This Tesla Model S is the fastest armoured car in the world

THIS is the fastest armoured car in the world - a bulletproof Tesla Model S. If saving the environment wasn't enough, this modified electric beast will save you from gunfire and chemical warfare. The Tesla Model S P100D - which boasts a 155mph top speed and 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds - has been pimped out by armoured car experts Armormax. The firm got its hands on one of the £130,000 all-electric saloons and gave it a bulletproof makeover at the request of its mega-rich owner. The super-powered beast uses synthetic fibre laminate armouring throughout the cabin rather than heavy ballistic steel so it can withstand gunfire from high-powered rifles, handguns and shotguns. All regular glass in the car has been replaced by a combination of layered glass and acrylic and polycarbonate laminates, while the battery packs have been armoured, the suspension reinforced and fitted with run-flat tyres. Despite the add-ons, it weighs just 250kg more than the standard model meaning performance isn't hurt too much and you'll be able to sprint away if things get dangerous. It also features Tesla’s own Bioweapon Defence Mode air-filtration system, which protects the occupant in the case of chemical attacks. Latest news from Teslatakata scandal Teen student revealed as first victim that sparked 100million airbag recall blink and miss it 250mph Tesla and £3m electric hypercar test 'faster than F1' acceleration LET'S SKO TO MARS Skoda advert mocks Tesla's SpaceX launch sending a car to Mars CRASH LANDING Billionaire Elon Musk's space cruising car could crash into earth BRIGHT SPARK The lowdown on Elon Musk, the billionaire who just launched a rocket to Mars SPACE JUNK Scientists reveal what will actually happen to the Tesla Roadster stuck in space Cut and shut Hi-tech new £35,000 Tesla Model 3 slammed as built 'like a car from the 70s' OUT OF CONTROL Will driverless cars REALLY make roads safer after recent 'crashes'? rest easy Drive-thrus and outdoor cinemas - the Continue Reading

The original arch nemesis of the Tesla Model S is back — here’s what it’s like to drive

Benjamin Zhang, provided by Published 7:41 am, Monday, January 8, 2018 Hollis Johnson The Fisker Karma was the original Model S rival. But Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013, leaving Tesla the victor of the electric-car space. Now the car is making a comeback; this time it's called the Karma Revero But that wasn't always the case. Back in 2012, the Tesla Model S burst onto the scene as a four-door electric sedan with the performance, range, and luxury to actually compete against conventional premium sedans. But it wasn't immediately crowned king of the hill because there was a rival lurking in the wings. The Fisker Karma. The stunningly beautiful Karma sedan was the brainchild of famed car designer Henrik Fisker. While Elon Musk bet on all electric setup for the Model S, Fisker went with an in-car gasoline generator that relieves any potential for range anxiety. Both cars vied for the hearts and wallets of the eco-friendly elite. And for a while, Fisker held its own. Leonardo DiCaprio had a Karma. In fact, the Oscar winner wasn't just the company's brand ambassador; he was an investor. "Fast and Furious" star Tyrese Gibson owned one as well. As did Justin Bieber, whose car was wrapped in chrome. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing Woman hit by driver after running into North Side street mysa Mayor and others discuss the symphony's new schedule mysa Natural gas explosion at South Side motel hospitalizes 2 with severe burns mysa This tamale-making hack may change your next tamalada mysa Dog caught in middle of family's New Year's Eve fireworks mysa San Antonio child sings 'Remember Me' from Coco in heart-wrenching tribute to baby sister mysa Well-known San Antonio cook gunned down on his front porch, suspect at large mysa Man found dead in rollover wreck at busy S.A. intersection mysa Woman killed in fiery rollover crash on U.S. 281 mysa Video of San Antonio dad's Christmas hover board accident goes viral on Continue Reading

Daily Drive-Thru: Tesla Model S, BMW i3 struggle in IIHS test; our Chevy Trax review; how to drive stick, and more

Another week of new releases, botched safety tests, sneak peeks and car reviews down. Oh and Super Bowl ads—oh, so many Super Bowl ads. One has to wonder if there will be any surprises left by kickoff. Did you have a favorite one? Let us know on social media, either on Twitter where we go by @NYDNAutos or click through the link below to find us on Facebook. We close out this week with a little something fun, an instructional video on how to drive a stick shift. Don’t be shy, we won’t judge; plenty of people never learn and it’s a shame. We’ve also got the low down on Audi’s car-sharing service, my review of the 2017 Chevrolet Trax, and more in today’s edition of the Daily Drive-Thru. But first, let’s check in with Tesla and BMW, who did not have the best day at the IIHS. Tesla Model S, BMW i3 struggle in IIHS safety tests During recent crash tests, battery-powered cars from a pair of premium automakers failed to meet the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s highest safety standards. Both the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3 each fell short of achieving the optimal “Good” rating in all of the watchdog agency’s safety tests. The Model S struggled with the small front overlap crash test and the i3 was docked points for its performance in the head restraint evaluation, which tests the car’s ability to prevent neck damage during a rear-ending situation. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius Prime both earned Top Safety Pick+ designations. Audi on Demand is the luxury brand’s foray into car sharing Vehicle sharing has increasingly become a focus for many automakers, as they shift away from the old model of exclusively producing vehicles to sell to individuals and corporate fleets. Now, many car companies are running their own car sharing fleets, including Continue Reading

Daily Drive-Thru: Tesla Model S has first Autopilot death, NHTSA warns of high risk Takata airbag inflators, and more

Looking for a roundup of the latest and most important news from the automotive world? You’ve found it in the Daily Drive-Thru. Check it out every weekday to see what you missed and what you need to know. It’s the Friday before the Fourth of July and no one is more ready for a long weekend than Tesla right now. Tesla has first-ever fatality in Autopiloted Model S After a 2016 year consisting of nearly uninterrupted positivity for Tesla Motors, the electric company’s image may have just taken its biggest hit to date: the company recorded its first fatality for a driver using the Model S’s Autopilot mode. The accident, which occurred on May 7 in Williston, Florida, is now the subject of a probe by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, or NHTSA. Tesla said it was not made aware of the probe until Wednesday night. This is the first recorded death in an autonomous vehicle, which is perhaps fitting for the startup automaker that has hung its hat on trendsetting. On Thursday, the companyissued a statement on its blogoffering its condolences to the family of the driver, Joshua D. Brown, 40, of Canton, Ohio. Tesla also used the post to explain the uniqueness of the situation and to laud its record of just one fatality in 130 million collective miles driven in its Autopilot mode, compared to the national average of one death per 94 million miles driven. Read more about this story here. NHTSA identifies vehicles with high-risk Takata airbag inflators If there’s any chance your car’s airbag could explode in your face, you should try to address that situation in a timely fashion. If you have one of these cars, though, you should stop reading this and get to the nearest Honda dealership ASAP. The NHTSA, has identified the following models as containingTakata airbag inflatorswith a high likelihood of rupturing: 2001-02 Continue Reading

Daily Drive-Thru: A redesigned Tesla Model S, a top safety pick for the Ford F-150, Dodge Dart’s dying days, and more

Looking for a roundup of the latest and most important news from the automotive world? You’ve found it in the Daily Drive-Thru. Check it out every weekday to see what you missed and what you need to know. The Daily Drive-Thru: as hard to avoid as a Tesla headline this month. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. 'LIKE US HERE.' Tesla quietly rolls out facelift for Model S Tesla Motors launched a restyled Model S as quietly as, well, a Model S. The 2017 edition of the luxury sedan will include a cleaner front fascia that features a small, decorative insert around the “T” badge in lieu of the large, fake grille that previously dominated the EV’s front end. The new design is happy medium between original, superfluous grille and the disturbingly-smooth front end of the Model 3. The soft launch of the 2017 Model S is a win for Tesla in this roller coaster of a month that began with the unveiling of the Model 3 sedan and a deluge of down payments for the company’s first mass-production vehicle. Then things took a slight downturn. Acrash test failure spurred a recall of Model X SUVs and reports surfaced that Tesla might run out of tax credits for the pre-ordered Model 3s. Source: Tesla SEE WHAT OTHER STORIES YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED IN OUR DAILY DRIVE-THRU ARCHIVE. Jaguar Land Rover jumps on car-sharing band wagon Another day, another automaker launches a car-sharing app. Jaguar Land Rover is the latest brand to catch the sharing bug with the premiere of its “InMotion” app, which will provide a variety of services “such as car sharing and car ownership solutions,” according the British manufacturer. Unlike contemporaries such as Car2Go (Daimler), Maven (General Motors) and ReachNow (BMW), InMotion is not billed explicitly as a car-sharing program, but rather an app that might connect to car-sharing and other services. Jaguar Continue Reading

2015 Tesla Model S P85D full review and test drive

Just south of 14th Street, along Fifth Avenue, the leaves are still shell-shocked from the rush of being blown away by the Tesla Model S P85D. It was just after 6 a.m., and I had just collected the fastest-ever Tesla, the Model S P85D, for a photo shoot in Brooklyn. Snow was in the forecast, so efficiency and timeliness were of the essence. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. 'LIKE' US HERE. Becoming stranded in a 691-horsepower electric vehicle wearing performance tires wasn’t on the day’s agenda. The roads of Manhattan are virtually empty from 4 a.m. through the morning rush hour, and the Tesla sedan was whisper-quiet soaring through them, hitting one green light after another.\ Alone on the road and at first red light I encountered, I dropped the P85D into “Park”and prepared to wait the interminable 25 seconds before starting up again. I scanned the 17 diagonal inches of real that’s completely devoted to the massive touch-screen infotainment system. Understanding its untold capabilities takes more than a stoplight’s worth, I simply browsed the menu of vehicle performance settings for a moment. A dialog box suddenly appeared, asking if I preferred my acceleration in one of two flavors: “Sport”or “Insane.”That seemed like an interesting choice, the automotive equivalent of whether I preferred my salsa spicy or tongue-burning caliente. I moved the slider exactly to where you’d expect me to put it. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t “Sport”mode. Up until this point, as a wave of green lights appeared earlier in the drive, I respected the accelerator pedal as I would in nearlyany other high-performance car during a test drive. In these few blocks, the Model S P85D had behaved much like any other pure electric vehicle that I’d tested: quiet, responsive, torquey, and a degree Continue Reading

First Impression: Being wooed by the strong and silent type. Electric-powered Tesla Model S sedan is one very smooth operator

The Tesla Model S is one of the most newsworthy cars on the market today, thanks to its powerful electric powertrain, elegant exterior, and raft of luxury features. So when the chance came along to take one for a quick spin though New York City, well, we were at Tesla Motors’ Manhattan showroom faster than you can say ‘find me a charging station!’ Due to the short nature of this drive, the major EV issue of how many miles you can travel between charges was rendered moot. Our test car, a silver Model S in Performance trim level, had nearly its entire 300-mile range remaining. This meant we were free to enjoy a benefit of the Model S which gets slightly less press coverage than eco-friendly topics like zero emissions and battery range. Press the gas pedal and hold on, because the Model S is one quick puppy! Tesla Motors estimates the Model S in Performance trim can scoot from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Fitted with an 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, this translates to 416 horsepower and, more importantly, a whopping 443 lb.-ft. of torque delivered in one fantastic plateau, from 0 to 5,100 rpm. Not even the most ambitious taxicab could keep up, and the quickest sport sedans would struggle to match the pace provided in the Model S. The ride and handling was extremely composed, and the fact you’re cruising along in complete silence only adds to the impression of refinement. There is a price to be paid for all this fun. In this case, it’s literally the $87,400 base price of the Model S Performance model. That’s a lot of money, but criticizing the Model S for being expensive is like knocking Mercedes-Benz or Audi for building the posh S-Class and A8. This is a premium electric car and, frankly, it feels well-worth the high entry fee. The cabin has seating for five; or seven (so long as two of them are kids) should you order the optional pair of rear-facing seats. An absolutely enormous Continue Reading

