Talk radio host uses racist ‘war whoop’ gesture at Trump rally to make fun of Elizabeth Warren

A talk radio host opening for Donald Trump used the racist “war whoop” gesture to make fun of Sen. Elizabeth Warren at a rally in Maine Wednesday. Howie Carr covered his mouth with his hand and removed it while making high-pitched noises in the motion popularized by depictions of American Indians in old Western films, Politico reported. “You know Elizabeth Warren, right?” Carr asked the cheering crowd before making the gesture at an event for the Republican presidential candidate in Bangor. The motion was captured on camera and posted to YouTube. The Democratic senator from Massachusetts, a vocal critic of Trump, has faced accusations by Republicans that she lied about having Cherokee heritage to get her former job as a Harvard University professor. Trump mocked her by calling her “Pocahontas” and said she is "very racist" earlier this week. Carr is a conservative Boston author and talk show host whose show reaches 20 stations in syndication. He also contributes articles to the right-wing news website "Elizabeth Warren said, or maybe it was Hillary, she said the only people for Donald Trump are rich guys. Are any of you guys out there rich guys?" Carr said after making the gesture, according to Politico. "I don’t see too many rich guys out here today. Except me. Did I hear that? I didn’t come here to be made sport of." Carr called in remotely to his radio program later in the day to say he didn't regret making the gesture. "This is nothing new here. I feel like the tree is falling in the forest and no one heard it. How many times have I done the Indian war whoop on my own show?" he said. "We just want her to get a DNA test. We have to find out if she is culturally appropriating the heritage." The show posted a blog about it with a link to buy a customized "Fauxahontas" T-shirt showing a caricature of Warren wearing Continue Reading

Philadelphia sports talk radio host celebrates Victor Cruz injury in tweet

PHILADELPHIA — You stay classy, Philadelphia. City of Brotherly Love? Not so after Victor Cruz’s season-ending knee injury in the third quarter Sunday night. Philly shock-jock radio host Mike Missanelli of ESPN 950, who calls himself “The #Outright leader in Philadelphia Sports Talk” on his Twitter account, tweeted after the play, “Hey Giants fans: Victor Cruz is over. Dance to that.” Not to be outdone, in Daily News photos two guys wearing Eagles gear can be seen pumping their fists in celebration in the back of the end zone after Cruz crashed down, clutching his right knee, after he dropped the fourth-down pass from Eli Manning. As he was carted off the field, his season over with a torn patellar tendon, Cruz buried his head in his hands and wept. While Missanelli’s tweet was offensive to Giants fans, it also angered Eagles supporters, with some calling for his firing or at least a suspension. Mindful of the mess he had stepped in, Missanelli deleted the tweet a few minutes later. Later, when Missanelli realized how out of bounds he had been and given the harsh reaction, he offered a too-late-too-lame apology: “I apologize for the Cruz Tweet,” he wrote. “I didn’t see that he got hurt on the play. Was outside the stadium and saw he dropped it (the ball) walking to my car.” He followed that up with this pathetic excuse: “I just saw on big screen outside stadium that he dropped the pass,” he tweeted. “Didn’t see that he got hurt on play. My bad.” He ended his apology with this: “I would never have tweeted that had I known he got injured. Please know that.” The not-classy Missanelli has a history of bad behavior. He was suspended from 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia for using homophobic language with a caller in emails. Of course, after news of the ban went Continue Reading

Kansas City sports talk radio host Bob Fescoe calls Chiefs an ‘embarrassing, sucking, train wreck of a football team’ in epic rant

