Ari Melber on Joy Behar: Lou Dobbs’s Immigration Hypocrisy

Lou Dobbs has made a career out of raging against undocumented immigrants, but as Isabel Macdonald found in an investigative report in the latest issue of The Nation, the former CNN host’s entire lifestyle depends on their labor. The Nation‘s Ari Melber joins CNN’s Joy Behar Show to explain what this investigation means for Dobbs and what the host’s hypocrisy reveals about the anti-immigrant strain in American politics as a whole. —Braden Goyette Continue Reading

Joy Behar’s Current show will balance serious issues with comic commentary

Joy Behar, who this fall will add an evening talk show on Current TV to her long-running gig on ABC’s “The View,” says one of the many nice perks of her work was meeting President Obama when he guested on “The View.” “I’ve met him several times,” says Behar, “and he’s very warm. I’ve gotten to like him as a person — even though in a way I still keep him on a pedestal, because he is the President.” On the other hand, she says, she’s relieved she never met George W. Bush. “I disagreed with probably 80%-90% of his policies,” she says, “and I was merciless toward him in my standup act. “So I really didn’t want to meet him — because I knew that personally I would probably like him.” It’s apparent from Behar’s comments on “The View” since 1997, and on her HLN show that ended last December, that she should be a good fit on Current TV. It’s a progressive network hoping to raise its profile during the presidential election. “The Joy Behar Show” will run at 6 p.m. and will be repeated later in the evening — perhaps at 10, after Jennifer Granholm’s “The War Room.” Behar will do kind of a trial preview Monday through Friday this week, sitting in for the vacationing Eliot Spitzer at 8 p.m. “My new show will be a lot like the HLN show,” Behar says. “There will be guests, interviews, panel discussions. I like religious conversations, like a rabbi or a theologian talking about an issue, so we’ll do some of that.” What she won’t do, she says, is hammer talking points for an hour. “People watch to be informed,” she says. “But more than that, they want to be entertained.” It helps that years of standup comedy have given her a sense of how to balance comedy with serious discussion. “When Continue Reading

‘The View’ host Joy Behar to anchor series on Current TV

Joy Behar is getting her own show — again. Starting in September, she’ll anchor an hour-long series on Current TV, set to air Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m., and repeating in prime time. There’s no official title yet, but it’s being called “The Joy Behar Show” for now. Brooklyn-born Behar, 69, previously hosted a news program of the same name on HLN, which was canceled in November. Her new show will focus on the latest headlines, pop culture, political events, social issues and anything else she cares to talk about. The premiere date will be announced later in the summer, along with the ensemble cast, which will include journalists, analysts and political satirists. “Joy Behar is a beloved veteran television personality with her finger on the pulse of what viewers care about,” Currents’ TV chairman and former Vice President Al Gore said in a statement. “Millions of Americans tune in daily to hear her take on the issues along with her inimitable style. We are honored that Current TV will be Joy’s new prime-time home.” Though Behar’s new show doesn’t start till September, she'll begin on Current TV next Monday when she guest-anchors on “Viewpoint” while the show’s host, Eliot Spitzer, is on vacation. “Joy Behar: One Week Only *Until the Fall” will air through next Friday at 8 p.m., and serve as a preview for her upcoming series. Behar also co-hosts ABC’s talk show “The View.” Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Inner Tube: Joy Behar will anchor a new show on Current TV starting in September

Joy Behar is getting her own show — again. Starting in September, she’ll anchor a series on Current TV, airing Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m., and repeating during prime time. It’s being called “The Joy Behar Show” for now. Behar previously hosted a news program of the same name on HLN, which was canceled in November. Her new show will focus on the latest headlines, pop culture, political events and social issues. The premiere date will be announced later this summer, along with the ensemble cast, which will include journalists, analysts and political satirists. Behar also co-hosts the ABC talk show “The View.” Though the new show doesn’t start till September, she begins work on Current TV next week when she guest-anchors on “Viewpoint” while show host Eliot Spitzer is on vacation. Host “Live! With Kelly” Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry Seinfeld and Mario Lopez have so far filled in as co-hosts of “Live! With Kelly,” and now you can, too. The nationally syndicated morning show announced Monday that one winner of “Live’s Coast-to-Coast Co-Host Search” will sit alongside Kelly Ripa for a day. Through June 29, viewers can send in video entries online or by mail, explaining why they should get a shot. After a couple of rounds, the top five finalists will be announced July 11. During the week of July 16, they’ll compete for a chance to become Ripa’s sidekick on July 24. Streamed shows to post ratings Responding to public pressure, the major TV broadcast networks Monday announced they will post ratings on all programs they stream over the Internet. The ratings have long been embedded in all broadcasts, but have often been absent on the ’net. Parents groups in particular have asked they be embedded. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Univision, Telemundo and Telefutura all signed the announcement, which says the ratings will be Continue Reading

Gene Simmons makes joke about infidelity that causes Shannon Tweed to storm off ‘Joy Behar Show’

The tension between Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed boiled over during a recent taping of "The Joy Behar Show."KISS bassist how his back is after bedding a reported 5,000 women, he joked right back – much to Tweed's chagrin.Playboy Playmate, 54, then took off her microphone and walked off the set.Gene Simmons Family Jewels," on A&E after the interview that she at first thought "they were kidding" when the couple talked of their marital problems.wrote. "VERY REAL on our end."HLN journalist, he said, "not personal." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Joy Behar’s HLN talk show gets canceled after two years, confirms network

Joy Behar’s HLN talk show will be signing off the air by the end of the year, the network announced Thursday. “I am very proud of the show that we created at HLN and I owe tremendous thanks to the show team who made it possible,” Behar said in a statement. Behar, who remains a co-host on “The View,” debuted “The Joy Behar Show” in September 2009. HLN general manager Scot Safon said, "Joy and her team produced over 500 episodes of a show that featured news-making interviews, great conversation and plenty of humor. We thank Joy for the many memorable moments she gave the HLN audience." The final episode of “The Joy Behar Show” will air in mid-December, with the 10 p.m. time slot being replaced by one of HLN’s current programs. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Perez Hilton explains his part in Miley Cyrus photo scandal on ‘The Joy Behar Show’

Perez Hilton has taken a lot of heat for posting a racy picture of Miley Cyrus on his Web site this week. Last night he headed to "The Joy Behar Show" to set the record straight.Twitter. The Disney starlet was wearing a short white dress, had her legs spread apart and reportedly was not wearing underwear.PopEater. "The point of me choosing that one photo is because it was showing Miley getting out of the car in an unladylike fashion. And I just thought that was funny and in keeping with her shocking behavior of late, because she was very well aware that she was in a public place at a -- at a video shoot and that there were paparazzi present." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Joy Behar gets set for prime time with HLN’s ‘The Joy Behar Show’

As a practice Joy Behar doesn't look at her TV work. She realizes, though, as the host of a new prime-time hour on HLN launching tonight at 9, she's going to have to break that policy - at least a little. "I usually don't watch myself," she said. "I end up looking to see how my hair looks," she added. "I say, look at my hair, or I look fat, or I hate the way my voice sounds. I'm hard on myself and in order to minimize all the pain, I don't watch it." She will now, at the start, to make sure the technical aspects of the show are right. And she's hoping others do, too. "The Joy Behar Show" will air at 9 p.m. and follow HLN's ratings magnet "The Nancy Grace Show." She's also joining a lineup that includes a 7 p.m. hour anchored by Jane Velez-Mitchell. Unlike Grace, who focuses almost totally on crimes, and Velez-Mitchell, who tends to go down that road, too, Behar is looking to go a bit broader. Her first guest is Bette Midler, and upcoming guests include Bill Maher, Larry David, Michael Moore and Arianna Huffington. The first show will also include a segment with Bay Buchanan and Janeane Garofalo. "I have to say, it's the kind of a show I've always wanted to do," she said. "I know we'll need some time to work out the kinks; it's new." There won't be cooking or fashion, and definitely no animal acts. Short of those, she said, "nothing's really off-limits in terms of conversation, done with sanity." So, she's expecting to weigh in on topical news, have panel discussions, and interview guests along the way. "The shows are about the personalities," said Ken Jautz, executive vice president of CNN Worldwide. "I liken the hosts of the HLN lineup to columnists, and the shows focus on the hosts' opinion. The difference is it's an interactive column. "They're opinionated," he added, comparing Behar with Velez-Mitchell and Grace, "they're passionate about their opinions and they're big personalities that run those shows." Speaking of Continue Reading

‘Treasures of New York: Friars Club’ review: Fresh attitude with comics like Joy Behar and Amy Schumer

The Friars Club has always fascinated the vast majority of New Yorkers who couldn’t get through the doors with a rocket-powered grenade. This admiring new documentary gives us a glimpse inside the Friars’ elite showbiz world, which turns out to look considerably different than it once did. All most of us ever knew about the Friars is that they dressed well, smoked a lot and held “roasts” at which they lovingly hurled scorching insults at famous guests. Our little glimpses would show us Jerry Lewis or Milton Berle throwing off one-liners punctuated with four-letter words and tasteless insults, many of which were also quite funny. It looked like a classic Old Boys’ Club, with women admitted only as escorted guests with their important boyfriends or husbands. Not today. Many of the gags at contemporary roasts come from the likes of Lisa Lampanelli or Amy Schumer, which changes the visuals a lot. Interestingly, though, it changes the tone and language not at all. Turns out the girls know just as many naughty words as the boys, and are no less creative about using them in a sentence. Joy Behar and others talk here about how you just have to take what’s said in the Friars Club in context. If you said many of these things to a random person in the street, it would sound offensive. Inside the club, that’s just the way they talk. When Jerry Lewis is being roasted, for instance, one of the few repeatable jokes goes, “How is it possible that Jerry looks worse than [his late former partner] Dean (Martin)?” Nice that the young folks are carrying on that spirit. Continue Reading

Joy Behar doesn’t blame ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ spoof on Fredric Brandt’s death: ‘Satire doesn’t cause suicide’

Joy Behar doesn’t hold fellow comedians Tina Fey and Martin Short responsible for the death of her friend Dr. Fredric Brandt. It was widely reported that “The Baron of Botox,” who committed suicide on Sunday, had been upset by Short’s portrayal of a grotesque character apparently based on him in Fey’s Netflix show “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” “Satire doesn’t cause suicide,” Behar told [email protected] at the Hollywood Reporter’s annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media event Wednesday night. “We had a chat about his Sirius show being cancelled,” said the former “The View” co-host, who says that she saw Brandt three weeks ago. “He was upset about that. Who knows what causes these things? He might have been manic depressive for all I know.” “He was alone in the world,” said Behar at the Four Seasons party at the Four Seasons restaurant, “He loved his dogs. I don't know what to say about it except it was shocking, quite shocking.” The dermatologist, who treated Madonna and Kelly Ripa among others, was found hanging in his Miami home by a friend. He was being treated for depression and was on suicide watch. Sources close to Brandt had told the Daily News that he was very self-conscious about his appearance and that he had been “upset” by the scenes in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Continue Reading