Nearly 1.4M Ford, Lincoln cars recalled; steering wheel can come loose

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Shake Shack is testing a new chicken sandwich that will soon be available nationwide — here’s how it tastes

Hollis Johnson, provided by Published 6:24 am, Sunday, January 14, 2018 Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Shake Shack's new grilled chicken club sandwich is being tested in Brooklyn, New York locations. It'll be available nationwide for a limited time starting January 26. The sandwich is decent, but the chicken itself leaves something to be desired. The "Griddled Chick'n Club" is a decidedly healthy item for a chain that serves cheese fries, hot dogs, and double cheeseburgers. Of course, this isn't the first chicken item on their menu — that honor goes to the deliciously crispy and near-perfect Chick'n Shack fried-chicken sandwich. The sandwich will be rolled out nationally, excluding airport and stadium locations, for a limited time starting January 26. But is it as good as the rest of the chain's chicken? We grabbed one to find out. Right off the bat, the smell is intoxicating. The smoky aroma of bacon dominates the senses — always a good thing. LATEST BUSINESS VIDEOS Now Playing: Now Playing General Motors Ditches Steering Wheel in New Autonomous Car Wibbitz Baby Born The Size Of A Chocolate Bar Finally Gets To Go Home Veuer Baby Born The Size Of A Chocolate Bar Finally Gets To Go Home Buzz60 UV Sense Cosmopolitan FOX Business Beat: Facebook news feed changes; Walmart pay changes Fox5DC John Wall Street Brings You The Business Side Of Sports Cheddar Keep the Change? You Can Pay for Your Coffee with Bitcoin at this Singapore Cafe RuptlyTV Facebook Shares Dip After News Feed Announcement Wibbitz London reacts to Trump snub Euronews_News Facebook Feeds to Bring Less News, More Sharing AP Hollis Johnson/Business Insider The sandwich follows Shake Shack tradition and is embraced by the chain's dense, ever-so-lightly sweet, potato bun. It's a rare bun that goes with nearly any sandwich, and this bun is one of them. It's even good with Shake Shack's breakfast sandwiches. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Continue Reading

Why is my car shaking after the snowstorm?

If you hit the road after a snowstorm only to find your car shaking at higher speeds, you may not need a mechanic. This can be alarming for some who don't know the cause, and may even lead you to stop at the mechanic on the way to work. But there's a fix, and it may not be what you think. Car guru John Paul offers an explanation. Q: Drivers have reported their cars shaking when driving at or above highway speeds the day after a snowstorm. What could cause this?A: The issue is the ice and snow build up in the wheels and cause the tires to become unbalanced. This can be a minor steering wheel shake to feeling like the wheels are going to fall off the car. Once the snow melts off the wheels from the heat of the day the car should behave normally again. Some slightly obsessive drivers will go so far to take their snow brush and clean in between the spokes of the wheels to knock the snow and ice off. MORE: Here's what to do when a car won't start in cold weather 8 things you shouldn't leave in your car in freezing weather Iowa snow: How to keep safe while driving on slick roads Once the wheels are clean, if the car still vibrates it is possible that one of the wheels/tires could have been damaged by a pothole. If the car is still shaking have it looked at by a good repair shop. John Paul, is AAA Northeast’s Car Doctor. He has 40+ years of experience in the automotive business and is an ASE certified master technician. Follow him at on Twitter @johnfpaul or   Continue Reading

If Peyton Manning retires, top NFL analysts may be shaking in their booths over job security

