Dwayne Johnson reveals Dusty Rhodes inspired his ‘People’s Elbow’ wrestling move in Instagram tribute

Dwayne Johnson honored Dusty Rhodes in a tribute in which he revealed how much he owed his career to the late wrestling legend. Rhodes, also known as The American Dream, passed away Thursday at age 69, and news of his passing led to numerous tributes from his contemporaries and a new generation of wrestling stars. Johnson, whose fame as pro wrestler The Rock put him on the path towards movie stardom, acknowledged Rhodes’ profound influence on his life in an Instagram post. “I first met Dusty Rhodes at (five years) old when me and my family were spending time with him and his family on their ranch,” he wrote, adding that Rhodes was “a great inspiration and mentor to me.” After describing him as “one of the greatest of all time,” Johnson revealed that “Dusty's epically entertaining ‘Bionic elbow’ was my inspiration to create ‘(the) most electrifying move in sports entertainment - The People's Elbow.’” To demonstrate this connection, Johnson posted photos of Rhodes and himself doing their trademark moves. “I'll be forever grateful for the tremendous influence he's had on me and my career in our beloved squared circle. Miss and love you Dusty.. RIP brother,” he concluded his tribute. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

California water park closes after 40 people become sick at pool from chemical leak

A California water park closed Thursday after dozens of guests mysteriously fell sick, authorities said. About 40 people, mostly children, suddenly and simultaneously became ill at the Prewett Family Park in Antioch, Calif., fire and health officials said. Seventeen of them were taken to the hospital. "They had sore throats and skin rashes. Some were vomiting," said Randall Sawyer, Contra Costa Health Services' chief environmental health and hazardous materials officer. Fire officials were called to the city-operated water park shortly before 3 p.m. after receiving complaints about sick guests concerned about a possible chlorine leak at one of the attraction's five pools. "Once we were there for a couple minutes, we had more people coming up to us saying they too felt the effects," said Robert Marshall, fire marshal for the Contra Costa County fire protection district. Authorities were unable to find a source of the leak, Marshall said. Investigators say the use of sodium hypochlorite, a disinfectant that is about 10 times stronger than the average household bleach, could likely be the cause. "We're looking at different possibilities," Sawyer said. "We're not ruling out other things." It's "rare but not unheard of" for swimmers to become sick from chemical leaks, Marshall said. "We've got a couple of water parks in the jurisdiction, and it has happened whether it's a chemical leak or something along those lines," he said. "The thing that's probably most unusual about this is it's 40 people," he added. "It's usually 5 or 6. To get 40 is quite unusual." The 20-year-old Prewett Family Park features five pools and five slides. The City of Antioch Recreation Department, which runs the water park, did not immediately return a call for comment. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Connie Britton joins cast of ‘American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson’

Connie Britton will be working alongside Ryan Murphy again in "American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson." The show's 49-year-old creator tweeted Monday that the actress, 48, would be joining the cast. "Excited to announce my friend Connie Britton will play Faye Resnick in the upcoming FX miniseries," Murphy wrote. The all-star cast will also include John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian and Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. Simpson. Britton, who appeared on the first season of "American Horror Story," told US Weekly on March 17 that she hoped she would be able to work with Murphy on something again. "We've been talking about trying to work together again," she told the mag. "Hopefully we're going to find something, whether it's '(American Horror Story) Hotel' or it's something else." ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

One million people sign petition for ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy Clarkson to keep his job, delivered to BBC by man driving tank

Jeremy Clarkson might think he will be fired, but one million people want him to keep his job. The petition for the TV show host to stay behind the front wheel at "Top Gear" has topped one million, reports the Telegraph. And it was delivered in hand by a man dressed as the program's driver, The Stig, in a military vehicle to BBC offices in central London. Clarkson, 54, has been suspended after a "fracas" with one of the show's producers. Earlier this week, Clarkson, 54, launched a swear-filled tirade against BBC bosses, calling them "f------ bastards" and claiming he would be "sacked." At a charity event in London he said: "The BBC's f----- themselves, so who gives a f---. It was a great show and they f----- up." "Top Gear" is one of the BBC's best-loved and most profitable shows, with audiences across the globe. The BBC has launched an inquiry into the "fracas," which according to some reports, saw Clarkson punch a producer and call him a "lazy Irish c---" after Clarkson couldn't get a meal after a day's filming. He has been on thin ice for several months after a number of controversies, including one last May when he was caught on camera saying the N-word, while reciting a nursery rhyme. Continue Reading

Bronx bar fight leaves 4 people slashed, stabbed: police sources

Four people were slashed and stabbed after a fight broke out in a Bronx bar early Saturday, police sources said. One man was stabbed in the chest, another victim was cut across the hand and a third man was cut across his wrists inside the Larimar Restaurant and Bar on E. 170th St. near Sheridan Ave. in Grand Concourse around 4:10 a.m., sources said. A fourth man was slashed in the hand trying to break up the melee. Two of the victims were taken to Lincoln Hospital and the other two were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital. All four were in stable condition, officials said. Their attacker has not been apprehended. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Grilled cheese fans have more sex, more adventure — and are better people: study

Grilled cheese lovers have more sex and are way better people than those who shun America’s favorite sandwich, a new study has found. Thirty-two percent of grilled cheese fans fool around in bed at least six times a month, versus 27% of those who pass on the gooey meal, according to dating site Skout. The global network, which surveyed 4,600 people, released the fun findings before National Grilled Cheese Day on Sunday. Grilled cheese eaters also have bigger hearts and are more adventurous, the study discovered. More than 80% of people who gobble down grilled cheeses say they have donated their time, money or food to those in need. Meanwhile, only 66% of people who dislike the All-American treat say they’re charitable. Continue Reading

Three hundred people arrested, 750 students expelled in India after mass cheating scandal

Some 300 people in India have been arrested over cheating in exams after pictures showed parents climbing school walls to pass on answers. At least 750 students have been expelled after the blatant cheating was exposed in Bihar, eastern India, reports the BBC. As well as parents providing answers, students were seen copying answers from smuggled-in note sheets. Police who were stationed outside the schools to stop the cheating were apparently paid off to look the other way while parents scaled school walls. The photos showed a number of parents climbing walls to help their children cheat in school exam halls. Embarrassed authorities have condemned the cheating. But state education minister PK Shahi said the regional government needed more help from parents. "Is it the responsibility of the government alone to manage such a huge number of people and to conduct a 100% free and fair examination," he said. ON A MOBILE DEIVCE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

EXCLUSIVE: City launches ad campaign to urge all eligible people to sign up for food stamps

More than half a million New Yorkers who qualify for food stamps don’t get them, officials say — and the city wants them to sign up. With a new website and ad campaign, the de Blasio administration will encourage people who are hungry or struggle to afford food to seek help. It’s especially targeting seniors and immigrants, who are most likely to qualify for food aid but not enroll in the program. Mayor de Blasio said 1.4 million people in the city struggle to afford food, 20% of them children. “This is not only a striking indicator of the inequality crisis we face, but a status quo we don’t accept,” he said. An average of 1.76 million city residents were getting food stamps last year. But officials believe another 550,000 people qualify but aren’t signed up. Under the Bloomberg administration, the city supported food stamp restrictions like a fingerprinting requirement and would not pursue a federal waiver to allow childless adults without jobs to get the benefits. But the de Blasio administration has loosened requirements and sought to take full advantage of federal largess. The feds pay the full cost of benefits, with the city picking up administrative costs. At the center of the effort is a website, foodhelp.nyc, where struggling New Yorkers in video testimonials share their stories. One man, identified as Phillip from Brooklyn, said he ended up broke after his lucrative Wall Street consulting job went bust. “You’ve heard of rags to riches stories. I went from riches to rags, unfortunately,” he said. “The worst part was admitting I needed assistance. But I was getting hungry. ” Wendy, a mom of four from Staten Island, said she finally enrolled after moving from Jamaica to escape domestic violence. “Going on government help is not something that I really wanted to do. But at the end of the day, I was doing it for my Continue Reading

Three people shot, one arrested when Ferguson protest turns violent (VIDEO)

Three people were shot during a protest that sent at least 300 people marching through Ferguson and Dellwood, Mo. on Tuesday night. Gunshots broke out, striking three people, two in the neck and another in the leg, according to Ferguson city officials, as the night time protest against police brutality in Baltimore spawned near the site where Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in August. BALTIMORE BURNS AMID RIOTS OVER FREDDIE GRAY'S DEATH Law enforcement personnel immediately captured an unnamed 20-year-old man in suspicion of one of the shootings that hit a man in his lower leg. A photo from the scene shows a man bandaging the wound with a t-shirt as his disturbed friend looks on. Later, protesters formed a line on W. Florissant Ave. and Canfield Dr. and chanted slogans while cops told them to disperse at around 11 p.m., the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported. A few of the demonstrators tossed rocks and chunks of asphalt at the police and their cruisers and momentarily blocked traffic, but no officers were injured, officials said. FREDDIE GRAY PROTESTERS PLAN TO 'SHUT DOWN' CITY Rioters did not quiet down until at least 3 a.m., leaving behind one damaged business in Dellwood and small fires set to trash and debris, according to a state released by the city of Ferguson. The incident occurred as police in Baltimore enforced a week-long curfew following riots on Monday night and violence over the weekend in demonstrations stemming from the death of 25-year-old black male Freddie Gray. Back in the St. Louis area, social media and other local sources reported more gunfire on the scene around midnight. Another person got hit when shots were fired after protesters moved off W. Florissant, according to the Post-Dispatch. Neither shooting victim was identified and both were rushed to a hospital for treatment, according to the TV Continue Reading

Hulu comedy ‘Difficult People’ set to debut in August

For Hulu laughter will be the sixth borough. A new show from Amy Poehler and the twisted minds behind Funny or Die's wildly popular “Billy on the Street'” series comes 'Difficult People.” The show, set to debut on the online streaming service in August, stars Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as two best friends seeking love and happiness in the asphalt jungle of New York City. Some viewers got a hint of what they're in for during a New York screening of the show Tuesday night -- and it seemed like a cross between Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fused with edgy relationship comedy of “Sex and the City.” In the opening scene when both of the show's stars are seen bombarded by tourists, panhandlers and other New Yorkish crazy types as they walk down bustling streets. One frustrated woman asks 'Can you tell me how to get to 9/11?" By day, Billy (Eichner) is an aloof, lovelorn waiter hoping to score a role in a TV show. Julie (Klausner) is a sort of celebrity in her own right: by day she's a blogger/television series recap queen who obsesses about her value on social media. She also has bawdy sense of humor that causes her much grief (in one scene she wonders if Beyonce’s toddler daughter Blue Ivy is old enough for R. Kelly). By night, the friends are struggling comedians, who try out their real life material at a local comedy club. Subversive in nature, some of their calamities include; the duo using foul language in front of kids during a Broadway matinee after finding out an understudy is playing the lead; Billy inviting uninvited guests to a party he wasn't invited to -- and then coming face to face with his ex-boyfriend (and his yamaka); Julie reuniting with a high school crush who ends up in the bed with her and her live in lover, Gary, for a "devil's three way"; both inventing and trying to market "bottled library drinking fountain water"; and Billy -- in his quest for a fatherhood connection for a role -- Continue Reading