Brittney Griner says Glory Johnson was still texting with her ex-boyfriend after they were engaged: report

It was a man who reportedly caused the rift in Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson's marriage, with the WNBA superstar saying she found out Johnson had been texting an ex-boyfriend. The Phoenix Mercury player said that Johnson was in contact with an ex in early April, months after the couple got engaged, according to annulment documents obtained by Griner, who filed to annul their 28-day marriage last month, said she would not have gotten hitched had she known. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS SPORTS ON FACEBOOK. "LIKE" US HERE. Griner added that she learned Johnson had sex with a man in the summer of 2014, when they were starting to date, the report said. Johnson's rep, D.J. Fisher shot down the allegations, telling the website that only an insecure person would think she was cheating. "(Glory is) popular and beautiful, so she's going to have male friends," he said. Griner believes that Johnson doesn't deserve spousal support since their marriage was so brief and neither player was paid during that time due to their WNBA suspensions for domestic violence. Johnson wants $20,000 a month in temporary spousal support and an additional $10,000 in attorney fees, according to court documents. The former couple were married on May 8, just weeks after their arrests. Almost a month later, Johnson announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Griner seeked an annulment the following day. Continue Reading

New Trial Starts for Teen Accused of Luring Ex-Boyfriend to His Death

Italian Police Hunt for Suspect After Murder of American Woman He 'Tried to Execute' Him: Philly Police Officer Survives Ambush A new murder trial is underway for a Florida teenager accused of luring her ex-boyfriend to his gruesome death. Nineteen-year-old Amber Wright is among a group of six people involved in the 2011 death of 15-year-old Seath Jackson. Prosecutors say Wright was only 16 when she texted Seath inviting him to the home where he was beaten, shot and mutilated. His body was then burned in a fire pit. Wright has been convicted once before – but an error in her trial then forced that conviction to be overturned, Happening Now reported today. Reports say the court granted Wright a new trial last year, after it was found that she gave the authorities statements incriminating herself before being read her Miranda Rights. But Assistant State Attorney Amy Berndt told Wright’s jury on Tuesday that the teenager “played the most important role in that murder.” “She was the bait,” said Bernt, according to local newspaper The Ocala Star-Banner. “Her job was to lure Seath Jackson to the house where he would be murdered.” Read more, here. ND Man Arrested After Plotting to Kidnap One of the Obama Family's Dogs FBI Announces Arrest of Jewelry Store Robbery Suspect (UPDATE) Judge Jeanine on 'Making a Murderer' Case: Here's Why Avery Is 'So Guilty' Continue Reading

New Hampshire woman claims she watched ex-boyfriend strangle coed

DOVER, N.H. — A woman says she watched her ex-boyfriend strangle a University of New Hampshire coed in 2012. Kathryn McDonough, who is serving a prison sentence for lying to investigators about the student’s disappearance and death, took the stand Tuesday morning in Seth Mazzaglia’s first-degree murder trial. Mazzaglia is accused of raping and killing Elizabeth “Lizzi” Marriott of Westborough, Massachusetts, after she rebuffed his sexual advances. Prosecutors began questioning McDonough by asking her point-blank who killed Marriott. She answered: “Seth Mazzaglia.” When asked how, she replied, “He strangled her with a rope.” When asked how she knew that, she replied, “I was there.” Mazzaglia’s lawyer has told jurors that McDonough killed Marriott during rough sex involving restraints. They say Mazzaglia helped dispose of her body and initially took blame out of his obsessive love for McDonough. McDonough, 20, is the key witness against 31-year-old Mazzaglia. Lawyers on both sides cast her differently. Prosecutors portray her as the sexual submissive, dominated in all aspects of their relationship by a man 10 years older than her. Mazzaglia’s lawyers say she was the dominatrix, a woman obsessed with finding another woman to dominate, and it was Mazzaglia who was her sexual slave. On one thing both sides agree: McDonough watched Marriott die. McDonough was 17 when she met Mazzaglia at tryouts for a theater production. She moved into his Dover apartment when she turned 18, during her senior year. It was Oct. 9, 2012 — mere months after she graduated from high school — when Marriott died in their Dover apartment. Marriott had transferred to the University of New Hampshire only weeks earlier to major in marine biology. She was a commuter student, living with her aunt and uncle in Continue Reading

