Why’s I-35W so crowded? Maybe because 50,000 people work in Alliance corridor

A decade ago, Mike Berry couldn’t fathom having 50,000 people working in the AllianceTexas development in the north Fort Worth area. The first shops at Alliance Town Center were opening. E-commerce was in its infancy so fulfillment centers hadn’t yet entered the lexicon. And no one would have guessed a social media giant called Facebook would build a $1 billion data center. Or that an online shopping business — Amazon — would open shop. “It would have sounded like a big number to me,” said Berry, president of Hillwood. “Now we’re almost there. I look at the potential for the future that we have to grow and it’s pretty exciting.” Now Alliance Town Center, at Interstate 35W and Heritage Trace Parkway, is bustling with shopping activity, Amazon and Walmart.com have built fulfillment centers totaling 4 million square feet and Facebook’s data center could ultimately be 2.5 million square feet. With the growth has come traffic congestion, especially on I-35W in north Fort Worth. While one reconstruction project along I-35 is expected to be finished later this year, the second phase — from the U.S. 287 “Decatur Cutoff” to Eagle Parkway near Alliance Airport — is facing delays. The traffic woes have done little, however, to slow down growth in the Alliance corridor. AllianceTexas created $4.7 billion in economic impact in 2017 and has a long runway for growth in the future with about 15,000 acres of available land, according to a study by Insight Research Corp. The raw land is just about evenly split between commercial and residential. Since Ross Perot Jr.’s Hillwood started AllianceTexas in 1990, the project has generated $69 billion in economic impact, including $1.9 billion in local property taxes paid to five cities, two counties and two school districts, according to the study. And Hillwood continues to buy more prime real estate to accommodate future growth, the study Continue Reading

Here’s what Trump’s tax plan means for people working in tech making between $43,000 and $145,000 a year

Áine Cain, provided by Published 9:13 am, Saturday, December 30, 2017 WOCinTech Chat/Flickr • US President Donald Trump has signed tax reform into law. • Career site Zippia broke down how the final tax bill could affect take-home pay in 2018 for people in various occupations. • Business Insider looked into how the tax bill would affect people working in a range of tech-related jobs. US President Donald Trump has signed the GOP's huge tax reform effort into law, despite harsh criticisms of the plan from the public and experts. Business Insider's Lauren Lyons Cole reported that while take-home pay is set to rise under the tax reform plan, most Americans won't see a ton of extra cash in their pockets. But how much you save also depends on how much you currently earn. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing Well-known San Antonio cook gunned down on his front porch, suspect at large mysa Man found dead in rollover wreck at busy S.A. intersection mysa Young ukeleleist writes songs of comfort premiummysa Woman killed in fiery rollover crash on U.S. 281 mysa Video of San Antonio dad's Christmas hover board accident goes viral on social media mysa Summers enjoying trip home with TCU Bexar County identifies woman killed in deputy involved shooting Fox7 San Antonio hospital offers needed treatment for critically-ill man KRIV Deputies shoot, kill boy at Texas trailer park Fox4 Texas Boy Killed When Deputies Fire at Suspect AP Career site Zippia provided us with data breaking down how different occupations fare under the finalized tax plan. Business Insider decided to look into how the new plan will affect tech workers in particular. The estimated federal tax savings below are for a single, childless taxpayer who owns a house valued at three times their salary. Zippia's calculations factored in whether a given taxpayer would benefit most from taking the standard deduction or itemizing deductions. Continue Reading

13,000 people working as slaves in UK, according to report

As many as 13,000 people are being held as slaves in the UK, government figures have revealed. The number is about four times as many as suspected, reports The Guardian. The estimate covers those people thought to be working in areas such as the sex trade and as domestic staff. Previously it was thought "just" fewer than 3,000 people were being held as slaves. “The estimated scale of the problem in modern Britain is shocking and these new figures starkly reinforce the case for urgent action,” said senior British government minister Theresa May. Many of the victims are people trafficked into Britain from countries such as Romania, Albania and Nigeria. But there were also victims from the UK. Last year, three woman were rescued from a London house where they were said to have been held against their will for three decades. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

