New Yorker who was fatally stabbed by Maryland man loved meeting Hollywood stars

Timothy (Hard Rock) Caughman spent his days rummaging through recyclables — and looking at the stars. Hollywood stars, that is. Police say Caughman, who was black, was killed by 28-year-old James Harris Jackson, a white man who police say came to the city from Baltimore to kill African Americans. Caughman made a living recycling bottles, but his passion was meeting and getting autographs from stars who passed him on the street. “Can and bottle recycler, autograph collector in New York City,” Caughman, 66, proudly said on his Twitter page filled with pictures of himself and performers like Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, actress Susan Lucci and hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons. “I would love to visit California. I’m a good businessman.” Out of all the celebrities he followed, his favorite was apparently Shari Headley, who played Eddie Murphy's love interest Lisa McDowell in the 1988 romantic comedy, "Coming to America." In several of his Twitter posts, he links to Headley's page @shariheadley. " Shari she did really good 😊😃@shariheadley," Caughman wrote next to a picture of Hillary Clinton on Oct. 9, following the Democratic nominee's debate with now-President Trump. Caughman was sifting through garbage bins for bottles and cans on W. 39th St. and Ninth Ave. in Midtown when Jackson fatally stabbed him, police said. "The man don't do anything to anyone, just collecting his cans to make his little money,” Caughman’s neighbor Jean-Paul Chatham, 41, said. “Sometimes I'm left speechless." Caughman, who lived in transitional housing, had been arrested 11 times for assault and marijuana possession in the past, but hasn’t been arrested since 2002. Police initially looked into Caughman’s criminal history to see if it was linked to the crime. Police determined the motive was hate. Continue Reading

Trump’s Hollywood star gets tiny replica of Mexican border wall

Nobody builds walls better than Trump — except for the guy who erected a miniature one surrounding the GOP nominee’s Hollywood star yesterday. On the day Trump officially clinched the Republican nomination in Cleveland, an L.A.-based street artist known as Plastic Jesus constructed a tiny replica of the wall the real estate mogul proposed along the U.S. border with Mexico when he launched his campaign last year. “Hollywood sightseers on the famous walk of fame were confronted with an unusual addition to Trump’s Famous Star,” Plastic Jesus wrote in an Instagram post with a photo of the public art piece. “The unofficial addition to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers,” the post read. The wall went up around 2 p.m. on Tuesday and momentarily protected the borders of Trump’s star with 6 inch wood planks, a tiny coil of razor wire on top and small signs that read “Keep Out.” Throngs of passersby on the Hollywood walk of fame stopped to snap photos of the piece of protest art. The artwork stayed up for about 10 minutes on Tuesday afternoon before panhandling characters on Hollywood Boulevard trampled it because it was stealing attention from them, the artist told the Daily News. “As soon as it went up, crowds realized what it was and they started posing with it. It started causing some congestion on the Hollywood Boulevard,” Plastic Jesus told the News, adding that he constructed the street art piece in reaction to Trump’s “extreme views.” “I’m just shocked and horrified by the whole of the Trump campaign. To think that such extreme views within politics could reach the mainstream, I’m really just horrified.” Plastic Jesus is a British-born artist who has put up other politically charged public art pieces like “No Continue Reading

Danny DeVito is going to make Harry Styles a Hollywood star

Who gives pretty boy banders advice on how to really make it big? Danny DeVito, of course. The “Twins” star tells us that it’s because of him that we’ll be seeing more of Harry Styles on the silver screen. “The big thing I told (One Direction) when they were breaking up was that they should take all their money and get some acting lessons,” DeVito told us at the fifth annual Reel Stories event in L.A. “I am delighted for Harry.” 1D'S HARRY STYLES TO ACT IN CHRISTOPHER NOLAN'S 'DUNKIRK' Styles is slated to have a role in “Dunkirk,” a World War II film coming out in 2017 that also stars Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. It’s being directed by Christopher Nolan of “Interstellar” and “The Dark Night” fame. While DeVito thinks that Styles looks the part of a Hollywood star, he says there’s lots of room from improvement. “He is like a natural, a handsome guy and is good,” says the 71-year old New Jersey native, adding, “And he needs to work on his skills a little.” According to DeVito, the 22-year-old singer will be fine if he just follows directions. “Harry is going to do a good movie with Christopher Nolan,” he said. DeVito witnessed Styles’ acting chops first-hand when he appeared in One Direction’s 2014 music video for “Steal My Girl.” Proving there are no small parts, the 4-feet-10 DeVito refers to that video as a “movie” despite its five-minute, 18-second run time. “We had a wonderful time making the movie,” he said. “The guys were really great for me.” While it’s unlikely DeVito will follow Styles’ lead and form a British boy band, he does enjoy spending time on the other side of the pond. “I had a ball there and I am a soccer fan — an Arsenal supporter,” he Continue Reading

Burt Lancaster, a Hollywood star, dies at 80 after heart attack in 1994

(Originally published by the Daily News on October 22, 1994. This story was written by Lewis Beale.) Burt Lancaster, the son of an East Harlem postal clerk whose brains and brawn turned him into a Hollywood star of extraordinary appeal, was mourned yesterday as "a giant" after his death at the age of 80. Lancaster, who suffered a stroke four years ago that left him unable to speak or recognize his friends, died Thursday of a heart attack at his Los Angeles home, said his wife, Susan Scherer. "He was patting my hair and touching my face, and he took a sigh and that was it," Scherer said. "He went very, very peacefully. We were together, thank God," she added. "This last week he's been better than ever. It came as a complete surprise." Lancaster, a graduate of DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, took the hoary stereotype of the movie tough guy to a new plane, enriching his screen machismo with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. His career spanned more than four decades and 70 films, from sullen tough to leading man to character actor. Even in the twilight of his career, his stature was only confirmed by the poignancy of his performances. He won an Oscar for the 1960 film "Elmer Gantry." Other memorable films include "The Birdman of Alcatraz," "From Here to Eternity," "Sweet Smell of Success," "Atlantic City," "Judgement at Nuremberg," "The Rose Tattoo" and "Local Hero." "There are lots of good actors, but there are very few one-of-a-kinds. Like Cagney and Bogart, Burt was one of a kind," said his "Elmer Gantry" co-star Shirley Jones. "It's the passing now of a giant," his friend and co-star Kirk Douglas said yesterday. "But Burt will never die. We'll always to be able to see him swinging from a yardarm in "The Crimson Pirate' … and shooting with me in 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.'" "I feel the industry has lost a wonderful person, one who was always enthusiastic about the films that he made. No matter what Continue Reading

Family mourns gunned down aspiring Hollywood star; police have no new leads: She ‘was the happiest she has ever been’

The aspiring Hollywood star who was shot dead while on a walk with her boyfriend this week was "the happiest she had ever been" when a gunman ripped her from loved ones, her grieving family said Wednesday. Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, was living out her dreams and madly in love when her life was cut short Sunday by a killer who snuck up behind her and fatally shot her in the back of the head before fleeing, her father and authorities said. "Carrie was the happiest she has ever been," devastated dad Bernie Melvin told KTLA-TV. "We knew this. She was with someone she loved. She was where she wanted to be, and her life was taken." The young Hollywood production assistant was gunned down less than a half-block from the apartment she shared with her boyfriend while the two were on their way to dinner, Bernie Melvin said. She died at the scene as her killer, who didn't say a word the entire time, sped away in a black sedan, according to authorities. The suspect, described only as a black man in his 30s, is still at large. The frustrated family has been left reeling from the Sunday night tragedy which has yielded no arrests or leads. There "haven't been any new developments" in the case, Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Jane Kim told the Daily News on Thursday. "At this time, they're going to explore all possibilities," Kim said, adding that police are "still actively" investigating. Police called the 10 p.m. shooting near Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles a "random act of violence," but Melvin's father said there were "certainly" signs she was targeted. "It's such an incredible, senseless loss," Bernie Melvin told KTLA-TV. "We're devastated." Melvin, who moved to Los Angeles four years ago to pursue her dreams, had hoped to become an actress, writer and entrepreneur, as she waited tables and bartended on the side, her family said. The UC Santa Cruz Continue Reading

Wannabe designer charged in murder of aspiring Hollywood star hired her as social media guru, wrote her bad checks: cops

The social media consultant and aspiring Hollywood actress killed in a seemingly random shooting earlier this month was gunned down by one of her clients, who wrote her a bad check for her marketing help, police said. Ezeoma Obioha — a former medical marijuana dispensary security guard and wannabe fashion designer — was charged Friday in the murder of Carrie Jean Melvin, a would-be actress who made ends meet by working as a waitress, film production assistant and social media guru. The 30-year-old was shot dead on July 5 as she walked to dinner with her boyfriend near Sunset Boulevard. RELATED: MAN CHARGED IN MURDER OF ASPIRING HOLLYWOOD STAR CARRIE JEAN MELVIN The gunman didn’t say a word, injure anyone else or steal anything during the attack, puzzling police, who initially said the attack appeared to be random. But investigators finally tracked down Obioha, who fled after the attack, and discovered he knew Melvin. Obioha, a 31-year-old fledging designer, hired Melvin to help him brand his new boutique, Hood, Inc. The concept store sold his own urban T-shirts and hats, the Los Angeles Times reported. Their professional relationship soured when he couldn’t pay up. Obioha once worked as a medical marijuana dispensary security guard and recently opened his own fashion boutique. LAPD: ASPIRING ENTERTAINER KILLED WHILE WALKING IN HOLLYWOOD Obioha wrote Melvin a bad check and the social media marketer threatened to take him to court, police said. She never received his payment — worth a few hundred dollars — and the missing funds forced her to take on extra waitressing shifts, her father told the newspaper. She couldn’t afford to visit her family in Morro Bay for Father’s Day or her dad’s mid-June birthday and told her family her financial hardships were Continue Reading

Hollywood Stars Up in Arms After Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’

Following Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the planned Christmas Day release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco film "The Interview," Hollywood stars are up in arms. Judge Jeanine: Obama Has Repeatedly Caved to North Korean Intimidation Krauthammer Is 'Intrigued' By Obama’s Vow of 'Proportional' Attack on NK Sharyl Attkisson, Jonah Goldberg and Joe Trippi joined Howard Kurtz on "Media Buzz" today to react to this blow to free expression. "This was just a systemic failure of the entire politcal and legal system," Goldberg said. "Everyone had a good enough excuse to be cowardly, and no one stepped up and said, 'No, this is not the way we're going to handle this.'" Watch more in the clip above and see Kurtz discuss the media's role in the hacking scandal with James Rosen below. 'Jell-O Has More Spine': Gutfeld Takes on Hollywood Over Sony Hack Sony Pictures: We Did Not Make a Mistake Continue Reading

20-Year-Old Woman Gets Hateful Tweets for Cleaning Trump’s Hollywood Star

NYC Police Officer Assassinated in Her Vehicle in Unprovoked Attack Makenna Greenwald did not expect Twitter users to be so bitter after she cleaned President Trump's defaced Hollywood star.The 20-year-old said she used a makeup wipe to clean expletives in sharpie marker off the star on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.She tweeted about her deed later.Twitter erupted with both encouragement and personal insults directed at Greenwald, as well as a trend of people posing next to other Hollywood stars and parroting Greenwald's tweet.“I think we should have more respect from both sides of the aisle, and I was blown way by how much disrespect I got for a simple act of cleaning up our president, who is the highest office in the land,” Greenwald said. “He should be respected, whether it’s his Hollywood star or talking about him in public.”Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above. Ralph Peters: 'Messy, Bloody' Military Action Probably Required in North Korea #ThanksNorthKorea: Nikki Haley Gets Bashed for 4th of July Tweet Tucker on Wrestling Video Backlash: One 'Promotes Fictional Narratives,' the Other Is WWE Continue Reading

Hollywood stars cause bright lights, big hubbub on Broadway

Last Saturday at 11 p.m. the scene outside "Equus" got almost as fevered as the one onstage where a naked stable hand furiously maims six horses. As Daniel Radcliffe, the actor starring as the troubled young man, left the Broadhurst Theatre to sign autographs, frantic teenaged girls, some perched high on friends' shoulders, squealed and clicked cameras as they tried to capture the moment. SEE MORE HOLLYWOOD STARS WHO MADE A SPLASH ON BROADWAY"It's pandemonium," said an onlooker in a crowd that had gathered to gaze from across the street. No, not quite - it's Dan-demonium. The bigger the star, the bigger the commotion. And with his string of international "Harry Potter" blockbusters, Radcliffe is one of fall's brightest stars. But Katie Holmes (Mrs. Tom Cruise), Jeremy Piven ("Entourage"), Kristin Scott Thomas ("The English Patient") and Haley Joel Osment ("The Sixth Sense") are other stars casting their own alluring glows on Broadway stages. Tomorrow night, when "All My Sons" starts previews, we'll find out if Holmes will take part in the stage-door ritual and sign autographs. Two years ago, Julia Roberts, who's one of the biggest stars on Earth (and who probably has a fan-club outpost on Mars), scribbled her name on Playbills and posters after acting in "Three Days of Rain." Sure, she stopped traffic, but it gave Broadway a heady buzz. STRIPPED-DOWN PERFORMANCES: CLICK TO SEE CELEBS WHO BARED ALL ONSTAGEThat kind of excitement is what show business is all about. Stars from film and TV taking roles on Broadway is a time-honored custom, driven by bottom lines as much or more than creative juice. A play, regardless of how big the cast, seldom costs less than $2 million. At a time when people are watching their wallets, plumping productions with stars is one way to attract audiences. It's said that the play's the thing, but particularly with revivals, the package is the thing. "The Seagull" doesn't automatically make Continue Reading

Quiz: Name that face: Hollywood stars with ROC connections

Rochester wasn't the image center for nothing.Back in the day, the Flower City churned out movie and television stars like rolls of film. How many of these celebrities a la ROC can you pick out? Take the quiz: Name these Hollywood stars with Rochester connections Don't peek! The answers explained Continue Reading