Reeva Steenkamp had coffee with ex-boyfriend of five years 2 days before she was killed

Slain South African model Reeva Steenkamp shared a low-key coffee date with her ex-boyfriend of five years just two days before she was gunned down by Oscar Pistorius, investigators have learned. The 29-year-old stunner's meet-up with ex-flame Warren Lahoud was nothing more than two old pals catching up, Lahoud said, according to Britain's London Evening Standard. But Pistorius may have thought differently, Lahoud said. The South African businessmen said he was struck that the track star called Steenkamp twice in 20 minutes during their brief cafe chat. "I said, 'Is everything okay. I mean he's phoned twice already.' I asked her that question," Lahoud said in an upcoming BBC documentary, according to the newspaper. "She said, 'There's nothing wrong.'" Steenkamp seemed to mean it. "She seemed fine. We didn't really discuss personal relationships; it was more a friendly thing," Lahoud said. "She didn't seem unhappy. She told me that she wouldn't be with anybody that she felt unhappy with, or she wouldn't allow herself to be with somebody like that." Pistorius is accused of shooting Steenkamp to death on Valentine's Day. He claimed he mistook her for an intruder who had broken into his bathroom. Prosecutors said it was a premeditated murder stemming from an argument. Investigators were looking to review the bikini model's text messages in the days before her death, the newspaper said. Lahoud said they'd find messages from him, but none likely to shed any light on the case. "She contacted me and we met up for a quick coffee, and that was it," Lahoud said in the BBC Three program, set to air Monday. "We did (text), to meet up the previous week." Elsewhere in the documentary, a close friend of Pistorius says the Blade Runner is possibly on the verge of suicide. Pal Mike Azzi says the Olympian, who has been holed up at his uncle home Continue Reading

Transgender model’s tears force recess twice in assault trial against firefighter ex-boyfriend

A blond transgender model went from weepy to sassy on the stand Monday in testimony against the firefighter ex-boyfriend she has accused of assault. Claudia Charriez, 31, sobbed so often in morning testimony that the judge called two recesses. Defense attorney Jason Berland challenged her to explain why she kept sending loving texts to defendant Taylor Murphy even after the alleged assault. “I DO love him. I DO love you!” Charriez called to Murphy, a former “Mr. March” in an unofficial FDNY calendar, who sat at the defense table in Manhattan Supreme Court. He turned away from her.   Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News Charriez eventually went from weepy to sassy on the stand. Berland also pounded away at the discrepancies between Charriez’s testimony and her previous statements to cops, prosecutors and the grand jury. “I was exhausted,” she said, explaining why she initially told cops that Murphy, 29, had “dragged her for four blocks” in midtown after a fight in a hotel room, then later said she was dragged next door. Berland also pressed Charriez on why her initial account did not include her later claim that Murphy slammed her into a phone booth and tried to smother her. After lunch, Charriez rejected Berland’s suggestions that some bruises might predate the incident. “This is why girls like me don’t want to come forward when guys like this do this,” she said over her shoulder to the judge, flicking the edge of her black wool cape with its fur pompoms. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Jennifer Capriati charged with stalking, battery in alleged assault of ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan

She may once have had a vicious forehand, but it’s her vicious fist that has former tennis star Jennifer Capriati in the news. It’s the latest allegation in two decades of off-court incidents involving the former No. 1 women’s tennis player in the world. The 36-year-old faces misdemeanor battery and stalking charges after, police say, she hounded ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan with phone calls and text messages. The alleged stalking escalated with a Valentine’s Day confrontation in which police say Capriati tracked her 28-year-old ex to a North Palm Beach, Fla., gym and punched him four times in the chest while he worked out. She will not be arrested but has an April 17 summons to appear in Palm Beach County court and face the charges. An attorney denied the charges against the New York-born former tennis prodigy, who turned pro at 13 and went on to win 14 titles and a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics. “Unfortunately, false accusations against celebrities is an almost daily occurrence in this crazy world we live in,” West Palm Beach attorney Richard Lubin told the Daily News on Thursday. “Jennifer Capriati is innocent of these charges, and we intend to vigorously defend her good name against this nonsense.” Online court records show Brannan tried -- and failed -- in August of last year to get a restraining order against his former flame. Despite ending the relationship in February 2012, police say, Capriati sent nearly 300 text messages to Brannan over a two week period earlier this year. The Sun Sentinel of Florida reports Brannan called police on Capriati at least six times over the last year, and in January, Brannan’s co-worker told police she banged on the windows of the business and called more than 50 times. Despite her brilliance on the court, Capriati has had a rough go of it. She was troubled by bouts of drug abuse, brushes with the law and binge-eating. Many Continue Reading

Justin Bieber baby mama drama twist: Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell says he’s the father

Fifteen minutes and counting: Mariah Yeater's claims that Justin Bieber is her baby's daddy are slowly falling apart. Robbie Powell, Yeater's ex-boyfriend, has been telling friends that Yeater herself has told him that the whole Bieber story is a lie, according to A source close to Powell revealed that the fed-up ex finally decided to come forward because he was "tired of Yeater using the kid for media attention" and some monetary gain. PHOTOS: MEET MARIAH YEATER It was also previously revealed that Yeter, 20, once texted an anonymous friend with some damning evidence - namely, telling the friend to "ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom" that referenced Powell as the father of her child. "Ill kick u when we get paid," she added, "im trusting you pleeease." Other texts released by her anonymous friend ask him to "please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son's life?.." Yeater initially came forward with claims that the pop star, 17, fathered her child during a romp backstage following a concert in Los Angeles. The tween heartthrob spoke out against her claims on the “Today Show” earlier this month, saying that he “never met the woman.” “I know I’m going to be a target, but I’m never going to be a victim,” he said of the tabloid rumor. Powell is currently in talks with several media outlets to tell his side of the story, according to sources. [email protected] Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Jenni-Lyn Watson’s friends describe ex-boyfriend Steven Pieper as obsessed, mentally abusive

Friends of Jenni-Lyn Watson told the Syracuse Post-Standard that shortly after the 20-year-old college junior went missing, they had a feeling her ex-boyfriend Steven Pieper was responsible. Pieper, 21, was charged with second degree murder shortly after a body believed to be Watson’s was found on Saturday. The two had dating since 2009, but Watson’s friends described Pieper as possessive, and even obsessed with the aspiring ballerina who was a junior at Mercyhurst College. They told the newspaper that Pieper, who worked as a clerk at Pep Boys, often tried to stop Watson from hanging out with her friends and obsessively texted and called her. "It wasn't a physically abusive relationship," Karista Lewis, who was friends with Watson and Pieper at Liverpool High, told the Post-Standard. "It was mentally abusive." Friends told the newspaper that Pieper was crazy about Watson the moment they met – constantly telling her how pretty she was. "She was very flattered by that," Mallory Otis, her closest friend, told the Post-Standard. Only months after they started dating, Pieper reportedly bought her an engagement ring, which he told Otis cost $500 (he later amended that amount to $600 and $800). He said he had bought it off of the Home Shopping Network, but Otis said she told Watson she found the same ring at the Piercing Pagoda for $29, according to the newspaper."If it cost 10 cents out of a machine, it wouldn't have bothered her," Otis said. "But the fact that he lied about it did."The two stayed together and Watson happily flaunted the ring to friends after that anyway. But after months of fighting, friends said Watson broke off the engagement in October."I instant-messaged her immediately. I said, 'Keep your chin up you're going to be fine'", Otis said. "She wrote, 'I know I'll be OK.'"But Otis said she never thought the relationship would end violently, until she phoned Pieper to talk about Watson’s Continue Reading

