Ten Can’t-Do Dresses From The SAG Awards Red Carpet

Awards Season Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email The red-carpet dress: Beauty is one thing; tripping is another. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images I like to look at pretty dresses. How luscious is the color of that dress on Kate Winslet? But the older and grumpier I become, the more difficult it gets for me to just look at a dress without thinking about logistics. What about walking? What about breathing? What about sitting in an auditorium seat for a couple of hours? Not all these things are concerns for the people in attendance at the major festive celebrations of Hollywood, but they are concerns to me. This is the lens through which I see beautiful dresses on celebrities now; I analyze what you can't do in that dress. Can't Go To Best Buy Without Being Stopped By Security And Accused Of Smuggling Out A Nintendo Wii: Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Can't Get Anyone To Pay Attention To Your Very Pretty Face: Emily Blunt Emily Blunt Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Can't Find A Competent Train-Wrangler: Claire Danes Claire Danes Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images The rest of the list, after the jump... Can't Sit Down Without People Behind You Accusing You Of Sitting On Telephone Book To Seem Taller: Teri Hatcher Teri Hatcher Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Can't Find A Comfortable Place For Your Left Hand: Amy Adams Amy Adams Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Can't Move Your Arms For Fear Of FCC Violations: Emile Hirsch's Unidentified Date Unidentified guest of Emile Hirsch Kevork Continue Reading

Susan Sarandon And Geena Davis Walked The SAG Awards Red Carpet Together

Once co-stars, always co-stars. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis put on a great exhibition of women supporting women at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Jan. 21. The pair originally starred in the 1991 film “Thelma & Louise,” but clearly, their bond hasn’t diminished over the years. Sarandon and Davis walked the SAG Awards red carpet together, and couldn’t have looked more fierce if they tried! Women supporting each other is more topical now than ever before, so it was about time for a “Thelma & Louise” reunion. The movie is about two women who go on a road trip, which takes turn for the worst when a man attempts to rape Thelma. Louise winds up killing the assailant and the “fun road trip” turns into more of an escape from the law. Given the recent “Time’s Up” movement, where women in Hollywood have been speaking out against sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry, it seemed appropriate to have the “Thelma & Louise” stars on the red carpet, standing arm in arm. Of course, this wasn’t the only celebrity reunion that took place on the big awards night. Sarandon also got to see “Lady Bird” star Saoirse Ronan. The two starred together in 2009’s “The Lovely Bones.” And “Stranger Things” actress Winona Ryder also got to congratulate her former “Dracula” co-star Gary Oldman on his Best Actor win for “Darkest Hour.” Not only was this a great time for powerful Hollywood figures to reconnect, it was also a chance to see some of your favorite casts all together again. The “This Is Us” cast gathered onstage to accept a well-deserved award for Outstanding Performance By An Ensemble In A Drama Series. Given that a major theme of the show is inclusion, this couldn’t have seemed more appropriate. It’s great to see actors and actresses supporting their co-workers through red Continue Reading

See the SAG Awards red carpet arrivals

Updated January 21, 2018 6:38 PM Actress Kristen Bell hosts the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild, or SAG, Awards Sunday night. The show, which will hand out awards in film, television and stunt work, airs live at 8 p.m. on TNT and TBS. See the latest photos of the nominees, presenters and other stars arriving on the SAG Awards' red carpet. Dacre Montgomery, Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery Dacre Montgomery, at left, Natalia Dyer, and Joe Keery of "Stranger Things" arrive on the red carpet at the 24th SAG Awards. "Stranger Things" is nominated for best drama series ensemble and best comedy/drama stunt ensemble. Lonnie Chavis Lonnie Chavis of "This is Us" poses on the red carpet of the 24th SAG Awards. "This is Us" is nominated for best drama series ensemble. Marsai Martin and Tracee Ellis Ross Marsai Martin, left, and Tracee Ellis Ross of "Black-ish" arrive at the 24th SAG Awards. "Black-ish" is nominated for best comedy series ensemble David Harbour David Harbour waves at the crowd on the red carpet at the 24th SAG Awards. Harbour of "Stranger Things" is nominated for best male actor in a drama series. Madeline Brewer and Joseph Fiennes Madeline Brewer greets her "Handmaid's Tale" co-star Joseph Fiennes and his wife Maria Dolores Dieguez at the 24th SAG Awards. "The Handmaid's Tale" is nominated for best ensemble in a drama series. Renee Bargh Renee Bargh arrives for the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. Joe Keery Joe Keery arrives at the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. Chris Lowell Chris Lowell arrives at the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018. Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown attend the 24th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, Continue Reading

