Some Liberals Compared Trump to Hitler During His Speech to Boy Scouts

President Donald Trump delivered a speech to the National Scout Jamboree on Monday, but some on the left immediately likened it to Nazi Germany. Comparing the assembled children to the Hitler Youth of the 1930s, liberals blasted Trump for making political statements at the West Virginia gathering.  WATCH: Tucker Responds to Maxine Waters Calling 'TCT' Racist Michael Moore Celebrates 5 Million Twitter Followers With Anti-Trump Donations At several points in the speech, the president drew supportive chants from the crowd. "As the scout law says, a scout is trustworthy, loyal. We could use some more loyalty, I will tell you that," said Trump.Trump also railed against what he sees as "fake news" and spoke out against ObamaCare, urging Republicans to send a bill to his desk to replace the law.The president drew chants of "U-S-A" as he went along in the address. But the left took exception to Trump deciding to bring politics into the event, calling it "indoctrination" of young people. The comparisons drew a lot of pushback, however...Some of the scouts' parents were also unhappy with the organization after hearing the speech."Done with scouts after you felt the need to have my kid listen to a liar stroke his ego on our time," one mother wrote on the Boy Scouts of America Facebook page. Boy Scouts of America said in a statement that it "is wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy."Presidents have long spoken to the scouts at the event, but past remarks were not political in nature. Gutierrez: Trump a 'Major Criminal' Who Must Be 'Eliminated' From Office Lifelong Ohio Dem Backs Trump: Stop Ridiculous Russia Collusion Theories ICE Dir to Sanctuary Cities: 'We're Going to Enforce the Law Without Apology'   Continue Reading

Queen carries on as page boy faints during speech to Parliament

The Queen kept calm and carried on Wednesday when a page boy fainted just a few feet away during her speech to Parliament. The youngster’s tumble created a loud thud in audio of the address, but the disruption didn’t give the Queen any reason to pause nine minutes into her speech. Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, were seated onstage next to the Queen and appeared somewhat alarmed at the fall, reaching out toward the ailing boy as other members of the royals' entourage carried him out of the assembly. The boy was one of four pages of honour, who carried the Queen’s train when she arrived at the House of Lords for the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in London Though one short, the three remaining pages managed to carry out their duties when the Queen exited. “We can confirm one of the page boys did faint slightly, but he is now fine. He is with his family and there is no problem,” a House of Lords spokesman told reporters. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mentally ill teen admits to fatally stabbing boy, 9, to ‘see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine’: reports

A California teen arrested in the fatal stabbing of his friend’s 9-year-old brother over the weekend admitted to the brutal act in an interview with a local newspaper on Monday, saying that he murdered Jordon Almgren as the boy slept “to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine.” “I put my hand over his face, and I stabbed him,” William Shultz, 18, said at a local jail the day after the incident, according to the Bay Area News Group. The disturbed teen told the news outlet that he used a Bear Grylls knife he had purchased for an upcoming civil war to attack Almgren at around 3 a.m. Sunday after a night of video games and pizza at the boy’s family’s home in Discovery Bay, outside San Francisco. Authorities from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department captured him later that day at a hospital when an employee recognized him from a ‘wanted’ notice in social media after he checked in with his own inadvertent wounds, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Shultz’s family had called deputies from the same office the day before for a mental health examination, but cops hewas imminent threat to himself or others and decided not to take him into state custody, sheriff’s department spokesman Jimmy Lee told KGO-TV. Lee told the outlet that Shultz assaulted the boy for “unknown reasons” and investigators are working to determine a motive for the disturbing killing. Officials at a county hospital observed him later that day, but also allowed him to leave, according to the news outlet. A spokeswoman for Contra Costa Health Services declined to comment, referencing health privacy laws. The teen, who is now incarcerated on a $1 million bail, had obsessed over the end of the world and become fixated on the number three in recent weeks, the outlet reported. But he did express regret for the loss Continue Reading

Strangers send Texas boy with autism 5,000 cards for 9th birthday after dad’s Facebook post goes viral

A Texas boy celebrated his 9th birthday with his parents, little brother — and 5,000 friends from around the world. Chad Kleis asked his Facebook contacts in February if they could send birthday cards to his son Hunter, who is autistic, nonverbal and doesn’t have a lot of friends to celebrate with. The McKinney dad expected 20 or 30 letters from close friends and family members, but when Hunter turned 9 on Sunday, he had thousands of packages to open from places as far away as Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands. And the deliveries didn’t stop — the Kleis family got five more gondolas full of mail Monday, bringing the total to an estimated 5,000 cards and parcels. “It’s been absolutely crazy,” Kleis told the Daily News. “I wish I could give every single one of these people a hug.” Kleis proposed the letter idea to his 400 Facebook friends ahead of Hunter’s birthday. The third-grader doesn’t communicate well, but he’s an excellent reader, making cards a great birthday gift, Kleis explained. Kleis said he expected Hunter to get 20 or 30 cards when he posted the Facebook request last month. “He might not speak. He might not have social skills, but he likes to have fun. He likes to have people around," Kleis told WFAA station last month. "He likes to enjoy things like anybody else." The post was shared over 10,000 times, and soon letters started pouring in from people Kleis didn’t even know. The family kept the letters a secret until Sunday. They stashed them in a bathtub, and then in the garage when they ran out of room inside the house. “He was absolutely blown away when he saw them all,” Kleis said. “A little overwhelmed, but very, very excited.” Hunter has opened a couple hundred of the letters so far. He’ll read the rest of them at his own pace over the coming weeks. Continue Reading

Frank Viva’s ‘Outstanding in the Rain’ is a charming picture book about a boy’s birthday trip to Coney Island

Now you can introduce your kids to Coney Island before setting foot in the summer playground. A new picture book out Tuesday, “Outstanding in the Rain,” follows a little boy who spends his birthday on the famed Brooklyn boardwalk with his mom. Illustrator and writer Frank Viva hasn’t been to Coney Island in more than 30 years, but that didn’t stop the Toronto-based artist from reimagining iconic area attractions. “My memory is kind of hazy but kind of good,” Viva, 57, says of his own childhood trips to the beachfront amusement park, taken with his parents on visits to New York. “What I loved about Coney Island was the signage and the decay.” Viva later returned once as a young adult, back in 1981, when he was a college student in New York. A friend took him drinking in the Meatpacking District and the pair stayed out all night. In the morning, they took the D train to the last stop and ended up at Coney Island. “We arrived there in a kind of fog, and also there was a literally a fog,” Viva recalls. He did ride the Cyclone, the historic wooden roller coaster that got stuck two weeks ago while packed with riders on opening day. “The Cyclone was very jarring,” says Viva. “I remember my neck hurting when I got off." A roller coaster that resembles the Cyclone is represented on the pages of the book, as well as a ride that looks like Deno’s Wonder Wheel, and versions of the cotton candy, Italian ice, skee-ball games, fortune teller booths and other vendors that line Luna Park. There’s not a whole lot of plot in the book: the boy gets an ice cream cone and then (spoiler alert!) drops it on the ground. He and his mother go on some rides, have a picnic on the beach, and go on more rides till it rains and they catch the D train home. The language in “Outstanding in the Rain” Continue Reading

Amazon becomes gender neutral, removes ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ labels in toy department

Amazon is trying to get rid of labels. In what seems like an attempt to be gender neutral, Amazon removed the labels "Boy Toys" and "Girl Toys" from its search filters under the Toy Department. Consumers will only be able to search for toys based on the child's age or type of toy: arts and crafts, action figures, dress up and pretend play, etc. Twitter user @jackdanger was one of the first to notice online. However, the "Boys' Toys" and "Girls' Toys" buttons still exist under the search bar. The pages for these buttons are also still live. The "Girls' Toys & Games" page features dolls, crafts and pretend play. The "Boys' Toys & Games" page features the new "Avengers" action figures and cars. Amazon has not released a statement as to why it removed the search terms from its filter. The Daily News reached out for comment, but Amazon didn't immediately respond. Continue Reading

Town of Elmira, N.Y., debating whether to keep hometown boy Brian Williams on local billboard

NBC News is trying to move on from its Brian Williams debacle. But the town of Elmira is just getting started with its debate. Since 2003, Williams’ mug has adorned a large billboard greeting visitors to the upstate hamlet, found about an hour’s drive west of Binghamton. The anchor even turned up back when the sign was dedicated. After NBC suspended Williams last winter for falsely claiming he was in a military helicopter that was shot down over Iraq, some in Elmira demanded that town officials remove the disgraced anchor from their sign. The town’s mayor resisted, but she now says the entire sign might have to go. The reason: wear and tear. “After examining our sign in its entirety, I find that it is showing its age,” Elmira Mayor Sue Skidmore tells us. “So it is possible that the whole sign may come down for that reason only.” The billboard greets visitors when they exit the highway. The sign features images of Williams and other famed Elmira residents, like Mark Twain, designer Tommy Hilfiger, astronaut Eileen Collins, Heisman Trophy-winning football player Ernie Davis and Hal Roach, the producer behind the original “Laurel and Hardy” and “The Little Rascals comedies. Williams spent his early years living in the town. When he reached junior high school age, his family moved to to Middletown, N.J. Removing Williams alone from the billboard would be difficult, Skidmore says. “I don’t want to inflame this situation and the construction of the sign is such that the whole left side of the sign would have to come down,” she says. That would also mean cutting out Twain’s study and “Hal Roach’s arms,” the mayor explains. The calls to get rid of the Williams continued in Elmira, though, as recently as last week. “Lying should not be accepted in today’s world, even though it is being done in politics and sports,” reader Continue Reading

Texas boy falls down 40 foot well, gets rescued by ‘hero’ neighbors (VIDEO)

After little Jaxon Tune fell down a well in Minerals Wells, Tex., a few well-meaning neighbors rushed to his rescue and ensured the boy’s well-being Saturday afternoon. “All I remember is waking up with one light above me and I was very cold and I didn’t know what was going on,” 9-year-old Jaxon told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. The boy fell 40 feet into a well while playing in the yard of a vacant house with his little brother. He plunged into a pool of cold water after doing pulls-up on a bar hanging over the well, NBC reported. “Hysterical, that’s about the only way to describe it,” his mother Teresa Degarmo said. “Nobody expects to hear leaving work that your son fell into a well.” But then came neighbors Joshua Richard and Christopher Hicks, who ran to the well, yanked off the scrap tiles covering it and hung a strap down into the depths to let Hicks lower himself. Hicks pulled Jaxon to his lap and Richard hoisted the two to safety, the Mineral Wells Index reported. Neighbors now consider Hicks a hero, a label the well-dweller doesn’t agree with. “I did what any good natured human would do,” Hicks said. “They’re calling me a hero, an angel; I’m not. I’m just a normal human being.” Jaxon fractured his skull, requiring more than 50 stitches, and has no memory of the fall or the great escape. But his surgery went so well that he left the hospital just two days after the incident. “I feel great since I get to go home,” he said while leaving the hospital Monday afternoon. “I get to sleep in my own bed again.” The Tune family created a GoFundMe crowdfunding page asking for $50,000 in donations to cover Jaxon’s medical expenses. Follow @jaysunsilver Join Continue Reading

Boy behind the ‘Success Kid’ meme is trying to get his dad a kidney

For years an adorable toddler meme dubbed the "success kid" has delivered countless laughs and smiles across the Internet. Now the actual boy's father needs the Internet's help. Justin Griner, whose photograph of his then 11-month-old son Sam clenching a sandy fist in the air has been shared and edited numerous times, is now in dire need of a kidney transplant. "One can only survive with no natural kidney function and using article kidney filtering for so long," his wife, Laney Griner, told the Daily Dot of their family's struggle. As of Tuesday evening the Jacksonville, Fla. family — whose son is now age 8 — has raised more than $48,000 of a $75,000 goal through a GoFundMe account aimed at not just finding a potential donor but paying for his medical treatments. Medicare will cover 80% of post-surgery costs, she told ABC News. But just the first year of drugs will cost them $12,000. "Six years on dialysis is getting to be a long time," she told ABC News of his 12-hour a week treatments that have prevented him from working and increases his risk of further complications. "The only way to save his life is to get a transplant. There's no other way around that," she said. The frightened mother said she was initially hesitant about using her son's Internet stardom to attraction attention to their plight. But her husband's mother died from his same disease and she fears they're running out of time. "We're the parents of 'Success Kid' for goodness sake," she told the Daily Not. "If anyone understands the power, the mass, and goodwill of the Internet, it's those of us lucky to experience it daily." While some critics have slammed the Griner's online fundraising, specifically for their public mention of their son, others have matched their sympathy with help. That's particularly seen among those who say they've either been in this Continue Reading

Canadian man beaten into coma after allegedly intervening to protect boy from man in convenience store parking lot

A Canadian man was initially on life support after being beaten unconscious for protecting a boy who was being threatened by a man outside of a corner store, his family announced Monday night. John St. Jean, 45, left the home he shares with wife Dawn MacKay in Grande Prairie, Alberta, at about 9:15 p.m. Thursday to buy a ring for her as a surprise gift. He planned to purchase it from a private seller and had arranged to meet the person in the parking lot of a nearby Mac’s Convenience Store, MacKay told CBC News. Before St. Jean could make the purchase, however, he noticed that a man was threatening a young boy with physical harm and spewing ethnic insults at him, MacKay told CBC. St. Jean interceded to protect the boy and told the ruffian to beat it, his wife said. The threatening man turned to walk away, and St. Jean moved to enter the store, but suddenly the man attacked St. Jean from behind and beat him unconscious, according to his wife. St. Jean fell into a coma, and he’s currently being treated at University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, the Edmonton Sun reported. St. Jean has shown signs of improvement since his hospitalization, and medical staff removed a breathing tube and took him off life-support Monday afternoon, according to posts on a Facebook page the family set up. By Monday evening, though, doctors and nurses had to put him under sedation. “Although (J)ohn is now breathing on his own, he is still heavily sedated due to the fact that he is physically ‘fighting the air,’” MacKay wrote. “He's not fully conscious but he is acting out the traumatic event that led to his injuries.” Officials with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did not confirm MacKay's account of the incident, but they arrested a suspect in connection with the beating, and say they hope to gain more information about it upon St. Jean’s recovery, Cpl. Leigh Drinkwater told CBC Continue Reading