Guy Fieri ‘threw a fit’ over VIP snub at Super Bowl party: report

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri reportedly had a full-on meltdown Saturday night after he was refused entrance to the VIP section of a Super Bowl party. The Food Network star, known for his creative facial hair, over-the-top personality and love of diner food, was attending a bash at New Orleans's Second Line Studios when bouncers denied him entry beyond the velvet ropes, Us Weekly reports. Fieri responded by causing a scene, bystanders said. He was then ejected from the venue. "He threw a fit and was kicked out!" a witness said. The source claimed that the employee simply didn’t recognize the chef. "He didn't have the right bracelet, and nobody in New Orleans knows who anyone is," one partygoer explained. Fieri, who stars in the Food Network’s "Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off," made headlines last November thanks to a scathing review of his Times Square restaurant. Pete Wells, a New York Times food critic, slammed Fieri's place for a menu that has few things "that can be eaten without fear or regret," including a margarita that tasted "like some combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Tom Brady’s post-Super Bowl party sparsely attended as Patriots fans pin loss to NY Giants on quarterback

The turnout at Tom Brady’s post-Super Bowl party was just a little less than Brady had hoped for. Last Sunday an estimated 25,000 Patriots fans packed Gillette Stadium for a raucous sendoff, where Brady said that he hoped they’d “have a lot more people at our party next weekend.” But on Monday — after the Giants beat the Patriots 21-17 to win Super Bowl XLVI — only about 200 fans turned out at Gillette Stadium to welcome the Patriots home to Foxboro. “Don’t worry Welker,” fans shouted at wide receiver Wes Welker — who made a crucial fourth-quarter drop — as the team arrived at the stadium, the Boston Globe reported. And if the few fans who showed up were positive, the thousands who flooded the Globe’s web site,, were less forgiving. While Giants fans were making plans for a victory parade down the Canyon of Heroes, Patriots fans were playing the blame game after Brady, Bill Belichick & Co. failed once again to get the job done on football’s biggest stage. For much of the afternoon Monday, the main story on the sports page of had a photo of Brady staring blankly ahead under the headline “Who’s to blame?” The fans’ answer: Brady. Over 5,000 people voted in the online poll and 27 percent pinned the loss on the two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback. The injury to tight end Rob Gronkowski was the second-largest culprit, fans felt, with 22 percent blaming the loss on the tight end’s bum ankle. Even Welker and Aaron Hernandez, who both made costly drops, only garnered a combined 17.6 percent of the vote The person least responsible for the loss, according to readers, is Brady’s supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, who blew up Sunday night and said, “My husband can not (expletive) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many Continue Reading

Daily News 1st and 10 Superhero Contest: Enter to win a 60″ Panasonic 3D Plasma TV from Best Buy or a catered Super Bowl party from Fairway

Create the best Superbowl SuperHero recipe for your chance to win a 60” Panasonic 3D Plasma TV from Best Buy or a catered super bowl party from Fairway (serving up to 20 people). This SuperHero must have 10 ingredients – no more, no less - and must include ingredients honoring NY & the Giants as well as Eli Manning's Louisiana heritage. for your chance to win.   Prizes include: 1st place – Panasonic 60" 3D Plasma TV with a retail value of $2600 (model # TC-P60ST30) from Best Buy2nd place – Catered super bowl party from Fairway for up to 20 people ($500 value). 6 ft hero of any choice, with choice of 2 sides (potato salad, cole slaw or macaroni salad), 1/2 tray mac n cheese, 1/2 tray sausage & peppers, 1/2 tray BBQ or buffalo wings, 1/2 tray lasagna, 1/2 tray baked ziti, chicken fingers platter, chip dip platter with Fairway fresh homemade guacamole and salsa, sweet pepper & mozzarella platter, fresh fruit platter and Fairway cookie/brownie/rugelah platter. Delivery within 15 miles of a Fairway. Otherwise pick up. 6 ft hero of any choice with choice of 2 sides.Click here for complete contest rules. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

President Obama’s Super Bowl Party: J-Lo, Marc Anthony, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania pols invited

Cheeseheads and terrible-towel wavers, meet J.Lo.President Barack Obama is hosting a number of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania politicians as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at his Super Bowl party on Sunday.White House said about 100 people were invited to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Wisconsin Green Bay Packers, including the pop-singing power couple.American Idol" judge. "Maybe that's why I don't want to talk about it. I don't even feel like it's real."Pat Toomey and Robert Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania and Congressman Reid Ribble of Wisconsin also scored invites, in addition to former Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.Attorney General Eric Holder, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano are also expected to attend the star-studded event.  Green Bay win the Super Bowl with Obama, whom he called the Bears' fan in chief, will be "particularly satisfying," Barrett added. Fox News' Bill O'Reilly as part of Fox's pregame package. With News Wire Services  Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

U.S. Surgeon General won’t knock menu for President Obama’s fat-filled Super Bowl party

