CBS News Logo Ben Affleck celebrates national Best Friends’ Day with a touching tribute to Matt Damon

Never doubt the bond between lifelong pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. But if you do, Affleck will be happy to reassure you, apparently. In honor of National Best Friends' Day on Wednesday, the "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" star posted an absolutely adorable throwback pic of him celebrating Damon's birthday back in the day. Ben Affleck set to direct and star in stand-alone Batman film It's unclear exactly when the photo was taken, but it's likely sometime between "Good Will Hunting" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." Affleck captioned the foursome of photos with, "This guy." The series depicts Damon receiving his birthday cake and then pushing Affleck's face into it. Because that's what friends are for, right? Continue Reading

Dallas nurse Nina Pham reunites with ‘best friend’ — her dog, Bentley — after Ebola scare

Bentley's one lucky dog! Dallas nurse Nina Pham was reunited with her precious pooch, Bentley, Saturday — their first meeting after both pup and owner were cleared of Ebola. Bentley wagged his tail and licked Pham's face throughout the morning reunion. Vets at Texas A&M University gave the pup a long bath and a goodie bag of dog toys before they turned him over to his eager owner. Pham was cured of the virus and released from the National Institutes of Health in Maryland on Oct. 24. The King Charles spaniel never tested positive for Ebola, put in a 21-day precautionary quarantine after Pham was diagnosed last month. "After I was diagnosed with Ebola, I didn't know what would happen to Bentley," Pham said during their reunion in Dallas. "I was frightened that I would not know what would happen to one of my best friends." Pham said she's excited to take Bentley home so she can start picking out presents for his 2nd birthday later this month. "I feel like Bentley reentering my life is yet another reminder of hope," Pham said. The 26-year-old nurse contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed in the United States. He died on Oct. 8. After Pham's own diagnosis, she was put into isolation, her apartment was scrubbed down and authorities began carefully watching anyone she came in contact with — including the furry best friend who shared her home. Dallas Animal Services and Texas A&M University and the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences managed Bentley's 21-day quarantine. He received daily check-ups from vets in hazmat suits, and had enough room to run around and chase balls in his isolation space. The cost of his care was not immediately known. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

‘Brothers Forever’: Best Friends Make the Ultimate Sacrifice

Two fallen American warriors, Marine Travis Manion and Navy SEAL Brendan Looney, were best friends and former roommates at the U.S. Naval Academy. Now, after making the ultimate sacrifice, the two American heroes are buried next to each other at Arlington National Cemetery ― "brothers forever." Manion's father, Col. Tom Manion (Ret.), a decorated Marine in his own right, wrote a book about his son and Looney's incredible, moving story, fittingly called "Brothers Forever." Manion explained to Leland Vittert on "America's News Headquarters" that his son only had one college on his list: the Naval Academy. There, he met Looney and the two became roommates and best friends. After joining the Navy SEALs, Looney was deployed to Afghanistan. Manion served in Iraq, where he was killed on April 29, 2007 while fighting to rescue his fellow Marines from danger. On September 21, 2010, Looney gave his own life with eight others in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Looney’s wife requested that the brothers in uniform be buried next to one another, and so they were. "These young men and women that step forward to serve and what they do for us, whether at the Naval Academy or those that enlist and join the different services, they have a strong belief in something bigger than themselves," Manion explained. "They believe in service and they're patriots and they love this country." What would your son want from all Americans on Memorial Day? Vittert asked. "I'm not sure that the men and women that didn't come back want us to necessarily mourn all day on Memorial Day," Manion said. "They want us to be proud of our country. They loved our country. They want us to celebrate who we are and celebrate what the sacrifice was all about." "We, as Americans, could do a lot more to stand up for what they stood for." Watch the "America's News Headquarters" interview above and read more about Manion and Looney in "Brothers Forever." You might also be interested in ... Iraqi Continue Reading

Marlins’ Marcell Ozuna thrives while coping with loss of best friend Jose Fernandez

OAKLAND -- Thoughts of that fateful night still cross Marcell Ozuna’s mind. How could they not? It was eight months ago to the day when the Miami Marlins outfielder not only lost his best friend but made a decision that saved his own life.Ozuna turned down Jose Fernandez’s invitation to go on the late-night boat ride that resulted in an accident that killed the ace pitcher and two friends.The tragedy shook all of baseball and hit particularly hard in South Florida’s Cuban community, where Fernandez was hailed as a hero after escaping the Communist regime in the island and becoming a two-time All-Star with the Marlins.Even later revelations that Fernandez was legally drunk and had cocaine in his system while at the helm of the boat could not erase his impact, or make his absence any less devastating.So it’s only natural Ozuna still wonders what if.“Sometimes you think, ‘If only he had listened a bit, he would still be here with us,’’’ Ozuna said in Spanish. “He was my best friend, or rather, he still is, because I always keep him in mind. As a friend, I told him not to go. He was obsessed with going. It happened because it had to happen. You don’t control those things. Only God knows why things happen.’’ MORE MLB: Coping with the void left by the effervescent Fernandez remains an ongoing process for the Marlins, both on and off the field.Despite having the biggest payroll in franchise history and a star-studded outfield, they headed home from a six-game West Coast swing with a 16-29 record after Wednesday’s 4-1 loss to the Oakland Athletics.The starting rotation Fernandez was supposed to guide has been a disaster, its 5.17 ERA ranking 14th in the National League. The offense, with third baseman Martin Prado sidelined by a hamstring injury and outfielder Christian Yelich enduring a down year, has underachieved.In addition, the expected sale of the club has brought a sense of Continue Reading

4 recipes to celebrate National Fried Chicken Day

Like your chicken fried? In honor of National Fried Chicken Day on Wednesday, we've pulled some of the best fried chicken recipes that have appeared in the CJ.Included are four ways to serve up fried chicken this summer, from honey-pecan to a creole mustard glaze to your basic, but delicious, good ol' fried chicken.Not about the fried? You can try these lighter recipes: Baked champagne chicken from Huber's; roasted chicken or Moroccan chicken from Ramsi's; or Muhammad Ali's pulled BBQ chicken.And if you're looking for a good fried chicken spot, see the CJ staff picks here.Enjoy!1. Wiltshire on Market's fried chicken Award-winning fried chicken recipe served with hickory drizzle. Serves 1 or 2. Mix together all the ingredients. Marinate in the refrigerator for 36 hours.Remove chicken from marinade. Let drain in a colander for one minute.Mix together all the breading ingredients. Dredge the chicken in the breading. Set aside for 30 minutes. Dredge the chicken in the breading again.Fry the chicken at 350 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Remove chicken and let rest on a cooling rack for five minutes. The remaining heat in the chicken will raise the heat to 165 degrees.Drizzle the chicken with the hickory drizzle. For the breading: For the hickory drizzle2. Harvest's fried chicken livers Buttermilk fried chicken livers with dirty rice and creole mustard glaze. Serves 6 to 8. Bring water to a boil. Add rice; cook until tender. Strain and rinse rice with cool water. Set aside.While the rice is cooking, you can start the "dirty" part of the recipe.Heat a saute pan to medium high. Add 1 tablespoon of garlic oil. Sear the livers in the oil. Remove livers from pan. Brown the ground pork in the same pan. Remove. With the pan still hot, add onions, the remaining garlic oil, salt and pepper. Cook until tender. Add Cajun seasoning and ketchup. Add until mixture gets a little sticky. Add chicken stock; cook until almost dry. Continue Reading

Mark Ruffalo and Jimmy Fallon are terrible best friends

Jimmy Fallon and Mark Ruffalo may not know each other on a best friends level, but at least they both love the Hulk. Which is good. Because you don't want to make that dude angry.In honor of National Best Friends Day, Fallon and Ruffalo played a round of the "Best Friends Challenge" (which some of you know better as the Newlywed Game), where they tried to guess what the other would answer to questions like "what is your greatest fear?" (spoiler: Ruffalo is afraid of drowning in milk but they just let that go for some reason).The pair is ... not great at the game. But hey, Justin Timberlake wasn't there. We know he and Fallon would have killed it. Continue Reading

Remembering a Rockland Marine: ‘Forever my best friend’

POMONA - The way Jacqueline Alvarado remembers it, wherever her son Christian was when he was growing up, Owen Lennon was there, too.The boys grew up — three houses apart but inseparable — on Palisades Court in Pomona, right next to Harriman State Park, a stone’s throw from Camp Ramaquois.The woods proved irresistible to the boys, who were born in the same month, August 1990. They would hike all over the state park. When they decided to become Marines, it's where they got into shape.“Christian and Owen were friends since elementary," Alvarado said. "They graduated together, they trained together and they went to the Marines together. They did so many things together.”Her voice catches with emotion at the thought that she'll never again see the young man who was like another son to her. MILITARY PLANE CRASH:  Profiles of the 16 who died CRASH: Stewart-based Marine ID'd; one of 16 killed STEWART: Airport, military base has seen triumph, tragedy STATEMENTS: Officials offer sympathies following crash DANGERS: Crash highlights training hazards Lennon, 26, a 2008 graduate of Ramapo High School, was killed Monday when the KC130T refueling plane he was in crashed in a soybean field in the Mississippi delta.The Lennon family asked for privacy to grieve; Christian Alvarado declined to speak; His mother spoke through tears.Lennon, who played football and tennis for Ramapo, was among the Marines, nine of whom were stationed at Stewart Air National Guard Base, identified as victims of Monday's fatal crash.Lennon’s father, also named Owen Lennon, answered the phone at the family's home and confirmed his son’s death, but said the family was grieving and would have no comment.Friends on Facebook offered condolences to Lennon's sisters, Rachel and Kelly.Kelly Lennon posted on Tuesday: "You may have been the youngest, but we always Continue Reading

Where to get free treats on National Ice Cream Day

There is no such thing as a bad day for ice cream.But the best time for enjoying a scoop, cone or kitchen sink might be this Sunday.That’s when lovers of the world’s favorite frozen dairy treat will treat themselves in celebration of National Ice Cream Day as local creameries and national chains alike will be offering discounts, specials and giveaways.Even Uber is getting into the act with a free ice cream promotion.While every food seems to have its own made-up holiday these days, National Ice Cream Day is a true delight created by an official act of Congress.A joint resolution signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 established July as National Ice Cream month and July 15 of that year as National Ice Cream Day.To be fair, the resolution only pertained to that year. But with no reason to stop a good thing, the tradition has carried on with ice cream’s special day now celebrated on the third Sunday in July each year.“Summer is the perfect time to celebrate ice cream,” said Cary Frye, a vice president with the International Dairy Foods Association, a trade group that also operates the International Ice Cream Association.“It’s a cool treat for hot days and I think it brings back nostalgic memories for all of us, whether it’s visiting the state fair or just taking a special trip for ice cream with family,” she said.Ice cream also holds a special place in Delaware history.Legend has it that modern ice cream – or at least strawberry flavored ice cream – was invented in Wilmington by Aunt Sallie Shadd, a freed black slave who operated a catering business in the early 1800s.Shadd reportedly created a new dessert from frozen cream, sugar and fruit that became so popular among the area’s elites that Dolley Madison, wife of President James Madison, visited Wilmington to try it herself.She liked the treat so much that she served the delicacy at her husband’s second inaugural banquet in the Continue Reading

Taylor Swift has pool day with beau Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift has fans wondering if she has finally found her forever. The "Blank Space" singer, 25, shared an adorable photo of herself along with beau Calvin Harris. TAYLOR SWIFT JOINED ON STAGE BY SUPERMODEL FRIENDS GIG HADID, MARTHA HUNT AT '1989' CONCERT Swift's post showed the singer cuddled up behind the DJ as the pair rode a swan floatie around a pool. Donning a black bikini, the star captions the photo, "Swan goals." TAYLOR SWIFT SIGHTING IN NEW YORK CITY DRAWS PHOTOGRAPHERS This isn't the first photo the songstress has displayed this week that included Harris. During National best Friends Day, Swift tweeted her friend Gigi Hadid's pic, which included the Scottish singer along with her model friend Karli Kloss. TAYLOR SWIFT'S 'BAD BLOOD' TOPS BILLBOARD HOT 100 "I took a photo of my favorite people—they were laughing so hard, the lens couldn't capture it fast enough," she wrote on a tweet about the blurry black-and-white image. The pair have been rumored to be together for months, but have recently made their relationship more public including dates around New York and attending each other's performances. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Two best friends die when ATV plunges off Idaho cliff

A former Idaho cop — paralyzed in a four-wheeler wreck a decade ago — fell hundreds of feet to his death this weekend also while riding an ATV, local reports said. Tom McTevia, a 42-year-old advocate for wheelchair accessibility, and his best friend, Tina Hoisington, plunged at least 500 feet over a cliff overlooking Lake Pend Oreille while setting up for a photograph, according to the Coeur d’Alene Press. “Even in a wheelchair, he touched more people’s lives and walked taller than most people,” Orofino Mayor Ryan Smathers, a close friend of McTevia before and after he retired from the city’s police force, told the Press. The fall happened Sunday afternoon east of Farragut State Park, killing both McTevia and Hoisington, 45, of Lewiston, as one of their bodies plummeted at least 1,100 feet over the embankment when their vehicle got too close to the edge, authorities said. McTevia was also a U.S. Navy veteran and played in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the Spokesman-Review reported. In the days before McTevia’s death, the outdoorsman shared photos of himself to Facebook smiling at the same scenic overlook where he died. Despite an ATV accident in 2004 that broke his neck, he recovered and friends say he continued to live an active life that included camping, bicycling and even jumping out of a plane two years ago. His rally for disability rights resulted in the city of Coeur d’Alene building hiking trails accessible by wheelchair users to its popular lakeside park on Tubbs Hill. “You get out there and it's like you're away from the city,” McTevia told KREM-TV last month. “To be able to share that with more people, that's a huge benefit.” Join the Conversation: Continue Reading