Kansas City sports talk radio host Bob Fescoe just wants the winless Chiefs to do one thing: "Admit you suck!" In a rant for the ages, Fescoe rips into the Chiefs after they followed up a Week 1 40-24 home loss to the Falcons with an inept performance in Buffalo last Sunday. The Chiefs (0-2) trailed 35-3 in the fourth quarter before scoring two meaningless touchdowns in the final minutes to make the final tally look slightly more respectable, 35-17. The host of 'Fescoe in the Morning' blows his top after he quotes running back Jamaal Charles saying "We just didn't come out and play." "Why not?" shouts Fescoe. "For eight quarters this season those guys have not gone out and played football. ... Stop embarrassing yourselves. "You’re embarrassing your mother. You’re embarrassing your father. You’re embarrassing the city. You’re embarrassing your wife ... and your children." He was just warming up. "You're an embarrassing train wreck to the 2.5 million people that call this metro area home. You've let down all the old ladies that are on life support rooting for you, trying to pull out another day. You give people nothing to live for ... you suck. "That's what you are right now. You are an embarrassing, sucking, train wreck of a football team from top to bottom." The task for Romeo Crennel and the Chiefs doesn't get any easier this week when they travel to the Big Easy to face an angry Saints team that also comes into Week 3 without a win. Fescoe should probably just avoid the aggravation of watching the Chiefs — a sexy pick in the preseason to be a team on the rise — and make good on his desire to go pumpkin picking. Listen to the full four-minute long rant below.HEAR IT: FESCOE MELTS DOWN Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Rush Limbaugh still the most important talk radio host, says the annual Talkers magazine survey

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t seem to have suffered any loss of stature within the radio industry as a result of the recent Sandra Fluke “slut” controversy. The most popular syndicated talk-show host in the country also remains the most important, according to the annual “Heavy Hundred” list just released by the trade publication Talkers. Limbaugh, heard here on WABC (770 AM), remains No. 1, as the top of the Talkers list remains steady from last year. RELATED: RUSH TO ADVERTISERS WHO LEFT: WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? Sean Hannity, also heard on WABC, stays No. 2, and Michael Savage, heard on WOR (710 AM), is No. 3. After that, though, the list has some interesting shifts. For starters, three of the top 10 hosts are progressives — or, as they are known on most of talk radio, those infernal liberals who are ruining America. Ed Schultz is No. 4, and Thom Hartmann is No. 8. Both are heard on WWRL (1600 AM). Joe Madison, the highest-rated black host, is No. 10. He’s heard on Sirius XM satellite. The rest of the top 10 includes Laura Ingraham (not heard locally) at No. 5, Dave Ramsey (WOR) at No. 6, Mark Levin (WABC) at No. 7, and Glenn Beck (Sirius XM) at No. 9. The rest of the top 100 includes several hosts familiar here. Stephanie Miller (Sirius XM) is No. 11 and Howard Stern (Sirius XM) is No. 12. Stern must find that order interesting. Mike Gallagher (WNYM, 970 AM) is No. 14, and Alan Colmes (Sirius XM) No. 15. Three more WNYM hosts follow: Dennis Miller at No. 21, Bill Bennett at No. 23, and Michael Medved at No. 24. WOR grabs two shortly after, with George Noory at No. 26 and Dr. Joy Browne at No. 28. WABC’s Don Imus is No. 33 — surprisingly low — and Dennis Prager of WNYM is No. 35. Dr. Laura Schlessinger (Sirius XM) is No. 37, and Randi Rhodes (WWRL) No. 38. Phil Hendrie (WWRL) is No. 43, and Jim Gearhart of WKXW (101.5 FM) is No. 48. John Gibson Continue Reading

Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologizes for repeatedly saying N-word on the air

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has followed up the N-word with the S-word. The talk radio host says she's sorry for repeatedly using the N-word several times during an on-air conversation with a caller that she said was being "hypersensitive" to racism. In an apology issued on her website, Schlessinger said she was trying to make a philosophical point, but was wrong and soon after the talk realized she had made a "horrible mistake." The red-faced doc said she was so mortified that she pulled herself off of the air at the end of the hour. "I am very sorry. And it won't happen again," she said. The apology on her website is followed by a letter sent from an offended listener who felt compelled to write. The listener, whose name is not given, goes on to say that she has not made the decision to stop listening to the show and doesn't believe Schlessinger is a racist. The letter, Schlessinger said, helped her "make it through the night." During Tuesday's conversation, Jade — an African-American woman with a white husband — called in to ask for help because her spouse's friends made racist comments about her in their home. Schlessinger said Jade was being too sensitive. When Jade asked if the N-word was offensive, Schlessinger said "black guys say it all the time," then went on to repeat the word several times.  She then said she hears the word a lot and that people shouldn't automatically be offended. "I guess you don't watch HBO or listen to any black comedians," the doctor said when Jade objected. Schlessinger also said if the caller did not have a sense of humor about race she shouldn't be in an interracial marriage. Critics are outraged. On Thursday, the Rev. Al Sharpton called the incident "despicable" on CNN. "She said the word over and over, and in a very animated way, I might add, but that she actually, if you listen carefully to the logic of what she was saying was that the N-word was not offensive." With News Wire Services Continue Reading

Conservative talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck’s mixed response to Ted Kennedy death

No political figure, with the possible exception of Bill Clinton, has offered a juicier target for conservative talk radio over the years than Sen. Edward Kennedy, and the fact he died Tuesday night was no reason to spoil all the fun. He even provided a final joke for WABC's Don Imus, who has long found endless material in Kennedy's speech, public behavior and girth. "Over the years, some pretty horrible things have been said on this program about Sen. Kennedy," said Imus. "I want you to know they were all written by [Imus sidekick] Charles McCord and spoken by [former show member] Larry Kenney. I was out getting cigarettes and had nothing to do with it." Not so modest was Rush Limbaugh of WABC, who began by noting Kennedy's reputation as "the lion of the Senate" and added, "We were his prey." Limbaugh said, "I'm a little uncomfortable going after Ted Kennedy today on matters of politics," but took a number of calls from listeners who weren't. Like other conservative hosts, Limbaugh focused less on Kennedy himself and more on two related issues: 1) the health-care plan that Kennedy supported and Limbaugh hates, and 2) "the slobbering media coverage" of his life. Tom Marr, sitting in for Lou Dobbs on WOR, called Kennedy a "left-of-Lenin liberal" and devoted much of his show to "the crime" of Chappaquiddick. "It's painful to have to go into it on this day," said Marr. "But young people have to know." Sean Hannity said, "We send his family our deepest condolences," while echoing the fear that his death would be used to push President Obama's health-care plan. Listeners to Glenn Beck's show on WOR didn't hear anything about Kennedy until more than halfway through the show, when Beck said, "Regardless of what you thought of his politics, we certainly feel for his family in this tough time. Just another reminder that cancer doesn't care about party." AROUND THE DIAL: Luis Jimenez, morning host on WCAA (105.9 FM), branches out to run a Continue Reading

Rush Limbaugh named top talk radio host by influential trade mag; 9 of top 10 are anti-Obama

Rush Limbaugh remains the top dog in talk radio, says the influential trade magazine Talkers. The magazine has just released its annual "Heavy Hundred" list – a reference to influence, not weight, and it praises Limbaugh as "the most-listened-to talk host and more relevant culturally than ever." The top rungs of the list also confirm something that No. 2 talker, Sean Hannity, said on the eve of the 2008 Presidential election. "I don't think it would be good for the country if Barack Obama is elected President," Hannity said. "But I have to say it would be great for talk radio." Sixteen months later, the debate continues over Hannity's first point. There's no question he was right about the second one, because having a "bad guy" in the White House has sent a surge of electricity through the talk radio world. The top four talkers - Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage – have all been non-stop, full-time critics of pretty much everything about Obama except his shoelaces and his toothpaste. The top 10 also includes non-Obama fans Laura Ingraham, No. 6, and Mark Levin, No. 8. In fact, advice guru Dr. Laura Schlessinger (No. 5), and finance guys Dave Ramsey (No. 7) and Lou Dobbs (No. 9) don't much care for Obama, either. Only Thom Hartmann, at No. 10, has had any encouraging words for the prez. Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, a former morning host at WNEW-FM in New York, says the list is compiled on "courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent and uniqueness." He has repeatedly stressed that the list is subjective, "as much art as science." While conservative talkers dominate the top of the list, this year's does have a growing presence of non-conservatives just below the top rung. Besides Hartmann, the top 25 includes Ed Schultz, Joe Madison, Alan Colmes and Stephanie Miller. None have ratings approaching those of the top conservatives, but Talkers is clearly Continue Reading

