The 7 most quotable lines from ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’

Corrections & clarifications: A previous version of this story misquoted dialogue from characters Darth Vader and K-2SO, and gave inaccurate context for a Chirrut Îmwe line ."Do or do not, there is no try." "These aren't the droids you're looking for." "It's a trap!"Even a Star Wars novice probably knows that when someone utters those lines, they're referencing a galaxy far, far away.So what phrases will the new Star Wars spinoff Rogue One: A Star Wars Story add to our pop culture lexicon? Here are seven lines that movie fans might work into conversation after leaving theaters. (Warning: The quotes, listed in no particular order, give away minor plot points.) 1. "I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me."This line, repeated by the blind warrior Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen), is like the mantra version of popular Star Wars salutation "May the Force be with you." Who knows, maybe nerdy yoga instructors will start saying it. 2.  "Are you kidding me? I'm blind."Chirrut says this as he's being captured by extremist Rebels, who place a bag over his head to obstruct the vision he doesn't have. 3. "Rebellions are built on hope."Rebels Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) both wind up delivering this rallying cry. The line is memorable because it's an obvious precursor to the movie set right after it: 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope. The quote is also the title of a moody composition on the film's soundtrack. 4. "Congratulations. You are being rescued."This is droid K-2SO's (Alan Tudyk) first time speaking in the movie, and one of many deadpan lines he delivers. He says it to Jyn, right after clotheslining her. 5. "Quiet! And there's a fresh one if you mouth off again."The giant Rebel droid delivers another laugh-out-loud line after he smacks his friend Cassian in the face, an attempt to convince Continue Reading

10 holiday movies you absolutely must see, from ‘Justice League’ to the new ‘Star Wars’

Santa Claus is bringing all the good stuff to movie theaters the next two months, including the return of Marvel’s resident thunder god, an epic DC team-up with Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Aquaman, the latest Star Wars blockbuster-to-be and even Hugh Jackman singing and dancing. Here are 10 films you won't want to miss in November and December: Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Cate BlanchettDirector: Taika WaititiThe skinny: On the road to saving his home of Asgard, Thor (Hemsworth) unexpectedly runs into his Avenger buddy Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in an alien world, and becomes “the mother character" to his trickster brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and new ally Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), “keeping everyone alive and happy,” Waititi says. “I love it when heroes have a bigger goal that they need to achieve but also these really small goals that are more relatable to human beings, like just looking out for your best friend.” Having to deal with Bruce Banner, “a ticking time bomb” who could turn into the Hulk at any time, also emphasizes Thor’s quasi-parental nature, the director adds. “Because he’s naturally caring and loyal and very funny, I feel like this is the closest version of Chris that Thor’s ever been.” Review: 'Thor: Ragnarok' is a fun romp that doesn't take itself seriously enough 'Murder on the Orient Express' (Nov. 10)Stars: Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp and Michelle PfeifferDirector: Kenneth BranaghThe skinny: The all-star adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery revolves around a luxury train trip through Europe, a passenger’s death and a host of stranded suspects. Luckily, impressively mustached Belgian super-sleuth Hercule Poirot (Branagh) is on the case. This new screen take on the literary detective tends to be more obsessive compulsive than “dandyish or fastidious” like past Poirots, Branagh Continue Reading

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ won’t have Lando Calrissian — but he may be back one day, screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan says

Why those slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindlers! "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" screenwriter and producer Lawrence Kasdan confirmed to Vanity Fair that fan favorite Lando Calrissian won't return in the most eagerly awaited film in the galaxy. The veteran "Star Wars" scribe, however, didn't rule an eventual reemergence for Billy Dee Williams' rascally rebel general. "Right now, there's no Lando Calrissian in this movie," said Kasdan in an outtake from an interview that ran in the magazine last month. "But Lando I don't think is finished in any way, shape or form." Kasdan has particularly enjoyed revisiting characters he previously wrote in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi." In "The Force Awakens," which hits theaters Dec. 18, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Anthony Daniels are among the actors reprising their most famous roles. "That's just fun because they're around my age. Carrie is a little younger," he told Vanity Fair. "Mark is my age (66; Hamill is actually 63), and Harrison is a little older. So since we've treated it as 30 years passing in the film, there's no artificiality about that. "You get to infuse them to the extent that you can with your experience of 30 years on." ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE TRAILER HERE. Continue Reading

Boba Fett is subject of second ‘Star Wars’ standalone film, which Josh Trank had been set to direct