Who Is Matt McGorry? 4 Fun Facts About The SAG Awards Social Media Ambassador

Social media users beware: Matt McGorry is about to be all over your news feed Sunday night. The 28-year-old actor is the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) social media ambassador. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, McGorry will be posting live updates, pictures and more throughout the star-studded event. “My goal will be to be the viewers’ eyes on the inside -- whether it’s tweeting about the setup of the awards room or giving insight into being part of the SAG Awards, not just being social ambassador but being a nominee for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ for best ensemble and being a presenter as well,” McGorry told Yahoo of his award show responsibility. “I like to think I’m the man on the inside there -- sort of imagine me with like, secret spy glasses with a live feed.” Check out four fun facts about Matt McGorry before the SAG Awards red carpet kicks off at 6 p.m. EST: 1. Familiar Gigs If you watch TV you’ve definitely spotted McGorry. The actor is currently pulling double duty, starring on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” as prison guard John Bennett, and playing law student Asher Millstone on ABC’s “How to Get Away With Murder.” Upcoming projects of his include “Ratter,” “How He Fell in Love” and “Public Morals.” 2. Great Dance Moves Matt McGorry’s audition tape for “Magic Mike 2” was “leaked” during the summer. Although the role didn’t require him to strip, the actor made sure to show everyone what he’s working with.  3. Pre-Acting Believe it or not, McGorry was a competitive body builder before starring on “Orange Is the New Black.” According to Entertainment Weekly, the actor was able to deadlift 576 pounds at his “peak.” 4. “Doucheface” When McGorry auditioned for “How to Get Away With Murder” Continue Reading

Giuliana Rancic’s scheduling mixup opens door for rival Maria Menounos to host E!’s SAG Awards red carpet coverage

E! red carpet queen Giuliana Rancic was absent from Sunday’s Screen Actors Guild red carpet special because of a simple mixup, which ended with her rival Maria Menounos running the red carpet for the night, a network insider tells us. “Giuliana had planned months ago to host the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday, and E! said she could opt out of SAG’s on the same night in order to fly to Miami and judge, no problem,” says our source. “Giuliana originally had told NBC she couldn’t do it because of her E! hosting commitments, but E! approved it, and once she got in touch with NBC to tell them yes, they had just offered it to Natalie (Morales),” says our source. “But G had already taken the night off from E!, so they had offered it to Maria.” We’re told Rancic’s camp begged her to push hard to take back the SAG carpet, but she wasn’t up for causing more drama with Menounos. Rancic feared Menounos’ camp would complain publicly or leak that Rancic had taken away her shot at hosting duties. Now, we’re told, the tension between the two E! divas is at an all-time high. “Everyone at the the network knows they are in complete competition. It’s so clear,” another insider tells us. “Giuliana knew that E! was originally trying to replace her with Maria and she’ll never forget it.” Rancic, who had been on a “much needed” vacation with friends in Mexico last week, was back in Los Angeles Sunday evening, prepping to tape “Fashion Police” Monday. While Menounos held down the host duties, Rancic tweeted that she was “shopping and running errands” around L.A. “It all worked out fine,” our first source says. “Giuliana knows her place and knows what she has to offer. She didn’t defend Maria and thinks it was the best thing to not do SAGs.” Continue Reading

Jared Leto flirts with ‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke on SAG Awards red carpet

Jared Leto might want to catch up on "Game of Thrones." The "Dallas Buyers Club" actor was mesmerized by actress Emilia Clarke at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, after catching her in a red carpet interview with E! News and unabashedly flirting with her. "I haven't seen your show, but I know people are obsessed with it and say it's absolutely amazing," Leto, 42, told Clarke when he met the British beauty. "See, I know your band," Clarke, 26, told the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman. "And I've seen your movie." While Clarke's interview with Giuliana Rancic was over, Leto wouldn't let the starlet leave — keeping his arm around her shoulder. "I haven't finished here," he said. "There's work yet to be done." "Have you looked into her eyes? They're absolutely insane." Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show, admitted that she was starting to blush at Leto's strong come on. "This guy knows how to speak to ladies," she joked. E! News facilitated the potential hook-up by zooming in on Clarke's eyes, and then doing the same for Leto. After a few more exchanges about his "incredible" Oscar-nominated performance in "Dallas Buyer's Club," Leto continued his interview with the network alone. No word yet on whether numbers were later exchanged, but Leto and Clarke are both reportedly single. He went on to continue his awards season sweep with a SAG win, while Clarke's "Thrones" was shut out by season favorite drama "Breaking Bad." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Jennifer Lawrence horrified after ‘Homeland’ season finale shocker is spoiled for her on SAG Awards red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence has proven to be a capable actress – but the 23-year-old star couldn’t even pretend to be unfazed when a red carpet interviewer spoiled the shocking ending of “Homeland’s” third season. The unscripted drama played out on the red carpet at Saturday’s SAG Awards while the “American Hustle” star was being interviewed by “Access Hollywood’s” Shaun Robinson when she spied “Homeland’s” Damien Lewis on the platform next to her. Obviously excited to see the red-headed British actor in person, Lawrence seemed star struck. “Somebody has watched two seasons of ‘Homeland’ twice,” she gushed. “And I’m freaking out a bit.” “Do you want to meet him now?” asked Robinson. “No, don’t look,” said a blushing Lawrence, “Be cool, be cool!” When Robinson ignored her request and flagged over Lewis, Lawrence reacted by hugging a partition and shouting, “I love ‘Homeland’ so much. It’s the greatest show ever, oh my God.” After, the two hugged and exchanged pleasantries. WARNING: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE THIRD SEASON FINALE OF ‘HOMELAND’ YET DON’T READ ANY FURTHER, EVEN THOUGH IT’S A REALLY CUTE VIDEO. Then Robinson and her AccessHollywood.com cohort Laura Saltman, who had been interviewing Lewis, took it one step too far, blurting out that Lewis’ character, Nicholas Brody, was killed off at the end of last season. That came as news to the visibly shocked Lawrence, who was waiting for the Season 3 DVD release to catch up on her viewing. “Don’t tell her, it’s a spoiler!” shouted Lewis, before deadpanning, “No they haven’t, these two are crazy.” “I can’t believe you said that,” Continue Reading

Rainn Wilson confirms ‘The Office’ spinoff in the works during SAG Awards red carpet interview

It turns out all "The Office" water-cooler gossip is true. Rainn Wilson confirmed that NBC is developing a spinoff of the hit sitcom centered on his character, Dwight Schrute, during a live television interview on the red carpet of Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards during the network’s live red carpet coverage that, "We’re talking about a Dwight Schrute spinoff that could be really cool,” the actor told E!'s Giuliana Rancic. “[The show\] would have a crazy menagerie of characters...It would be even more far out and weird than ‘The Office.’" Sources told Deadline.com, which originally broke the news of the spinoff last week, that the concept involves Dwight living at his family's beet farm and bed & breakfast with an eccentric collection of family members — and would be tested as an episode of "The Office" this season. Wilson is expected to continue to man his cubicle at Dunder Mifflin for the near future with the spinoff eyed for a midseason 2013 slot. The network is expected to renew "The Office" — which survived the departure of series star Steve Carrell last season — for a ninth go-around. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Tracy Morgan calls Sarah Palin ‘the hottest MILF in the world’ on SAG Awards red carpet

Tracy Morgan has gone rogue.The comedian gave his second racy shout-out to Sarah Palin this week on Sunday night, when he stopped on the red carpet at the SAG Awards to chat with E! host Giuliana Rancic."Sarah Palin, you're the hottest MILF in the world!" Morgan shouted, referencing the raunchy acronym coined in the 1999 teen comedy "American Pie."Morgan was winking at his own controversial comment on Thursday night, when he called the "Going Rogue" author and onetime Vice Presidential candidate "good masturbation material" in an on-air segment during an NBA broadcast for TNT.The "30 Rock" actor, appearing on the pre-show broadcast with Charles Barkley before the Knicks took on Miami, created instant buzz when he said Palin featured in his sexual fantasies. Following the incident, a TNT spokesman immediately issued a statement distancing the network from the comedian's remark."It's unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments," the statement read. "We apologize for any embarrassment or offense it may have caused."The notoriously outspoken Palin has, so far, stayed mum on the subject. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Kiernan Shipka is the coolest teen at the SAG Awards

Cool teen alert:Kiernan Shipka is all of our hip teenage cousins who dress better than we do and listen to obscure bands we've never heard of, even though we'll always remember them as babies in diapers.The 16-year-old Mad Men star reminded us how far she's come since Sally Draper's debut in 2007 when she hit the SAG Awards red carpet in an amazing floral gown by Erdem.And when E!'s Brad Goreski asked her what music she's been listening to lately, Shipka name-dropped Baltimore indie rock band Future Islands — aka, the band that went viral after this infamous Letterman performance.Seasons change, indeed:See more from the SAGs red carpet here: Continue Reading