Girl, 15, pleads guilty to assault in beatdown of teen in Brooklyn McDonald’s

A 15-year-old meekly pleaded guilty Monday to assault in the infamous beatdown of another girl in a Brooklyn McDonald's. The teen terror, whose name is being withheld by The Daily News because of her age, copped to a misdemeanor charge, which carries a penalty of up to one year in a jail for juveniles. She was originally booked on felony robbery in the March 9 attack in the Flatbush Ave. fast-food restaurant, which was captured on a cellphone video that went viral on the Internet. “I punched and kicked the victim,” she told Family Court Judge Terrence McElrath in a barely audible voice. The judge asked if the punching and kicking was for the purpose of injuring the victim. “Yes,” she replied as her mother looked on. The NYPD arrested six girls, including the alleged ringleader, Aniah Ferguson, 16, whose shirt was pulled off during the fight and continued battling clad in a purple bra. Assistant Corporation Counsel Terrica Taylor urged the judge not to release the girl to the custody of her mother because she remains a "serious risk" to the community. Although it was her first arrest, the girl associates with a gang called the "Young Savages" and had participated in stalking the victim even though she had no personal beef with her, Taylor said. “This was not impulsive, it was premeditated for some time,” Taylor said. McElrath agreed and ordered the girl held, but noted that she will stay in a less-secure facility until her sentencing on April Fool's Day. The city Probation Department will send the judge a sentencing recommendation as to whether mental health treatment, supervision or a jail term is appropriate. Defense lawyer Harold Baker said the teen “now understands the error of her ways.” ON A MOBILE DEVICE? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

New York mom pleads guilty in death of disabled daughter

MINEOLA, N.Y. — A New York woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of her 8-year-old disabled daughter on the day she was to be a flower girl. Veronica Cirella of Plainvew was promised a 12-year prison sentence during a court hearing Thursday in Nassau County Court in Mineola. She admitted she took Julie Cirella’s life in July 2011. Julie was supposed to be in a relative’s wedding the day she died. Prosecutors initially said Julie was fed peanut M&Ms and had a peanut allergy. However, Newsday reported that an autopsy found no peanut residue in Julie’s body. The district attorney’s office said last month they believed the mother killed Julie by asphyxiating her. Relatives said Thursday that Cirella never complained about caring for Julie, who had cerebral palsy. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Former Virginia teacher pleads guilty to having sex with students after making them wait their turn

A former math teacher in Virginia has pleaded guilty to having sex with high school students, who she made wait their turn at her home while her husband was away. Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, pleaded guilty to electronic solicitation of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for a series of sexual encounters with four students, The Free Lance-Star reported. She faces up to 22 years in prison at her sentencing hearing scheduled for May 21. She has been in custody since her Sept. 29 arrest. As a mathematics instructor at Colonial Forge High School, Mesa had sex with four male students, including an incident where one teen waited his turn in Mesa's basement while she had intercourse with another student upstairs, she told police. She also had sex with one of the students in a parking lot on his 18th birthday, she acknowledged. Doing so made her feel "attractive and wanted," she told investigators, according to the newspaper. In exchange for pleading guilty, prosecutors dropped four charges against her and reduced two others. Her request to be released on bond, and to be allowed to travel to her mother's home in Michigan, were denied last week by Judge Victoria Willis. Mesa must remain in Fredericksburg, Va., and "clean up the mess you have made," the judge said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

British porn actress sentenced after pleading guilty to owning dog that attacked two women

A British adult actress, who goes by the stage name “Lottie Lovelace,” has been sentenced to eight months after pleading guilty to owning a dog that mauled two women, local reports said. Charlotte Anson described her pooch, Missey, as “excitable, but friendly,” the Liverpool Echo reported, but the Staffordshire Bull Terrier still attacked two dogs after scaling a six-foot-tall brick wall. This happened on two separate occasions. The 27-year-old’s dog reportedly attacked Misha, a Yorkshire Terrier, and its owner, on Sept. 7. Months later, Missey jumped the wall against and attacked a Jack Russell named Buddy. Buddy’s owner was wounded in the melee while trying to shield her dog, the Echo added. Before Anson’s court hearing at Liverpool magistrates’ court, she reportedly told more than 65,000 Twitter followers that she was sick of the court fees associated with the case. “Not long till I disappear,” Anson wrote on Tuesday. She also claims to have told her probation officer she wanted to leave the pornography industry to go to college and be a social worker, she said. In addition to serving time, Anson has to pay out about $1,200 to both victims. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Minnesota man pleads guilty to lewd conduct for ejaculating into co-worker’s coffee

A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to ejaculating into a co-worker's coffee mug and onto her desk, authorities said. Robert John Lind, 34, acknowledged his lewd behavior at a Beisswenger's hardware store in New Brighton. He pleaded guilty Thursday to a reduced charge of indecent exposure. Prosecutors had originally charged him with felony criminal sexual conduct after his September arrest, but later dropped the count, citing a lack of evidence, WCCO-TV reported. The hardware store manager was taken into custody after a female employee called police to report Lind had left bodily fluids on her desk and that her coffee tasted bad. She told investigators she had discovered the head of the plumbing and heating department standing over her desk, with his hands around his genitals, authorities said. A stinky liquid was dripping from her desk onto the floor, she said. And her coffee had emitted the same stink for months, but she thought it was caused by sour milk. Lind admitted to investigators that he had deposited several genital emissions in the woman's coffee mug and onto her desk. He knew his behavior was "gross and wrong," he told police. He said he was attracted to the woman and wanted to get her attention. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Alex Rodriguez’s cousin Yuri Sucart pleads guilty to HGH distribution charge in U.S. District Court in Miami

MIAMI - Yuri Sucart entered the courthouse Friday wearing a dark suit that hung on his weakened frame. He supported himself with a walker and steadied himself on the arm of his lawyer, a shell of the man once described by the government as a major distributor of steroids and human growth hormone in the criminal prosecution of the Biogenesis doping case that ensnared eight defendants and a slew of Major League Baseball players, including Sucart’s famous cousin, Alex Rodriguez. Sucart pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Miami to one count of conspiracy to distribute HGH in a change of plea hearing at the Wilkie D. Ferguson U.S. Courthouse, hardly the figure caught on wiretaps by confidential informants and an undercover agent working for the DEA in New York and Miami, as Sucart made controlled buys of banned substances and directed clients to Anthony Bosch’s infamous clinic. And he certainly wasn’t the “Cousin Yuri” Rodriguez described in 2009 as the drug mule who provided A-Rod with the HGH and steroids the one-time superstar would eventually cop to using to federal agents and Major League Baseball officials. RELATED: SUCART'S WIFE: ALEX RODRIGUEZ PEED ON OUR HOUSE! The 52-year-old Sucart now appears to be a defeated man, ravaged by heart trouble, circulation problems, near-diabetes and a tumor in his head. He is basically broke and fighting to stay out of jail. His lawyer, Miami defense attorney Edward O’Donnell IV, will ask Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga to sentence Sucart to four months house arrest when he returns to her courtroom on June 4 based on his health issues, while prosecutors will ask the judge to send him to prison for eight months. Sucart recruited Major League Baseball players for the now-defunct clinic, according to a court document read by Altonaga.. The “doctor” turned out to be Bosch, who was not licensed to practice medicine in Florida but charged the athletes $19,000 a month to Continue Reading

Alex Rodriguez’s cousin Yuri Sucart to plead guilty, but Biogenesis case may linger

MIAMI — Six years ago, Yuri Sucart was first identified to the media by Alex Rodriguez, when the disgraced Yankee slugger held an awkward spring training press conference to admit to his doping past, making a surprising admission in the process, by singling out his “Cousin Yuri” as his main steroid mule. The ensuing years have been even less kind to Yuri Sucart, who has been banned from clubhouses and traveling entourages by Major League Baseball; fired by Rodriguez in late 2011; targeted in an MLB investigation and a federal investigation of Biogenesis, the anti-aging clinic Rodriguez turned to for steroids and human growth hormone; seen his health deteriorate dramatically; and weathered massive legal issues while A-Rod completed a season-long doping ban but skirted under the government’s radar in the Biogenesis case. On Friday, Sucart takes the first step toward removing the burdensome legal collar he has been saddled with since his arrest last Aug. 5 by federal authorities. He will plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute human growth hormone before U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga and await sentencing. But while Sucart’s plea agreement means Rodriguez will not have to take the stand in a trial — as he was expected to do had the case advanced that far — and Friday’s hearing seems to be the final chapter of the Biogenesis case, there is a possibility of future litigation by at least one Biogenesis defendant, meaning the shuttered Coral Gables anti-aging clinic may still be making headlines in 2015 and beyond. The lawyer for Lazaro (Lazer) Collazo, a former University of Miami baseball coach, another Biogenesis defendant who has already received his sentence — two years’ probation, after pleading guilty to lesser charges earlier this month — has indicated he is exploring a lawsuit charging any entity or person, including MLB, with obtaining medical records whose Continue Reading

Bikers plead guilty to assault, riot in 2013 beating of Tribeca dad

Four bikers pleaded guilty Wednesday to assault and riot in the beating of a Tribeca dad. Craig Wright, James Kuehne, Kaliq Douglas and Clint Caldwell admitted their roles in the Sept. 29, 2013, attack. All but three of the 11 men charged have admitted guilt in the attack on a terrified Alexian Lien, who they chased up the West Side Highway. Suspended undercover NYPD detective Wojciech Braszczok has rejected a plea offer. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Queens man pleads guilty to beating 87-year-old stepmother

A Queens man admitted to beating his 87-year-old stepmother so violently she went blind in her right eye, prosecutors said. Shun Wang, 33, pleaded guilty in Queens Supreme Court to first-degree assault Wednesday stemming from the brutal September 2013 attack in which he repeatedly punched his father’s wife in the face during an argument, court officials said. A police officer arrived at the Flushing apartment to find two people attempting to push Wang out of the room where the woman was laying on a bed, a blood-soaked washcloth covering her eyes, prosecutors said. The victim suffered a dislocated lens in her right eye, and eventually lost sight, while vision from her other eye is permanently blurry from the assault, prosecutors said. Wang faces up to nine years in prison and the possibility of deportation to China, court sources said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Staten Island cigarette smuggler’s ill-gotten $200,000 goes poof as he pleads guilty to tax fraud

The more than $200,000 in profit dragged in by a notorious Staten Island cigarette smuggler has gone up in smoke. Michael Zekry, 68, pleaded guilty to felony tax fraud charges in a deal that forced him to turn over his ill-gotten tobacco loot, authorities said Thursday. The prolific peddler was caught in November 2014 driving around Staten Island with 2,035 cartons of untaxed cigarettes. A search of his home turned up another 551 cartons of Virginia stamped cigarettes. Zekry will be sentenced July 14 to 60 days in jail and five years of probation, Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan said. The admitted smuggler has already forked over $215,470.93, which includes two bricks of cash totaling $40,000 found inside his home. Zekry also surrendered two vehicles used in smuggling runs, a Ford Econoline van and a Dodge Caravan. "Michael Zekry was a big-time cigarette smuggler whose illegal operation went up in smoke thanks to the hard work of Assistant District Attorney Jin Lee and Det. William Petraglia of the Richmond County District Attorney's Office NYPD Detective Squad," Donovan said in a statement. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading