Dining around Arizona: 10 best restaurants in Lake Havasu City

So many restaurants in Lake Havasu City have patios that it must be some kind of rule.But it's not surprising, because Lake Havasu City should be declared Arizona’s official patio. There’s something idyllic about the combination of water, sand, swaying palm trees and seagull wings flashing white in the sun. It’s the kind of place that pulls you outdoors.Even when you’re not actually overlooking the lake, the aura of the beach hangs in the air. Lake Havasu City feels coastal and beachy, yet your feet stay planted firmly on Arizona soil. Now that the spring breakers are gone, it’s time to plan a trip and you’ll need to know where to eat. Sit outside as much as you can.RELATED: 10 great restaurants in Yuma | 9 great spots in Sedona | 8 great restaurants in TucsonWalk through downtown while hungry and chances are strong you’ll end up at the Red Onion. The stylish building with an open kitchen and stone columns seems to have its own gravitational pull. This was the town’s first bank. The former vault was replaced with big sliding-glass doors that create a refreshing airiness. Tables spill outside onto the sidewalk and cozy patio. It feels like you’re dining al fresco no matter where you sit.They dish up a serious breakfast here — eggs fried in butter, fluffy pancakes and a big plate of slightly non-traditional huevos rancheros ($8.95). The house specialty omelet ($10.25) comes stuffed with capicola, Italian sausage, black olives, spinach, tomatoes, red onion, pesto and feta cheese.Lunch features burgers, salads and plenty of sandwiches. You can’t go wrong with the Grilled Italian ($10.95), ham, salami, capicola, pepperoni, provolone, onions, oil and spices piled on an Italian roll and served hot off the grill.Details: 2013 McCulloch Blvd. 928-505-0302, www.redonionhavasu.com. Editor's Note: Desktop users can see the full interactive map of the best restaurants Continue Reading

Arizona scenic drive: Parker to Lake Havasu City

The Colorado River is Arizona's west coast. (Hey, you make do with what you've got.) Along with miles of sandy beaches and water sports that range from boating and fishing to jet skiing and kayaking, our western shore holds scenic mountains (in Arizona and California), a national wildlife refuge and one of the most interesting bars in Arizona.Things to note along the way:Nellie E Saloon (aka the Desert Bar): When the Nellie E, named after an old mining claim, opened in 1983, it was little more than a three-sided shack. Today, hundreds of customers enjoy music and libations at the much-expanded, solar-powered saloon. The bar is open from noon to 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from October through April. From Parker, take State Route 95 northeast about 5 miles, then follow the winding, unpaved Cienega Springs Road 5 miles to the bar. And bring cash. Credit cards aren't accepted.Details: thedesertbar.com. SCENIC DRIVE: Black Mesa to Four Corners Bill Williams River and National Wildlife Refuge: The river and wildlife area, named after the 19th-century trapper and mountain guide, hold one of the last extensive stands of cottonwoods and willows along the lower Colorado River. Bird watchers can spot migratory birds in the area. The Bill Williams River joins the Colorado about 17 miles northeast of Parker, near Mile Marker 162.Details: 928-667-4144, www.fws.gov/refuge/bill_williams_river.London Bridge: People laughed when chainsaw tycoon Robert McCulloch bought the London Bridge for nearly $2.5 million and then spent $7 million more to have it erected in the Arizona outback. But the venerable bridge, originally built in 1831, has been one of the state's most popular tourist attractions since its dedication in 1971. The 984-foot-long bridge arches over a manmade channel in Lake Havasu City.Details: 928-453-3444, golakehavasu.com. SCENIC DRIVE: U.S. 89 to Red Lake Don't miss: Buckskin Mountain State Park sprawls along a scenic bend of the Colorado River Continue Reading

Destination Arizona: Travel guide to Lake Havasu City

The key to Lake Havasu City’s popularity is right in the name. When it comes to this western Arizona city, the phrase “just add water” takes on a whole new meaning. Tourism revolves around the lake, as do houseboats, jet skis and all forms of watercraft.Consider this guide your treasure map to our richly diverse state. With it, you can find Arizona’s treasures city by city, site by site.Best time to visit: Summer. In this part of the desert, that season runs from March through mid-October.Driving distance: 210 miles from central Phoenix.Must-see free attraction:In the early 1960s, chainsaw tycoon Robert McCulloch bought the London Bridge and shipped it to Lake Havasu, where it now spans a manmade channel. In winter, stroll across its length of a few hundred feet. In summer, enjoy its shade.Must-see paid attraction: Enjoy sunrise on the water during a cruise upriver near Topock Gorge. Sunlight skips across the lake to lend an ethereal glow to the rocky landscape. Numerous companies offer outings. www.golakehavasu.com/activities/tours.RELATED: 10 best restaurants in Lake Havasu City | Indulge your inner desert rat with 4 western Arizona hikes | Arizona scenic drive: Parker to Lake Havasu CityBest place to take a selfie: On either side of the bridge is a plaque that says “London Bridge.” Position yourself just right (camera above, shooting down) and convince your friends you’re in England.Bargain accommodation: In this land of franchise hotels, budget chains including Knights Inn and Motel 6 offer clean and inexpensive rooms. But be sure to check the fine print — some hotels ask for a $300 security deposit in spring and summer.Splurge accommodation: The London Bridge Resort offers a location as good as its amenities (restaurant, lounge, nightclub and three pools). From $125 per night. www.londonbridgeresort.com.Best breakfast spot: Peggy’s Sunrise Continue Reading

Lake Michigan shipwrecks revealed in amazing Coast Guard photos

U.S. Coast Guard pilots spotted a stunning sight while flying over Lake Michigan — the sunken remains of ships wrecked decades before. A recent ice thaw offered a rare view of the long-abandoned vessels through the cold, clear waters along the shoreline near the north end of the great lake. An aircrew on routine patrol photographed the submerged boats, including one that last sailed more than 160 years ago. The 121-foot-long James McBride ran aground in October 1857 and the brig’s Chicago owner decided the uninsured ship wasn’t worth cost to recover it. The dark outline of the McBride’s hull stands out in the aqua green waters, photos posted on a Facebook page for the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City revealed. The crew could also see the wreckage of the Rising Sun. The 133-foot-long wooden steamer was stranded in 1917 and fell apart. The disassembled pieces lie under 6 to 12 feet of water, according to the Coast Guard. One of the pilots, Lt. Commander Charlie Wilson, told NPR they’d seen wrecks during past patrols, “but never in the numbers we saw on that flight.” Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Fugitive bank robber’s secret bunker discovered near Washington lake: FBI

A small trapdoor discovered near a Washington state lake has revealed a secret bunker once belonging to a fugitive bank robber, federal authorities said. The moldy 8- by 10-foot room found east of Seattle Tuesday morning is believed to have been built by ex-Marine and survivalist Bradley Robinett while spending nearly five years on the run. Authorities came to believe that Robinett, who was arrested last June, had "buried a cache of materials related to his crimes near Lake Sammamish in Sammamish, Washington," the FBI stated in a release. While searching the area around the lake a joint investigative team came upon a heavily camouflaged hatch in the earth that opened to a short, wooden staircase. Bradley Robinett, 45, managed to evade law enforcement officers for nearly five years after failing to report to a Seattle halfway house in 2009. Police believe he constructed this bunker (L). "They uncovered the bunker and removed more than a dozen large storage containers for further evidence processing," authorities said of their discovery at 10 a.m. local time. Those containers were described as carrying undisclosed evidence connected to Robinett's crimes. There was also a cot, plastic bags and shelves with bottles inside. In January Robinett pled guilty to federal charges of escape, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle. That plea followed his August 2009 disappearance during a supervised release from an Arizona federal prison where he was serving a seven-year sentence for a 2004 bank robbery. Robinett was given the opportunity to serve the remainder of his time at a halfway house in Seattle. They put him on a bus and gave him 48 hours to check in, but he failed to show. A month later he was seen driving a stolen car with a Glock 9-mm pistol and ballistic vest that had been snatched from the Seattle Police Department several years Continue Reading

SEE IT: Casey Anthony spotted jogging in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Casey Anthony was pictured in public for the first time in more than two years Monday. The 29-year-old was photographed jogging in her new West Palm Beach, Fla., neighborhood, Monday, nearly four years after she was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. CASEY ANTHONY CASE: ONE YEAR LATER Anthony was pictured jogging in aviator sunglasses and a Notre Dame baseball cap Monday, a day after she was spotted running in a Mother's Day 5K in nearby Lake Worth. The Orlando native recently moved to West Palm Beach, local media reported. The Monday run is one of the few times Anthony has been seen since a Florida jury acquitted her of first-degree murder in 2011. Little Caylee went missing in 2008, and her remains were found about six months after she vanished. CASEY ANTHONY, JODI ARIAS DRAWING SUPPORT ONLINE Prosecutors accused the notorious mom of suffocating the toddler with duct tape and dumping her body in Florida woods. CASEY BECAME PREGNANT WITH CAYLEE AFTER BEING RAPED AT PARTY, HER FORMER SHRINK SAYS A jury found her not guilty on both first-degree and manslaughter charges, but the Florida mom was sentenced to a four-year jail term for lying to police. She was released in July 2011, shortly after the trial, because she spent three years in jail before the murder trial. Anthony has kept a low profile since the highly covered trial. The vilified mom has likely stayed out of the public eye for her safety: Throughout the trial and after she was acquitted, the Florida woman has faced death threats from those outraged with the verdict. TRUSTEE WANTS TO SELL CASEY ANTHOY'S LIFE STORY TO PAY HER DEBTS In December 2012, a woman who looked like Anthony was spotted dining at a Lake Worth restaurant, the Broward Palm-Beach New Times reported. In 2013, the debt-ridden Anthony came out of hiding to appear at a bankruptcy hearing, marking the last time she was spotted in public. Meanwhile, Continue Reading