It will be a time of great bounty for Star Wars fans. The second new "Star Wars" standalone film, which would have been directed by "Chronicle" helmer Josh Trank, will focus on fan-favorite Boba Fett, the Wrap confirmed. Trank exited the project about the origin of the Mandalorian bounty hunter late Friday, citing scheduling issues. The movie, written by Simon Kinberg, is still expected to meet its planned May 2018 release. "After a year of having the incredible honor of developing with the wonderful and talented people at Lucasfilm, I'm making a personal decision to move forward on a different path," Trank said in a statement. "I've put a tremendous amount of thought into this, and I know deep down in my heart that I want to pursue some original creative opportunities." But reports of Lucasfilm's dissatisfaction with the 31-year-old have been circulating ever since he was a no-show at last month's Star Wars Celebration presentation, an absence blamed on the flu at the time. Studio executives became nervous over Trank's "erratic" struggles making "Fantastic Four" for 20th Century Fox, a source told the Hollywood Reporter. "If you've got someone who can't answer questions or who isn't sure or is in hiding, that's not good," a source close to that production told the trade publication. Whoever inherits the director’s chair will have plenty of material between Boba Fett's traumatic childhood at the end of "Star Wars: Episode II - The Attack of the Clones" and his terrible fate as lunch for the Sarlacc Pit in "Episode VI - Return of the Jedi." Though first played by Jeremy Bulloch in the 1980 sequel "Empire Strikes Back," the character made his debut as an animated character in a "Star Wars" holiday special two years earlier. The movie will be the second standalone film launched by Disney to run between installments of a new trilogy. The first, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” with Continue Reading

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ recruiting Diego Luna for lead role: report

Diego Luna is apparently being enlisted in the rebellion. The actor is in talks to join Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed and Ben Mendelsohn as the leads in the standalone film, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” Variety is reporting. Directed by Gareth Edwards (“Godzilla”), the film is set between “Episode III” and “Episode IV” in the “Star Wars” saga. The film focuses on a band of rebel fighters on a mission to steal the plans for the Empire’s vaunted Death Star battle station. Those plans are of course essential to the events of 1977’s “A New Hope,” officially making the new standalone film a prequel. Mendelsohn is set to play the film’s main villain, according to the industry trade publication. Luna has been busy in front and behind the camera in recent years, and is now deep in production of the drama, “Mr. Pig,” which he co-wrote and directed. “Rogue One” is set for a Dec. 16, 2016, landing between the first two installments of the brand new “Star Wars” trilogy. The 35-year-old actor also is set to start filming the dystopian romance, “The Bad Batch.” Continue Reading

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ teaser trailer, plot details revealed

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Jedi are all but extinct, the Old Republic is in turmoil and the threat of the Death Star is looming in “Rogue One,” fans learned at Star Wars Celebration on Sunday. Director Gareth Edwards ("Godzilla”) debuted a tantalizing concept reel to preview the mysterious film, which is part of a series of films exploring other stories outside of the core “Star Wars” saga. “For more than 1,000 generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire,” the voiceover reads, as the camera tracks to show a ghostly Death Star hovering in the clouds. Set between the third and the fourth movies in the “Star Wars” saga, the film will follow a band of resistance fighters who unite to steal the Death Star plans and “bring a new hope,” referring to the subtitle of the original “Star Wars.” Felicity Jones, who recently garnered an Oscar nomination for her role in “The Theory of Everything” is the only confirmed cast member for the film, which will shoot in London this summer for a Dec. 16, 2016 release. Jones will play a rebel soldier, the director said. Edwards said that her character will not just be a stoic soldier, but a complex, fully rounded human. “We wanted to see fear, warmth, all of those aspects that everybody has,” he said, excited that Jones embodies “the complete package.” In the world of “Rogue One,” Edwards said the “absence of Jedi is omnipresent.” The characters in the film realize that the “gods are not coming to save us,” he said. “It comes down to a group of people who don’t have magical powers who band together to bring hope to the galaxy.” “Cinderella” scribe Chis Weitz wrote the screenplay based on Continue Reading

‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ video game scheduled for Nov. 17 release

ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Force isn’t merely awakening on the big screen. It’s also returning to the video game realm. “Star Wars: Battlefront” publisher Electronic Arts and developer DICE showcased their next-generation rendition of the “Star Wars” multiplayer shooter Friday at Celebration, the annual “Star Wars” fan extravaganza. The new iteration of “Battlefront” takes place amid the original film trilogy and is scheduled for release Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. “Battlefront” will focus on shoot-outs between players portraying rebels and Stormtroopers in such locales as woodsy Endor, snowy Hoth, sandy Tatooine and gooey Sullust. “Battlefront” will also include a free downloadable level available two weeks prior to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opening in theaters Dec. 18. It’s set on Jakku, the desert planet glimpsed in “Force Awakens” teasers. Continue Reading

‘Star Wars’ themed UGG boots march in ahead of ‘The Force Awakens’

May the Force be with you… and your shoes. Just in time for the release of the hotly anticipated new "Star Wars" movie later this year, UGG boots is launching a limited edition "Star Wars" collection of boots and shoes for men, women and kids. But these are no furry Chewbacca footsies. The new UGG collection is styled after the militant Imperial uniform worn by Rebel Alliance enemy #1, Darth Vader himself. The shoes range in price from $100 to $225. Each one has an inner label with a well-known "Star Wars" quote inside and come with, of course, a "Star Wars" themed shoebox. "We are proud to be a part of the Star Wars universe, " said Leah Larson of UGG, " and much like the UGG® brand, Star Wars has grown to be a part of our lives and families since the seventies." Fans will have plenty of time to break in their new boots ahead of the Dec. 18 release of the J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” It's the first installment of a new planned trilogy that returns old favorites Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Disney is also plotting to flood our galaxy’s multiplexes with several stand-alone movies.  The "Star Wars" collection is available next month at select UGG retailors and at Continue Reading

Star Wars novelist adds first lesbian character to canon

Star Wars’ fictional Imperial army has always had bigger problems battling rebel scum than worrying about a soldier’s sexuality. The space opera has already implied a same-sex relationship between two characters in its novels — without uttering a single reference to sexual orientation — but the canon now has its first openly gay character. The new supporting character is Moff Mors, an Imperial leader who, as nerd blog Big Shiny Robot points out, just so happens to be a lesbian. She will be introduced in the latest novel to be published on April 28: “Lords of the Sith.” The book takes place after the events of “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” but before the original Star Wars trilogy, according to the book’s author, Paul S. Kemp. “Her orientation is a characteristic in the same way as is her brunette hair,” Kemp wrote on Twitter. “It just fit with my conception of her.” Her orientation “just makes sense,” the book’s editor, Shelly Shapiro, said this month. “There should be diversity in ‘Star Wars,’” Shapiro reportedly told the blog. “‘Star Wars’ is as diverse ... as humanity is in real life and we don’t want to pretend it’s not.” With a bizarre universe chock full of species that look more like giant catfish, slugs, teddy bears and Bigfoots, Shapiro adds that “it would be silly to not also recognize that there’s a lot of diversity in humans.” Mors is described as a woman who has “made some very serious mistakes,” the Big Shiny Robot blog wrote, but more importantly, she’s a leader trying not to fail. The Star Wars canon has already had a gay couple, Mandalorians Medrit Vasur and Goran Vebiin. Both characters are men and married to each other, but it’s never explicitly said that they’re Continue Reading

‘Star Wars’ standalone film to be called ‘Rogue One’ and star Felicity Jones

That great disturbance you might have felt in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in glee, was probably because Disney revealed the title of the first "Star Wars" standalone film. "Rogue One" will be the call designation of director Gareth Edwards spinoff from the "Star Wars" trilogy, Disney chairman Bob Iger revealed to a shareholder meeting Thursday. Iger also confirmed the rumors that Felicity Jones is joining the cast of the movie that starts filming this summer in London for a Dec. 16, 2016 release. If that wasn't enough of a revelation for geeks, Rian Johnson ("Looper") was officially anointed to write and direct "Star Wars: Episode VIII." the second part of the new trilogy being launched with "The Force Awakens" this December. Johnson's movie is set for release on May 26, 2017 - of day after the 40th anniversary of the first "Star Wars" film in 1977. As nerds know "Rogue One" is a reference to the leader of the Rogue Squadron, the elite cadre of rebel fight pilots once commanded by Luke Skywalker. More likely, the movie could focus on another Rogue Leader, Wedge Antilles, who was played by Denis Lawson in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. Making the circle complete, Lawson is also the real-life uncle to Ewan McGregor, who played Obi Wan in the sequels. Whatever the film is about, it will be in good hands with Edwards, a lifelong geek who just successfully brought "Godzilla" back to the big screen. "Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life - join the Rebel Alliance! I could not be more excited & honored to go on this mission with Lucasfilm," Edwards said in a statement. Disney is making the most out of the "Star Wars" since the studio shelled out $4.05 billion in cash and stock for Lucasfilm in October 2012. Continue Reading