SEE IT: Ryan Gosling impersonator crashes German award show, accepts trophy for ‘La La Land’ star

A German TV and film award show provided a major plot twist when an impersonator appeared on stage and accepted Ryan Gosling's trophy. The head-scratching moment at occurred at the Goldene Kamera awards, when host Steven Gaetjen introduced Gosling to the stage, building him up as "one of the hottest stars in Hollywood." But the tuxedo-clad man who appeared from backstage was not the "La La Land" star. Instead, the man — who bore a resemblance to Gosling but was noticeably bigger — moseyed up to the microphone and gave a very brief speech in a German accent. "Good evening, I am Ryan Gosling," the imposter began. "I dedicate this award to Joko and Klaas, thank you very much. There is a saying in Hamburg, which is, 'bye, bye!'" The bizarre occurrence left actual stars in attendance like Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell visibly confused, and it wasn't clear at first whether it was a gimmick put on by the award show. But apparently the whole thing was set up by a pair of comedians named Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who had set up a fake agency, according to the Daily Mail. The two comics reportedly promised Gosling would attend the ceremony as long as he won an award. It was later revealed that the man mimicking Gosling is actually a Munich-based cook named Ludwig Lehner, the British newspaper reported. The host returned to the stage shortly after the Gosling impersonator disappeared to explain there had been a mistake as the crowd looked on, perplexed. A rep for Gosling did not immediately respond to a request for a further explanation of what transpired. It's the second time in recent weeks that a major award show has experienced a gaffe involving "La La Land." At last month's Academy Awards, presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty accidentally crowned the movie musical as Best Picture, only to later learn that the rightful winner was "Moonlight." That flub occurred Continue Reading

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer shows Oscar Isaac’s villain in full glory, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique in hero mode

An iconic ‘80s villain that makes Gordon Gekko look like Gandhi is ready for his closeup. Fox dropped the first full trailer for “X-Men: Apocalypse,” giving fans a good look at the the titular big bad, played by Oscar Isaac, who rampages his way through the two-minute, 30-second trailer. Isaac, who has a major tour of duty as an X-Wing pilot in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” doesn’t just chew through the scenery, he obliterates it. As comic book fans know, "Apocalypse," first introduced in 1986, has been manipulating events since anicent Egyptian times. “Everything they've built will fall and from the ashes of their world, we'll build a better one,” the world’s first mutant bellows in one memorable voiceover. “I've never felt power like this before." The movie opening May 27, 2016, is the final installment of the "X-Men" prequel trilogy starring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. And it seems director Bryan Singer is getting the most screen-time as possible from Lawrence, the hottest star in Hollywood, as Mystique for her likely last mission for the franchise. It seems Mystique has at least temporarily renounced her renegade ways to rejoin her first team. “That's why I'm here — to fight,” she says at one point in the trailer, back where she belongs in an X-Men uniform. To face their most powerful foe to date, the X-Men will need all the reinforcements they can get. Among them are younger versions of some fan favorites including Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan). The ‘80s-set movie is expected to lead into the events of the original 2000 “X-Men” film, when those characters were played by adult actors. One of the most intriguing shots of the trailer comes at the end, with the glimpse Continue Reading

As ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ arrives, Jennifer Lawrence remains Hollywood’s hottest star

We like her. We really like her. Jennifer Lawrence has done the impossible – become Hollywood’s hottest star without alienating, well, anyone. The 23-year-old actress finds a way to be all things to all audiences, whether she’s starring in comic-book flicks (“X-Men: First Class” and its upcoming sequel), critically acclaimed adult fare (“Silver Linings Playbook,” which won her a Best Actress Oscar”) or teen blockbusters (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” opening Friday). Chalk it up to her smart choices, physical beauty and forthright style. As a bonus, Lawrence comes off, as they say in politics, as someone both men and women want to have a beer with. Her stumble at the Dolby Theatre podium last February while accepting her Oscar, and the self-deprecating way she dealt with it, only cemented her appeal. It all adds up to Lawrence being a once-in-a-generation celebrity sensation. “Someone who is in a genre hit and in an independent film and in a major adaptation in a short space of time ... it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, this kind of thing doesn’t happen,’ ” says Jeanine Basinger, author of “The Star Machine” and chairwoman of the Department of Film Studies at Wesleyan University. “Lawrence’s talent and maturity as an actress belies her age,” says film historian and critic Leonard Maltin. “If she were just a good-looking, talented young woman, she might have achieved some of this success. But the fact that she brings real depth to her performances means that the sky’s the limit.” There are, of course, other actresses near Lawrence’s age in the firmament of stars, but despite their strengths don’t have her across-the-board allure. Natalie Portman, for instance, has the smarts and an Oscar, but lacks a down-to-earth quality. Emma Stone has the latter, Continue Reading