Body of ESPN writer’s missing son, Max Maisel, found in Lake Ontario

After a near two-month search, a body recovered from Lake Ontario has been identified as an ESPN writer's missing 21-year-old son. Max Maisel, whose father is senior sports writer Ivan Maisel, had been missing since February 21 when he was last seen leaving a campus apartment complex at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester. The third-year photography student's body was spotted floating about 200 yards from a Coast Guard station in Irondequoit, N.Y. on Friday, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported. In a statement released by his family, they expressed their immense gratitude to the coast guard and local police department, as well as their relief of finally having closure. "We knew this day would come, and we are relieved that it has. But it is merely the postscript to our sad story. We have mourned Max from the night that the Rochester police called to tell us he was missing. There was no other plausible solution to the puzzle he left behind," they stated. "Now we must get on with living with this hole in our lives." Shortly after the student went missing, his car was found near Lake Ontario's Charlotte Pier prompting multiple searches by police in the surrounding water. The manner and cause of his death is still being determined. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Black flamingo spotted in Cyprus may be only bird of its type ever seen

An extremely rare black flamingo has been spotted on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, exciting nature lovers who said it may be the only bird of its type ever seen. The flamingo, seen on the banks of a salt lake on Wednesday morning, is thought to have a genetic condition known as melanism, which causes it to generate more of the pigment melanin, turning it dark, rather than the usual pink color. “From what have seen on the Internet, there was only one other sighting ... in Israel, so maybe this is the second one,” said Pantelis Charilaou, head of the environmental department of the British Sovereign Bases, territory under the control of former colonial power where the bird was seen. The flamingo, entirely black, save for a tuft of white feathers on its rear, was feeding with others on the banks of the lake on Wednesday afternoon. Experts said it may be the same one that was spotted in Israel in 2014. The sighting in Cyprus happened during a flamingo count at a sprawling salt lake at the Akrotiri environmental center on the southern coast of Cyprus. “A melanistic individual is a very, very rare sighting ... basically its the opposite of an albino when the individual produces more melanin than normal,” Charilaou told Reuters Television. Up to 20,000 greater flamingos descend on Aktoriri salt lake each year.   ON A MOBILE DEVICE?  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Bodies of Oklahoma friends missing since rock festival found in van submerged at lake

A flooded Oklahoma lake obscured the watery grave of 20-year-old friends reported missing after attending a rock festival over Memorial Day weekend. The bodies of Cody Parrick and Ben Baber, both of Okmulgee, were found in a minivan at the bottom of a boat ramp at Lake Eufaula on Sunday night, Fox23 reported. The 2005 Pontiac Montana’s antenna and roof rack were spotted by a passerby and Oklahoma State Police made the grim find at 7:20 p.m., at a point where the lake was 14 feet deeper than normal due to flooding. Parrick and Baber trekked to the Rocklahoma music fest in Pryor, Okla., on May 22 and were not heard from again. “Anybody can have a theory. Mine is that they missed a turn-off due to inexperience, and that’s how they kept going,” Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice told the Tulsa World. The three-day Rocklahoma festival, which featured heavy-metal acts like Godsmack, Slayer, Linkin Park and Tesla, was where the men were last seen after their tickets were scanned just after 6 p.m. The festival is some 80 miles from Lake Eufaula, which is 40 miles southeast of their hometown. Family said the lake is not on the way home. A massive search was organized and a Facebook page to help find the missing friends drew 16,000 fans. Family placed two crosses near the boat ramp Monday. “It keeps (Baber and Parrick) alive in everyone’s thoughts,” Julie Pendley, Baber’s cousin, told the Tulsa World. “The fact that our boys touched that many people — it’s just mind-blowing.” Follow on [email protected] ON A MOBILE DEVICE?WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading


MICHELLE KWAN officially earned her third shot at a gold medal yesterday, even if it was by way of a significant shortcut. Kwan, who skipped the nationals this month because of a groin injury, sufficiently impressed five monitors with a long and short skating program at her rink in Artesia, Calif., nailing four clean triple jumps and falling only once, on a double axel. The performance was flawed, but promising enough to elicit a unanimous decision in her favor - and to keep Olympic alternate Emily Hughes, 16, from Great Neck, L.I., on the bench in Turin next month. "It was pretty intense today at the rink," said Kwan, a five-time world champion and nine-time national titlist. "It was a situation I've never been in before . . . I told myself, 'You can do it . . . you've done the jumps before.' There was no audience, no feedback. I was glad it wasn't competition today, because I don't like making mistakes." Kwan, 25, skated yesterday before only the monitors, her parents, her sister, her coach, some rink regulars and a couple of pool reporters. She had received a good-luck call in the morning from an old rival, Nancy Kerrigan. Back in 1994, Kwan lost her spot on the Olympic team to Kerrigan, who was elevated onto the team after missing nationals because of the famous knee-whacking incident. "Michelle could win the Olympics, she is definitely qualified to win a medal," said U.S. Figure Skating international committee chairman Bob Horen. "We really do believe that. She's skating very well. Not every element was performed perfectly, but they were at a high level. We weren't really keeping score. We were looking for her competitive fitness. She did a triple lutz-double toe combination several times." Kwan has won everything in the world except an Olympic gold medal. She was upset by Tara Lipinski in Nagano and then finished third in Salt Lake City behind another gold-medal American, Sarah Hughes. Kwan hasn't entered any of the Grand Prix competitions this Continue Reading