The U.S. Surgeon General gave President Obama a pass on his fat-filled Super Bowl party on Tuesday during an event celebrating the White House's war on childhood obesity. The White House on Sunday served bratwurst, kielbasa, cheeseburgers, deep-dish pizza, Buffalo wings and beer to Obama's 100 guests gathered for the Steelers-Packers showdown. "The President is allowed to do it as a one-time thing. We say everything in moderation," Surgeon General Regina Benjamin told the Daily News. "The President is also very active with basketball and exercise, so it's all right." Benjamin was in New York to celebrate the one-year anniversary of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative to fight childhood obesity. She joined local school children, New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley and tennis legend Billie Jean King at Modell's Sporting Goods in Times Square to encourage healthy lifestyles. "There's nothing better than eating fresh fruits and vegetables and being active every day," Farley said. King, a 12-time Grand Slam winner, extolled the virtues of exercise. "It's hard when you are young, but you have to find something you love and change your daily routine," she said. "It's a great message," agreed Danielle Sanders, 17, a student at Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn, who said she slimmed down because of the First Lady's initiative. "I lost 40 pounds by staying active and eating healthy, so I'm a believer," she said.   Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Super Bowl parties in Dallas: Cast of ‘Glee’ makes way for Adrian Grenier, Pauly D can’t get a table

Forget football. On the pre-Super Bowl party circuit in Dallas, stars fought hard for a precious few yards of VIP turf — and they weren't even wearing helmets.At Maxim magazine's Saturday night bash, Adrian Grenier beat out a bunch of promising young rookies. Mark Salling, Jenna Ushkowitz and Chord Overstreet of "Glee" (aka Puck, Tina and Sam) were unceremoniously booted from their table when the seasoned party veteran arrived.Around 12:45, a spy saw one of the party's producers approach Ushkowitz and ask her to move. She protested that her group had been there all night. Too bad, he told her: The table now belonged to Adrian Grenier. The kids ceded their space to the "Entourage" actor, who had a team of mostly guys in tow. Where's a ref when you need one?And at the same event, yet another fan-favorite underdog battled adversity. Pauly D may have scored the first "Jersey Shore" spinoff (working title: "Pauly's World"), but he still can't get into parties. Maybe Maxim's staff just don't like "Jersey Shore": the management made Pauly and his entourage wait in the VIP line for almost 30 minutes.When they finally let him through, he obligingly worked the red carpet. But inside he had to ask (politely, we're told) for a table. No inspiring ending here, sadly: Maxim refused to seat the spiky-haired guido. He left soon afterward.Even football players themselves couldn't get an easy touchdown on the Dallas party circuit. At Barry Mullineaux, Jon B and Matt Levine's "Friday Night Lights" Super Bowl Party at Zouk, "hundreds of NFL athletes were coming up to the door showing their NFL card, hoping to get in," according to one onlooker, "but it wasn't happening." Many ended up shelling out for bottle service."A lot of the players purchased their way in," the insider said. As DJ Steve Porter played to a crowd that included Steelers Willie Colon and Brian McKinley, "bottles of Ace of Spades" — Armand de Brignac Champagne — "were flying everywhere." Stephen Continue Reading

Super Bowl party horror: Host subjected to water torture, body burned by pennies, prosecutors say

A Bronx man's party guests turned out to be party animals who subjected him to a twisted form of water torture and burned his body with hot pennies, prosecutors charge. Michael Terry, 40, claims a 2008 Super Bowl party nearly cost him his life and he has the scars to prove it. Terry contends the guests he invited to watch the Giants beat the Patriots in the championship game were neighbors whom he had bought drugs from in the past, prosecutors said. After drinking beer, smoking pot and celebrating the Giants' victory, his guests turned his pad into a drug den, attracting a stream of dope buyers to his Belmont Ave. apartment. Fearful of losing his Section 8 housing, Terry tried to throw his guests out, said prosecutor Newton Mendys. Two of the guests - Montric Brewer, 21, and Idris Richardson, 20 - handcuffed Terry, punched and kicked him, and stuck the barrel of a gun in his mouth, Mendys said. "I have this 9-mm. I should blow your [expletive] head off," Richardson allegedly yelled as he held the gun to Terry's head, according to court documents. Brewer and Richardson then ripped off Terry's clothes and exacted unthinkable pain with their sick methods of torture, the court papers reveal. They boiled a pot of water and threw in pennies they found in a jar, the records detail. They sadistically dripped the scalding water on Terry's naked and bleeding body, and placed the hot pennies on his back and genitals, prosecutors charge. Brewer allegedly forced more hot pennies into the victim's hand and placed the boiling steel pot against his thigh, burning off his skin. The pair allegedly punched Terry until he passed out, and threatened him when he came to, records say. "Don't do nothing stupid. Don't tell nobody," Richardson allegedly told Terry. "I know where your family lives." As jury selection for the Bronx Supreme Court trial got underway this week, Brewer's lawyer, Pierre Sussman, trashed Terry as a "life-long drug addict." Continue Reading

Super Bowl parties become campaign tool for local politicians

It's an All-American sporting tradition - with a political twist. Some local politicians are hosting Super Bowl bashes Sunday to score campaign cash during arguably the toughest economic season in memory. "All the news is such a downer lately that politicians are looking for an opportunity to have some fun, and the Super Bowl is a chance to do that," said City Councilman Eric Gioia, who is running for controller. The Queens Democrat invited potential donors to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers square off against the Arizona Cardinals with him at a supporter's Long Island City home in what he is billing as "a gathering." "All my events are 'give-what-you-want,'" Gioia said. He suspects he'll gain supporters rather than expand his war chest because most football fans would rather gamble on the game than on a politician's future. Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat (D-Manhattan) is charging $50 to $1,000 to attend his 11th annual Super Bowl fund-raiser in Washington Heights. "It's a small fund-raiser because it's mainly community folks and friends," said Espaillat, who expects to break even. Last year's party attracted 75 people. He says the big turnout was because the New York Giants were playing in the big game. "Super Bowl parties are common, and any event that draws a big crowd is popular with politicians," he said. Politicians are split on whether a Super Bowl party is the best place to score points with supporters since many voters would rather watch the game than listen to the pitch. Controller Bill Thompson, a Democrat running for mayor, learned this in 2004 when he hosted a Super Bowl fund-raiser. During the halftime show, he played a clip from "60 Minutes" featuring him while the rest of the country was watching Janet Jackson flash her bejeweled bosom to millions of viewers. "We had a great time, but no one got to see the halftime show - and that's what made the news the next day," Thompson recalled. "There were people who said to Continue Reading

President Obama’s Super Bowl party has a political purpose

WASHINGTON - Party politics has real meaning for Barack Obama - and it's not just about partisanship. It's about real parties, like the Super Bowl bash he's throwing Sunday night at the White House. But Obama's not just looking for a little relief from the grim economic declarations he's been delivering to the American people. He's got a party plan, using social settings and good times to ease the path for his White House policies in a way that no one could have imagined from early-to-bed George W. Bush. So call Obama the schmoozer in chief. "You know, he's traditionally a night owl," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs mentioned last week. And he intends to use his nocturnal energy to move his agenda. Shindigs like the Super Bowl party - with a long, bipartisan guest list of lawmakers - is "part of the package for a President who is going to do a lot of things in the course of a day," said Towson University presidential scholar Martha Kumar. "It's a type of Washington diplomacy, and with the kind of program he wants to have, he will need the support of a lot of different people and constituent communities," Kumar added. "I think he is more than happy to work the social aspect of policymaking." He's already had a bipartisan mix of congressional leaders over for an evening cocktail party, including House members who voted against his economic stimulus package. Bush treated the White House like it was part palace, part museum and part basilica. But for a glamorous first couple who telegraphed before they moved in that they wanted to make it more "the people's house," there is no better party spot than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "It's very important to them that the White House feels open and exciting to people," said a White House aide. "They'd like to use it as a tool for engagement, education, inclusion and team-building." And while the schmoozing and lubrication didn't help with the economic recovery bill - which passed with zero GOP Continue Reading

Celebrities catch Super Bowl party fever

Carmen Electra's "Leather and Laces" pre-Super Bowl party went on with gusto Friday night just down the road from a bash thrown by ESPN. Electra, decked out in a cleavage-revealing black and gold cocktail dress and flashing a blinding smile, got stopped short on the red carpet by a barely-teenage fan who asked to be brought in. Taken aback, Electra told the girl no and went merrily on her way. Other attention getters at the bash were Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath and actresses Catherine Bell and Roslyn Sanchez.Fittingly, athletes dominated the network's guest list, including football stars past and present like Ben Roethlisberger, Emmitt Smith and Matt Hasselbeck as well as local NBA hero Steve Nash.One celebrity party actually began in Newark.Yep, Newark.Passengers and stars - including hip-hop legend LL Cool J and Nobu restaurant partner Drew Nieporent - boarding a Continental Airlines flight to Phoenix had a minitailgate party at Newark Airport late Thursday.They walked under blue-and-white balloon arches, ate hot dogs, received autographs from former Giant Karl Nelson and were serenaded by cheers of "Let's go, Giants."Some of the first celebrities to arrive in the Valley of the Sun flocked to Hyde Lounge, a temporary nightclub built on the grounds of a 9-acre estate in Paradise Valley.Unsurprisingly, Adrian Grenier of the HBO show "Entourage" was partying on the gorgeous estate because, quite frankly, he attends every celebrity party known to man. A slightly more unusual sight was Steve Tisch, co-owner of the Giants and a Hollywood producer, decked out in a leather jacket and chatting up some of the young and beautiful.The pretty young things at Victoria's Secret opened up a gifting lounge at a Camelback Mountain resort Friday, drawing the likes of actress Gabrielle Union, who was enamored of a red-and-white bustier romper. Kristen Cavallari of MTV's "Laguna Beach" also was expected to stop by and get pampered.It's her party and she'll cry if she wants to.Paris Continue Reading