The new norm in Hollywood? Hypersexed

Rihanna is channeling her inner stripper in videos and on Instagram. Britney Spears is whipping women on leashes. Nicki Minaj is braless and spilling out of her revealing jacket on Ellen. Scarlett Johansson's in her undies on the cover of Esquire. Gaga's got a thong on. And Miley Cyrus? Well, she has taught us that each and every day could bring a new tongue or twerk Twitpic from her.Young Hollywood stars seem to have hit a new low. Why are they suddenly so oversexed, so determined to show all, so proud of parading around naked?One answer: Because they want to.Another: survival.Survival of the fittest — and the sexiest. Being a dirty girl seems to be the newest movement in our pop culture evolution, as many of the hottest stars of the moment are upping the sexual ante by taking the Marilyn Monroe sex kitten idea to new, lower and raunchier levels. And a debate has erupted over this new "soft porn" normal, not just among pundits and parents, but within the industry itself. Underneath the Hypersex: Find out who these sex symbols really are "Every pop star wants to look sexy," says Paris Hilton, 32, whose new single and video, Good Time, features her rolling around poolside in a slinky swimsuit, arching her back and rubbing her body. It was her vision entirely, she says. "I wanted to write something that was talking about having a good time, having fun, not caring what anyone thinks and living your life."As for those sexy moves? "When you're doing a music video, that's what it's all about." She adds, "I like doing it."The audience seems to be enjoying it, too, says Kimberly Hairston, a beauty and fragrance marketing executive who has worked with celebrity brand ambassadors."We are accepting it, and we're actually almost celebrating it," Hairston says. "Miley is not on Saturday Night Live by accident. Had she not done (the Video Music Awards), they wouldn't have had her on. ... I think the audience really has dumbed down what we accept as talent. Someone's Continue Reading

Actress Greta Gerwig stars in Band of Outsiders’ new Polaroid campaign

Earlier this year Band of Outsiders unveiled its menswear campaign featuring hip-hop's 2012 breakthrough star Frank Ocean. Now it's the turn of the ladies, and hit indie actress Greta Gerwig has stepped up to the plate. Band of Outsiders has once again teamed up with one of the entertainment industry's hottest stars for the brand's latest clothing campaign. After previous seasons featuring the aforementioned Grammy winner Ocean, "Harry Potter" stars Tom Felton and Rupert Grint, as well as indie-film legend Jason Schwartzman, the brand is back with more of their signature Polaroids. This time the brand's creative director Scott Sternberg went behind the camera to shoot actress Greta Gerwig on location in a Hollywood paintball park in looks from the Band of Outsiders SS 2013 collection. The 29-year old star of Noah Baumbach's 2010 film "Greenberg" (alongside Ben Stiller), Gerwig is back in the spotlight this year with the director's latest movie "Francis Ha," after last appearing in cult director Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress." This latest shoot shows off her skills playing the fool, dressed in Band of Outsiders. In fact the actress was already a fan of the brand: "I love Band of Outsiders. Getting to wear a whole season's worth for the day was a dream," said Gerwig. "Because Scott shoots the campaign as well as designs the garments, there is a unity of vision that is very much like working with a film director. The shoot felt like an afternoon of playing precocious children in a surreal playground and there is something of that feeling echoed in their beautiful clothes," she added. Check the Band of Outsiders TUMBLR and Instagram for more exclusive campaign images.   Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mila Kunis wants to star in ‘50 Shades of Grey’: report

Mila Kunis may be going from "Black Swan" to "Fifty Shades of Grey." The 'That 70s Show' alumna, 29, wants the leading role in the upcoming film adaptation of E.L. James' erotic best-seller, The Sun reports. "There are times when you just want to do something fun and different because you're going to have a good time doing it," Kunis said. PHOTOS: MILA'S HOTTEST MOMENTS If Kunis nabs the role, she'll be portraying the naïve but beautiful Anastasia Steele who finds herself enraptured in an S&M relationship with the wealthy Christian Grey. Kunis isn't the only one in Hollywood who's interested in the movie. Casting rumors have pointed to "True Blood" hunk Alexander Skarsgard, "Harry Potter" darling Emma Watson, and "Les Miserables" star Amanda Seyfried as possible candidates for the starring roles. RELATED: WHICH ACTORS SHOULD BE CAST IN "50 SHADES" FLICK? E.L. James’ "Fifty Shades of Grey" swept the publishing world by storm in 2012, selling over 65 million copies and inspiring everything from "mommy porn" workouts to a penthouse based on Grey's fictional bachelor pad. The film adaptaton is set to be produced by Michael DeLuca and Dana Brunetti, the team behind “The Social Network.” Kelly Marcell, the screenwriter in charge of transforming "Fifty Shades of Grey" for the silver screen, promises that the script won't hold back. "It will be raunchy," Marcel said. "We're 100 percent going there." Click for video Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Ashton Kutcher could have starred in ‘Horrible Bosses’; Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Knoxville considered

Any film that sits in production for five years is bound to have its fair share of casting changes, and for "Horrible Bosses" that means a long list of Hollywood's hottest who, for whatever reason, didn't get the part.Ryan Reynolds, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Johnny Knoxville were all in talks at one time or another to star in the raunchy summer comedy, producer Brett Ratner has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher was even attached twice - he would have played Dale Arbus, one of three employees plotting to kill their tormenting employers. The role eventually went to Charlie Day of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."New Line/Warner Bros. in 2005 and while it was a long and arduous road, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis were eventually cast alongside Day with crazed bosses Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, and Kevin Spacey stepping up as their nemeses. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

The 10 hottest abs in Hollywood

It's hot in Hollywood — and it has nothing to do with the weather. In Touch Weekly chose 10 men whose chiseled abs make men jealous — and women lose their cool. To no one's surprise, soccer star David Beckham tops the list. "His body brings to mind the beautiful Michelangelo statue in Florence," said designer Giorgio Armani, who handpicked the 33-year-old British hunk for his ad Robert Buckley, 27, star of "Lipstick Jungle," ranks second, despite being overweight as a kid. "I was on the chubby side and used to swim with my T-shirt on," he admits. "Dancing With the Stars" stud Mario Lopez, 34, made the list at No. 3. "I'm very flattered," he said between his grueling workouts of boxing and cycling. Hugh Jackman, 39, cut sugars and bread from his diet — and it landed him at No. 4. "Criminal Minds" star Shemar Moore, 38, works on his fabulous abs — even on the set. "I'm not gonna lie. I'm vain, like anybody else," Moore told the magazine, which is on newsstands now. Ryan Sutter, 33, who won America's heart on "The Bachelor," is ranked sixth — but admits he "barely even does sit-ups." Rocker Gavin Rossdale, 42, gets his seventh-ranked abs from playing tennis; reality star Brody Jenner, 25, makes the list at No. 8 with his Olympic-gold medalist Rounding out the list are Zac Efron, 20, who calls working out his "biggest hobby," and new dad Matthew McConaughey, 38. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

At age 20, Shia’s the latest rising star in Hollywood

Meet the hottest young star in America: Shia LaBeouf. Le-who, you ask? If you don't know the 20-year-old star now, you will soon. This has been LaBeouf's blowup week: He stars in the uber-hyped horror flick "Disturbia," expected to sweep the box office this weekend, and he's the host tonight of "Saturday Night Live." But yesterday he really hit the Hollywood jackpot: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas revealed that he'll star along with Harrison Ford in the fourth "Indiana Jones" movie out next year. Spielberg and Lucas, who will produce and direct the movie, confirmed that LaBeouf will appear in the film - due out a year from now - would not say in what role. But it has been speculated he will play the role of the son to the famous fictional archeologist. "We are excited about bringing Shia into our Indy family," Spielberg said. "His talent has impressed not only his audiences throughout his young career but the directors, producers and fellow actors who have worked with him in his television career and now his film career." The inclusion of a young male lead in the famous franchise opens up the possibility that it could continue after Ford, 64, can no longer perform the rigorous stunts required. "To be cast in an 'Indiana Jones' film is like grabbing the brass ring and holding on for the ride,"LaBeouf said. The young actor made his name playing Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel's "Even Stevens," a role that won him a daytime Emmy in 2003. He also has appeared in several films, including "I, Robot" and "Bobby." Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Dane Cook banned from The Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood: report

Stand-up comic Dane Cook has gotten the hook from one of his longtime stomping grounds. The 43-year-old comedian has been banned from the Hollywood branch of The Laugh Factory for allgedly cursing out a waitress, Entertainment Tonight reported. Sources told the entertainment show that Cook became even more beligerent when he was confronted over his conduct by the club’s owner. During a heated argument, Cook was allegedly overheard screaming, “I own this place!” The real owner, however, apparently disagreed, leveling a permanent ban. The Laugh Factory has been the site of some of Cook’s most successful standup gigs, including his record-setting Jan. 1, 2008, stint when he performed onstage for seven straight hours. While Cook has been one of the hottest comics on the standup circuit since emerging in the ‘90s, he has been less visible in recent years on the big screen. Most recently, he’s loaned his voice to Disney’s animated “Planes” films and starred in a Showtime special in 2014. A rep for Cook could not be reached for comment. Continue Reading