Scott Walker leads GOP 2016 competitors in Iowa: poll

Scott Walker is way ahead in early-voting state Iowa, a new poll shows. Wisconsin's Republican governor got the support of 21% of likely Hawkeye State voters, according a new Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio tied for second place, each receiving the support of 13% of likely GOP voters, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got 12%. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won the state's first-in-the-nation caucuses in 2008, got 11%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, considered in many GOP circles to be the party's frontrunner for the nomination, fared poorly in the poll, receiving only 5% of the support of likely Republican voters. In another piece of bad news for Bush, the poll found that nearly 25% of Iowa voters said they would "definitely" not support him — top in the category. Continue Reading

Scott Walker leads GOP 2016 nomination race in Iowa: poll

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the clear frontrunner among his competitors for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination in early-voting state Iowa, a new poll shows. Walker got the support of 17% of likely Republican voters in the Hawkeye State in a new Bloomberg Politics / Des Moines Register poll released Sunday, well ahead of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who both came in second, tied with 10%. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee came in next, both getting 9% support in the survey, which was taken May 25-29 among 400 likely Republican caucusgoers. Continue Reading

No. 14 UAB upsets No. 3 Iowa State, 60-59, in NCAA Tournament

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The UAB Blazers may not have a football program anymore. They do have the first big upset of the NCAA Tournament and hope they can give their university something to rally around. William Lee scored the last four points for 14th-seeded UAB, and the Blazers knocked off third-seeded Iowa State 60-59 on Thursday in their opening game in the NCAA Tournament. It’s the third straight year a 14 seed has upset a No. 3 seed, and Georgia State followed up by joining the list within an hour with a 57-56 win over Baylor. The Blazers (20-15) came in with the youngest team in the NCAA Tournament and with nobody having played in this tournament before. They wound up winning the program’s first NCAA game since 2005 and ran over to celebrate in front of the fans of a school that shut its football program down in December. “For us, it was just huge,” UAB junior Robert Brown said. “We come here, not just to play games, but to actually make some noise and to win some games. To be able to do that and win for Birmingham, win for Coach (Jerod) Haase, it’s a great feeling.” RELATED: BREAKING DOWN THE NCAA SOUTH REGION And it set off a wild celebration in the Blazers’ locker room. “We were celebrating because that was a really big win for us with us being the underdogs,” UAB guard Tyler Madison said. Haase estimated maybe four or five of the Blazers didn’t even realize a month ago that the Conference USA Tournament champion earned an automatic berth, while another had never watched a selection show before Sunday. “You’re a product of your thoughts,” Haase said. “There’s been more talk right now about 14 seed or upsets than we’ve said the entire year. Our thoughts have been, when we play well, we think we can compete with anybody, and those thoughts have been expressed to our team, and our team has made the Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton spotted at Chipotle in Ohio ‘trying to be incognito’ as presidential candidate makes her way to Iowa

She ordered the burrito — incognito. Hillary Clinton made a Chipotle pit stop in Maumee, Ohio, on her everywoman road trip from New York to Iowa on Monday — and the staff and nearly all the customers failed to recognize one of the most famous women in the world. Security video showed Clinton, 67, and longtime aide Huma Abedin sporting shades as they stood at the counter and put in their orders. General manager Charles Wright told the Daily News that Clinton was in his restaurant at about 1:20 p.m., ordering a chicken burrito bowl with guacamole, a chicken salad, and a blackberry Izze soft drink. Wright said Clinton stayed about 25 minutes and did nothing to attract attention to herself — and it worked. “She wasn’t, like, obvious and no one made a scene,” Wright said. “She just came through like a regular customer — and we treated her just like a regular customer.” The two women “were trying to be incognito and all that good stuff,” he said. “Usually with a lady of that stature, you would think she would have security around her,” Wright said, but “it was just her and the other lady.” The women bussed their own trays, a campaign aide said. LUPICA: HILLARY CLINTON NEEDS MORE THAN STAR POWER TO WIN IN 2016 Only one customer seemed to recognize he was in the presence of a newly minted presidential hopeful and snapped some pictures, Wright said. “He was the only one who really seemed to notice her,” he said. Clinton, who left her Chappaqua, Westchester County, home midafternoon Sunday around the time her presidential announcement was released on social media, is traveling to Iowa in a black GMC van that she normally uses and has dubbed “Scooby” — a reference to the Mystery Machine in “Scooby-Doo.” Her travel companions include Abedin and Continue Reading

Iowa man chanting ‘USA, English only’ interrupts bilingual kindergarten concert

An Iowa kindergarten concert was rudely interrupted after an audience member suddenly stood up and started chanting: "USA, English only." The Perry Elementary School children were being introduced to the crowd at the Perry Performing Arts Center on Thursday, and the remarks were translated into Spanish, reported KCCI. That bilingual interpretation set off the verbal attack. Dramatic cellphone footage showed the man chanting the phrase as he was escorted out of the venue in Perry, which has a large Latino population. Children and proud relatives who'd been looking forward to watching the recital were left stunned by the shocking incident. "Nothing — I've never heard anything like that and it just hurt me really bad," Sara Benedict, whose son was in the concert, told KCCI. "Those kids don't know nothing and all they look, and when they're up there — those are their friends," she added. Juan Ordonez, whose nephew shot the clip, said the outburst could "give the wrong idea to the kids." He dubbed it a "hate crime." "I told him (his nephew) we need to send the video, make sure somebody knows what's going on in Perry and maybe they stop," he added. The man who interrupted the concert has not yet been identified. Perry Police Department's Sgt. Jerome Hill said he was "aware" of the incident, but that no arrests have been made. It is still under investigation, he told the Des Moines Register. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH VIDEO HERE. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Former Iowa cop, convicted of police abuse, strangles girlfriend, hangs self in murder-suicide: authorities

An abusive cop-turned-felon in Iowa strangled his girlfriend before killing himself, authorities said. Urbandale police officers found the lifeless bodies of ex-Des Moines patrolman Mersed Dautovic and Mevlida Dzananovic on Sunday in the garage of the suburban apartment complex where he lived. Dautovic, who’d served time in a police brutality case, hanged himself, police Sgt. Gary Lang told the Daily News. His girlfriend wasn’t hanged, but the sergeant declined to elaborate. The couple had lived together until recently when Dzananovic moved out, a development that apparently angered the hot-headed former lawman. The 24-year-old woman called 911 on March 28 after a frightening meeting with Dautovic at a Kum & Go gas station in nearby Waukee. She told an Iowa State trooper they were supposed to discuss their struggling relationship, but Dautovic grew enraged when she wouldn’t turn over her cellphone. The 32-year-old punched her in the mouth, twisted her right hand and tore her leggings, Dzananovic said, according to an incident report. The trooper noted the young mom’s split lip, scratched wrist and ripped clothing in his account. Dzananovic’s 5-year-old son was in her car. Dautovic was later stopped in Des Moines and claimed the petite mom attacked him in a “jealous rage.” The story fell flat with the trooper, who couldn’t find any injuries to back up his claims. Dautovic was arrested on an aggravated assault charge and later released. He had served 20 months in federal prison for brutally beating a man during a traffic stop in 2008. Dautovic and his partner in the Des Moines Police Department clubbed the man with metal batons, breaking his arm, shattering his hand and splitting open his scalp as the man slipped in and out of consciousness, court records showed. He was released in 2014, but prosecutors appealed Continue Reading

Iowa egg executives sentenced to three months in jail for salmonella outbreak

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Two former egg industry executives were sentenced to three months in jail Monday for their roles in a major 2010 salmonella outbreak that sickened thousands. Austin “Jack” DeCoster and his son, Peter DeCoster, faced up to a year in jail on charges of shipping adulterated food. They will remain free while appealing their three-month sentence. The DeCosters wanted to avoid jail time, but U.S. District Judge Mark Bennett heeded prosecutors’ calls for a tough punishment because of the widespread harm the outbreak caused. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control linked 1,939 illnesses to the outbreak, but officials estimate that up to 56,000 people may have been sickened. Investigators argue that the DeCosters knew their Iowa egg facilities were at risk for salmonella contamination before the outbreak. The elder DeCoster, 80, of Turner, Maine, and his 51-year-old son, who lives in Clarion, Iowa, both pleaded guilty last year to introducing adulterated eggs into interstate commerce. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge didn’t sentence them to jail, but I’d be disappointed,” said food safety lawyer Bill Marler, whose firm represented more than 100 people sickened in the outbreak, ahead of the sentencing. I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge didn’t sentence them to jail, but I’d be disappointed. The DeCosters’ Quality Egg company has agreed to pay a $6.8 million fine as part of a plea agreement, and the DeCosters will pay $100,000 apiece. Bennett has the authority to order different fines. Quality Egg has admitted that workers knowingly shipped eggs with false processing and expiration dates to fool state regulators and retail customers about their age and bribed a U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector at least twice to approve sales of poor-quality eggs. It’s unclear when or how the DeCosters learned about the bribes, but Continue Reading

Nacho stains, trail of junk food, lotto tickets help Iowa police ID alleged store robber: reports

If the trail of snacks and lottery tickets behind him weren’t enough, the nacho cheese on the guy’s shirt may have sealed the deal. Police in Iowa City, Iowa, arrived at the scene of a reported robbery at a gas station store about 11:20 p.m. Friday night. A criminal complaint cited by the Iowa City Press-Citizen said they found their man about 100 yards away on foot. The officers tracked discarded junk food down the road from Creekside Market at 2601 Highway 6 E. to 20-year-old Francisco Jacob Muñoz, who they say they found carrying two cases of Corona beer and wearing a shirt smeared with nacho cheese. The suspect’s eyes were bloodshot and watery, his speech and balance were impaired and he reeked of alcohol, police said, according to the local paper. A breathalyzer test allegedly showed Muñoz had a blood-alcohol level of 0.27%, the paper reported. Police say Muñoz tossed a brick through the convenience store window before entering and robbing it. He’s charged with third-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief and public intoxication, according to the Press-Citizen. Muñoz is currently in the Johnson County Jail, state records show. Follow on Twitter @tobysalkc   Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Iowa mom says bisexual 12-year-old daughter committed suicide after bullying at school

A bisexual Iowa 12 year old committed suicide this month after being bullied at her Des Moines middle school, her distraught mom says. The little girl who loved drawing, taking selfies and playing video games kept her pain well hidden, according to mom Nicole Morgan. Alyssa would cut herself and grappled with depression. She’d told her parents about her sexual orientation and found acceptance at home – but not at school, where the other kids in her seventh grade class made fun of her. Alyssa hanged herself in the family garage April 9. "I'm sorry ... for everything ... I just can't anymore ... I love you ALL Goodbye," she wrote in a note, according to the Des Moines Register. "When you have other people telling you that you're not worthy of anything or that being bisexual is wrong or somehow disgusting, you know, they're going to take that into thought, you know, that maybe I wasn't right for this world," Nicole Morgan told KCCI-TV. Morgan said she never reported the bullying to the Southeast Polk School District. But the district has a startling history of suicide: Alyssa is the 15th person to kill him or herself in the last 12 years, KCCI reported. A.J. Betts, a gay highschooler, killed himself two years ago after being bullied, his mom told the TV station. The district reported 40 incidents of bullying during the 2012-13 school year, according to the Des Moines Register, compared to Des Moines Public Schools, which had 103 incidents over the same period. District officials would not comment on Alyssa’s specific case or bullying in general. "Things which are outside of the district's control which cause critical care for young people are referred to the DHS (Iowa Department of Human Services), as we are required to do," school superintendent Craig Menozzi told the Register in a statement. Morgan says her daughter had been out of school for the three weeks leading up to her suicide. She’d been cutting Continue Reading

Hillary Clinton outlines ‘four big fights’ during first presidential campaign appearance in Iowa

MONTICELLO, Iowa — Hillary Clinton outlined the broad themes of her White House bid Tuesday in a community college auto shop — positioning herself as a fighter for families and working Americans. “It’s fair to say that as you look across the country the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top,” she told a half-dozen local students and teachers at her first campaign appearance, a carefully staged roundtable. “There’s something wrong with that.” She said she wanted to “be the champion who goes to bat for Americans in four big areas” —building the economy; strengthening families; fixing “our dysfunctional political system” and keeping the country secure. She said she’d push to get “unaccountable money” out of politics. Clinton, surrounded by auto engines and cars with popped hoods, spent much of the event listening to the students and teachers gathered around a folding table at Kirkwood Community College. She talked about educational opportunity while sounding a populist note, saying she agreed with President Obama’s proposal for free community college tuition. Kirkwood President Mick Starcevich said Clinton had held a 2008 rally at the college — and this one might do her more good. “I think this one will resonate more because she actually sat down and tried to learn from our students,” he said. Clinton reminded the audience that she did not come from a background of privilege. “I’ve been fighting for children and families my adult life probably because of my mother’s example,” she said. “She had a really difficult childhood, was mistreated, neglected, but she never gave up.” She said she wanted every child to have the same opportunities as her granddaughter Charlotte. Clinton offered a few less-scripted moments — empathizing with a student who talked about Continue Reading