Tesla Model S P85D is an electric-powered superhero

Positioned at the starting grid of a runway, with the gleaming borough of Manhattan visible in the distance, the 691-horsepower Tesla Model S P85D looks like an earth-bound rocket, even while standing still. Perhaps that’s why it felt at home at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Park, one of our first stops in an extended test of the electric wunderkind. Of course, an empty runway also sounded like it could be the perfect venue to test the Model S P85D at its theoretical limits. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. ‘LIKE’ US HERE. Fat chance. The defunct airport’s crumbling runway is off limits to high-speed maneuvering, but it made for an incredible backdrop for this sophisticated sedan with unbelievable power. If Superman had to trade his airborne capabilities for an equally powerful motor vehicle that doesn't draw too much attention to itself, the Model S P85D would be that car. We learned that very quickly during a brief first drive of the Model S P85D, in which repeated zero-to-25 stoplight street drags were the bulk of our testing. Tesla Driving 101 dictates a modified approach to driving, owing to one-pedal acceleration and braking, a dashboard bereft of buttons, and the attention paid to maintaining charge. With the opportunity to really test the Tesla’s capabilities over three days of road trips, however, we wanted to finally see if there was everyday excitement beyond the hype. Our first day of testing consisted primarily of city driving, with the anticipated round-trip grind from Brooklyn to Manhattan putting pressure on the high-performance Tesla to act as a sensible commuter car. With no need to let the Model S P85D warm up in sub-30ºF temperatures, our first impressions were unusually brisk and pithy as we settled in. The dashboard is expansive but spare, leaving the 17-inch center display to shine. Even equipped with the optional “next generation”leather Continue Reading

Tesla Model S owners will get auto-pilot feature in 3 months

Owners of Tesla Model S cars will soon get the opportunity to drive hands-free. Tesla is releasing a self-drive feature software update on all Model S cars in three months, according to CEO Elon Musk. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. ‘LIKE’ US HERE. "It's technically capable of going from parking lot to parking lot," Musk said, according to CNET. "But we won't be enabling that [specific capability] for users with this hardware suite, because we don't think it's likely to be safe in suburban neighborhoods." Musk, who presented at a press conference Thursday, said that the new feature is not a full-blown self-driving software, but it will be an automatic-steering software that lets drivers travel hands-free for certain lengths. So far Tesla has tested the new feature on a route from San Francisco to Seattle. READ MORE TESLA NEWS HERE. "There's certainly an expectation that when autopilot on the Model S is enabled, that you're paying attention," he said. "But it should also take care of you if you have moments of distraction." Since self-driving features are illegal, Musk advised Tesla owners that at first they may want to only use the autopilot feature on the open highway or on their personal property. Musk believes that it could take up to 20 years to replace the fleet of 2 billion cars on the road today. "It's not going to all transition immediately," Musk said. "It's going to take a while." A lot of automakers have been announcing their own plans to release self-driving cars. NASA and Nissan are partnering to develop a self-driving car that can navigate on Earth and eventually Mars. Audi and Google have also started working on automated vehicles that can eventually be sold in the market. Continue Reading

New world order: A Porsche test drive, of a hybrid truck and sedan?

A typical hybrid car or truck doesn’t usually make us emit animal-like grunts and moans. Thankfully, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is nowhere close to being a typical hybrid. Tested and driven on the southernmost roads of scenic Southern California, the Panamera and Cayenne S E-Hybrid are a strange pairing for a company whose legacy has been honed in sports cars and auto racing. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. 'LIKE' US HERE. Just try explaining to someone on a flight from New York to Los Angeles that you’re a super cool auto journalist, one who is off to drive a couple of brand new Porsches. “Oh, which ones?” Erm, well, the SUV and sedan…actually, the hybrid SUV and sedan. (Now where did I put that in-flight magazine!?) Of course, this is Porsche we’re talking about, so the specs and performance are more attuned to the Autobahn, rather than impressing the organic mafia in a Whole Foods parking lot. With a top speed of nearly 170 mph, and an official Porsche-estimated 0 to 60 time of 5.2 seconds, this Panamera hybrid can run with the best of them. Thanks to the combination of a 95-horsepower electric motor and the car’s supercharged, 333-hp 3.0-liter V-6 engine, total output is 416-horsepower and 435 lb.-ft. of torque. This is a parallel hybrid powertrain, meaning the Panamera can drive on pure electric power, the gas-fed V-6, or a combination of the two working together. In EV mode, the Panamera has a range of approximately 15 miles, and an electric-only top speed of 83 mph. When the lithium-ion battery pack runs dry, the supercharged 6-cylinder automatically fires up to propel this four-door Porsche down the road. For most of our test drive, we chose to let the gas engine and electric motor work together in Sport mode, to get the ultimate in performance – if not quite the most ideal MPG figures. With the keys to a 416-hp Porsche sedan in your pocket, Continue Reading