Right-wing radio hosts bracing for Barack Obama victory

With the presidential election days away, the talking heads of right-wing talk radio are mood-swinging between anxiety over a potential winner they despise and hope that the polls and pundits have got it wrong.But the enthusiasm gap for John McCain afflicts some of the hosts as well.RELATED CANDIDATES' 4th QUARTER AUDIBLEMichael Savage, heard nightly on WOR (710 AM), announced Wednesday night that he was endorsing McCain, "even though he’s almost as bad as [GEORGE W.]Bush," because "we can’t afford to elect a radical Marxist like Barack Hussein Obama." His sense of obligation won out, Savage proclaimed dramatically: "My endorsement could change the election and help save America."Savage also has offered a few ideas that could expedite that process. "People on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote," he said. "They’ll only vote themselves a raise." That’s Savage being Savage. But at the same hour on WABC (770 AM), host Mark Levin bemoaned the potential election of a "socialist" who would "take away our freedoms" and end America as we know it. RELATED BARACK OBAMA GOES PRIMETIME"Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself," said Levin, who has also ripped McCain, but endorsed him after the Sarah Palin selection. "We need to do something."Earlier on WABC, Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) warned Sean Hannity ominously that a President Obama "would knock guys like you off the air." Hannity himself has been repeatedly charged that we don’t know if Obama was really born in Hawaii and thus is really a citizen.That hosts like Hannity give voice to some of the wilder Internet-fed rumors offends at least one local program director, Rennie Bishop of WWRL (1600 AM), the local outlet of the liberal Air America network. "Talk radio now isn’t about issues, it’s about flame-throwing," says Bishop. "They’re just throwing anything out, no matter how pointless or baseless, to see if it will stick." Talk radio – or at least the Continue Reading

Boston radio host suspended for ‘criminaliens’ remark

BOSTON — A Boston talk radio host has been suspended for calling Mexican immigrants "criminaliens" and emergency rooms "condos for Mexicans" during a discussion about swine flu. Boston's WTKK-FM host Jay Severin was suspended indefinitely Thursday. According to an audio clip of a Monday show, Severin complained that the U.S. wasn't doing enough to prevent the spread of swine flu. He then said "tonight we will let the usual 5,000 criminaliens that come across the Arizona border ..." referring to Mexican immigrants. During a conversation with a caller complaining about immigrants receiving health care, Severin said emergency rooms had "become essentially condos for Mexicans." George Tobia, Severin's lawyer, did not immediately return phone calls. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

WABC big says jokers are wild on ‘Talk Radio’

Since the talk-radio host played by Liev Schreiber in the new Broadway revival of Eric Bogosian's "Talk Radio" is a self-destructive maniac who swigs Jack Daniels and sniffs cocaine during his two-hour show, it's understandable that real-life WABC program director Phil Boyce says he's never had a host who fits that exact description. But Boyce says when you allow for dramatic license, the point isn't entirely off-track. "It's a well-written character," he says. "He keeps your attention." "Talk Radio," which Bogosian performed off-Broadway in 1987 and on-screen in 1988, paints "issues" talk radio as a place where host Barry Champlain's on-air success is seemingly enhanced by his indifference to normal social rules and constraints."That's not true of all hosts," says Boyce, "although I've seen elements of it. I've certainly had hosts who were focused on the air and scattered in their personal lives, like this character. "But you couldn't build a career like, say, Sean Hannity, if you didn't have your act together. The character in the play is going out of control. The demons that make him so good on the radio are starting to destroy him." WABC has a bit of a rooting interest in "Talk Radio," which opened yesterday at the Longacre Theater. Peter Hermann, a well-known TV actor who plays the station manager, spent time at WABC talking with Boyce and others about the radio biz. "He was asking about my job, and what I look for in a host," says Boyce. "I was impressed with his questions and interest." In Hermann's big scene, he explains that he hired Champlain because he wanted "a joker," a wild card who would draw listeners simply because he might, at any given moment, do anything. Boyce says he's looked for some version of that quality in hosts, though never to the extreme that he's hired someone who drank on the air and snorted coke during commercial breaks. "I told Peter I look for a person with passion," says Boyce. "Someone who is informed on current events and has Continue Reading