Why These Super Fans Have Made Being Jack Sparrow A Way Of Life

At first glance, it looked like a completely ordinary wedding. The bride wore a white dress with a long train and bows on the lace sleeves, her hair done up in a mock beehive. Her bridesmaids each held a bouquet that matched their differently colored lace dresses. The bride and groom took pictures on the beach, and a small reception of friends and family took place in a low-ceilinged room afterward. The guests drank and danced under banners and balloons reading “Just Married.”But this wasn’t quite an ordinary wedding, because in the groom’s place was a painting — specifically, a painting resembling one of Johnny Depp’s most famous characters: Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. In July 2016, Amanda Sparrow Large Teague, 44, gathered her friends and her four children onto a boat and sailed 12 miles off the coast of Belfast in Northern Ireland. There she was married at sea to Jack Sparrow’s spirit by a local legal registrar and officiant. His presence at the wedding was symbolized by a candle, the portrait of Captain Sparrow, and a ring on a pirate’s sword. The wedding cake topper read “Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow” inside of an intricate heart. “I declare myself as married on forms and such, and this has not been challenged so far,” Amanda told me in an interview close to the date of their first anniversary. “But of course, he doesn’t receive any benefits because he’s a spirit.” Amanda is a former Jack Sparrow impersonator, which she says was part of her journey on the way to meeting Jack. In 2015 she made headlines for the commitment and expense she put into making her costume as accurate as possible, complete with gold teeth, that character’s tattoos, and a legal change of her name to Sparrow. Amanda puts as much thought into her house as she does in her own appearance, covering it in a collection of nautical antiques, with one room Continue Reading