LAPD’s official Twitter account hacked with ‘white supremacists’ post

By Brenda Gazzar | [email protected] | Daily News February 26, 2018 at 3:35 pm A tweet with the words “lapdWHITE SUPREMACISTS” was sent out from the Los Angeles Police Department’s main Twitter account after authorities said it was briefly compromised on Monday. #BREAKING: I think the @LAPDHQ twitter account has been hacked. — News Source LA (@NewsSourceLA) February 26, 2018 That tweet from @LAPDHQ was deleted soon afterward. The department’s social media team has changed the account’s password, said LAPD Officer Tony Kuey. “(The tweet) definitely does not show our view….That definitely goes against what we stand for,” Kuey said. We are aware that our #LAPD account was compromised and are taking the proper steps to resolve this issue. — LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) February 26, 2018 The department is also looking at other further steps to protect the account, including potentially adding a three-step verification, he added. Kuey, who used to work on the department’s social media team, said he personally can’t recall another such incident in recent years. Continue Reading

The NSA sent coded messages to a shadowy Russian on its official Twitter account

Michelle Mark, provided by Published 10:46 pm, Saturday, February 10, 2018 Patrick Semansky/AP American spies sent coded messages on the public National Security Agency Twitter account during negotiations with a shady Russian who wanted to sell them compromising material on President Donald Trump. The NSA fired off roughly a dozen coded tweets over a period of months last year, each time giving the Russian advance notice of the messages they intended to tweet. The deal ultimately fell through, but not before the Americans paid out the first $100,000 installment of a $1 million agreement. The Intercept and The New York Times reported on Friday. Local Channel Now Playing: Now Playing SAPD: Multiple injured after River Walk bar fight spills into street San Antonio Express-News Listen: Recorded Uresti interview played at federal trial San Antonio Express-News O'Connor soccer Terrence Thomas/San Antonio Express News 10 of the Most Scenic Places in Texas PopularMechanics Cat jailbreaks dogs San Antonio Express-News 3 masked suspects slay teen in revenge shooting, police say San Antonio Express-News Video shows suspect who shot San Antonio AutoZone manager San Antonio Express-News Deputy stabbed in neck while breaking up fight San Antonio Express-News SAPD releases video of shooting, robbery at UTSA student housing San Antonio Police Department Multiple injured after BMW smashes into S.A. Gold's Gym Caleb Downs It was all part of a tentative deal American spies struck with a Russian who had ties to Russian intelligence and had promised to sell back stolen NSA cyberweapons. But the deal eventually fell apart after the Russian failed to deliver the hacking tools and instead kept pushing unverified and compromising information on Trump, which US officials said they were uninterested in. The Americans agreed to pay $1 million for the tools, but ultimately paid only the first installment of $100,000 before cutting the Continue Reading

Nets say sorry after in-house reporter rips Brooklyn fans via NBA team’s official Twitter account

It’s a role reversal in Brooklyn. As the team was struggling under their own lofty expectations, the team was taking shots at its fans for their shoddy performance. Now the Nets are saying sorry. The criticism culminated with a tweet Wednesday night from the team’s official account, sent in the context of a raucous crowd in Toronto for Game 5: “Nets fans take note – this is what a playoff crowd sounds like..set your DVD and take notes.” Nearly 12 hours and over 7,000 retweets later, the Nets distanced themselves from the tweet and, more specifically, the tweeter in a statement from the same account. “Lenn Robbins' tweet last night didn't represent our organization's feelings. We have great fans. Looking frwrd to seeing u Friday for Game 6.” Robbins, the organization’s in-house reporter who often approaches his job without a corporate filter, was tweeting from the account during the second and third quarters of Wednesday’s 115-113 Nets loss to the Raptors. In a transparent apology Thursday, the Nets announced that fans attending Friday's Game 6 will get free t-shirts (they only got towels in Games 3 and 4). They’re also encouraging fans to arrive early by offering a discount on food up to one hour before tipoff. The previous playoff crowds in Brooklyn filled in so late that the arena looked empty for the national anthem, the player introductions and the first quarter. Earlier in the series, Kevin Garnett essentially dared fans to get nasty by saying he’s “very eager to see how they respond to (the Raptors GM) saying ‘F--- Brooklyn.” And after a tepid atmosphere a day later in Game 3, the power forward said the crowd “Could do better. “I was expecting Brooklyn to be real hostile, New York-style.” That sentiment was echoed by Paul Pierce following Game 3, which was the first playoff game in Continue Reading

President Obama’s Twitter account compromised after Syrian group hacks into link-shortener

#Uh-Oh. President Obama’s Twitter account was briefly compromised Monday after a shady online group hacked into the link-shortening service used by Obama's social media team. A link posted to the President’s official Twitter account Monday afternoon that was meant to direct to a Washington Post article actually sent Internet users to a YouTube video about terrorism in Syria. A group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) quickly claimed responsibility for the attack in a post on its own Twitter account. The errant link on Obama’s Twitter account, @BarackObama, was quickly corrected and no longer directs to the video. According to CNBC, the group, which has claimed responsibility in the past for other big cyber-attacks, didn’t actually hack into the President’s account. Rather, it breached the link-shortener tool, which send out truncated links to Internet URLs, used by his social media team. The tool, a custom third-party link-shortener, was used by the President’s Organizing for Action group and is not affiliated with Twitter. In a separate post, SEA said it had also “accessed many Obama campaign emails accounts to assess his terrorism capabilities.” The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. SEA has previously targeted the Associated Press and The New York Times with cyber-attacks. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Official UN Twitter account follows busty German porn star in X-rated videos

A United Nations staffer has been so busted. The official Twitter account was mixing business with pleasure by following a busty German porn star. Penelope Black Diamond — who regularly posts X-rated videos via @PBDBigBustyStar — was revealed to be among only 537 people followed by @UN. Rubbing virtual shoulders with dignitaries and heads of states, the adult actress was placed three accounts beneath World Bank Africa Region and two above @ChildreninWar. The sex-pot who claims to have "the biggest boobs in Europe" was also bizarrely joined by pop stars Shakira and Ricky Martin on the list. Eagle-eyed tweeters at revealed the flirtatious follow. It prompted the person responsible for @UN to quickly delete Diamond from the list. But it's done no harm to the voluptuous 31-year-old, who's gained more than 1,000 followers in the past two days. The UN's account, which is followed by more than 1.4 million people, has not tweeted about the incident. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Sweden allows different citizen to control official Twitter account each week

Let freedom tweet! While some countries face greater censorship on the Internet, the Swedish government is doubling-down on its vow to promote free and equal speech--by handing over the reins of the national Twitter account to "a new Swede every week!" Proudly touting its equal-rights-for-all ethos, officials from the country's tourism department decided in December to allow a different citizen to say anything they want using the @sweden Twitter account for a full seven days. So far a female priest, an advertising executive and an organic sheep farmer were in the tweeter seat. This week’s tweets are from Hanna -- "just your average lesbian truck driver," she said. "Gosh, I really enjoy being @sweden," tweeted Hanna. "They'll have to grab the account out of my dying hands." Although she kept most of her Tweets short and sweet, Hanna didn't shy away from discussing controversial topics, including a particular law that bans Swedes from legally changing their gender without first becoming sterilized. "I know that politics can be a touchy subject, but I don't think I'm here because they want me to steer clear of those, on the contrary," she said. And like anything that travels at the speed of tweet, other countries are already jumping on the democratic Twitter account bandwagon. "If you're an Aussie and want to tweet on our behalf, get in contact and we'll sort something out. Check out @sweden for examples," the @WeAreAustralia account tweeted Wednesday. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Twitter account confusion gives New Jersey man thousands of new followers from Arab world

A web programmer from a small town in New Jersey has become an online ambassador to Saudi Arabia — all because his Twitter handle is easily confused with the largest telecom company in the Middle East. Chris Rowland unexpectedly gained about 4,000 followers from the oil-rich kingdom over two days earlier this month, bringing his total to more than 5,125. “There had been a constant trickle for phone and Internet complaints coming to my account, so I was like, ‘I have to look this up,’” Rowland, 44, told the Daily News on Tuesday. As it turned out, Rowland’s handle — @StC — has the same initials as Riyadh-based Saudi Telecom Company, which counts more than 160 million customers globally, according to Saudi Telecom has at least three official Twitter accounts, including a verified one — @STC_KSA — with 306,300-plus followers. Rowland made sure to let his newfound audience know he’s not affiliated with the phone provider: “I am not the telecom company. I’m a guy in New Jersey,” he tweeted Aug. 1. But that did nothing to deter Twitter users. The next day he wrote, “This is surreal. 93 percent of my followers are 6,500 miles away . . . A day ago, I don’t think I even had 93 followers.” He first joined Twitter in March 2007 and chose his handle as a nod to his college nickname, St. Chris, according to Yahoo! News. The explosion in his followers could be some orchestrated joke, he said, but he’s unsure because most of the messages he receives are in Arabic. To complicate matters, his handle also mirrors that of a major mall in Jakarta, and almost nightly, he said, he’s tweeted at by Indonesian youth who say they’re at the shopping hot spot. As far as Saudi Telecom is concerned, no one there has contacted him about the mix-up, he added. For now, he’s mindful of his Saudi Arabian followers, and has even tried tweeting Continue Reading

Anger over birth control ruling targets wrong Twitter account

Twitter handles can be confusing.There are countless parody accounts and famous people who use nicknames.The names can become especially problematic when Twitter users don't bother to read the mini biographies on each [email protected], a news blog that covers the Supreme Court of the United States, learned that the hard way over the past two days.Angry Internet denizens tweeted their anger over the high court's controversial contraception ruling on June 30, presumably thinking that they were reaching the U.S. Supreme Court , which doesn't have an official Twitter account. ROBERTS: Will Hobby Lobby ruling mean the return of SB 1062?Here are some of the more entertaining exchanges the blog has had in the Twitterverse since Monday. Continue Reading

Yankees official Twitter account ignores Alex Rodriguez’s spring training home run, fans up in arms

TAMPA - Oops! Alex Rodriguez hit his first home run of the spring but the people who run the Yankees' Twitter account failed to note the milestone. While the social media site buzzed about A-Rod following his first home run of the spring Wednesday afternoon, the team's official account (@Yankees) made no mention of the blast. Seven different tweets were sent out during the game from the Yankees account, though Rodriguez wasn't mentioned in any of them. After the game, the team tweeted: No mention about A-Rod’s homer. In fact, a look back at the Yankees' account shows that aside from his name being mentioned in the starting lineup, A-Rod hasn't been cited in any tweet all spring, even when he had a hit in his first at-bat since 2013. Are the Yankees trying to pretend A-Rod isn't part of the team? That doesn’t appear to be the case. As it turns out, the Yankees don’t even control the account. “It was very much an unintended error,” a team spokesman said. “Alex is and will be treated like every other Yankees player.” According to a source, there was no directive from the team to omit A-Rod from the Twitter account, which is run by MLB Advanced Media, the league's digital arm. Unlike many clubs, the Yankees do not have in-house employees running their social media accounts. Pat Courtney, MLB spokesman, told the News Wednesday,”(MLB commissioner) Rob (Manfred) has made it clear from his perspective that A-Rod should be treated like any other player.” The source said the issue was being addressed and would be rectified going forward. Here's what some fans had to say: Continue Reading

Mets and Yankees Twitter accounts bicker during Subway Series

The Bronx wasn’t the only place where the Yankees and Mets were battling Sunday night. There was a nice little tiff taking place on Twitter as well. When the Yankees scored a run in the bottom of the fifth, the Mets official twitter account said, “NY (AL) grabs a run in the fifth. We trail 6-4.” Well, that NY (AL) thing didn’t sit to well with the Bombers, who tweeted out, “@Mets Yankees. We are the YANKEES. The Mets didn’t let it go, through, replying, “@Yankees thanks for the update. We like to be associated with the great city of New York but if you don’t like to that’s cool.” RELATED: YANKEES TAKE SUBWAY SERIES FROM METS The Yankees official account got the last laugh, however, posting a shot of the Empire State Building lit up in Yankees navy and white and this: "This #SubwaySeries belongs to the #Yankees, so do bragging rights. #PinstripePride" The two teams meet again at Citi Field in September. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading