Joy Behar’s comments about VP Pence unacceptable

Joy Behar ("The View," broadcast by ABC) claims our vice president is mentally ill because he talks to Jesus. Really? That is so politically incorrect and unacceptable. Then any religious follower is mentally ill for talking to their God? Meanwhile an accused high school murder suspect in Florida claims he is "sad, mournful, remorseful." Oh, please. What comfort is that to 17 families who lost their child or husband? We are so far off course. We need less irresponsible people shooting off their mouths. And zero people irresponsibly shooting off guns. At the same time, we all need to be acutely aware of the really dangerous and harmful warning signs. I don't think talking to Jesus is one of them. Alice R. Yeakel Nazareth Continue Reading

Joy Behar’s ‘The Great Gasbag’ book party was full of laughs

It was a Joy to behold. Film producer Henry Schleiff and his wife Peggy hosted a book party for comedian Joy Behar's new Donald Trump inspired tome “The Great Gasbag” on Tuesday. And it was Schleiff who got all the laughs. “According to Trump accounting, this is the largest crowd ever assembled for a book party,” the host joked. He also wisecracked about the guest of honor’s connection to hands-on film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who stands accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women. “I think we all know how direct and honest Joy is,” Schleiff continued. “I know for a fact that she stood up and said ‘NO!’ to Harvey, at a restaurant — and, he was only asking her to pass the salt!” Behar was praised for the clever title of her book, referencing Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.” But she said there she’d also kicked around other puns as possible titles. They included “The Son-in-Law Also Rises” and “The Age of Ignorance.” Attending the literary fete were comedian Susie Essman, actor Alan Alda, newsman Don Lemon, talk show host Phil Donahue and Behar's colleague on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg. With Brian Niemietz Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Whoopi Goldberg ‘fed up’ with ‘The View’; Raven-Symone may also exit

Whoopi Goldberg's eye may have wandered past “The View.” The “Sister Act 2” is reportedly “fed up” with the daytime talk show, and has told her confidants she won’t be getting back in the habit after her contract expires this season, according to a report from The Wrap. Show insiders believe the 60-year-old comedian, who joined the show in 2007, is grumbling amid ongoing contract talks to keep her on the struggling show. ABC brass “want her back,” according to the report. ABC DEFENDES RAVEN-SYMONE ON 'THE VIEW' Meanwhile, former Disney Channel starlet Raven-Symone — who in her controversial one-year “View” stint has claimed she wouldn’t hire someone with a “ghetto” name and appeared to place equal blame on a South Carolina student assaulted by a sheriff’s deputy — will likely also leave after this season, according to the report. That would leave the show with lightning rod Joy Behar — the only co-host sticking around from the show’s original 1997 lineup — as well as Candace Cameron Bure, Paula Faris and Michelle Collins. A rep for ABC denied the report Tuesday, calling it "nothing but rumor and speculation from unnamed sources." 'THE VIEW' RENEWED FOR A 20TH SEASON “View” producers are also hoping to keep co-host Cameron Bure, who has complained about commuting from her Los Angeles home for the job. While weathering frequent cast changes, “The View” has been fighting an uphill ratings battle against copycat rivals like CBS’ “The Talk.”  Continue Reading

Joy Behar rips Caitlyn Jenner’s Ted Cruz support: ‘Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler’

Caitlyn Jenner’s conservative views make about as much sense as a self-hating Jew, according to Joy Behar. “The View” spitfire and her fellow co-hosts tore into the transgender reality star’s mystifying political leanings Tuesday — especially Jenner’s recent play to become a “trans ambassador” for notoriously anti-trans Sen. Ted Cruz. “Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler,” Behar said simply. The cutting comment came amid a lengthy dissection of the “I Am Cait” star’s 2016 election antics, which have also included declaring Donald Trump “very good for women’s issues,” slamming Hillary Clinton as a “f--king liar,” and later posting a conciliatory photo with Clinton captioned “willing to listen.” But Jenner’s political waffling is just a result of the relatively short time she has lived as a transgender woman, speculated Raven-Symone. “When you go through that much of a change so quickly, especially in the public eye, I think, personally, you should have taken a hiatus or break and stepped back and really lived in the transgender world,” Symone said of Jenner, who announced her transition last April. “Not just go right into it.” “When I came out at 28 or whatever, I didn’t go, ‘I’m an advocate! I’m an advocate!’ I didn’t know the struggle because I didn’t live in that world,” added the former Disney star, who spurns labels but dated a woman for years. Co-host Sunny Hostin also pointed out that the 66-year-old former Olympian and longtime Republican had lived most of her life enjoying “white male privilege.” “She’s still living, in a sense, in that bubble,” Hostin said. “Now, all of a sudden she is Continue Reading

Joy Behar talks about her new show, ‘Late Night Joy,’ her other show, ‘The View,’ and, of course, boobs

What started as an informal Weight Watchers group has turned into a late night TV show for none other than Joy Behar. “The View” host is also about to star in “Late Night Joy,” a new TLC show in which friends come to her Upper West Side pad (which is gawgeous, as Behar would say), and chat about topics: politics, trends, boobs. You know. “Everyone was in my house! I haven’t had that many people in my bedroom in my entire life,” Behar joked of the many cameramen, producers, and crew that transformed her classic apartment into a television studio — and it wasn’t without incident. [email protected]’s own Marianne Garvey was a guest on the show — and accidentally pulled a slab of marble off Behar’s kitchen counter as she rose from a chair. It happens. As a red-faced Garvey laughed nervously, Behar waved the chunk of expensive countertop around, saying “TLC, you’re paying.” The marble wasn’t the only casualty of war: Behar also broke a piece of her artist daughter’s pottery. Behar’s second bedroom was turned into the show’s de facto green room, complete with makeup chairs and hair stylists. “All the lights and cameras — I was held hostage,” laughs Behar. At least the show wasn’t a mess, with Behar having compelling conversations with pals including Don Lemon discussing being out and Wendy Williams dishing on her “gazungas.” “Don came out on my last show, so this is like a mini-series with him,” said Behar. “Wendy, she’s a tall skinny bitch. I had a great time.” The new venture comes as “The View” remains under the microscope — isn’t it always? — amid a petition drive to get Behar’s co-host Raven-Symone off the chat fest. The posting currently has 130,000 signatures. Continue Reading

Joy Behar’s ‘The View’ sendoff includes profane shot at the late Harry Reasoner

Barbara Walters threw Joy Behar a 60-minute going-away party on "The View" Friday and Behar said thanks by tossing a blunt f-word at an old Walters adversary. Behar ended her brief farewell remarks at the end of the show by saying "something I've been meaning to say on [Walter's] behalf for 16 years: 'F--- Harry Reasoner.' " When Walters broke the gender line by coanchoring the ABC Evening News from 1976 to 1978, Reasoner was her unhappy partner. He was visibly uncomfortable with the arrangement, and Walters later said he made her life difficult. Reasoner died in 1991. Walters reacted to Behar's comment Friday with a combination of a gasp and a laugh. Behar started on "The View" on Aug. 11, 1997. Regis Philbin, one of the live guests who dropped in Friday to say goodbye, said he was responsible for Walters first meeting Behar - after which, Walters said, she immediately wanted Behar for "The View." Behar's old friend and long-time "View" colleague Meredith Vieira contributed an extended lesbian joke to the farewell, and ended it by planting a kiss on Behar's lips. Other drop-ins included Joan Rivers, Alan Alda and Susie Essman, with taped goodbyes from Carol Burnett, Steve Martin and others. The show was framed as a "This Is Your Life" episode, with Mario Cantone as host. Cantone joked at the beginning that it was amusing "to do a spoof of a show no one remembers." Friday's "View" featured very short clips of some memorable Behar moments on the show, including interviews with John McCain, Barack Obama and Tom Cruise. It focused more on the live show, and even then there were no extended remarks from cohosts Whoopi Goldberg or Sherri Shepherd. Walters spoke briefly toward the end, prefacing her comments by saying Behar "would always punch a hole in the conversation if it got too sentimental." She and Behar exchanged "I love you" Continue Reading

Barbara Walters back at ’The View’ after being sidelined by health scare for weeks

Barbara Walters is back. After being sidelined for six weeks by chickenpox and a concussion, Walters returned Monday to ABC’s “The View.” She got a thunderous welcome from the studio audience and co-hosts Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar. The 83-year-old TV veteran declared that “after a lot of scratching and rest,” she is “fine and healthy.” The only visible signs of her ordeal: a single chickenpox bump on her forehead, near a tiny scar from her fall. Walters was hospitalized on Jan. 19 after fainting and cutting her head at a party in Washington. She had chickenpox at the time but didn’t realize it. She suffered a concussion and got six stitches. Recently she had been resting in her New York home. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Whoopi and Sherri close to joining ‘The View’

ABC's daytime show "The View" appears close to adding Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd as regular cast members following a year with more plot twists than a soap opera.The two women were in final negotiations to join the show, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday. While characterizing the report as premature, an executive close to the show who spoke on condition of anonymity because negotiations were ongoing wouldn't deny they were the top candidates.Goldberg, 51, would give "The View" creator Barbara Walters a big name to replace Rosie O'Donnell. In less than a year on the show, the brash O'Donnell was a never-ending source of headlines for her feuds with Donald Trump and co-star Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Despite the near-constant need for damage control, ratings shot up.Goldberg is one of the few performers to earn Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Academy awards in her versatile career, and could be expected to take the moderator role filled by O'Donnell.Shepherd, 40, has been a guest host on "The View" more than a dozen times, five times this month alone - an indication that producers were considering her seriously. The busy actress appears in the upcoming film "Who's Your Caddy." Her resume includes roles on "Pauly Shore Is Dead" and "The Jamie Foxx Show," and she even played God once on the CBS show "Joan of Arcadia."With Hasselbeck and Joy Behar, the cast changes would give the show a full complement of regulars for the first time since last summer, when Star Jones Reynolds left amid acrimony. Walters appears on the show occasionally.The changes would also give the show some ethnic diversity. "The View" has been without a regular black cast member since Reynolds left, and both Goldberg and Shepherd are black. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Joy Behar shops for an ovarian cancer cure

Whether surrounded by her gaggle of girls in the morning or a roaring comedy club audience at night, Joy Behar is "View"-ed as the witty comic who can draw chuckles from even the grumpiest of curmudgeons.But she's serious when it comes to supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which is why she'll be one of many celebrities attending its 10th annual Super Saturday Designer Garage Sale on July 28 at Nova's Ark Project in Water Mill, L.I., from 1 to 6 p.m. (212-759-2800 or  for $400 general admission tickets; $600 for "exclusive preview shopping, noon-1 p.m.)."I go every year to this event," notes the Brooklyn native. "It's a great family affair with pony rides, face painting and lots of shopping! With stuff for kids, food, alcohol and shopping, who can ask for anything more?""Where are George Soros and Bill Gates with their funds?" Behar ponders. "They should put their money and mouths into research. Ovarian cancer is one of the diseases that really needs attention."Another reason Behar is so passionate about it is because she encountered a scare herself. "Two summers ago, I asked for a transvaginal sonogram and it turned out I had several tumors on my ovaries. They operated on me and luckily everything was benign, but it was a pretty dark period of my life."One message she's touting to parents these days is to discuss this cancer with their daughters. "I started this conversation with my daughter Eve years ago, but lately we've been talking about the fact that researchers recently discovered that some symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain and urinary urgency do exist."Rallying behind Behar are her "View" co-hosts Barbara Walters, whose sister passed away from ovarian cancer, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who will be reporting from the event for Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Joy Behar doesn’t blame ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ spoof on Fredric Brandt’s death: ‘Satire doesn’t cause suicide’

Joy Behar doesn’t hold fellow comedians Tina Fey and Martin Short responsible for the death of her friend Dr. Fredric Brandt. It was widely reported that “The Baron of Botox,” who committed suicide on Sunday, had been upset by Short’s portrayal of a grotesque character apparently based on him in Fey’s Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” “Satire doesn’t cause suicide,” Behar told [email protected] at the Hollywood Reporter’s annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media event Wednesday night. “We had a chat about his Sirius show being cancelled,” said the former “The View” co-host, who says that she saw Brandt three weeks ago. “He was upset about that. Who knows what causes these things? He might have been manic depressive for all I know.” “He was alone in the world,” said Behar at the Four Seasons party at the Four Seasons restaurant, “He loved his dogs. I don't know what to say about it except it was shocking, quite shocking.” The dermatologist, who treated Madonna and Kelly Ripa among others, was found hanging in his Miami home by a friend. He was being treated for depression and was on suicide watch. Sources close to Brandt had told the Daily News that he was very self-conscious about his appearance and that he had been “upset” by the scenes in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Continue Reading