University of Arkansas student arrested for posting embarrassing videos on Twitter of people working out at college gym

A student accused of posting embarrassing snaps of people pumping iron at his university gym on Twitter has been arrested on suspicion of video voyeurism. Caleb Kordsmeier, 21, was detained on Tuesday over claims he runs the @HPERprobsUARK account. The feed features fitness-freak students and teachers working out at the University of Arkansas' Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) center. Cops said some of the images were taken with permission of those that appear, but others — including one of a man undressing in the locker room — were not. Kordsmeier, who majors in a community health promotion, now faces two counts of video voyeurism. Lt. Gary Crain, of the University of Arkansas Police Department, told ABC News: "A patron of the facilities of the HPER building reported it to staff, who then contacted police." Crain revealed cops spoke to people who appeared in the photographs, who told them Kordsmeier was behind the account. "Some of the pictures are actually posed with full knowledge and agreement. The ones that are done within … the men's locker room were the ones in violation," Crain added. Kordsmeier was booked at Washington County Sheriff's Office and posted $2,500 bond for release. He will appear in court April 8. The Twitter account remains active, with a recent post stating: "Write the judge and (prosecutor) a letter with your concerns if you feel inclined." It also posted: "Yes. I've already been punished from school and doing everything I can to make up for it. I've cooperated 150 per cent." University of Arkansas director of communications Scott Flanagin called it a "serious matter" but questioned whether it would lead to an expulsion or suspension from school. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

City crane inspector Edward Marquette, blamed for not inspecting rig that collapsed and killed 7 people, ‘worked’ from home, prosecutors say

A DEPARTMENT of Buildings worker charged with lying about inspecting the Manhattan crane that collapsed in 2008, killing seven people, had a troubled work history, prosecutors said Wednesday. Edward Marquette, 51, was arrested soon after the March 2008 building accident on E. 51st St. and charged with official misconduct and falsifying worksheets that claimed he had given the crane the once-over. He was not charged in any of the fatalities. “He told Department of Investigation inspectors that he had inspected the crane,” Assistant District Attorney Eli Cherkasky said in summations to the bench trial. “He lied about doing the inspection, and he lied about the details.” Cherasky said that investigators uncovered a "a pattern of deception" after the fatal building accident that showed "several crane inspections that (Marquette) told his employer that he had performed that were not done - work that was not performed but which he was given credit for and was compensated for in the form of taxpayer dollars." The prosecutor showed cell phone tower and MetroCard records that indicated on some days Marquette was comfortably lounging at home while his “routing sheet” claimed he was on the job. He was sometimes not even in Manhattan at times that he claimed to be inspecting cranes. Marquette’s lawyer, Andrew Freifeld, said his client had been scapegoated because the agency and the city needed someone to punish for the tragedy. "Public opinion demanded a reprisal," he said. "Law enforcement got busy to find someone to point the finger at and, I submit, that's what happened here." Freifeld said that times and locations on the "routing sheets" were never strictly recorded as a matter of DOB practice. He admitted that his client had not been completely forthcoming about the inspection of the fatal E. 51st St. crane, but was only covering for a supervisor. Prosecutors offered the rogue inspector 3½ to Continue Reading

Voice of the People for June 13, 2008

Hot under the collar Woodside: During this week's heat wave, my public school classroom ranged from 86 to 96 degrees. The poor children were dripping sweat - and that was with a fan going. This is a disgrace. Phyllis Pastuzyn Boiling mad Brooklyn: What Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein fail to realize is that it's not just the students who are at risk when the heat index soars. It's also the staff. Many people working in their air-conditioned offices don't realize how bad it is. Imagine walking up flights of stairs in 90-plus degrees. Vanessa Cuccurullo Steamed Brooklyn: Mayor Bloomberg says there were no air conditioners when he went to school. Does that mean he sits in an office with no air conditioning? It was 90 degrees in my daughter's classroom. What was the temperature inside City Hall? Helena Nowakowski Fired up Staten Island: My wife came home dizzy, hot and exhausted. Does she work in a sweatshop, you ask? Almost. She's a New York City teacher. Robert Erichsen Untapped energy source Secaucus: If Con Ed could only figure out a way to harness the stray voltage that zaps people and pets on the sidewalks, I'll bet New Yorkers wouldn't have to turn down their air conditioners. Kevin Lavelle Life savers Brooklyn: Recently my mom had the misfortune of leaving a local hospital in worse shape than when she went in. Fortunately, she was later admitted to Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. I want to thank the entire staff of Section 5b for nursing my mom back to health. Alan Tabbanella Hit the showers Garnerville, N.Y.: As a diehard Mets fan, I'm sorry to see them playing so poorly. The only upside is that maybe we will finally get rid of the worst manager in baseball. Willie Randolph, please go with a little dignity. George K. Woodbridge Through the cracks Brooklyn: Regarding the death of 3-year-old Kyle Smith, I can tell you exactly where the system failed: Someone should have done a Continue Reading


THEY CAN'T PROVE IT yet, but counterterrorism officials said yesterday they are convinced the bombers are tied to Al Qaeda. If so, the operation would be a rebuke to those who say Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen are incapable of planning new attacks. "Those who say they're broken and can't communicate are just whistling past the graveyard," Michael Scheuer, who created the CIA's Bin Laden unit, said in a recent interview. Another top counterterrorism official said, "The people working the case directly are entirely convinced the suspects are tied to Al Qaeda." Homeland Security Department intelligence chief Charlie Allen said officials suspect the plotters acted on Al Qaeda's orders, but the link hasn't been proven conclusively. There are clues that point to Al Qaeda. Some terror experts note that Bin Laden had threatened the U.S. in a January tape that a new attack was being planned. "The operations are under preparation and you will see them in your houses as soon as they are complete," Bin Laden said then. And the bombing plot busted up yesterday is the mirror image of several others meant to destroy U.S.-bound airliners. That persistence - like the two attacks on the World Trade Center before they succeeded in destroying it - is a signature Al Qaeda tactic. The most recent plot to blow up a series of jetliners in flight was in 1995 when 11 U.S. airliners bound for the West Coast were targeted. It was foiled. Before that was Operation Bojinka hatched by 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, which was to be carried out by his cousin, 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef. The Mohammed-Yousef plan was intended to have terror teams board flights leaving Southeast Asia with liquid nitroglycerine inside contact-lens bottles rigged with a timing device to be set off by a Casio digital watch. The watches would set off the bombs once the airliners were over the Pacific Ocean. On a practice run in February 1995, Yousef concealed a bomb Continue Reading

I’D LIKE TO THANK MY STYLIST. Think the stars shine this brightly on their own?. No way – it’s the work of their fashion consultants

A lot of people worked overtime to make last night's Oscars roll smoothly. But nobody was under more pressure than celebrity stylists, those brave men and women charged with primping, polishing and - most important - picking the dresses for their star clients. And if you've noticed that the actors and actresses walking the red carpet looked a lot, well, alike, that's no accident. Thank the superstylists. They're the ones trusted by A-listers to cement their spots in fashion history. (Nicole Kidman likely thanked hers for choosing a chartreuse John Galliano for Christian Dior gown at the 1997 Oscars, a getup that garnered her the coveted "style icon" status she now holds.) They dress many clients at a time, serving up a "signature style" that's ensures placement on the best-dressed pages. For those of you who turn off the Oscar telecast as soon as red carpet arrivals have ended, here are your heroes: THE SUPE: Phillip Bloch The father of all superstylists, Bloch was a male model before tapping into the potential of pairing celebrities with designers. HAPPY CLIENTS: Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez GREATEST HITS: Elie Saab became a household name in 2002, when Bloch dressed winner Berry in the designer's sheer gown (right). Berry stuck with a good thing and slipped on Saab again in '03. THE SUPE: Rachel Zoe Feeling the urge to dress like a bag lady and throw on some sunglasses bigger than your head? Thank Rachel Zoe, the mastermind behind the boho-chic style young Hollywood wouldn't be caught dead (or at least caught walking to Starbucks) without. HAPPY CLIENTS: Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie, Kate Beckinsale and Lindsay Lohan GREATEST HITS: Zoe is most famous for engineering the signature look snapped up by stars from Nicole Richie (below) to the Olsen twins. Where would we be without it? THE SUPE: Jessica Paster It's said she drove on the shoulder of the freeway to deliver Kim Basinger's Continue Reading

Jon Stewart on his program that helps war veterans find work in television business: ‘Please steal our idea’

Jon Stewart might not have been a proponent of the Iraq War, but he is all in favor of helping the war's veterans. The TV host has developed a “five-week industry boot camp” that helps veterans find work in television, including his own show. Stewart told the New York Times that even though he's been developing the program for the past three years, he decided to publicize it now because he is leaving “The Daily Show” in August and wants to encourage other shows to create similar programs to help veterans find employment in the industry. “This is ready to franchise. Please steal our idea,” he said. “It isn’t charity. To be good in this business you have to bring in different voices from different places, and we have this wealth of experience that just wasn’t being tapped.” Though the 52-year-old famously railed against the Iraq War on "The Daily Show," he said that "because I had very strong opinions about what we were doing over there ... I wanted to visit the individuals who were part of the effort to gain a perspective on it." Stewart got the idea for his program in 2013 after he was contacted by the nonprofit mentoring group American Corporate Partners to help a veteran find a job in the industry. Rather than just make a few phone calls for one person, the Emmy winner said he wanted to develop an intensive “crash course” for veterans who wanted to learn about the TV business. Developed by "The Daily Show" staff, the immersive program gives veterans a look at behind-the-scenes careers in fields such as editing and talent booking. Stewart said the program is crucial because “there are well-worn channels into this industry that are closed off to veterans.” “You get into the television industry generally by going to certain colleges known for having good television programs, Continue Reading

United Nations bus bombed in northern Somalia, killing seven people; al-Shabab terror network claims responsibility

A car bomb exploded on a United Nations bus in northern Somalia on Monday morning, killing at least seven people, four of whom worked for the international agency. The blast, which also injured several others, occurred in Garowe, the administrative capital of the semi-autonomous Puntland region. The bomb, for which Islamist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility, was detonated as the van drove past a UN food center, police official Abdullahi Mohamed told Agence France-Presse. The van belonged to UNICEF, the U.N. operation that provides aid to children. Four of the dead worked for UNICEF, officials said. The dead included two Kenyans, one Ugandan, one Afghan and a trio of Somalis. At least eight people were wounded, including one American. Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called it an attack on the country's future. "This attack is not just targeted at the United Nations, but in attacking UNICEF, al-Shabab has also attacked Somali children. It is an attack against the future of our country and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms,” Mohamud said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. Al-Shabab, which is linked to the Al Qaeda terror network, claimed responsibility for the bombing in a radio broadcast, the Associated Press reported. Earlier this month al-Shababmassacred 147 civilianson a college campus in Kenya. Disturbing photos posted on social media showed decapitated bodies inside the bombed-out van, and witnesses told the AP that limbs were strewn about at the blast site. "I am shocked and horrified by what took place today in Garowe," UN special representative of the secretary-general for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, said in a statement. "The complete disregard for the lives of people working on the humanitarian and development needs of the people of Somalia is despicable." Bombings are not common in northern Continue Reading