Lovingly Restored Santa Monica Mid-Century Modern on Market for $4.3M

This Mid-Century Modern home in Santa Monica, CA, was built in 1959. In 2015, the original owner sold it to architecture aficionados who restored it. Lisa Johnson Mandell, provided by Published 4:45 pm, Monday, March 12, 2018 Photo: Realtor.com Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Photo: Realtor.com Lovingly Restored Santa Monica Mid-Century Modern on Market for $4.3M 1 / 1 Back to Gallery You want authentic? We'll show you authentic! This Mid-Century Modern home in Santa Monica, CA, was built in 1959. In 2015, the original owner sold it to architecture aficionados who have since restored the home, while keeping much of the vintage design intact. Professional responsibilities require the current owners to move on, so now they're offering it to buyers for $4.3 million. "It has a strong vintage feel, but it has a very open flow with natural light that every generation appreciates," says listing agent Allison Gold of Compass. "It's a great entertaining house, both inside and out, yet a wonderful family home as well." In fact, the renovation work is so tiptop it was recently featured in Domino magazine. It helps that the current owner is responsible for the makeover: Fashion stylist-turned-interior designer Jessica Hansen has a personal mantra of "saving the special." Recommended Video: Now Playing: The first project of renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi has opened to the public as a museum. Casa Vicens has been extensively restored and its unique design gives the first indication of the celebrated genius of Barcelona’s greatest artist. Fresh from university this was Gaudi’s first important commission, entrusted by Manel Vicens, a stock broker who asked him to build his summer home in the village of Gracia, Continue Reading

Is ‘Black Mirror’ One Big Shared Universe? Only Kind Of

Though there are lots of Easter eggs, links and references between episodes, they seem more like fun additions than a serious attempt at one big... Phil Hornshaw and Jennifer Maas, provided by Published 2:43 pm, Friday, January 5, 2018 Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 Is ‘Black Mirror’ One Big Shared Universe? Only Kind Of 1 / 1 Back to Gallery (Note: This post contains light spoilers for “Black Mirror” through Season 4.) “Black Mirror” continues to intrigue viewers with its often horrific and tragic views of the future. But the show also gets diehard fans’ attention with a huge number of Easter eggs hidden in among its episodes, ones that seemingly suggest all these scary sci-fi stories are taking place in the same beleaguered, dystopian near-future. The biggest suggestion that at least a big chunk of the anthology stories presented in “Black Mirror” are actually all from the same world is the last episode of Season 4, dubbed “Black Museum.” The episode takes place in a “museum of crime,” and is full of objects seen in other “Black Mirror” episodes. Most of the devices that pop up in the background of the Black Museum are pivotal to Season 4 episodes, but there are plenty of references to earlier ones as well. Also Read: 'Black Mirror' Trolls Eagle-Eyed Reddit Users With Insane Season 4 Easter Egg Latest entertainment videos Now Playing: Now Playing Santa Monica residents New Year's resolutions for 2018 FoxLA Judy Collins reunites with Stephen Stills AP Gerwig and Ronan's show of solidarity AP Pugh and O'Connor: BAFTA Rising Stars AP 'Eat, Pray, Love' Author Elizabeth Gilbert Mourns Death of Partner, Calls Relationship the 'Greatest Honor of My Life' EWTime Pregnant Khloé Kardashian Says She'll 'Try to Not Wear Maternity Clothes as Long as Possible' — and Talks Marriage! EWTime Continue Reading