If he does eventually announce his retirement, the mystery surrounding Peyton Manning’s future will still have legs. The story won’t end until he tells the free world exactly what his next line of work will be. Until that happens, the anxiety levels of the top NFL TV analysts will continue to fluctuate. They can publicly say everything is cool but waiting ain’t easy. It can make you anxious, irritable. It’s reasonable to suggest if Manning decides to go into TV he’s not entering as some schlub, an interchangeable part of a pregame show ensemble. The only way a network suit gets a bang for the bucks Manning will command is to make him a featured game analyst on a No. 1 team. Manning would likely become a third man in the booth, unless some executive wants to totally stir the pot and demote the current No. 1 analyst in favor of Manning. KING: PEYTON'S SQUEAKY-CLEAN IMAGE WAS BUILT ON LIES Anyway, all that will eventually get sorted out once Manning details his future plans. So guys like CBS’ Phil Simms and Norman Julius Esiason will just have to wait. Considering what transpired on the final episode of Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” they are well aware of the domino effect Manning could trigger. Credit their colleague, Jets wideout Brandon Marshall, for providing “inspiration,” for a brief discussion. Despite the smiles and laughs the comments were interesting and seemed sincere. Adam Schein asked the panel, which also included Michael Irvin, if Manning had played his last game? “...I hope he’s free because I want him (Manning) to be my teammate,” Marshall said. Schein, thinking Marshall had delivered a scoop, nearly fell out of his chair. “Wait a minute,” Schein said. “You want him as quarterback of the Jets?” Marshall: “No, CBS — broadcasting.” The camera was on Marshall, so the instantaneous facial reactions of Continue Reading

Driver had death grip on wheel during seizure: pal

A seizure-prone truck driver who ran over a pair of British tourists in midtown kept his hands locked on the steering wheel when he started convulsing, preventing his helper from diverting the rig, the assistant testified Tuesday. George Bonilla, in dramatic testimony at Manhattan Criminal Court, described the frantic moments before Auvryn Scarlett's recycling truck jumped a W. 35th St. sidewalk and left a trail of carnage. "I turned my head to see why he was pulling over, and I saw him going into shock," said Bonilla, 26, who was riding inside the cab during the February 2008 accident. "He was shaking. His eyes were going to the back of his head. "I tried to grab the steering wheel to avoid it from getting on the sidewalk," he added. "I couldn't. His arms were locked." Bonilla said he then caught the slightest glimpse of Jacklyn Timmons and Andrew Hardie going down. "I saw two heads and then they were gone," Bonilla said. Timmons and Hardie, both 47, were killed. A third pedestrian, Abayomi Henderson, 25, was seriously injured. Henderson testified that he had just stepped past the couple, walking arm in arm, when tragedy struck. "I heard a loud noise and woke up on the ground," he said. "As I was trying to get up, that's when I saw the lady's body. That's when I realized we actually got hit." Scarlett, who was charged with murder, later told Detective Ronald Ryan from his hospital bed he hadn't taken his anti-seizure medication in two weeks, the officer said. After feeling the onset of a headache, "the next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance," Scarlett allegedly told Ryan. Prosecutors say Scarlett hid his condition for nearly a decade from his employer, Action Carting. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Voice of the People for Dec. 16, 2009

East Elmhurst: We constantly hear that the MTA wastes money. Then we hear it has to cut service. How about, before cutting service, making sure that people who ride the buses and subways pay their fares? I've witnessed child after child scooting under turnstiles, and no one says anything. Then, there are the people whose MetroCards are suddenly empty. Rarely have I heard a driver ask them to leave the bus. Irene GoldsmithStaten Island: Once again, the MTA has announced a budget deficit. Hold on to your wallets, drivers. You'll probably be asked to subsidize the MTA again - and pay for a service you don't use. What a sham. Robert K. Greco Brooklyn: The MTA's plan to stop distributing free MetroCards to students is utterly ridiculous. Students need those cards to get to school and receive an education. This is just sad. Kadeem Lundy Runaway trainManhattan: Transit worker raises. Deep service cuts to buses and trains. Elimination of student passes. What's wrong with this picture? Susan Giniger Raises a question Jamesburg, N.J.: Mayor Bloomberg is dead set against transit workers receiving raises that were awarded in binding arbitration ("MTA's on hook for raises, judge rules," Dec. 13). Why wasn't Bloomberg against giving taxpayer bailouts to his billionaire buddies on Wall Street? Frank S. Tarulli Hard-earned pay Brooklyn: As a transit worker, I resent the comments in your paper and news media that our raises are a "gravy train." MTA employees work holidays and weekends so you can go see your family. Why don't we deserve a pittance of a raise? Laura Ryan No-win scenario Manhattan: While a surge may bring short-term advances in Afghanistan, every day we wage this war we lose in terms of our relationship with the rest of the world. Sally Fisher Educational TV Staten Island: I watch C-SPAN when the Senate is in session. All the Republicans vote the party line 100% of the time because they don't want the President to look good. They don't care about the citizens of Continue Reading

Safety gizmo fails inspection, it's described as "a great premium product that can be logo imprinted." Its functions include a flashlight, a rapidly blinking beacon so people can find you in the event you're stranded, a seat-belt cutter designed to quickly slice through a safety belt should yours malfunction, and a "glass-break hammer," actually a pointy metal bit on one end of the unit to smash your way out of your car if need be. It's also magnetized at one end, so your beacon can be affixed to your roof or side of your car.The unit looked reasonably sturdy, and was compact enough to fit in a glove compartment or side panel of a driver door. But rather than carry my test Safety Stick with me and wait for the day I was stuck in a smashed or submerged car, I paid a visit to Apache Auto Workers, a scrapyard in Ridgewood, NJ. There, manager Louie Ramirez was kind enough to escort me deep into the hundreds of car and truck carcasses waiting to be crushed in order to find a suitable guinea pig for a test. The cheapo batteries included with the Safety Stick didn't work, so I'd bought my own Duracells and installed them. The flashlight worked okay, the beacon didn't. We finally came upon a waiting-to-be-crushed 2001 Jeep Cherokee with a dented roof, bent steering wheel, three windows smashed, airbags deployed and four flat tires. Louie put a floor mat on the passenger seat so I wouldn't have to sit in glass. I climbed in, closed the door, put my seat belt on, and had at it.I sliced and sawed at the belt as hard as I could, and only succeeded in fraying the edge. Finally, the top of the Safety Stick flipped off and the batteries shot out the driver's window. Louie retrieved them [to his credit, with a straight face]. I put the unit back together, wound up and took several good smacks at the passenger side window with the window spike. Nothing doing. Finally, I got out, closed the door and banged at the glass with the full force of my body, and on the fourth whack the glass shattered - Continue Reading

Unhinged ex-sergeant holding bible and gun is slain by cops in front of family

Suspected of setting up his best friend for a mob hit, a retired NYPD sergeant armed with a gun and a Bible went berserk Tuesday before cops killed him in front of his wife and kids. The death of Jason Aiello in a blizzard of two dozen bullets capped a dramatic chain of events that began with a "crazed" visit to FBI headquarters and ended with his escape from a Staten Island psych ward. The 36-year-old father of three apparently suffered an epic mental meltdown in which he spouted Scripture, tried to abduct his pajama-clad kids and then fired on police, authorities said. He fired eight shots; cops fired 19. "He wanted to fight it out, and if not, go down in a blaze of glory," a police source said as Aiello's family accused authorities of hounding him into a nervous breakdown and using "excessive" force to subdue him. Aiello, a 12-year veteran who retired with a knee injury in 2006, had been under scrutiny since his jeweler pal Louis Antonelli was gunned down in a restaurant parking lot April 29. Investigators are probing whether Antonelli, 43, had mob ties and was executed on the order of the Genovese crime family. They suspected Aiello - who was with him that night but was not carrying a gun - set him up. The feds were also checking whether Aiello and one of the two men later charged with Antonelli's murder had gambling debts to the mob, sources said. After the FBI called in Aiello for questioning last week, he started to become unglued, police and relatives said. He showed up at 26 Federal Plaza without an appointment on Monday to speak with the agent assigned to the case but couldn't get in because he was armed. The agent came downstairs to speak with him and found Aiello was "crazed," a law enforcement source said. "He was losing his bearings on who was after him and who wasn't." Back home, Aiello was delusional, almost possessed. At the local deli, he babbled about being an "instrument of God" and hearing voices. "Follow me! I'm Continue Reading

Vet Moreno in Indy field

INDIANAPOLIS - As the minutes ticked away yesterday, the final day of qualifications for next week's Indianapolis 500, Roberto Moreno and his team took stock of their situation. With less than an hour to go until the 33-car field was set for next Sunday's race, the 48-year-old Brazilian, hoping to drive in his third 500 in 21 years, was "on the bubble," the slowest qualifier in the lineup at 216.229 mph.Moreno said he was sure that wasn't going to be fast enough.As he got more comfortable in his car yesterday, Moreno's practice speeds climbed and he knew it was time to get aggressive instead of waiting for a faster car to bump him."I saw that I achieved 220 (mph) and was solid in the car and said, 'OK, guys, that's enough. Let's go for it.'"Moreno - who got his ride in the No.77 Chastain Motorsports car on Friday, the day after Stephan Gregoire crashed, fracturing a vertebra - was up to the challenge. His first lap was over 219.8 and the next three were all over 220, giving him an average of 220.299 - more than 4mph faster than the speed he posted on Saturday."(Saturday), we were not ready for it," Moreno said. "We played around too much with the car. I told my engineer to just make me comfortable so I could go flat around this track. I'd never done that. My cars I drove before, I never drove flat here."Moreno, who finished 19th in 1986 and 20th in 1999, was so happy with his run yesterday, he took his hands off the steering wheel before he completed the final lap, raising his arms in triumph and shaking his fists.It turned out his first qualifying speed would have made the lineup anyway. But Moreno didn't care."Now I know I have a good car to race next week," he said.Moreno joined Richie Hearn and rookie Phil Giebler as final-day qualifiers, with Jimmy Kite, who began the day with the slowest speed (214.528) among the 32 drivers already in the lineup, the only driver bumped out.Hearn's deal was even more last-minute than Moreno's.Hearn, whose last of six previous Continue Reading

Death bridge!

See also:Bridge Collapse Captured on Camera Video: Deaths Confirmed After Bridge Collapse Video: Bridge Collapse - "I'm in shock" Video: Bridge Collapse - The Morning After An eight-lane bridge connecting the Twin Cities of Minnesota collapsed with a deafening roar at the height of last night's rush hour - plunging cars into the Mississippi River and killing at least nine people. Scores of others were injured as up to 50 cars slammed into the water. More than 60 people were rushed to Minneapolis-area hospitals, some in critical condition. Witnesses said traffic was bumper-to-bumper when the 1,907-foot span cracked, buckled and plummeted 64 feet, splashing into the river. Banker Peter Siddon said he thought he was a goner when his car jumped a crevice between two severed slabs of the highway. "I saw this rolling of the bridge. It kept collapsing, down, down, down until it got to me," Siddon said. "I thought I was dead. I thought it was over." The collapse happened just after 6 p.m., instantly reducing the Interstate 35W Bridge to a jumble of twisted green steel girders, crumbled slabs of concrete roadway and crunched cars with people trapped in them. Late last night rescuers called off the search as darkness made it too dangerous to search the waters, which were filled with chucks of the mangled bridge. Black smoke from several burning vehicles, including a tractor-trailer rig split in half by the falling sections of roadway, filled the sky as fire engines and rescue boats raced in from all directions. The wreckage was dotted with cars and trucks, many overturned or piled atop one another. "I've never seen anything like this in my whole life. It reminded me of 9/11," Cain Pence, 31, who lives near the bridge, told the Daily News. "I could see the smoke and the dust. People were screaming and people were crying. It was absolutely insane." Officials said that in addition to regular commuter traffic, the bridge was full of baseball Continue Reading