Oregon teacher auctioning 1,100 Happy Meal toys for boy’s wheelchair

A big-hearted Oregon teacher is selling his massive cache of Happy Meal toys to help buy a special wheelchair for a 4-year-old boy. Nat Ellis listed the entire 25-year collection — more than 1,100 items — on eBay after learning about the plight of little Logan Roninger. “All the proceeds from this auction will be donated to Logan,” Ellis wrote. The 4-year-old was born with spinal muscular atrophy, a degenerative neuromuscular disease that makes it impossible for him to walk or even crawl. His parents hope to buy him a $17,000 off-roading Tank Chair so he can enjoy the great outdoors. “Our very little boy just wants to play in the dirt, play in the mud,” his mother, Trisha Roninger told ABC News. “We want to make it as accessible as possible. We want to give him that opportunity.” The family started raising money on a YouCaring site with help from people near their Klamath Falls home. Students from nearby Mazama High School, Klamath Union High School and Henley High School helped raise nearly $8,000 to pay for the chair, which isn’t covered by insurance. Donations had topped more than $13,000 by Wednesday afternoon. Ellis, a business teacher at Klamath, decided to help fill the gap. His collection includes Star Wars, Disney and Pixar characters given to him by students during the past quarter-century. “The prize gem is a complete Peter Pan pirate ship,” he wrote on eBay. He’s actually selling the lot for the second time. The first buyer donated it back to him so he could raise more money for Logan. The new auction runs through June 23. The top bid on Wednesday was $520. News of the kind gesture has quickly spread across the country, but Ellis deflected the praise. “Thank you everyone for all the support,” Ellis wrote on Facebook. “But the real hero needs to be Continue Reading

Oregon dad accused of blowing marijuana smoke into his infant child’s mouth: authorities

This Oregon father blew it, big time. Christopher Robert Kling, 22, is accused of blowing marijuana smoke into his infant child’s mouth on repeated occasions, say authorities in Beaverton, who charged him with three felony counts of application of a controlled substance to a minor. Police in the town near Portland collared him after a family friend showed them a smartphone video that purportedly showed Kling exhaling weed fumes into his own baby’s mouth, Beaverton Officer Mike Rowe told the Daily News. Responding to reports of a domestic disturbance, cops showed up at the home of Kling’s estranged wife at about 11 p.m. Sunday Rowe said. The officers put a stop to the pair's verbal argument and allowed Kling to return to his own home before the individual approached them with the disturbing footage. “He explained to the officers that he was concerned for the child’s safety because he had seen Kling blowing pot smoke into the infant’s mouth,” Rowe said. “He had told officers that that wasn’t the first time he’s seen that happen.” The officers then arrested Kling on suspicion of endangering the welfare of a minor, Rowe said. In the unreleased video, the infant coughs and smoke exits his mouth, according to court documents cited by KATU-TV. When confronted, Kling cried and told officers, "That was stupid of me," the TV station reported. Authorities arraigned Kling on Monday afternoon, Rowe noted. Kling is being held at Washington County Jail, according to inmate records. Follow on Twitter @tobysalkc ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Oregon inmate who had sex with jail staffers plans to sue county for sexual harassment

Two promiscuous ex-jail staffers may not be the only ones getting screwed. An Oregon inmate whose sexual relations with two former jail staffers led to their firing and recent convictions has now filed his notice of intent to sue the county for sexual harassment, according to a report. The inmate, previously identified by KPTV as registered sex offender Jeng-Li Delgado-Galban, claims he was violated by the two female guards while incarcerated at the Washington County Jail, The Oregonian reported. The 25-year-old now plans to seek damages for his multiple, but separate, romps with the women in a supply closet. "...these actions violated the Eighth Amendment to United States Constitution's prohibition of sexual harassment and abuse of an inmate by corrections personnel," read his tort claim obtained by the paper. Jill Curry, 38, and Brett Robinson, 32, who served as service technicians at the maximum security facility, have both since pleaded guilty to charges related to the case. Curry, who was married to a sheriff's deputy at the time, was sentenced to four years and two months in prison in March. Both confessed to releasing the inmate from his cell for sex, but claim that he pursued and manipulated them. During Curry's sentencing, a blistering presiding Judge Charles Bailey remarked on the tort lawsuit, saying: "He doesn't deserve the taxpayers' money. (But) they're going to have to pay, there's no doubt in my mind." In addition to the claim of sexual abuse, the prisoner's tort law also makes a point of addressing the quality of food he has been provided, specifically nutraloaf while behind bars in April and May. That food is often used a disciplinary meal to prisoners with it containing essential nutrients but being unappetizing enough to be considered "cruel and unusual punishment" by some. Delgado-Galban argues that he didn't break any rules that warranted that Continue Reading

Oregon mom claims her family was booted off United Airlines flight over her teen daughter with autism

An Oregon mom says her family was booted off a United Airlines flight because of her teenage daughter with autism and the plane crew's "fear of autism." The Beegle family was returning from a Disney World vacation in Florida when their pilot ordered an emergency landing to remove 15-year-old Juliette from the flight, her mom Donna Beegle told KOIN. The teenager, who has a high IQ but sometimes has hard time communicating, grew frustrated during the flight because she was hungry, Beegle said — but Juliette was calm after she ate and was happily watching a movie when the Portland-bound plane diverted to Salt Lake City. Juliette has previously traveled with her family to Europe and 22 states, her mom said. “It was completely bizarre,” Beegle said. “I get the ignorance, but it has to change.” Beegle said she was flying from Orlando to Portland last week after a vacation at Disney. During a layover in Houston, the family had dinner, but Juliette refused to eat. Then, on the second leg of the trip, Juliette started to get antsy and upset, Beegle said. “And I started thinking, ‘You know what? She didn’t eat her dinner,” she told the TV station. “I know her, when she gets overhungry or overthirsty, she really struggles because she can’t tell us and she gets really frustrated.” Juliette is a picky eater and refused the room-temperature snacks mom offered up from her purse. That’s when Beegle asked a flight attendant if she could buy her daughter a hot meal from first class. The flight attendant originally refused to offer up a first-class meal to the family flying coach. "I said, 'How about we wait for her to have a meltdown, she'll be crying and trying to scratch in frustration. I don't want her to get to that point,’” the mom told ABC News. The flight attendant finally brought a plate of jambalaya. Juliette ate, and started watching a movie quietly, Continue Reading

Oregon inmate flashes judge during court appearance

Good thing justice is blind. An Oregon inmate dropped his pants and flashed a judge during an in-camera appearance, authorities said. Dustin Irons, 26, was due for a status conference on an assault case when he suddenly unleashed his lewd surprise and insulted the judge with an off-color remark, the East Oregonian newspaper reported. The unamused judge slapped him with an additional 30 days in jail for criminal contempt. Umatilla Sheriff’s deputies rushed to shut down the XXX show but admitted a certain amount of respect for the obscene inmate’s ingenuity. “How he was able to do that with restraints was pretty creative,” Sheriff’s Capt. Stewart Harp told the East Oregonian. Irons has been in jail since his arrest in December 2014. He’s accused of going wild at a hotel in Pendleton, trashing his room and attacking people. He has reportedly been a less-than-model prisoner, refusing to show up for an earlier appearance in February. Two deputies were dispatched to escort him for his latest court date, but he still managed to pull off his profane prank. Jail officials plan to review the trouser-dropper’s behavior and could discipline him further. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Oregon family gets free pizza for life after selling Portland home to eager buyer

This cheesy offer sealed the deal. An Oregon family will be chowing down on free pizza forever after they sold their Portland home to a buyer who made them a proposal they couldn't refuse: one pie a month for life. "I felt like I was in a poker game," Donna DeNicola, owner of DeNicola's Italian Restaurant in Southeast Portland, told KPTV. "I'm willing to do anything because I know this market is crazy." Homeowners Rob and Holly Marsh were bombarded by offers immediately after putting their 900-square-foot house on sale, the news station reported. DeNicola had already proposed paying $275,000 — which was $26,000 over the asking price — for the property when she threw in the extra side offering. "You kind of have to get creative at this point," DeNicola said. The business owner of 38 years, who has two sons, told Reuters she fell in love with the dream home when she first stepped inside of it. "We just went 'wow'," she said. "They can have whatever they want." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Oregon cops shot wanted man hiding in vintage bus nine times: report

A wanted man holed up in a vintage bus parked outside a Salem, Ore., Walmart died after being shot nine times during a police standoff. The armed suspect, Mark Hawkins, spilled out of the wreck and into police custody Friday evening following an exchange of bullets that riddled the bus and his body. The 49-year-old died at a nearby hospital of a gunshot wound to his chest, KGW-TV reported, citing the Oregon State Medical Examiner. An armored car also rammed the bus, ripping a massive hole through the side during the seven-hour standoff, video of the shooting aftermath shows. Shoppers were told to stay put inside the big box store as police attempted to take the 49-year-old living inside the bus into custody. He had a warrant for his arrest on drug charges. His unusual blue vehicle’s presence at the big box store’s parking lot ignited a suspicious vehicle call, authorities said. It’s believed Hawkins shot at police several times from the front of the bus, grazing Baco, a police dog, in the head. The K-9 pup survived its injuries, KATU-TV reported. A video by a KGW-TV helicopter shows bullets piercing the bus’ front window. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Teen rapist arrested in last year’s death of Oregon woman

Three weeks before a 17-year-old raped a woman during a juvenile detention field trip to an Oregon Ducks game in Eugene last year, he allegedly stabbed his neighbor to death, local reports said. The case’s prosecutor had suspected Jaimie Tinoco’s rape and kidnapping of the 39-year-old woman on the University of Oregon campus followed other serious crimes, but until this week it wasn’t clear what. The teen reportedly confessed to Nicole Laube’s death shortly after a judge sentenced the teen to 14 years behind bars in a hearing where Tinoco struggled to conceal a smirk throughout the victim’s testimony, according to KPTV-TV. Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Tinoco on Wednesday morning at the facility where he’s serving his sentence after pleading guilty. “He was on a path, something must have happened for him to go from minor things one day, to murder. That’s some rage,” the dead victim’s husband, Chris Laube, told KPTV-TV. Tinoco is now charged with aggravated murder and unlawful use of a weapon in connection to Laube’s death. The 29-year-old was found dead on Aug. 19 across the road from where Tinoco's family lived at a Beaverton apartment complex. Detectives questioned Tinoco within days of his August arrest on Laube’s death, but were unable to develop enough evidence to connect him until after his sentencing. It’s believed Tinoco planned to sexually assault her like he did with the second victim, the Oregonian reports. "Something is wrong with him, something is causing this young man to be deprived of feeling and remorse,” prosecutor Erik Hasselman said last Friday. Tinoco slipped away from a Washington County Juvenile Department field trip during the football game against Wyoming to grab the victim and drag her into the bushes outside Continue Reading

Ex-Oregon jail staffer sentenced after caught having sex with inmate in closet

An Oregon mother said it was her crumbling marriage and vulnerability that drove her to cheat on her husband. But it was the former jail staffer's decision to do it with a maximum security inmate — more than a dozen times in a supply closet — that earned her more than four years behind bars Monday. Jill Curry, sobbing before a Washington County judge and deputies, apologized for her actions over the last year that saw her repeatedly sneak a convicted gang member out of his cell for sex. Shockingly the charges against the 38-year-old former jail service technician weren't the first at the Washington County jail. A second jail service technician, Brett Robinson, was similarly busted for allegedly having sexual relations with none other than the same inmate, Jang-Li Delgado-Galban, 25, last August. The 32-year-old goes on trial next month for her charges. Curry, who was married to a sheriff's deputy at the time of her illicit affair, emotionally took responsibility for her actions while apologizing before the court for all the "hurt and humiliation" she caused, the Oregonian reported. "I exposed you guys to danger that I didn't even think about," she told the 10 or so sheriff's deputies present. The judge waved off Curry's excuse of falling victim to Delgado-Galban's alleged seductions while at a low time in her life. "I find that stupid and ludicrous," Presiding Judge Charles Bailey said of that claim. Curry, who pleaded guilty to 29 counts last month — including first- and second-degree custodial sexual misconduct — was sentenced to four years and two months in prison albeit with the opportunity of early release with good behavior. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Cleveland Browns revamp image with new uniforms, look to be the ‘Oregon of the NFL’

CLEVELAND (AP) — Team president Alec Scheiner believes the Browns’ new uniforms will make the team unique. With multiple color combinations of brown, orange and white, the Browns will be able to mix and match from game to game. “We could be like Oregon of the NFL,” Scheiner said before the team unveiled the Nike-designed uniforms at an event attended by thousands of Browns fans, some of whom have seen sneak previews of the jerseys on social media. RELATED: NFL MOCK DRAFT: LOOK FOR JETS TO GO AFTER DANTE FOWLER AT 6 After two years of planning and months of speculation and secrecy, the team is unveiling the jerseys and pants on Tuesday night. Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas was one of nine current players picked to model the new uniforms, the most significant makeover the team has had in 40 years. A couple tidbits that sneaked out before the unveiling were that there will be nine uniform combinations and the jerseys will include “Cleveland,” making the Browns the only NFL team to have its city named displayed prominently on the fronts. Scheiner said the team consulted with fans during the long process to come up with the Browns’ new look. Scheiner said it was important to be true to the team’s rich history while also trying to look toward the future. “We listened to our fans, and with respect to the logo and the uniforms we kind of got permission from our fans on how far we can go,” he said. “It’s a nice combination of a link to our history and then kind of moving the team forward and matching the city’s transformation.” The Browns will be the only NFL franchise with the city name displayed prominently on their jersey. Browns linebacker Barkevious Mingo believes the new look does honor the team’s past. “I went to LSU, it was traditional,” Continue Reading