Kanye West apologizes to viewers for being ‘grossly over-censored’ during Billboard Music Awards performance

LOS ANGELES — Kanye West is apologizing to TV viewers who saw his performance on the Billboard Music Awards. The rapper released a statement Tuesday saying he was "grossly over-censored" during his performance on the show. He says some of his lyrics were muted for 30 seconds, which misrepresented his voice and performance. This is how the internet reacted to Kanye West's 'fiery' Billboard Music Awards performance The audience at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena booed as West performed his songs "All Day" and "Black Skinhead" at Sunday's ceremony, which was broadcast on ABC. West's statement apologizes to the television audience, who he says was "unable to enjoy the performance the way he envisioned." ABC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday. Continue Reading

Neil Diamond performs first formal concert in Brooklyn in 50 years: concert review

Sometimes it takes years for a song to find its proper setting. At Barclays Arena on Thursday, Neil Diamond performed a song he wrote back in 1968 titled "Brooklyn Roads," an ode to the borough of his birth and its effect on his imagination. Thursday's show marked Diamond's first formal concert in Brooklyn in a nearly fifty year career. (He played a short promotional set last September at his old alma matter, Erasmus High School). But the Barclays show had more the feel of a homecoming, with a venue looming enough to suit both Diamond's ambitions and his sound. "I grew up in this fair borough," the star said, before playing the song. "It was a great place to grow up." As home movies of his youth unspooled on screens behind, Diamond navigated what rates as one of the few, relatively subtle numbers of his career. "Brooklyn Roads" relies on small lyrical details, a tender melody and a hushed vocal - qualities that stand in stark contrast to much of the rest of Thursday's set. Backed by a ten piece band, and two added singers, Diamond barreled through pieces that nearly always go for grandeur. They're full of horns (four here) and strings (provided by synthesized programming live) mirroring vocals that veer between the righteous and the sentimental. The result often ended up both gripping and cheesy at once. As with ABBA, it's impossible to separate what's overblown, and what's brilliant, about Diamond's songs. They're pretentious and irresistible in nearly equal measure. As always, Diamond largely stuck to well-worn hits at the show, from "Kentucky Woman" to "Cracklin Rosie" to "Sweet Caroline." The night began with a smash Diamond wrote for The Monkees in the mid-'60s, "I'm a Believer." Here, it sounded less like an adolescent assertion than a statement of unassailable faith. At 73, Diamond's voice sounded robust throughout the two hour set, with a wily determination that suited his husky tone. The set list briefly broke with Continue Reading

Kanye West crashes Coachella for two surprise performances with The Weeknd, Stromae

Belgium's Stromae brought in a fellow superstar from across the Atlantic, Kanye West, in a surprise Sunday on the final day of the Coachella festival. Stromae was performing his dance-and-song show at the festival in the southern California desert when West suddenly appeared -- to applause -- to join "Alors On Danse," a major hit in the French-speaking world in 2009 and 2010, according to numerous social media posts. While unannounced, the appearance had history to it as West previously recorded a hip-hop remix of "Alors On Danse" aimed at the North American market. West a day earlier performed a surprise set of his own songs as he unexpectedly joined the Canadian R&B star The Weeknd on stage. Coachella, one of the most influential global music festivals, is well-known for its surprise appearances, although they have generally been more common in the first of the two weekends. On the first weekend this year, Madonna entered the stage during a performance by Drake and gave the rapper a prolonged, full-tongue kiss after singing some of her own songs. Stromae's "Racine Caree" was the top-selling album in France in 2013 and again in 2014. He has been winning a larger following in the United States, with well-received shows at Coachella. He is scheduled to perform at one of the most prestigious US venues, Madison Square Garden in New York, in October. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. (WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE) Continue Reading

Marvin Gaye’s family attempts to stop performances, distribution of ‘Blurred Lines’

LOS ANGELES -- Marvin Gaye's family wants to put a stop to "Blurred Lines." Gaye's children filed an injunction in court Tuesday to prevent the copying, distributing and performing of the hit song featuring Pharrell, Robin Thicke and T.I. Pharrell and Thicke were ordered to pay nearly $7.4 million to three of Gaye's children after a jury determined last week that the performers copied elements of the R&B icon's 1977 hit "Got to Give It Up." Gaye's family also sought Tuesday to amend the verdict to include rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., as well as labels Universal Music, Interscope Records and Star Trak Entertainment. The injunction against "Blurred Lines" could give Gaye's family leverage to negotiate for royalties and other concessions, such as songwriting credits. "With the digital age upon us, the threat of greater infringement looms for every artist," the family said in a statement released Wednesday. "It is our wish that our dad's legacy, and all great music, past, present, and future, be enjoyed and protected, with the knowledge that adhering to copyright standards assures our musical treasures will always be valued." "Blurred Lines" was the biggest hit of 2013. It sold more than 7 million tracks in the United States, topped the pop charts for months and earned two Grammy Award nominations. Continue Reading

Jay Z to perform rare songs at free NYC concert to promote Tidal streaming service

LOS ANGELES — Jay Z is breaking out his B-sides to hype his fledgling music streaming service. The rap mogul announced plans Wednesday to unearth songs he hasn’t performed in a decade — or ever — at a free New York concert titled “Tidal X: Jay Z B-Sides.” The performance will be held May 13 and subscribers can submit a playlist on the service to win tickets. Jay Z took to Twitter on Sunday to defend Tidal’s slow start. He co-owns the service with Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna and other artists. He said Tidal currently has 770,000 subscribers. He wrote: “The iTunes Store wasn’t built in a day. It took Spotify 9 years to be successful. We are here for the long haul. The concert will be streamed on Tidal.com. Continue Reading

Peugeot 308 R Hybrid has supercar performance and economy car emissions

France just jumped to the top of the hot hatch segment, at least if you include crazy concept cars in the rankings. The Peugeot 308 R HYbrid has a level of technology and performance normally reserved for the world’s finest and fastest sports cars. Powered by a combination of three engines – two electric motors and one gas-fed 4-cylinder – this Pug's total output is a staggering 500-horsepower and 538 lb.-ft. of torque. FOLLOW DAILY NEWS AUTOS ON FACEBOOK. ‘LIKE’ US HERE. Lower and wider (by 80mm) than the run-of-the-mill 308 hatchback it’s based upon, the 308 R HYbrid rides on 19-inch wheels and sports more angular and angrier-looking front and rear bumpers. Punch the gas pedal from a stop and you’ll hit 60 mph in only 4.0 seconds. Top speed is electronically-limited to 155 mph. You get all this performance and the emissions of a fuel-sipping economy car, too. According to Peugeot’s estimations, the 308 R HYbrid exceeds even the most stringent of European emissions regulations, as counted by the amount of carbon dioxide released for each kilometer traveled. Getting back to the powertrain – because that’s where all the really fun stuff lurks – you’ll find that Peugeot has devised an incredible combination of power, grip, economy and handling. A turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder resides under the hood, while a 115-hp electric motor is found at both the front and rear axles. Coupled to all of this is a 6-speed gearbox and all-wheel-drive system, the latter of which comes seriously into play with the wildest of the four available drive modes. These include “Hot Lap” mode, which throws economy out the window and unleashes all 500-hp with maximum usage of the AWD hardware. Next is “Track” mode, a slightly gentler 400-hp experience that balances the gas engine and rear electric motor, with the front Continue Reading

Bobby Brown speaks about daughter Bobbi Kristina during performance at Los Angeles festival

