in the last five years, he's progressed to dangerous behavior," she said, explaining that he was devastated by his beloved mom's 2008 cancer death and became "depressed" over the loss. "He would say he wished he could just stop breathing," she said. Yang's relationship with Terrence took a dark turn on May 6, 2012, when she dropped by his Pennsylvania house unannounced. He had called her to say he was in town, Yang claimed, but when she knocked on his door, he was there with Continue Reading

Florida man pleads guilty to stabbing ex-girlfriend 32 times

The most terrifying moment of Melissa Dohme's life came full circle Tuesday, but this time the tables were turned. When Robert Burton pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder in the stabbing of his ex-girlfriend 32 times in 2012, the survivor of his monstrous attack sat staring him down in the courtroom. "The last time I saw him was when he was walking away with the knife in his hand and I was lying in the road lifeless and no one else was around," 21-year-old Dohme of Clearwater, Florida told the court, according to Bay News 9 . Left for dead, her skull cracked, teeth knocked out and needing seven blood transfusions after that January attack, she appeared radiant while holding hands with her new man - a paramedic who helped save her that horrific day. It was a trial she wouldn't miss for the world. "I am here. I am alive. My fight's over, I won," she told the Tampa Bay Times. "It's the court's fight, not mine anymore." Burton, 22, appearing to refrain from eye contact with Dohme, pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and domestic abuse while tears glistened in his eyes according to Dohme's mother, Joann. Burton initially told a judge he was willing to plead guilty if not sentenced to more than 10 years in prison. The brazen plea deal was rejected by the judge, however, just before Burton chatted with his attorney and returned to announce he would plead guilty anyway. With that plea he faces anywhere from 8 years to life in prison. "I'm shocked that that happened," Dohme told Tampa Bay times after hearing his offer and then plea that followed a hearing on his competency to stand trial. "I mean it's shocking but it's all amazing and wonderful and it's just what we wanted," she said. Though her work in convicting him is done, she says she hopes to speak during his sentencing to express her fear that if he's released he'll harm others like he harmed her. It was in the early hours of January 24, 2012, that Continue Reading

Former NYPD cop sues ex-girlfriend for $14M after being fired and falsely labeled a drunk

A Long Island man fired by the NYPD shortly before his probationary period ended has filed a $14 million lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend and her family, claiming they falsely labeled him a drunk and cost him his job. Ex-NYPD officer Kevin McMahon, 26, of Seaford, said he's the victim of a love affair gone wrong with a vengeful girlfriend whose father is himself a former cop. Retired NYPD officer Robert Troy, of Huntington Station, "aided and abetted" his daughter, who made false allegations to the Internal Affairs about McMahon after the two broke up, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court. The probationary cop was subsequently fired "on suspicion of being at risk for alcoholism abuse," the suit said. McMahon, who lived at home with his parents and a sibling, began dating Crystal Troy, 24, before he entered the Police Academy in 2012, the suit said. The two had a stormy relationship, marred by Troy's possessiveness, McMahon's suit alleged. The probie was stationed at the 81st Precinct, where he received positive reports from commanders, the lawsuit said. McMahon's popularity caused tension with his girlfriend, who hacked into his Instagram account to view photos from a snowboarding trip he took with fellow probies, some of them women, the suit said. Troy was upset by a picture of McMahon labeled “NYPD’s Ken Doll" that had been taken by a female colleague, documents said. The couple broke up in early 2013, but over Memorial Day weekend last year had make-up sex, the suit said. About two weeks later, Troy texted McMahon and claimed to be pregnant. That set off bitter fighting between the two families, with McMahon at one point texting his ex and saying he would kill himself if she went through with the pregnancy. His mother also suggested to Troy's parents that a paternity test was in order, according to court papers. That prompted Jacqueline Petito, Troy's mother, to threaten Continue Reading

Text messages from Nets’ C.J. Watson prompted Floyd Mayweather’s assault of ex-girlfriend: police report

According to a Las Vegas police report obtained by Yahoo!, Floyd Mayweather's ex-girlfriend told police that text messages between her and current Nets guard C.J. Watson prompted the champion boxer to threaten their lives and beat her in 2010. Watson, a Las Vegas native who was playing with the Bulls at the time, left practice Wednesday without speaking to the media. The woman who was allegedly beaten, Josie Harris, said that she woke up one morning to see Mayweather holding her phone, yelling at her about text messages from Watson. “Are you having sex with C.J.,” Mayweather reportedly shouted at Harris. Harris, who has three children with Mayweather, responded that she was seeing Watson and the fighter responded by punching her in the back of the head, according to the police report. Mayweather pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 90 days in prison. He served two months in jail and later reconciled with Harris. "All I heard is, 'Who is C.J. Watson, C.J. Watson the basketball player?' Harris said in the police report. "From there it was just … bad. I was powerless. He was holding me down. I couldn't fight back. The kids were screaming and crying, 'You're hurting my Mom.' " Harris told police that Mayweather yelled, "I'm going to kill you and the man you are messing around with. I'm going to have you both disappear." Watson has been a central figure in the series against the Bulls, missing a potential game-tying shot at the buzzer of Game 3 and scuffling with Nate Robinson in Game 4 before missing a critical dunk. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Drake sued by alleged ex-girlfriend over ‘Marvin’s Room’ royalties

A drunk dial may have Drake on the hook for thousands of dollars in unpaid royalties. A woman claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of the hip-hop/R&B star says she is the person on the other end of the phone call heard on his hit "Marvin's Room," which was released last year. Now Ericka Lee is suing Drake for excluding her from co-writer royalties she says she earned through their collaboration on the hit, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lee claims in the suit that Drake agreed to work on the song and split the proceeds. She says she was supposed to record the song's hook and an opening monologue. But six weeks later, Drake and his record company changed their tune and instead Drake texted her offering 2% of song royalties, according to the report. The two, by then, had split and Drake seemed angry when Lee hired a lawyer. "What the f— is your problem?" he asked her in an angry text, before reportedly offering her 4% to 5% royalties. Now Lee says she wants a judge to declare her as a co-writer of the song and award her damages and profits on the popular hit. Drake has not commented on the matter. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Man admits he set fires on the USS Miami to leave work early and over anxiety about his ex-girlfriend

Maybe he should have just called in sick? A man who set two fires to a nuclear-powered submarine, causing $400 million in damage, admitted he did it because he wanted to leave work early. Casey James Fury, 24, was working aboard the USS Miami in Kittery, Maine as a civilian painter and sandblaster when he purposefully set two fires this summer, according to a criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court in Maine. Fury, who initially denied involvement in either incident, finally told investigators he was responsible for both fires after submitting to a polygraph test, and blamed his anxiety and a conversation with his ex-girlfriend for making him snap. The first fire was set on May 23 around 5:30 p.m. while the submarine was in dry dock at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The blaze raged for 12 hours until firefighters were able to put it out, and the Navy estimated it caused $400 million dollars in damage. Less than a month later, on June 16, another fire started in the dry dock crade of the submarine. This time the flames were quickly extinguished and “little or no damage” was caused, according to the complaint. Fury gave two sworn statements that he had simply been a witness to both fires, but when interviewed by investigators again on July 18, he admitted having set the June 16 fire. He blamed a heated text-message exchange with an ex-girlfriend, explaining he started trying to "convince her that the guy she started seeing was not just a friend like she had been claiming,” according to an affidavit filed by Navy investigator Jeremy Gauthier. "Fury explained that he became anxious over the text exchange with his ex-girlfriend and wanted to leave work," Gauthier wrote. In the wake of this conversation with his former girlfriend, Fury said his “mind was racing” by 6:30 p.m., so he stuffed a bag of alcohol wipes in a corner of the submarine and lit it on fire. Despite Continue Reading

Illinois man attacked by ninjas on his way to meet ex-girlfriend for sex

A trip to see an ex-girlfriend for a late-night booty call instead turned into a beatdown for an Illinois man.The 44-year-old unidentified victim told cops that he was jumped in an alley around 1:15 a.m. Friday by two people with nunchucks and throwing stars, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.He said that he was walking to his ex girlfriend's car when a masked man hit him in the head with nunchucks. His ex, Katherine M. Casarez, then hit him in the head with her own set of nunchucks, according to the newspaper.He said that before the attack the 29-year-old Casarez, texted him that she was in the alley.Cops told the newspaper that they found two throwing stars – including one stuck in a telephone pole.A short time later, Casarez was charged with aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery, unlawful use of a weapon and armed violence.According to her Facebook profile, Casarez worked as a home health caregiver.Cops are also seeking a 34-year-old man in connection with the strange attack. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Joshua Simon Ashby gets 4 months in jail for posting naked photo of ex-girlfriend on Facebook

A New Zealand man looking to get back at his ex-girlfriend by posting a naked photo of her on Facebook is heading to jail. Twenty-year-old Joshua Simon Ashby will serve four months in jail after he pled guilty to a charge distributing indecent material on Friday, an act which was described as one of "irresponsible drunken rage" by presiding judge, The Dominion Post reports. The act of online revenge was one of several charges to which the young man pled guilty. He was also accused of threatening to kill, willful damage, theft and assault. It is believed that this is the first time someone has gone to prison for using Facebook in such a manner. Ashby and the unnamed woman had been dating on and off for nearly five months before the incident occurred over the summer. The photo was posted via her Facebook profile, which has since been closed, according to the Post. "Technology can't be used in this way," Judge Andrew Becroft warned. Ashby had threatened his former lover via text messages in July, in which he said "I'm going to kill you." In another incident, he stole two of her dresses and destroyed them, and another time knocked her down and broke her cellphone. It was during this period that he posted the racy photo, which featured her naked in front of a mirror, the Post reports. Although it was initially open to just her Facebook friends, Ashby altered the settings to make it available to the more than 500 million people who use the website, then altered her password so she could not remove it. Twitter.com/NYDNSheridan Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Levi Johnston got ex-girlfriend Lanesia Garcia pregnant, Bristol Palin ‘heartbroken: report

There's baby mama drama in Wasilla. Bristol Palin is "heartbroken" because of rumors that her on-again, off-again squeeze got an ex-girlfriend pregnant, RadarOnline.com reported Friday. Things are so contentious between Palin, 19, and fiancée Levi Johnston that they are only communicating "by text message," a Palin family spokesman told Radar. Things got messy in Wasilla, Alaska, this week when the National Enquirer reported that Johnston's ex-girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia, was pregnant. The two had a fling last year while Johnson and Palin were on the outs, sources told the paper. "Levi insists the baby isn't his, but no one really knows for sure," a source told RadarOnline.com. "Levi is one of three possible fathers who were with Lanesia during the probable week of conception," the source said. Palin is so upset that she's rethinking her upcoming nuptials with Johnson, the father of her son, sources said. The two announced earlier this month that they rekindled their love - news that shocked the bride-to-be's mother, former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. "Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives," the politician-turned-pundit said when she found out about the engagement two weeks ago. Bristol Palin has an 18-month-old son, Tripp, with Johnston, but the pair suffered a very messy and very public breakup. Asked if Palin and Johnston would stay together despite the latest drama, a rep for the Palins told RadarOnline.com "no official decision has been made." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Man brags about murdering ex-girlfriend outside Resorts World Casino in Queens before he’s killed in shootout with cops

The brutal ambush murder of his helpless ex-girlfriend was just the start of spurned lover Dalton Branch’s sadistic last stand. The unrepentant ex-con twice dialed victim Patsy Mohammed’s elderly aunt, taunting her about the point-blank shooting death. The insanely jealous Branch texted a vile message to Mohammed’s male friend, who barely escaped the gunfire outside Resorts World Casino in Queens. The self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” later opened fire on three police officers in the parking lot of a school in East New York, Brooklyn, where Branch died in a hail of 20 bullets. That was about 6 a.m. on Tuesday — just three hours after Mohammed was pronounced dead. Dalton Branch (l.) who was shot dead by NYPD officers on Pennsylvania Ave. at Stanley Ave. in Brooklyn on Tuesday after he allegedly shot his ex, Patsy Mohamed (r.), at Resorts World Casino in Queens. A weeping Rosemary Guilford, 75, recounted her chilling chat with the cold-blooded Branch after the phone rang in her home at 2:52 a.m. “He said, ‘Go get your clothes and find the undertaker because I got her,’” Guilford told the Daily News hours after the slaying outside the South Ozone Park casino. “He told me that I should prepare myself to bury my niece.” Branch, 51, a two-time convict who survived being shot by an NYPD cop in 1983, wasn’t done with the heartbroken senior citizen. Eight minutes later, he called back for a second hateful harangue. “He told me, ‘I gave it to her good. She’s dead, so prepare yourself. And I could come and burn your house down,’” Guilford recalled. “I couldn’t say anything. What was I going to say? ... He was a very brutal type of guy.” The enraged Branch believed his former lover of 10 years was seeing a new man, and Continue Reading