Model Jasmine Fiore’s mom, ex-boyfriend ‘happy’ reality TV star Ryan Alexander Jenkins is dead

The ex-boyfriend of slain model Jasmine Fiore says he's glad the reality TV star accused of killing her is dead. "I was happy that Ryan... that he killed himself," Robert Hasman said on the "Today Show" Monday morning, alongside the murdered beauty's mother, Lisa Lepore. Ryan Alexander Jenkins, a contestant on the canceled VH1 reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire," was found dead from an apparent suicide in a motel room in suburban Canada Sunday night. The discovery came after nine days of searching for Jenkins following the discovery of Fiore's mutilated corpse on Aug. 15. "It brings closure to what's been going on," added Lepore. "We don't have to worry that he's a threat anymore." "We still have a long process of closure," the distraught mom said. Hasman discussed text messages and emails he exchanged with Fiore the night before her murder in which she said she wanted to leave Jenkins. Fiore was considering a sudden trip to Las Vegas to see Hasman, he said. Her last text message early on the morning of Aug. 15 said simply, "I'm coming." "I can only assume that might have been the cause or his motive," Hasman said. "This man was a professional con man," Lepore said. "He targeted women, I believe. He wanted to be something that he wasn't." "He wanted to be and to have what Jasmine had," she said. "She was for real. She earned what she had, and he was a fake." Police are now wondering if Jenkins had help disposing of his ex-wife, and whether others aided him after she was slain.Witnesses at the motel told police a mysterious blonde woman accompanied Jenkins.Kevin Walker, who manages the Thunderbird Motel, said Jenkins and the mystery woman arrived Thursday in a Chrysler PT Cruiser with tinted windows and license plates from Alberta, Jenkins' home province.He stayed in the car while the woman checked them in, he said.She was blonde, in her early 20s and "naturally pretty, one of those wholesome little ladies," he Continue Reading

Police investigate Playboy model Paula Sladewski’s ‘he’s trying to kill me’ text about boyfriend

The Playboy model found burning in a Miami Dumpster may have sent a warning message before her death. Police are investigating a text message Paula Sladewski sent to an ex claiming that her current boyfriend was "trying to kill" her, reports. Miami police reportedly do not have any suspects but Sladewski's boyfriend, Kevin Klym, is a person of interest. Klym told police that on the night of Sladewski's death they got into a fight at a Florida nightclub. He had reportedly tried to get Sladewski to leave with him because she was too drunk, but was kicked out of the bar for the altercation. He eventually left without her. North Miami Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas told that they have confirmed when and how Klym got home that night. Sladewski's stepfather, Richard Watkins, has reportedly been talking to his step-daughter's ex-boyfriend since she disappeared. The California man told Watkins he received text messages from Sladewski saying she was afraid of Klym. “She would text him ‘help me, I’m in trouble, he’s trying to kill me,’” Watkins told The model's step-dad confirms that Klym and his step-daughter "had a horrible relationship." He told that the couple of two years argued a lot and that a month ago Klym was arrested after breaking her nose. Sladewski's charred body was found Sunday in a Miami Dumpster after a passer-by alerted police that a trash bin was on fire. The "Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search" alum was so badly burned that dental records had to be used to identify her. Police are waiting for the results of Sladewski's autopsy to determine the official cause of death. In the meantime, they are interviewing employees at the nightclub where the LA-based model was last seen alive. Klym called Sladewski's mother on Monday to say that she had gone missing while the duo were holidaying in Florida. But according to, Watkins' Continue Reading