An emotional Bobby Brown has spoken publicly for the first time about daughter Bobbi Kristina's fight for life, admitting, "I dunno what the hell I am going through right now, but I am giving it to God and letting him deal with it." The ex-New Edition singer performed a set of his old hits Saturday for an enthusiastic crowd of 4,000 people at a soul-food festival in downtown Los Angeles, and received the biggest cheers when he sang, "Don't Be Cruel" and "On Our Own." Brown, who looked tired after performing his first number, choked up as he said: "I must say, y'all. This feels really, really good. I want to thank all of y'all for coming out tonight to support me and my family. The Gossip Table - Celebrity Gossip - TV Shows - Full Episode Video - Reality TV Shows "Rough times are rough times, hard times are hard times." In January, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, Brown's daughter with Whitney Houston, was found unconscious in a bathtub. She was rushed to a hospital and has remained unresponsive. The 46-year-old singer lightened the somber tone by adding, "There is only one thing I ask of you all tonight, and that is to enjoy yourselves." Brown then promoted his eponymous food line, which includes barbecue sauce and seasonings, which he described as being "off the hook." He boasted that his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, who was manning their booth, would be cooking up some sausages and chicken basted with his own seasoning. Wiping his sweaty brow, Brown added, "I ain't done with it yet. I got marinades and all kind of s--- coming out." He then apologized for swearing, saying, "Excuse my French, baby girl. I didn't mean to curse in front of you. And ladies too." Etheredge-Brown is pregnant with the couple's second child. It will be Brown's sixth child. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta performed life-saving surgery on 8-year-old girl in Nepal after earthquake

This time he really got into someone’s head. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta performed a life-saving brain surgery on a small child in a hospital in Nepal Monday. Gupta, a neurosurgeon, is in Kathmandu to cover the tragic aftermath of Saturday's deadly earthquake, but volunteered to help struggling doctors there who are overwhelmed with countless waves of wounded survivors following Saturday’s monstrous earthquake. In a phone interview with CNN, Gupta said he had performed surgery on the 8-year-old-girl, who had suffered a fractured skull and had blood on her brain. She had been found under the rubble of her family’s remote home about an hour and a half from the mountainous nation’s devastated capital, he said. “We’re not sure of the whereabouts of her parents,” Gupta said. “Her grandfather brought her in.” During the surgery, Gupta had to rely on basic equipment and bottled water to wash, he said. Nepal was rocked Saturday by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has left more than 4,000 dead. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Nicki Minaj performs at over-the-top bar mitzvah in NYC

Nothing quite says "Mazel Tov" like Nicki Minaj showing up to a bar mitzvah. Thirteen-year-old Matt Murstein got a big treat when the "Super Bass" rapper helped him ring in adulthood Saturday at Pierre Hotel in Manhattan. Minaj not only performed seven songs at the big birthday bash, she also took time to pose for pictures with Matt and his friends. The fee for Minaj's appearance remains a mystery, a sum negotiated through her handlers. A list of booking price estimates by Priceonomics last year put the rapper in the $200,000 to $300,000 range. The figure was presumably not an issue, however, as the birthday boy's father is Andrew Murstein, the founder, president and largest shareholder of Medallion Financial Corp., a publicly traded company with an estimated $259 million market cap, according to Business Insider. Minaj also used the opportunity to share an important message with the kids attending the party. "Get an education. Stay in school. And don't be a slouch or a bum," she told the crowd of teens. "And ladies, never let a man have to take care of you. Do you understand me? Be your own woman. Be your own person." While onstage with the singer, Matt attempted to spit some game at the "Anaconda" rapper. When Minaj asked him how old he was, the birthday boy simply responded, "Old enough." Continue Reading

C-sections should only be performed when medically necessary: WHO

Doctors should not perform Caesarean sections on a mother unless it is medically necessary, according to a new statement from the World Health Organization. The procedure, one of the most common surgeries performed around the world, is necessary when a baby is in distress or if the mother’s labor has become prolonged. The purpose is to safely deliver the baby when the vaginal delivery is not an option. While they can save lives, C-sections can put a mother and child in danger when not handled with the proper medical care, says the WHO. There’s always the risk of major complications like disability and even death. As of 2013, 33 percent of U.S. babies were born via C-section, but the WHO says the ideal percentage should be 10 to 15 percent per country. "Due to their increased cost, high rates of unnecessary caesarean sections can pull resources away from other services in overloaded and weak health systems," WHO said in a news release Friday. But rates aren't everything, said Dr. Marleen Temmerman, director of WHO's Department of Reproductive Health and Research. The health of a mom and baby come first. “These conclusions highlight the value of caesarean section in saving the lives of mothers and newborns,” she said in a statement. “They also illustrate how important it is to ensure a caesarean section is provided to the women in need — and to not just focus on achieving any specific rate," she said in a statement. Continue Reading