C.S. Keys, longtime San Diego broadcaster, dies

Broadcaster C.S. Keys, who worked on TV, radio and the web in San Diego since 2000, died Saturday afternoon, La Mesa police confirmed. He was 54.Police received a call from the Heartland Fire & Rescue department at 2:22 p.m. Saturday to assist on a “medical aid” call at Keys’ home, according to La Mesa police Lt. Chad Bell. Keys later was pronounced dead at the residence. No cause of death was announced pending an autopsy, Bell said.Keys came to San Diego in 2000 and worked as the weathercaster for KUSI Channel 9/51. After four years he moved on XETV Channel 6, then the city’s Fox affiliate, and worked as sports director and lead sports anchor, including hosting “That Sunday Sports Show.”He later hosted a talk show on wsRadio.com and most recently worked at The Mighty 1090 as a host.“My heart is heavy today because we have lost one of us today, my younger brother C S Keys has moved on to the other side of life,” his brother, Richard Keys, wrote on Facebook. “I know he was not alone on his journey for his faith was strong.”Several friends and former colleagues paid tribute to Keys.“It’s just shocking, really,” said Jim Trotter, a former San Diego Union-Tribune reporter who now works for ESPN, via text Sunday morning. “He was always so full of life and laughter. My thoughts and prayers are with his young (9-year-old) daughter, who was the love of his life.“Just really at a loss for words.”Said Dave Palet, who worked with Keys at Channel 6: “Great guy, great friend who loved to laugh and loved his Raiders.”Another friend, former radio host Jeff Dotseth, said Sunday: “In the media you meet a lot of people, but there’s not always many people who are truly loyal to you. C.S. was one of those guys. He’ll be missed.”On Twitter, former Chargers receiver Greg Camarillo said, “With a heavy heart we say farewell to one of SD’s Continue Reading

Controversial radio host Dan Sileo will not be involved with Padres

According to a Padres spokesperson, the team has been “assured” that its radio content for the upcoming season will not include controversial sports-talk host Dan Sileo. Sileo recently left The Mighty 1090 and, according to people familiar with the situation, likely will join Entercom, the Padres’ radio partner. The possibility exists that Sileo, in a yet-to-be-announced capacity, and Padres games will be carried on the same station. Entercom operates several stations in San Diego. They include FM 94.9, the Padres’ home last season, and Energy 97.3, a potential destination for 2018. Both sides have considered a change in format. Bob Bolinger, vice president/market manager of Entercom San Diego, did not immediately return a message seeking comment. The Padres do not have input on Entercom hires, and Sileo will not be a club employee. Per their agreement, Entercom also supplies the personnel and format for pre- and post-game shows. The Padres determine in-game content. Radio broadcasters Ted Leitner, Jesse Agler and Tony Gwynn Jr. are expected to return in 2018. Speculation — and, in some circles, outcry — about Sileo’s next job has heightened, even as Sileo has increased his activity on social media. On Thursday, Sileo joined the masses chiming in on reports that President Donald Trump slurred immigrants from certain countries, tweeting a link to a news story along with the following comment: “TELL me this is NOT FUNNY!!” Sileo, who has a history of controversial statements, faced allegations of racism, sexism and anti-Semitism in prior workplaces. Between 2012 and 2013, he was fired by three Florida radio stations, once for remarks he made on air and twice for things he tweeted. He landed with The Mighty 1090, the Padres’ former flagship station, in early 2014. “I’ve stepped on my(self) so many times in this business,” Sileo told the Union-Tribune in an interview that year. “But I Continue Reading

Hot reads: ‘MNF’ quandary if Gruden leaves; Sileo leaves Mighty 1090

Assuming that Jon Gruden will eventually be hired to coach the Oakland Raiders — as reported repeatedly by ESPN — where does that leave ESPN and “Monday Night Football?” Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch began an examination of that with a column Tuesday. He noted that while the ratings for “MNF” have slipped considerably through the years, the broadcast still remains the highest for any cable station. An average of more than 10 million people watched “MNF” this season and Deitsch believes the analyst job is “easily among the top three talent jobs at ESPN.” Deitsch wrote that he spoke to a half-dozen people on the subject and offered this blueprint: “They will examine all the NFL coaches who get fired or retire and analyze if any could step in and have a Tony Romo-like impact. (Unlikely.) They will reach out to Peyton Manning and pray he has a change a heart about broadcasting. (Very unlikely.) They will do an inventory in-house of potential candidates for either a two- or three-person booth. They will determine how high they can go on salary, which will not be close to the reported $6.5 million Gruden makes annually. “The biggest problem for ESPN,” Deitsch concluded, “is that there is no can’t-miss candidate out there at the moment.” One high-ranking executive told Deitsch: “I think Mike Tomlin would be fantastic in the studio or the booth. Philip Rivers is interesting — he can talk ball with the best of them — but I’m not sure of the entertainment factor. Bruce Arians is engaging and likable but may not be polished enough to help carry a broadcast. It’s going to be a serious challenge for them.” Arians, who retired Monday from Arizona, is the only one of three mentioned above who are currently available. Sileo out at Mighty 1090 San Diego sports talk radio host Dan Sileo is moving on from the Mighty 1090. Where? That remains Continue Reading

San Diego Padres executive chairman lashes out at ‘embarrassing’ team as ‘miserable failures’

Tell us how you really think. Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler blasted his team as “miserable failures” after a disappointing 21-33 start to the season. “It's been embarrassing. I don't know how else to put it,” Fowler said on Mighty 1090 AM radio on Wednesday. “Our performance on the road trip, 1-7, was pathetic. “I'm a very competitive individual. I think I've won a lot more than lost in my life. This baseball experience has been very frustrating, very embarrassing.” The chairman explicitly called out starting pitcher James Shields — in the second year of his four-year, $75 million contract with the Padres — the day after he was shelled for 10 runs in less than three innings on Tuesday. The struggling ace is just 2-2 on the year so far with a 4.28 ERA as the Padres sit in the basement of the National League West, 11.5 games behind the Giants. “To have a starter like Shields perform as poorly as he did yesterday is an embarrassment to the team, an embarrassment to him,” Fowler said. “It's on the player, but the organization has to accept responsibility for probably having the wrong players. “We don't have a team out there right now that is competing effectively. We're doing everything we can going into the draft and looking at international signings to get some guys who can get us there.” Rookie manager Andy Green was saved from insults, though. “In terms of the manager and coaching staff, we've got as good a group or a better group than I've seen,” Fowler said. “They're doing what they need to do. Part of it is on the players.” General manager A.J. Preller was let off the hook for his minor league management, but Fowler still expressed disappointment with his handling of the major league team. “We had hired A.J. because we Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: November 11

E-mail from Mark McCarthy of Lola’s, 180 West Park Ave., Long Beach (516) 442-1090: “Lola’s is showing its gratitude for veterans and active duty military personnel. This Veterans Day, Lola’s invites all veterans and current servicemen and women to enjoy a complimentary meal from a specially prepared menu from our Chef David Livingston. Last year we were able to give 85 complimentary dinners to our Veterans and our Active service Women and Men of the U.S. Armed forces. This year I’m hoping for 185 complimentary dinners! As an addition to this years event the country band ‘Unwined’ will be donating their singing services for the event. All the Best Always!” Free Feast At Faddy’s: Steve Malone, owner of Faddy Malone’s in Levittown invites “all Veterans and active military to eat and drink FREE on us today. Chef Sweet Lou will be cooking up a storm for our Vets.” Mighty was waiting on the Heat (-12) on Tuesday and likes the Clippers on Wednesday. The deficit is 1069 sirignanos.  Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: August 23

“Hi, Mighty, Danny (DQ) Quinn from Shine's Bar, 55 California St., Long Beach, Mighty Quinn Headquarters. Hope all is well. Just wanted to remind you to get that old Schwinn bike of yours tuned up. Shine’s 20th Annual New York to California Bike Tour is going to be held on Saturday, August 26th. Yours truly and Paulie A. will be manning the stick and Meghan Casey-Wilson will be unveiling the most sought after T-shirt in Long Beach. “I hope you've been training, as you known this is no stroll around the block. All are welcome, it’s always a great day with fun had by one and all. Hope to see you there, pally. “Thanks again for the tip at Saratoga, ‘Always bet Franco in the last race’ one I will never forget. Thanks MQ, talk to you soon. Peace and thanks, DQ.” NOTE: You can email Mighty at [email protected] Mighty was waiting on the Rays on Tuesday and likes the Indians on Wednesday. The deficit is 1090 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: Oct. 31

“This is Peter Hogarty. I'm gonna try to jog your memory here, going back to the eighties and earlier. I am the son of Dennis Hogarty who owned Hogarty's Tavern in Laurelton and later worked at The Owl Tavern in Springfield Gardens. You actually mentioned him in one of your articles way back when, crediting him with a tip on a game or a horse or something. Sorry to say my dad passed away 5 years ago, way too soon. He was an avid follower of yours and I do enjoy reading you now online.” Mighty replied: “Do remember the quickie quiz your dad asked me to print when he worked at The Owl: ‘Name the 5 places in the world where the U.S. flag is never lowered?’” Answer below. Mighty missed with the Lions (+1 1/2) on Sunday and likes the Bears on Monday. The deficit is 1090 sirignanos. Quiz answer: The Betsy Ross House. The Alamo. USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington and the Moon. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: Nov. 1

Mighty was always a firm believer in the “five-second rule,” but maybe not so much anymore: NEWS ITEM — Down for the count! The five-second rule isn’t true, a new study by Rutgers University reveals — but certain foods collect less bacteria than their counterparts. According to a new study in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology journal, food acquires bacteria the instant it hits the ground, so the idea that morsels are germ-free if they’re snatched up within a certain time frame is false. “We decided to look into this because the practice is so widespread,” study author Donald Schaffner said in a statement from Rutgers University. “The topic might appear ‘light’ but we wanted our results backed by solid science.” Mighty was waiting on the Bears (+4 1/2) on Monday and likes Northern Illinois on Tuesday. The deficit is 1090 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: July 15

So Steve (Daddy Faddy) Malone and Yvonne recently headed to Atlantic City to see comedian Lisa Lampanelli... and do a little gambling:   “When it was time for business (working the blackjack tables) and having a few cocktails, things were going fine as I grinded out 2G’s in profit in about 3 hours. The only problem is the liquor consumption in those 3 hours seemed to get me more courageous.   “Then Yvonne told me the roulette table had 15 ‘reds’ in a row. Of course, I get up from the blackjack tables and lay the hard-earned 2 grand on black!   “Well, I’d like to tell you my birthday number (29 black) hit, but no, 32 red .... again! Easy come, easy it went. Next spin, 29 black, of course. Love, Daddy Faddy Malone.”   Mighty missed with the Yankees Sunday and likes Robinson Cano (5-1) in the Home Run Derby Monday. The deficit is 1090 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mighty Quinn: May 8

“Dear Mr. Quinn. Today I'll be holding my 9th annual fund-raiser for the waterfront warriors, a cause that's always been dear to my heart! In the past you've been able to give us a mention in your column. It helped us tremendously! I have emailed you about the organization from my business email at [email protected] (thru constant contact). “Each year I have been donating everything to the cause, food, staff, liquor, etc., 100% of all the night’s proceeds go to help our service men and women enjoy a (much needed) fun-filled week in Long Beach with their families this summer. “We appreciate the times you were able to mention us in the past! You always seem to help out everyone in need! “Thank You! Sincerely, Mark McCarthy, Lola's Kitchen & Wine Bar, 180 West Park Ave, Long Beach. 516-442-1090.” Mighty had no play on Sunday and likes the Cubs on Monday. The deficit is 970 sirignanos. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading