NY Jets coach Rex Ryan says he’s being ‘true to himself’ with swagger and he’s not about to change his loud ways

Regret? What regret? Rex Ryan remained unbowed by the 29-14 loss to the Giants Saturday, and expressed optimism that he will be the Jets’ coach for at least another decade. “When I leave this job, 10 or 15 years from now, I’m going to be true to myself,” Ryan said. “And you know maybe it’s not the traditional way of doing things or whatever, but for me this is who I am, this is how I believe. I made the statements and like I said before, I’ll stand by everything I said.” Ryan, whose team needs help to make the playoffs, absorbed criticism in light of the loss following three years’ worth of declarations that the Jets were the superior team in the tri-state area, but he fell short on the field. First, he lost the game, then he engaged in an exchange of words with Giants tailback Brandon Jacobs afterward. Ryan deemed the incident, which included the two men brushing shoulders, a “private conversation” but refused to backtrack on his promises. “The day I walked in here, I felt that I didn’t want to be the little brother or whatever,” Ryan said. “That’s who I am. So, do I regret it? No. Did it work out? Nope, it never worked out.” The NFL will not look into the confrontation, according to a source. “I’m responsible for that,” Ryan said, “and the Giants were the better team that day without question and I deserve the criticism that I take for it. I definitely deserve it.” POOL GOOD TO GOSafety Brodney Pool experienced headaches during the loss to the Giants, but Ryan expects him to be able to suuit up against the Dolphins. Pool was tested for a concussion but was cleared to play. Ryan said his entire team will be healthy for the season finale. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Former NY Giants star Michael Strahan says NY Jets coach Rex Ryan’s act is getting tired

Rex Ryan is full of jokes. Now, he’s on the verge of becoming one. That’s what former Giant Michael Strahan thinks. The Fox analyst spent the entire week listening to the Jets coach brag about how his team is better than the Giants, and ripping Strahan’s old team for two straight playoff-less campaigns. And the ex-NFL star can’t help but laugh. “It’s a fine line whenever you have to talk that much,” Strahan told the Daily News during Wednesday’s Ugly Sweater party hosted by BlackBerry. “Once it kind of seems like a joke, it becomes a joke to your own players.” And Ryan’s act is a joke that Strahan is already tired of hearing. He pointed out that the Giants, not the Jets, are the ones who are just four years removed from a Super Bowl title, and he pointedly added, “It’s all about winning rings for me.” “If I have to walk into a room and tell you how bad I am, I’m probably not that bad,” Strahan said. “If I’m comfortable in my own skin, I shouldn’t have to convince people of my words. That’s the whole thing with Rex I look at. At some point, you just look and go ‘enough is enough.’ ” Also at some point, Strahan added, all the Battle of New York chatter becomes pointless. Will it really mean anything if Rex’s 8-6 Jets beat the 7-7 Giants? Not as far as Strahan is concerned. “The biggest thing is actually winning the Super Bowl, not being the best team in New York,” Strahan said. “At this point, the way both teams are playing, it’s not hard.” ELI UNELECTED Eli Manning finished fifth among NFC quarterbacks in the fan voting for the Pro Bowl, behind Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans’ Drew Brees, Cam Newton of Carolina and Detroit’s Matthew Stafford. The only Giants who finished in the Top 5 were C David Baas, DE Osi Umenyiora and S Antrel Continue Reading

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan rags on NY Giants fans; Jeremy Kerley returns to practice

Forget Tom Coughlin. Rex Ryan still wants a grudge match and is fixing for one with the Giants and their fans. The Jets coach said his day-to-day interactions with Giants fans are typically uniform. “There’s usually a shoving match,” Ryan said. He was joking. “We win, they win, it doesn’t matter,” Ryan said. “There’s still going to be lifelong Giants fans and there is still going to be lifelong Jets fans. You appreciate it.” Ryan encouraged Jets fans to wear green and wave white rally towels during the game on Saturday. The Jets will wear green uniforms. REX: KERLEY TO RISEJeremy Kerley (illness) returned to practice Thursday. Ryan maintained that he expects Kerley, a rookie, to return punts Saturday after suffering through a stomach virus for two days earlier in the week. . . . WR Santonio Holmes (hip) was new to the injury report, but will play in the game, according to Ryan. . . . RB Joe McKnight (elbow, shoulder) remains a game-time decision. PREGNANT PAUSELB David Harris was excused from practice as his wife, Jiali, went into labor with their first child. Ryan said Harris will definitely play against the Giants. Harris signed a long-term deal with the Jets in the offseason. The contract is worth $29.5 million in guarantees. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

No ‘Hard Knocks’ this year is news to NY Jets coach Rex Ryan

If the Jets aren’t making a return to HBO’s “Hard Knocks” this summer, someone apparently forgot to tell their coach. Rex Ryan was asked Saturday morning at the Alliance for Lupus Research’s annual New Jersey Walk With Us to Cure Lupus at MetLife Stadium why the Jets would not be appearing on the show, and it appears the verbose Jets coach was unaware that a decision had been made regarding the team’s participation. “Whatever,” he said, before stumbling on his words for a moment. He then added: “This is news to me, so that’s fine.” On Thursday, TV sources told The Daily News that Gang Green will not be making a reappearance on the popular HBO show. When asked if that was good news, Ryan said: “It doesn’t matter to me. We’re getting ready to get our team ready to play the 2012 season.” Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum was mum on whether the Jets had decided on a second go-around on the show. “That’s going to be something the league decides,” he said. “All I can tell you is the experience we had with them was great. They were real pros, the people from HBO. … It was a great experience for us.” BABY STEPS FOR TEBOWTim Tebow told reporters Thursday that he had only taken reps at quarterback during the team’s offseason workouts thus far. Ryan said offensive coordinator Tony Sparano is in the early stages of implementing the offense. He wasn’t sure when Tebow will begin practicing in other roles. “As far as a timetable, I don’t know about all that. We’re just trying to put in our base offense right now,” Ryan said. BRING ON THE PATSDarrelle Revis’ comments Thursday about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, Ryan said it shows how intense the rivalry between the Jets and Patriots has become. He also recognized the Patriots’ recent dominance of the AFC East. “We’re gonna Continue Reading

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan sees Ray Lewis-like qualities in draft pick Demario Davis

Rex Ryan has never been bashful about making grandiose predictions, projections or comparisons. Whether scribbling “Soon to Be Champs” on an ESPN bus or proclaiming that an aging Derrick Mason would catch 90 or so balls, Ryan hasn’t been afraid to take a leap of faith. On Friday, he took another. The Jets coach said he sees plenty of All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis’ leadership skills in third-round pick Demario Davis. “You can have a list of 500 numbers up there on a wall, but how many real leaders are up there?” Ryan said Friday on the first day of rookie minicamp in Florham Park. “It’s easy to say, ‘Well, this guy was a leader for his football team.’ But does he have that thing that he can lead men? That’s rare. Some guys have it. Ray Lewis motivated me as a coach. I’m not saying Demario is that guy, but . . . “His face. His mannerisms. His passion,” Ryan continued. “I see some things. . . . When you watch (Davis) on the tape, he pops off the tape.” Davis played both strongside and weakside linebacker in Arkansas State’s 4-3 scheme, but will be moved inside in the Jets’ predominantly 3-4 design. The organization feels that Davis could be the steal of the draft. “We think we’re special here,” Ryan said. “I know we had a bad year (in 2011) . . . but we want it to be special. You can play in this league, but can you play for the Jets? Again, we want that attitude and that mentality that this is the place to be. We want everything you got. . . . I think that young man understands it.” POWER COPLESQuinton Coples , who studied 10 DVD cut-ups of the Jets’ defensive line in 2011 for the five days leading to minicamp, said he was used “all across the board” on Friday. Ryan smiled when he heard that Coples said that he “grasped the majority of the defensive playbook” on his first day. Continue Reading

VIDEO: NY Jets coach Rex Ryan gets ‘Tebowed’ after team trades for Tim Tebow

Rex Ryan had what seems to be his first “Tebowing” experience Wednesday when two men posing for a picture with the Jets head coach dropped to one knee in mock deference to Tim Tebow, the Jets’ new high-profile backup quarterback. The video, posted on YouTube.com Wednesday, shows Ryan in what is described at an LSU bar in Baton Rouge, La. Ryan is in town to attend the Tigers’ Pro Day Thursday.LUPICA: JETS DEAL FOR A QB, AND A CONTROVERSY Ryan, in a black, long-sleeved shirt and black Jets hat, is standing next to two men to pose for a picture and, just before the camera flashes, the two drop to one knee in their best “Tebowing” pose. The Jets coach appears to get a kick out of the gesture, pointing to the two jokers and cracking a wide smile before taking his seat.PHOTOS: TIM TEBOW'S LIFE IN PHOTOS The Jets agreed to send a fourth- and sixth-round pick in next month’s draft to the Broncos in exchange for Tebow and a seventh rounder, but the deal hit a snag Wednesday afternoon over $6.3 million in advances Tebow received last year. The Broncos wanted the Jets to pay them $5.1M and after hours in limbo, the sides agreed to split the tab, with the Jets agreeing to send $2.5M to Denver. Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets’ GM, said “Mark Sanchez is, has been and will be our starting quarterback,” with Tebow serving as the No. 2 option. He’ll also likely play a role in new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s Wildcat scheme. However, a Jets source told the Daily News that the team will use the offseason to figure out Tebow’s role with the club. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan backtracks on Chargers boasts, calls Norv Turner to apologize for comments

A day after Rex Ryan claimed that the Chargers would have been Super Bowl champions by now if they had hired him instead of Norv Turner four years ago, the Jets' coach apologized. Ryan said he was sorry for the fallout. "It's all on me," Ryan said. "I'm guilty. Absolutely. It was unintentional." On Wednesday, Ryan boasted that San Diego would have a pair of Lombardi Trophies if he had been in charge. "Well, I think I would have had a couple rings," said Ryan, who was one of five candidates who interviewed for the Chargers coaching vacancy in 2007. "I'm telling you, those teams were loaded. There's no question about it. But things happen for a reason." Although Ryan also praised Turner and later called the Chargers coach to clarify his Super Bowl remarks, Turner had fired back with a jab of his own. "I was a little bit surprised by the call," Turner said. "And then after I saw the quote, I didn't have a chance to ask him this, but I was wondering if he had those rings with the ones he's guaranteed the last couple of years." Ryan didn't delve into specifics about his conversation with Turner, but praised the San Diego coach's public zinger. "I think we're even because he did get me with a good shot, there's no question," Ryan said. The Jets' players seemed amused by the earlier comments. "It's just Rex being Rex," LaDainian Tomlinson said. "We laugh. . . . The guys that get offended by it are people in San Diego. But we don't care. We're not there. He's our coach." Ryan cracked that he was concerned about a repeat of the Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz postgame handshake fiasco from last weekend. "I did ask Norv if I need to wear a helmet for the game," Ryan said. "He assured me I (don't)." Ryan's good-natured antics have grabbed headlines from the first day he took over in 2009. Whether it was comparing his wife to Tom Brady's supermodel better half, impersonating his twin brother with a blond wig or guaranteeing one Super Bowl after Continue Reading

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan to star in Adam Sandler movie – as Patriots fan

Maybe Rex Ryan will get to kiss Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl rings after all. The brash-talking Jets coach plays, of all things, a New England Patriots fan in an upcoming movie starring Adam Sandler. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen revealed the news on his Thursday podcast that featured Sandler. Ryan plays a Boston lawyer in “I Hate You, Dad,” which was filmed in Massachusetts last summer. It’s not Ryan’s first rodeo on the acting scene. Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum had cameos on an episode of “CSI: New York” earlier this year. “He’s my lawyer,” Sandler told Eisen. “My character . . . is kind of a dirtbag guy and he’s in trouble. Rex is an inexpensive lawyer in town. He takes care of me. He’s also a mammoth Patriots fan in the movie.” Ryan as a Patriots fan? “We wrote it in the script,” Sandler said. “He was great enough to be loose and funny about it. He talks about (Tom) Brady. He talks about Coach Belichick. He’s really cool.” As expected, Ryan was fully prepared to take on the role. “I saw him in the hotel in the morning going to the set,” Sandler said. “I saw Coach running lines with two nice girls that work for the Jets. Just seeing the coach in the lobby doing his lines and memorizing them, closing his eyes. Then he put on a suit. Kind of a goofy suit. And he did great. . . . He did nail it.” Sandler, a die-hard Jets fan, also denied rumors that he played a role in trying to recruit prized free agent Nnamdi Asomugha in the offseason. “I don’t think I would have been the go-to guy for that,” Sandler cracked. To listen to Sandler’s full interview with Rich Eisen, visit http://richeisen.nfl.com — Mehta Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

NFL investigating NY Jets coach Rex Ryan over cursing out fan

Less than 24 hours after the Jets’ meltdown against the Patriots, Rex Ryan was at the center of another firestorm stemming from his inability to keep his emotions in check. A YouTube video that surfaced on Monday captured the brash Jets coach spewing a profanity at a fan at halftime of Gang Green’s 37-16 loss on Sunday night. As Jets players and coaches walked off the field after the second quarter, a fan yelled, “Hey, Rex! Belichick is better than you!” Ryan, already angry after a botched timeout call late in the half help set the stage for a Patriots' touchdown drive, responded by shouting, “Shut the f---- up!” An NFL spokesman told the Daily News that the league was looking into the matter. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

NY Jets coach Rex Ryan, Chargers coach Norv Turner shake hands after game without incident

Rex Ryan sized up San Diego's Norv Turner on the field before the game yesterday, weighing the best way to counter any punches thrown by his opponent."I told him I thought I could get him inside," Ryan said. "I was going to work the body. Obviously my chin's not great so I'd have to worry about that one punch of his."PHOTOS: JETS COME BACK, BEAT CHARGERSRyan, who claimed he would have won several Super Bowl rings with the Chargers by now if the franchise had hired him when he interviewed for the vacant head coach position in 2007, expressed reverence for Turner after the Jets' 27-21 victory. Turner has never won a Super Bowl as head coach. Neither has Ryan."I've got so much respect for Norv and I've got respect for that whole organization," Ryan said.Turner, meanwhile, returned to being docile."I just said congratulations to him," Turner said. "They have a very good football team."On Wednesday, Ryan called Turner to apologize for the championship comments before Turner even knew about them. Turner took a jab at Ryan, asking if the Jets coach had rings for the Super Bowls he's guaranteed.The coaches embraced at midfield following the game's last play, patting each other on the backs before repairing to their respective locker rooms. They avoided any awkward encounter similar to the near fight between 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz a week earlier, and with good reason."We'll probably see them again," Ryan said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading