‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Blast Joy Behar: ‘Obviously She Doesn’t Know Christ’

"She's Jewish, isn't she?" co-host Brian Kilmeade says of "The View" comedian who was raised Catholic Jon Levine, provided by Published 7:53 am, Thursday, February 15, 2018 Image 1of/1 CaptionClose Image 1 of 1 ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Blast Joy Behar: ‘Obviously She Doesn’t Know Christ’ 1 / 1 Back to Gallery “Fox & Friends” co-hosts on Wednesday took to bashing the religious beliefs of “The View” co-host Joy Behar, an Italian-American who was raised Roman Catholic. “As a Christian, obviously she doesn’t know Christ,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said of Behar after the comedian called out Vice President Mike Pence’s religiosity. “She doesn’t know the joy and the love that he provides for so many people.” “She’s Jewish, isn’t she?” fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade asked. Also Read: Fox News Removes Column Condemning 'Darker, Gayer, Different' Olympics You might also like: Now Playing: Meghan McCain, the 32-year-old daughter of Arizona GOP Senator John McCain, has signed on to be a regular cohost on 'The View'. McCain, who will replace Jedidiah Bila as a conservative voice on the show, recently left a role on the Fox News program 'Outnumbered'. Before joining Fox News, she co-hosted the Pivot Network’s "TakePart Live" and contributed to publications such as the Daily Beast, Newsweek and Time. McCain is reportedly set to begin her new job in early October, joining 'View' co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Paula Faris and Sunny Hostin. Media: Wochit The Fox News hosts took the oddly personal turn after Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” when Behar responded to former White House aide Omarosa Manigault’s claim on “Celebrity Big Brother” that Pence “thinks Jesus tells him to say things.” Behar ripped into the vice president Continue Reading

‘View’ star Joy Behar says Vice President Mike Pence hearing Jesus is a ‘mental illness’

1 of 2 View 2 Items Dario Cantatore, Invision FILE - In this April 1, 2013 file photo, TV personality Joy Behar arrives at the "Lucky Guy" Opening Night in New York. Behar is returning to The View as a co-host, part of an overhauled panel that also will include newcomers Candace Cameron Bure and Paula Faris. ABC News said Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2015, that the trio will join returning moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-hosts Raven-Symon and Michelle Collins on the daytime talk show. (Photo by Dario Cantatore/Invision/AP, File) Related Links Pence visits Western Wall amid tensions with Palestinians Pence visit showcases dilemma facing Egypt, Jordan leaders Pence upstaged by 2 Koreas' efforts to warm ties SALT LAKE CITY — “The View” star Joy Behar discussed Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith during a television segment on Tuesday, saying that reported statements about him hearing Jesus sound like a "mental illness." The women of ABC’s “The View” spoke about Pence after airing a clip of former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman, which has gained a lot of media attention in recent days. Newman, who stars on “Celebrity Big Brother,” condemned Pence in the clip from the TV show, according to BuzzFeed News. “As bad as you think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence. Everybody that's wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life,” she said in the clip. “I'm Christian, I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things.” "As bad as y'all think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence ... Everyone that's wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life. We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president..." -Omarosa pic.twitter.com/W9bEWlVSCm— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays) February 13, 2018After watching the clip, the “View” hosts debated Newman's intentions, Continue Reading

Sen. John McCain to pay birthday visit to daughter Meghan McCain on ‘The View’

We know what "The View" newbie Meghan McCain is getting for her birthday this year: A visit from dad.John McCain, the always-newsworthy senior U.S. senator from Arizona, will pay a visit to his daughter at her new gig on Monday as a gift for her birthday, courtesy of the rest of the daytime talk show's panel. Meghan McCain, who joined The View last week, turns 33 on Monday.The visit will likely be especially poignant since the 81-year-old senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee has brain cancer and has said doctors have given him a poor prognosis.Not that this has slowed him down much in recent weeks: He's been in the headlines repeatedly as one of the most outspoken Washington Republicans critical of President Trump. MORE:  McCain blasts 'half-baked, spurious nationalism'; Donald Trump fires backMeghan McCain has been an immediate hit on The View, with her debut episode ranking as the show's second most-watched episode in seven months.She filled the seat held by Jedediah Bila, a conservative on a panel that has traditionally been liberal-leaning. A former co-host of Fox News's Outnumbered , she joins Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Paula Faris, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin on the panel .   McCain also was named an ABC News contributor to shows including This Week and Good Morning America. She has resisted being pigeonholed politically, and calls herself a Republican with liberal views on social issues.  READ MORE:  Arizona lawmaker Ugenti-Rita says she was sexually harassed by male colleagues at the Capitol Here's how well Republican Gov. Doug Ducey rewarded his staff, agency heads Continue Reading

Readers sound off on James Frascatore, Joy Behar and kaporos

Cop or not, decency demanded Rockaway Park: Re PBA President Patrick Lynch criticizing pundits as unqualified to judge the actions of NYPD Officer James Frascatore: Well, maybe they are not, but I am. I spent 20 years as a New York State parole officer. Besides making parole violation arrests, I was involved in arrests for gun possession, rape, child molestation and drug sales. Admittedly, not every arrest went smoothly, but I always relied on my training to guide my actions. I was taught that the person being arrested dictated the amount of force that I should use, for my own safety and that of others. I was trained to assess the situation carefully before acting, including what the person is being arrested for. My experience told me that someone being arrested for a nonviolent crime would be a lot less likely to resist, especially if I had backup. Lynch sees the media’s rush to judgement as unwarranted because journalists have not experienced the danger involved in making an arrest. But in any profession, common sense, decency and respect for others should be the rule — especially for law enforcement, because of its power over people’s lives. Frascatore’s actions in confronting James Blake the way he did are surely questionable. Anthony Johnson No excuses Bronx: I agree with the start of Pat Lynch’s statement “Let all of the facts lead where they will” but take strong exception to the rest: “but police officers have earned the benefit of the doubt because of the dangers we routinely face.” (“Shame on media rush to judgment,” Sept. 16). One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The same argument has been used to justify shooting unarmed people the police claim made them feel threatened by reaching for their waist. Robert George Gallimore Three of a kind Levittown, L.I.: It is amazing how much James Blake and Australian Sean Satha look alike — and not only Continue Reading

Joy Behar talks about her new show, ‘Late Night Joy,’ her other show, ‘The View,’ and, of course, boobs

What started as an informal Weight Watchers group has turned into a late night TV show for none other than Joy Behar. “The View” host is also about to star in “Late Night Joy,” a new TLC show in which friends come to her Upper West Side pad (which is gawgeous, as Behar would say), and chat about topics: politics, trends, boobs. You know. “Everyone was in my house! I haven’t had that many people in my bedroom in my entire life,” Behar joked of the many cameramen, producers, and crew that transformed her classic apartment into a television studio — and it wasn’t without incident. [email protected]’s own Marianne Garvey was a guest on the show — and accidentally pulled a slab of marble off Behar’s kitchen counter as she rose from a chair. It happens. As a red-faced Garvey laughed nervously, Behar waved the chunk of expensive countertop around, saying “TLC, you’re paying.” The marble wasn’t the only casualty of war: Behar also broke a piece of her artist daughter’s pottery. Behar’s second bedroom was turned into the show’s de facto green room, complete with makeup chairs and hair stylists. “All the lights and cameras — I was held hostage,” laughs Behar. At least the show wasn’t a mess, with Behar having compelling conversations with pals including Don Lemon discussing being out and Wendy Williams dishing on her “gazungas.” “Don came out on my last show, so this is like a mini-series with him,” said Behar. “Wendy, she’s a tall skinny bitch. I had a great time.” The new venture comes as “The View” remains under the microscope — isn’t it always? — amid a petition drive to get Behar’s co-host Raven-Symone off the chat fest. The change.org posting currently has 130,000 signatures. Continue Reading

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wonders if he should go ‘Dancing With the Stars’; Joy Behar takes dig at former ‘View’ co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Ain’t that a kick in the head? Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is considering appearing on “Dancing With the Stars.” The environmentalist’s daughter, Kick, spilled the news on her Instagram account by posting a text message marked from “Father” seeking advice on the idea. “I just got solicited to do a show called dancing with the stars,” said the message, “They will pay me $150,000 to commit and additional $350,000 if I make it into the semifinals in a televised dance contest. I know that some of you have seen me dance and I thought it advisable to consult you as I consider this offer.” The initial figure tallies with a 2010 Hollywood Reporter story saying contestants make $125,000 on signing up, with a “$345,000 pot up for grabs during the 10 weeks of airtime.” It wouldn’t be the first time Kennedy has cut a rug in public. At his high-profile wedding to actress Cheryl Hines on Aug. 2, the pair did their first dance to Adele ’s “Make You Feel My Love” in front of some 250 guests. Although Camelot succumbed to reality TV when Jackie Onassis’ relative Carole Radziwill joined the “The Real Housewives of New York,” this would be the first time a Kennedy has appeared in the sometimes-seedy genre. Reps for Kennedy and the show declined to comment. MAKING SHOPPING TRIPS SWIFTER It’s been declared the year of Taylor Swift, and no one seems to be enjoying it more than the Swift family. Swift walked around downtown on Sunday with her younger brother, Austin, her mother, Andrea, and her father, Scott, as they picked out Christmas presents. Just in case anyone forgot that this is no normal family, their gifts were unloaded from an SUV by Swift’s security guards. MOUTHING OFF OVER KIMYE AD Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, crowed that he wanted his spring/summer 2015 menswear Continue Reading

Joy Behar’s new comedy may find rich material in her ‘View’ years with Barbara Walters

Joy Behar is getting back to her roots. After 16 years sitting on “The View” couch next to Barbara Walters and a rotating group of other ladies, Behar finally will escape this summer and plans to hit the road on a comedy tour. “Joy has made no secret that she plans to return to standup comedy after she leaves the show,” a friend of the comedian tells [email protected] “She is already writing a new act now, and guess what it will focus on? Her life at ‘The View.’ ” We’re told Behar won’t hold back — and that includes talking about Babs. Walters, notorious for running a tight ship at the show she created, has made sure that for all the years “The View” has been on, that no one — including former co-host Star Jones — has ever spilled all. “Joy knows everything, she’s lasted this whole time,” says our source. “She knows why Debbie Matenopoulos was fired, the truth about Star Jones’ marriage, and the time Star [supposedly] tackled her to the ground when Joy tried to take a photograph of her on her wedding day.” (Star magazine had bought exclusive rights to the event.) “She knows which host had trouble borrowing clothes for the show because they often returned them soiled,” says the source. “And then there is the whole Rosie O’Donnell drama, not to mention working with Barbara.” Sounds like the act is writing itself. As for where she’ll perform, Behar wants a mini-tour across the U.S. “She’s planning on taking it on the road, around the country,” says our insider. “Who knows? It could even end up in New York as a one-woman Broadway show. Comedy is her first love and she can’t wait to get back on the stage in front of an audience. Don’t be surprised if you see her start popping up at a few small comedy clubs in New York to try out some of her Continue Reading

Joy Behar shops for an ovarian cancer cure

Whether surrounded by her gaggle of girls in the morning or a roaring comedy club audience at night, Joy Behar is "View"-ed as the witty comic who can draw chuckles from even the grumpiest of curmudgeons.But she's serious when it comes to supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, which is why she'll be one of many celebrities attending its 10th annual Super Saturday Designer Garage Sale on July 28 at Nova's Ark Project in Water Mill, L.I., from 1 to 6 p.m. (212-759-2800 or www.ocrf.org  for $400 general admission tickets; $600 for "exclusive preview shopping, noon-1 p.m.)."I go every year to this event," notes the Brooklyn native. "It's a great family affair with pony rides, face painting and lots of shopping! With stuff for kids, food, alcohol and shopping, who can ask for anything more?""Where are George Soros and Bill Gates with their funds?" Behar ponders. "They should put their money and mouths into research. Ovarian cancer is one of the diseases that really needs attention."Another reason Behar is so passionate about it is because she encountered a scare herself. "Two summers ago, I asked for a transvaginal sonogram and it turned out I had several tumors on my ovaries. They operated on me and luckily everything was benign, but it was a pretty dark period of my life."One message she's touting to parents these days is to discuss this cancer with their daughters. "I started this conversation with my daughter Eve years ago, but lately we've been talking about the fact that researchers recently discovered that some symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain and urinary urgency do exist."Rallying behind Behar are her "View" co-hosts Barbara Walters, whose sister passed away from ovarian cancer, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who will be reporting from the event for www.gmc.com. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading


Fashionistas must have thought there was peyote in their popcorn Tuesday night when Vogue editrix Anna Wintour showed up at a VIP screening of "The Devil Wears Prada. " Could the imperious style queen have deigned to see the movie based on the book that had so mercilessly lampooned her? But, sure enough, it was Wintour. She felt brave enough to dispense with her signature runway safety goggles. But she took care to surround herself with a posse that included boyfriend Shelby Bryan and daughter Bee Schaffer. Word is Meryl Streep, who plays editor Miranda Priestly, had persuaded Wintour to come by, assuring her that her character was an amalgam of other fashion arbiters - ladies like Diana Vreeland, Polly Mellon, Grace Mirabella and Liz Tilberis. Plus, Streep had been nice enough to strip Priestly of her Wintourish British accent. It was fine to see Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, Patricia Clarkson, Campbell Scott, Martha Stewart and Candice Bergen. But what if she got caught in an elevator with Lauren Weisberger, the former Vogue assistant who turned her stint at the mag into a best seller. Ever since the book's publication in 2003, Wintour had refused to dignify it with a comment. What if Wintour ran into the willowy Weisberger? Organizers were determined not to let it happen. "They purposely seated Lauren and Anna on opposite sides of the theater," says one source. "As far away as humanly possible. " Disappointingly, the plan worked. Wintour escaped the theater without a confrontation with the young woman who'd gotten rich off her. "I heard she was there," Weisberger told us. "I haven't run into her since the book came out. We travel in different circles. All I know is that it was one of the most exciting nights of my life. " And how did Wintour like the film? "She thought it was very entertaining," said her spokesman. "It was satire. What's not to like? " Side Dish RAPPER THE GAME was busted Saturday night after police in Continue Reading


Donald, please! Language! "Put your freaking, f-g hand down! You! Who keeps waving in the air! " charity auctioneer Donald Trump ordered a dinner guest at Chelsea Piers during Monday night's fund-raiser benefiting the c for autistic children and honoring Katie Couric and Judith Giuliani. "I'm kidding," Trump belatedly added as the bidding stalled on a trip to Costa Rica. But moments later when a Verdura bracelet came up, Trump was at it again - bidding on behalf of bachelor financier Teddy Forstmann. "Okay, $45,000 for Teddy. When you negotiate for someone else, who gives a s-? " Maybe The Donald's mouth could use an industrial-strength scrubber. Then there's the way he treated the portly guy who placed the winning $16,000 bid on the Costa Rica vacation. After inviting the poor fellow onstage, Trump zinged him: "You see, he wants to catch Montezuma's revenge and lose 50 or 60 pounds! " Ouch. Trump might get away with this stuff in front of NBC Universal Chairman Bob Wright, Couric, Giuliani and other swells in the crowd, but let's hope he isn't setting a bad example for 2-month-old son Barron William Trump. Spirit Award winner Couric - who has an autistic godson - offered moral support for Knicks exec and sexual harassment lawsuit defendant Isiah Thomas. "How adorable is he? How big is his heart? " Couric said. "The next time someone wants me to come to an event all they have to say is Isiah Thomas is going to be there. " The CBS-bound Couric also love-bombed emcee Conan O'Brien: "Conan, I know how much you do for other people, and I just want to say, in a moment of remarkable sincerity, thank you very much. " To which the NBC "Late Night" star responded: "Katie Couric. The nicest words anyone has ever said about me at NBC - and she's leaving. " TAKING A DIM 'VIEW' OF CHICKS Maybe it's time for another apology from the Dixie Chicks. The ladies of "The View" went nuclear yesterday on the Time magazine cover girls for Chick Continue Reading