Vacant Santa Monica Sears getting a second life with a $50-million makeover

The vacant Sears department store in downtown Santa Monica is poised for an extreme makeover that will turn the former down-to-earth purveyor of general merchandise into a swanky place to work, eat or grab a beer.Soon the Art Deco landmark will be home to sun-drenched offices for rent with a rooftop garden and a market hall where vendors sell food, drinks and other wares such as books or clothing. It will be renamed the Mark 302.The $50-million renovation is yet another example of how developers are repurposing the growing number of empty big-box stores left behind by fading traditional retailers — especially in desirable locations.And it would be hard to find a belly-up store in a better locale.When this one opened on Colorado Avenue in 1947, it was on the edge of the business district of a sleepy blue-collar beach town. The Santa Monica Freeway did not exist.Today, the city is one of the wealthiest in the state, and the building stands at the terminus of the Expo light rail line, across the street from Santa Monica Place shopping center and a short walk from Santa Monica Pier.“It’s a premier, crown-jewel asset — definitely one to be excited about,” developer Kacy Keys said.The Sears was one of many department stores that opened in the years immediately after World War II to capitalize on the booming growth of Southern California and the pent-up consumer demand unleashed once the war ended. It was the 10th Sears store in Los Angeles County.Keys visited the Santa Monica store as a child in the 1970s and remembers running around with her brother and munching free popcorn, a gustatory perk fondly recalled by others who grew up in the neighborhood.Today, Keys oversees development in the West for Seritage Growth Properties, a New York real estate investment trust that owns 253 Sears and Kmart stores that could potentially be redeveloped.Seritage gained control of the stores in 2015 as part of a $2.7-billion deal that involved leasing most Continue Reading

A tough road ahead for concentrated solar power

Seen from the air, the Ivanpah solar project is both breathtaking and terrifying. In a valley just north of Interstate 15, near the Nevada border, close to 350,000 mirrors reflect sunlight toward three massive towers, which glow impossibly bright as they convert that sunlight into energy.Ivanpah is the largest concentrated solar plant in the world. Unlike traditional solar photovoltaic panels — which convert sunlight directly into electricity — concentrated solar technology uses sunlight to heat water or another liquid, ultimately creating steam that can be used to turn turbines and generate electricity.Concentrated solar power is much more expensive than solar panels and wind turbines, but advocates say it has a major advantage over those technologies, particularly in California: the ability to store energy. As the state races to adopt renewable energy, one of its biggest challenges will be intermittency — the fact that most solar and wind plants only produce power when the sun is shining, or when the wind is blowing."We bought a lot of really good wind and solar resources, but those resources alone can't operate the grid," said V. John White, executive director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology, a leading renewable energy advocacy group based in Sacramento.Concentrated solar with storage could fill the gaps in intermittent renewable generation, limiting the need for carbon-emitting natural gas plants. But despite concentrated solar power's benefits, it has been hobbled by financial and environmental challenges — and nowhere have those problems been clearer than in Riverside County.Two concentrated solar projects — Palen and Rice, both of which would have been built in eastern Riverside County — have been dropped by their developers in the last few months, despite earning regulatory approval. At least two other concentrated solar proposals in the county have stalled or been abandoned over the last few Continue Reading

Midlife crisis looming? Travel guide rates 10 best places to reinvent yourself

SINGAPORE - If you're bored with your life and looking to shake things up, Lonely Planet has come up with 10 destinations where you can reinvent yourself and feel young again. The list, from Lonely Planet's “1,000 Ultimate Experiences” book, is not endorsed by Reuters. 1. DUBAI, UAE It's time for a new outfit, which means an expedition to Dubai. Fashion is serious business in this shopping-mall heaven, where small and flashy togs can be stuffed into designer handbags. To finish the look, eye-punishing displays of glittering gold line the streets of Dubai's gold souq. Over 25 tons of the stuff are on display in the city's jewelry-shop windows. Choose from earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets — the more ostentatious the better. 2. ROUTE 66 Search for freedom on the open highway with a road trip across the U.S. It requires a Harley or a classic convertible, and plenty of "issues" to resolve. Take your pick from a multitude of interstate routes, but to travel in the footsteps of film, literary and music legends it has to be well-worn and iconic Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica. Do take a movie camera to record your trip. Don't forget to fill up with gas. 3. MONTE CARLO, MONACO Dust off your tux and brush up on the slick one-liners as you join the jet set, Bond-style, in Monte Carlo. The beautiful people out-glamour each other from their million-euro yachts moored along the harbor, as international businesspeople monitor their investments from this secure tax haven. Visitors to the casino glint with gold, like the sun on the Med. The Monte Carlo Rally in January and the Monaco Grand Prix in May offer adrenalin-fueled breaks from spending cash. 4. RISHIKESH, INDIA If your crisis is one of faith, take your pick of places in which to have a spiritual epiphany: St Peter's in Rome, Lhasa in Tibet or Mecca in Saudi Arabia could help you find your calling. But we reckon the ideal spot is Rishikesh, on the banks of the sacred Continue Reading

Best of the Rest: Judd Apatow admits he’s made mistakes as a dad

Judd Apatow is admitting he hasn't always been the best dad. "When my wife [Leslie Mann] and I had our first child, I was at my friend's house and the baby was 3 months old, and the baby was hungry," the "Knocked Up" funny guy told Conan O'Brien on Monday's "Tonight" show. "I had forgotten to bring food... but my friend's wife had just had a baby, so I asked her to breast-feed my child." Conan promptly crowned him the "Moron King." www.nbc.com Boy George gets by with a little help from his friends. After spending 15 months in the slammer thanks to his fracas with a male escort, the singer is confessing that he only survived the big house because of superstar pals like Elton John. Says the bad Boy: "Elton offered me love and support. He also sent me a lovely music player." www.mirror.co.uk Cameron Diaz got a marriage proposal this weekend — while she was working the red carpet. As the bubbly blond promoted her flick "The Box," at Comic-Con in San Diego, a fan shouted: "Will you marry me?" "Yes!" Diaz exclaimed without hesitation. "Why not?" But she did have one stipulation: "Can we get married in Vegas? I always wanted to get married in Vegas." www.usmagazine.com Opposites really do attract! Lionel Richie and offbeat actress Bai Ling have been dating up a storm. The two have been spotted at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica twice in the past two weeks, and spies say "they looked quite cozy" despite their age difference — he's 60, she's 42. "Lionel was keeping Bai entertained all night," a witness gushed. "She was having a great time." www.lifeandstylemag.com Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

The Oscar champ is a ticket out of poverty for two young stars

Posing with Mickey Mouse and their friends, Rubina Ali and Azhar Mohammed look like any other excited couple of kids on a carefree vacation to Disneyland. Nine-year-old Rubina snuggles into Mickey's neck, clutching him tightly, as if she never wants to let him go. Azhar, 10, smiles sweetly for the camera, savoring every moment of the fairy tale. And a fairy tale it is. Unlike the thousands of mostly privileged children visiting the world-famous theme park this week, these two youngsters have lived the life of street urchins. They come from a background of grinding poverty and unimaginable squalor. The stars of the multi-Oscar-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire" were flown to California for Sunday's ceremony, quite a leap from a wretched existence in sprawling Mumbai before they were thrust into the glamorous world of movie-making. Now, after weeks of controversy about possible exploitation and concerns for their future after the spotlight has moved on, the Indian government and the film's producers are doing right by them. Yesterday it was announced that their families back home in the unsanitary, crime-ridden shantytown of Garib Nagar will be rehoused in clean, safe apartments. A trust fund has been set up in the children's names. It is a dream come true for the kids, who, without this opportunity, almost certainly would have faced the same despair and drudgery of their slum-dwelling compatriots. Ironically, their rags-to-riches story mirrors the heartrending plot of the movie itself. The surprise low-budget sleeper hit chronicles the childhood and teen years of a desperately poor orphan called Jamal who winds up competing in the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Rubina plays the adorable young girl, Latika, who grows up to become Jamal's love interest. Azhar is his headstrong older brother, Salim. Yet the two were almost not cast at all. Director Danny Boyle had serious reservations about selecting real-life slum children Continue Reading

‘Boom Boom’ Mancini’s life changed after tragedy hit the boxing ring

The sun was shining brightly on the ring outside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that afternoon. It was a perfect reflection of Ray Mancini's career. "I felt I was hitting my prime and it was all coming together. I didn't think I could be beaten," says Mancini,  who was defending his WBA lightweight title. His opponent, Duk Koo Kim, was a little-known and lightly regarded South Korean challenger who had become the No. 1 contender the old- fashioned way - someone maneuvered him there. But that Saturday, Kim fought like he belonged in that ring with Mancini. "He was the mirror image of Ray," says Bruce Trampler, long-time matchmaker for Top Rank and a friend of Mancini. "It was like Mancini versus Mancini." What happened in the ring that afternoon 25 years ago left a dark trail of tragedy, a lifetime of searing guilt for Mancini, and permanently altered the boxing landscape by ushering in 12 rounds as the standard for championship matches. Kim collapsed in his corner after getting knocked out in the 14th round and later died from a brain injury. The referee, Richard Green, committed suicide seven months later.  Kim's mother committed suicide four months after that. Mancini remains tormented by the events of that day. The anniversary of the Nov. 13, 1982, fight brings all those haunting memories rushing back to Mancini's mind  as  if everything happened yesterday. "It's still too painful to talk about it," Mancini says. "I just don't want to keep reliving it." At the time Mancini was a 21-year-old brawler from Youngstown, Ohio, was living his father's dream. Lenny Mancini was a boxer whose wounds in World War II ended any chance he had of ever being a champion. Ray Mancini inherited the dream and Lenny's nickname "Boom Boom." Mancini carried both well. Strong and compact, Mancini had a whirlwind style that was perfect for a lightweight. He had come up short in his first title shot, getting stopped in the 14th round by Alexis Arguello, Continue Reading

North Shore police report: Man with gun stops 14-year-olds from stealing his van

1. A contractor found two 14-year-old Milwaukee boys attempting to steal his 2004 Dodge Caravan at 10:41 a.m. Oct. 19 in the 2000 block of Silver Spring Drive. The man, pointing a gun, ordered the kids out of his van and onto the ground, where they remained until police arrived. In addition to attempted auto theft charges, one of the boys was also cited for the 3.3 grams of marijuana in his pocket.2. Employees at Umansky Motors, 1400 W. Silver Spring Drive, arrived at 7:32 a.m. Oct. 26 to find a 29-year-old Milwaukee man going through desk drawers. He fought with officers, and even attempted to take their Taser. He was tased and taken into custody. He had a pile of iPads, license plates and keys he was planning to steal. He was arrested for burglary, resisting arrest, battery to a police officer and vandalism.3. A resident in the 200 block of Mall Road called police at 1:45 a.m. Oct. 29 to report two males were having sex in front of his mailbox 11 hours earlier, around 3 p.m. The resident said he told the men to stop having sex, but then they went into his backyard and continued with their sexual encounter.4. A vehicle fled a Glendale squad at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 22 in the 1300 block of Silver Spring Drive. The officer later found the car parked in the 5700 block of 34th Street, but the driver was gone. Two oxycodone pills and 25.3 grams of marijuana was found in the vehicle. The case remains under investigation. 5. An 18-year-old Whitefish Bay man was arrested at 6:40 p.m. Oct. 27 after police found him driving under the influence of marijuana and possessing a marijuana grinder in the 5900 block of I-43.6. A stolen Nissan Altima fleeing a Milwaukee police squad crashed into a traffic signal at Port Washington Road and Silver Spring Drive at 6:17 p.m. Oct. 23. Three Milwaukee boys, ages 16, 17 and 17, were taken into custody after a brief foot pursuit.7. A 30-year-old Oshkosh woman who stole a $20 hat from Kohl’s, 5650 N. Bayshore Drive, Continue Reading

Miller-Diddy? Kim-possible!

Poor Kim Porter. Diddy's ex is still in denial about Sienna Miller, with whom the multitasking mogul has been hooking up all over the globe. Over the weekend, it was Ibiza, Spain, where the "Interview" star flew to join Diddy on his yacht, which he'd stocked with Cristal. On Monday night, the couple came ashore for Diddy's party at the DC10 nightclub. Sienna was photographed by the U.K.'s Daily Mirror entering without him, but they left together. In January, the two had partied at Bungalow 8 and Crobar and were photographed at breakfast time at the Gramercy Park Hotel, where Miller was staying  — just weeks after Porter delivered their twins. They also canoodled at the Paper nightclub in London after the Princess Diana memorial concert. They deny a relationship, but they're fooling no one  — except, perhaps, Porter, who packed up her and Diddy's 9-year-old son and twin babies and her teenage son, Quincy, and moved to L.A. last month. In a surprisingly open  interview with Ryan Smith in the new OK!, the statuesque beauty says Diddy strayed — just not with Miller. "They're just friends," Porter tells the mag. "That wasn't the cause [of the split]." Then what was? "I'd been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Mr. Combs for about 10 years, and it came to a point where it was time for me to move on with my life," mused the model. "I had invested a lot of time in that relationship, and it wasn't going where it should have been going. So it was time to [end it]." What she's saying is, after a decade, he never popped the question. "Marriage was something that we discussed, but it didn't determine what my relationship meant with him," says Porter. "We had a lot of years together, and there was a lot of happiness ...  [But] marriage really wasn't the top priority on the list. "I will never sit here and say that Puffy — or any man — is 100% faithful. I just don't believe Continue Reading