Lupica: If ‘Clinton Cash’ is a lie, Hillary needs to stand up and say it

This is what you hear from those who support Hillary Clinton: You hear that this upcoming book, “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, suggesting that she handed out political favors while she was secretary of state like they were party favors as long as it helped raise a ton of dough for her husband’s foundation, is nothing more than a new right-wing conspiracy, against her and against her husband. So now they don’t just come at her on Benghazi, and deleted emails. They come at her and say that a sitting secretary of state spent at least some of her time in that job acting like some old-time ward heeler. She can’t let this stand if she expects to be President. If this book is nothing more than another smear by a member of the bullhorn right, nothing more than a hatchet job by a former flunky for the George W. Bush administration — and, boy, is that some job reference — then it isn’t Bill Clinton’s job to call out the author, nor a job for members of Hillary Clinton’s staff. If this is all a lie then she is the one who has to go right at Schweizer, whether she helps sell his book for him or not. This isn’t about the risks of dignifying a smear by addressing it. We’re way past that, because of the coverage “Clinton Cash” is getting from legitimate media. This is about correcting the record about foreign money that has flowed into the Clinton Foundation, starting with the $2.35 million donated to the foundation by some rich Canadian mining entrepreneurs at the same time they were selling a uranium company to a state-owned Russian nuclear energy company. It was a deal, by the way, on which the federal government, which includes the State Department, had to sign off. On top of that there was no disclosure about this money from Bill Clinton’s foundation, which means the people in charge were negligent or sloppy or both, opening themselves to at least the suggestion from such Continue Reading

NYPD cop and pastor charged with sleeping with teen says girl was over the age of consent

A Bronx cop who allegedly had sex with an underaged girl he met at his church youth program might have a prayer of beating the rap. Lawyers for Vladimir Sosa — an NYPD officer who’s also a pastor — asked a judge Friday to dismiss the charges against their client, saying they have evidence that his alleged victim was 17 at the time of the supposed tryst, not 16. That difference could be huge for the 38-year-old Sosa, because 17 is over the age of consent in New York — meaning whatever happened between them wouldn’t have been a crime. “Although Officer Sosa adamantly denies any sexual contact with the complainant, even taking that the DA’s story as true, the complainant was of age at the time of the alleged contact,” Cary London told Bronx Criminal Court Judge Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick as Sosa, who wore a black suit, yellow shirt and blue striped tie, stood at his side. London said the evidence includes audiotape of the accuser admitting that she lied about her date of birth when she made the complaint. London said that the accuser was born in the Dominican Republic and after an investigation by his firm, they were unable to obtain an official birth certificate. "We did a serious investigation which included flying people to the Dominican Republic, pulling record upon record, doing investigations with recorded audio statements, and it has come to our attention that she was the age of consent in the state of New York at the time of the alleged incident,” he said outside of court. He said he and his colleague, Joseph Indusi, have turned their evidence over to the Bronx District Attorney’s office. Assistant DA Gina Torres told the judge, “New information has come to the people’s attention that we are in the process of investigating.” The seven-year veteran is charged with third-degree Continue Reading

Joe Girardi says Reds manager Bryan Price crossed line

DETROIT — Bryan Price lost his mind during an expletive-filled rant against a reporter on Monday, furious over an accurate report about the status of one of his players. The tirade included 77 f-bombs and multiple uses of other choice words, all directed at a media member that had written about information Price hadn’t wanted his opponents to have. RELATED: BRYAN PRICE'S RANT JOINS LIKES OF HAL MCRAE, LEE ELIA Joe Girardi is among those that believe a small piece of information can have a large effect on a game, often choosing to play his cards close to the vest when it comes to the availability of a player. But even Girardi admitted that Price’s rant may have crossed the line. “As managers sometimes we get a little upset,” Girardi said. “We live in a day that strategy is very important to us, and people are so good at what they do now that it’s hard to keep something like that under wraps. For me, I try to understand that. “I’m sure if he had a chance to do it over again, he might have did it a little different. Sometimes we get upset and we say things that we wish we had said a little bit differently. “When it’s yourself it’s embarrassing when you listen back on it. But it just shows you the competitive nature of the managers.” Girardi had his own issues with the media during his first year managing the Yankees, often bending the truth when it came to player injuries. He quickly learned that telling the truth was the best way to go, as any false information will ultimately be revealed as such. “I think there’s more people investigating here than anywhere else,” Girardi said. “There’s more eyes in New York than anywhere else.” Of course, information works both ways. As hesitant as Girardi might be to reveal information, he’s more than willing to learn whatever he can as media members from opposing cities report Continue Reading

Freed Alabama death row inmate says prosecutors will ‘answer to God’

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.  — Anthony Ray Hinton, 58, spent half his life on Alabama's death row, sentenced to die for two 1985 murders that for decades he insisted he did not commit. Over 28 years, the outside world changed while Hinton spent his days largely in a 5-by-8-foot prison cell. Children grew up. His mother died. His hair turned gray. Inmates he knew were escorted off to the electric chair or the lethal-injection gurney. He was set free Friday after new ballistics tests contradicted the only evidence — an analysis of crime-scene bullets — that connected Hinton to the slayings. "They had every intention of executing me for something I didn't do," Hinton said outside the Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham. Friends and family members rushed to embrace Hinton after his lawyers escorted him outside of the jail on Good Friday morning. His sisters wiped tears, saying "Thank you, Lord," as they wrapped their arms around their brother. Equal Justice Initiative director Bryan Stevenson, who waged a 16-year fight for Hinton's release, said while the day was joyous, the case was tragic. "Not only did he lose his life, he lived a life in solitary confinement on death row, condemned in a 5-by-8 cell where the state was trying to kill him every day," Stevenson said. Hinton was convicted of killing two fast- food-restaurant workers — John Davidson and Thomas Wayne Vason — during separate 1985 robberies at Mrs. Winner's and Captain D's restaurants in Birmingham. Investigators became interested in him after a survivor at a third restaurant robbery picked Hinton out of a photo lineup. The only evidence linking him to the slayings were bullets that state experts then said had markings that matched a .38-caliber revolver that belonged to Hinton's mother. There were no fingerprints or eyewitness testimony. Stevenson said a defense analysis during appeal showed that bullets did not match the gun. He then tried in vain Continue Reading

Sorry, Yankees! Joe Girardi says if Alex Rodriguez hits home run No. 660, it’s a milestone

The Yankees’ organization may not consider Alex Rodriguez’s chase of Willie Mays’ total of 660 homers a milestone, but A-Rod’s manager seems to be thinking that way. Asked directly if it would be a milestone, Girardi replied, “Yeah, I mean 660 home runs. It continues to move up on the leaderboard. “There’s going to be a lot of different opinions on this 660 and when he passes Willie,” Girardi added Monday in his pre-game press conference before the Yanks started a three-game series with the Rays at the Stadium.   RELATED: WILLIE MAYS NOT WORRIED ABOUT A-ROD CATCHING HIM “Barry (Bonds) went though it. The reality is, it’s 660 home runs. I don’t know what you say, but when you look in the record books, his name is going to be there.” Rodriguez sits at 659 in fifth place all time after his homer against the Mets Sunday and would take aim at the player he says was his father’s hero from a familiar spot – third base. He was in the lineup at third and batting in the No. 3 spot. “I thought Head could use a day,” Girardi said in explaining why he sat regular third baseman Chase Headley. “He’s played every day since we left on the road trip and I thought he could just use a day. “ Asked if he was worried about Rodriguez’s defense at third, Girardi responded, “Alex? No. The last time he played third, he played well. In spring training, he played third well. He’s going to catch it and he’s going to throw it. He’s going to make the right decision with the baseball. I know his range is not what it was at 25, but no one’s range is what it was 15 years ago, so that’s the reality of it.” While it could be a big night at the Stadium for Rodriguez and Yankee fans, the Yankees themselves may not be in a celebratory mood. As the Continue Reading

‘No question about it’: Billionaire GOPer David Koch says Scott Walker can beat Hillary Clinton ‘by a wide margin’ in 2016

Republican Scott Walker would clean Hillary Clinton’s clock in a showdown for the Oval Office, billionaire industrialist David Koch said Monday. Koch, whose network of conservative donors has pledged to spend close to $1 billion on the 2016 election, emerged from a Manhattan event with Walker to pronounce him a “a tremendous candidate” who would have no problem taking down the Clinton juggernaut. “No question about it,” Koch said outside the posh Union League Club on Manhattan’s east side after hearing Walker speak at a New York GOP fundraiser. “If enough Republicans have a thing to say — why, he’ll defeat her by a major margin,” Koch predicted. Walker and 18 other potential White House contenders spent two days busting on Clinton at a Republican leadership summit in New Hampshire last week — and Koch said the amount of attention they’re paying her isn’t a bad thing. As candidates gear up for a GOP primary, “They can be very, very effective in diminishing her points of view,” he said. Koch said he questioned Walker on his views on public education at the closed-press event and found his response “brilliant,” although he declined to provide details. According to a source who attended the event, Koch "made it clear that he would be neutral in the primary from a financial perspective, but that he had a personal preference for Walker." During the stump stop, Walker addressed members of the state GOP’s “Empire Club,” who pay a $1,000 annual membership fee that gives them access to exclusive events like Walker’s speech. Outside the ritzy private club, union protesters taunted the Wisconsin governor for his bitter battles against organized labor in his own state. Huddled in a persistent drizzle, they chanted, blew whistles, and waved signs calling him a “job killer” and mocking him for having said Continue Reading

Iowa mom says bisexual 12-year-old daughter committed suicide after bullying at school

A bisexual Iowa 12 year old committed suicide this month after being bullied at her Des Moines middle school, her distraught mom says. The little girl who loved drawing, taking selfies and playing video games kept her pain well hidden, according to mom Nicole Morgan. Alyssa would cut herself and grappled with depression. She’d told her parents about her sexual orientation and found acceptance at home – but not at school, where the other kids in her seventh grade class made fun of her. Alyssa hanged herself in the family garage April 9. "I'm sorry ... for everything ... I just can't anymore ... I love you ALL Goodbye," she wrote in a note, according to the Des Moines Register. "When you have other people telling you that you're not worthy of anything or that being bisexual is wrong or somehow disgusting, you know, they're going to take that into thought, you know, that maybe I wasn't right for this world," Nicole Morgan told KCCI-TV. Morgan said she never reported the bullying to the Southeast Polk School District. But the district has a startling history of suicide: Alyssa is the 15th person to kill him or herself in the last 12 years, KCCI reported. A.J. Betts, a gay highschooler, killed himself two years ago after being bullied, his mom told the TV station. The district reported 40 incidents of bullying during the 2012-13 school year, according to the Des Moines Register, compared to Des Moines Public Schools, which had 103 incidents over the same period. District officials would not comment on Alyssa’s specific case or bullying in general. "Things which are outside of the district's control which cause critical care for young people are referred to the DHS (Iowa Department of Human Services), as we are required to do," school superintendent Craig Menozzi told the Register in a statement. Morgan says her daughter had been out of school for the three weeks leading up to her suicide. She’d been cutting Continue Reading

Harvey Keitel blows up on wife at Tribeca Film Festival kick-off, says Brian Williams is a good person

Harvey Keitel proved how short his fuse was during a Film Festival event Tuesday night. The actor and his wife, Daphna Kastner, got in a huge argument during the Annual Vanity Fair Party to celebrate the Tribeca Film Festival after she tried to speak up. An eyewitness told [email protected] that the Brooklyn-born "Pulp Fiction" star, 75, blew up on his wife after she answered question for him to reporters that were directed at him on the red carpet. It was, "very scary in that controlled, Harvey Keitel way, you could tell he was pissed,” the witnesses added “One person said she saw a tear in her eye." The actor grabbed her arm and yanked her away telling her off in front of everyone the witness explained. His wife seemed distraught and stood away from her husband while he did the rest of his interviews. Although the actor wasn’t happy with his wife, he does appear to back a guy who has been under fire recently, Brian Williams. “I have to give him due credit for showing up and being there,” the Marine explained. “He might have erred in what happened, but like I say I have a feeling it could have come out of a good place.” The “Mean Streets” actor does believe that the news anchor, who was suspended from NBC after admitting he fabricated a story about being under enemy fire in Iraq, will be back on TV soon enough. “I think he's a good person. Like I say he was there, he showed up, no one seems to be talking about that.” Continue Reading

Giuliana Rancic says she’ll return to ‘Fashion Police,’ talks about possible IVF, adoption to have baby

Many were shocked when "Fashion Police" pulled the plug after Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffith left the show, but Giuliana Rancic has good news for fans. The E! host says the show is "definitely coming back." "(The controversy) shows that a lot of people were watching the show and enjoyed the show," she told Access Hollywood. "So yeah, it's coming back in September, in time for the Emmys." The E! host says that Brad Goreski will be joining her on the show but doesn't mention who might fill the two other spots. Although Rancic has her hands full handling many projects and a young son, she is considering another TV endeavor as well with her husband. "Bill and I would love to do something together," she said. "I have a great marriage, and we're thinking maybe something in the relationship space to help people — not just bring them on to fight and get ratings — but actually bring them on to talk about their problems and get them a real solution to their problems." Regardless of their strong marriage, the couple has recently opened up about the struggles they have had expanding their family. After their surrogate had a miscarriage with their final embryo the pair have decided to explore other options. "We're talking about it and we're talking to our doctor and we're just figuring out what we can do," Rancic told the Access Hollywood. "Can I somehow do IVF again to try to have a baby? Or adoption? We're not quite sure what it is, but we absolutely want to expand our family. Absolutely." Continue Reading

Giuliana Rancic says editing marred Oscar remarks on Zendaya; dancers are on their toes around Harvey Weinstein

No problem, mon. As [email protected] first reported, Giuliana Rancic went on Monday’s “Today” show to clear the air about her recent remark that singer Zendaya, who was wearing dreadlocks, smelled like marijuana at the Oscars. “I made a reference to the hippie culture” on the "Fashion Police" red-carpet show, Rancic said on the NBC morning show, indicating the remark wasn’t racial in nature. “I talked about patchouli oil, which is a hippie perfume. And in the editing process, some of the gestures I made, some of the things I said, were taken out for time.” An E! insider said that people who worked on the show were surprised by the controversy since the editor involved is black and did not think it would cause a problem. But Rancic understands why things unfolded as they did. “I see why people took offense,” she lamented on “Today.” Rancic also attempted to debunk rumors that she has an eating disorder. “I do not have an eating disorder,” she said. “I have never had an eating disorder. I wanted to be very clear about that. In fact, I eat a lot.” One thing the outspoken host wouldn’t tackle is whether “Fashion Police” will return to TV. “We’ll see,” she said. DANCERS ON THEIR TOES AROUND HARVEY Dancers on the world’s most famous kick line are “creeped out” by Harvey Weinstein. “There’s definitely talk about how creepy it’s been having him in the back of the theater taking notes in the dark,” a production insider at Weinstein’s “New York Spring Spectacular” tells us. Weinstein is accused of sexual assault by a 22-year-old model he met on opening night of the family-friendly show at Radio City Music Hall. He’s maintained he’ll be vindicated. “He has not been backstage or inappropriate,” we’re assured. Continue Reading