Charlie Sheen claims he knows other Hollywood stars secretly living with HIV

Charlie Sheen is holding on to a few more secrets. The controversial actor appeared on "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" Wednesday and dropped a few bombshells. According to the former "Two and a Half Men" star there are a number of Hollywood celebrities secretly living with HIV — but he isn’t naming names. "I know who they are," Sheen said. "But I will take that to my grave." Sheen, 51, revealed during a "Today" show interview in November 2015 that he was HIV-positive. During his radio interview, Sheen raved about a "miracle drug" he takes to treat the virus claiming it makes him "safer" than most people to have sex with. "Here's the absolute freaking irony — with the miracle drug that I'm on, this PRO-140, I am actually safer than most cats out there that profess to be on the tallest tree," he said. The actor also had a few choice words for Jenny McCarthy, who played his love interest on "Two and a Half Men." Shortly after Sheen came forward with his diagnosis, McCarthy criticized him for not being upfront about it sooner. McCarthy said whenever she takes an acting job she has to reveal whether she has a cold sore, so it was only fair that Sheen revealed his HIV diagnosis. "I'm like, wait a second, if I have to be upfront about a herpe, how can you not be upfront about HIV?" she said on a SiriusXM radio show. Sheen fired back telling hosts Jackie O and Kyle that McCarthy doesn't know what she's talking about because he didn't have the virus when they filmed together. "She's like, 'I kissed him! I touched him!' And I was like, 'B----, your math sucks, I didn't have it then," he said. Continue Reading

Charlie Sheen to announce he’s HIV-positive: sources

Hollywood hellion Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and has been for years – but the virus is nearly invisible in his blood, sources told the Daily News. "He's alright. He's undetectable," one well-placed source said Monday. The source confirmed that Sheen has been taking powerful drugs and responded so well that follow-up testing has failed to show the virus in his bloodstream. That does not mean Sheen is cured, only that his treatment is working. Sheen, 50, will personally announce his diagnosis in a sit-down interview with NBC's Matt Lauer on the "Today" show Tuesday, sources said. CHARLIE SHEEN REVEALS HE IS HIV POSITIVE Another source told The News that Sheen has been safeguarding his HIV status for two and a half years while starring in his sitcom “Anger Management” and dating a conga line of adult entertainers. The second source said third wife Brooke Mueller found out about the diagnosis after their separation and after Sheen went on his "Tiger blood" meltdown – but while they were still occasionally sexually active. "I know she was shocked," the second source said, contradicting yet another source who said Mueller knew during the marriage. Either way, the source said the couple’s twin boys were virus free. The couple used in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become pregnant just weeks after their May 2008 wedding. Sons Bob and Max, now 6 years old, were born in March 2009. “They did all the testing,” the source said. “The boys are fine.” Attempts to reach Mueller directly were not immediately successful Monday. In a panicked text message she reportedly sent to Sheen's former personal assistant, Mueller feared the actor "potentially" exposed her to HIV, reported. CELEBRITIES WHO WERE HIV-POSITIVE OR HAD AIDS It's not clear when the alleged message was sent, but it refers to the couple being on a drug binge together at Sheen's Continue Reading

Before Charlie Sheen, here are other celebrities whose HIV-positive diagnoses or contracting of AIDS shocked fans

As shocking as the news of Charlie Sheen 's announcement Tuesday that he is HIV-positive has been, it can't compare to the national jolt 30 years earlier when one of Hollywood's most famous leading men revealed that he was suffering from AIDS. A lot has changed after Rock Hudson became the first celebrity to go public with the illness on July 25, 1985, at a time when many in the mainstream believed AIDS was only a problem for gay men, drug users and patients who received tainted blood transfusions. Since the "Pillow Talk" star, who died in October of that year at the age of 59 of complications from the disease, bravely came forward, a succession of other celebrities have also gone public after being diagnosed as HIV-positive (the human immunodeficiency virus that can, but doesn’t necessarily, develop into AIDS): Magic Johnson: The Los Angeles Lakers star abruptly retired at the top of his game in 1991, announcing that he was HIV-positive. The now 56-year-old activist has rebounded nicely as a role model for others in similar condition, still going strong as an NBA analyst and showing that the diagnosis is not a death sentence. CHARLIE SHEEN TO ANNOUNCE HE'S HIV-POSITIVE: SOURCES Freddie Mercury: As the front man of the arena band, Queen, the British singer cultivated a larger than life persona. But his death on Nov. 21, 1991 of AIDS-related complications rocked his millions of fans, especially coming so soon after he publicly announced his condition. Arthur Ashe: The legendary tennis star wasthe first black man to win in singles at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. The native New Yorker dominated tennis in the mid-1970s, before he contracted HIV through a blood transfusion during a heart bypass surgery. He became an HIV activist and made efforts to raise awareness before dying in Feb. 1993. Eazy-E: "Boyz-n-the-Hood" may always be hard, as the N.W.A. co-founder once Continue Reading

Charlie Sheen says he’s dedicating his life to finding HIV cure; Hollywood bad boy says his diagnosis was foretold in dream

Charlie Sheen is facing his diagnosis head-on. The actor, 50, discussed his fight against HIV on Monday's episode of "The Dr. Oz Show," stating that he’s dedicating his life to eradicating the disease that can lead to AIDS. “I hope in my abilities to do something really positive with this,” he said. The interview was filmed in and around Sheen's California home, as well as the show's studio in New York City. Sheen will also be featured on the show Tuesday. CHARLIE SHEEN WAS NOT HONEST ABOUT HIS HIV, FORMER LOVER SAYS During the segment that aired Monday, Sheen discussed a dream he had when he was 28 years old, in which he saw himself with a sign around his neck — and it said "AIDS" on it, he told Oz. He said he has changed his lifestyle, curtailing his drinking and committing to working out regularly, including jogging, swimming and yoga. The former "Two and a Half Men" star revealed that he had HIV on the "Today" show in November, after a report emerged that he had tested positive for the virus more than four years ago. The actor has also stated that he paid more than $10 million to people who knew about his diagnosis, in order for them to keep mum. CHARLIE SHEEN'S HIV IS 'UNDETECTABLE' AND IS NOT AIDS Sheen says his public disclosure has been helpful for him. “It’s been a liberating sense of freedom,” he said. “I wish I had done it sooner.” Continue Reading

Tommy Morrison, former heavyweight champ who starred in ‘Rocky V,’ dead at 44

Tommy Morrison, the hard-punching heavyweight with boy-band good looks who once beat George Foreman and starred in the Rocky franchise before falling ill in recent years — all the while denying he was HIV positive — died on Sunday at a hospital in Nebraska. Morrison, who was nicknamed "The Duke," was 44. Morrison's death was confirmed by his wife, Trisha to the mixed martial arts website, "MMA Dirty," which reported he died of "respiratory and metabolic acidosis and multiple organ failure." His death was also confirmed by Morrison's long-time promoter, Tony Holden to the Associated Press. Morrison had been bed-ridden for a year, with what his mother, Diana Morrison, told was "full-blown AIDS" in a story last month. However, Morrison denied that charge, even after testing positive for HIV before a fight in 1996. Morrison would go on to fight three more times, winning those fights, before retiring in 2008 before waging a very public health battle for his life. Wildly popular because of his good looks and punching power, in 1989, one of his fans included Sylvester Stallone, who later cast him in the role of "Tommy Gunn" for the fifth installment of the "Rocky" series. Morrison got his nickname based on a claim that he's the grandnephew of the former Hollywood star, John Wayne, and he rode that aura to fame, fortune and ultimately legal and health troubles throughout a roller-coaster of a career. Morrison got his start participating in tough-man contests at the age of 13, providing a fake-ID to allow him to compete. He later boxed as an amateur, garnering some local success before he lost a narrow decision to Ray Mercer in the Olympic trials. Morrison, with his two-fisted power, quickly made a name for himself in the professional ranks, running his record to 28-0 with 23 knockouts by the time he was 22. In one of the more hyped fights of 1991, Morrison faced Mercer again as a Continue Reading

Infected porn stars say the outbreak of HIV infections shows the industry needs to get serious about condoms

Sexual fantasy has suddenly given way to a harsh reality.  Porn actors Cameron Bay and her boyfriend Rod Daily held an emotional news conference in Hollywood on Wednesday, taking aim at what they see as lax health standards that lead them both to contract the HIV virus. Bay had been in the porn industry just three months before learning on August 21 that she was HIV-positive. A previous test on July 27 had come back negative, and Bay attributes the source of her infection to a July 31 film shoot with San Francisco-based fetish porn company During that shoot, Bay said, an actor developed a cut on his penis, but cameras kept rolling as the scene with Bay continued to be shot. "I'm not here to push anything down anybody's throat, I'm not here to fight anybody's fight," Bay said, fighting back tears. "I'm just here to share my story and to get knowledge out there to people and try to prevent anything like this happening to anyone else." Daily, who has often shot gay scenes in which the use of condoms is much more prevalent than in straight films, said the sudden spike in reported HIV cases could have been prevented. "I do know for a fact that condoms will work, have worked, do work," Daily said. After a two-week moratorium on making X-rated films, the Free Speech Coalition, a Los Angeles trade group, announced that companies would resume filming porn on Friday. The group said it would also revise its guidelines mandating that porn actors be tested every 14 days rather than the current standard of every 28, for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has long pushed for the porn industry to require actors to use condoms while on set, but founder Peter Acworth says that the responsibility lies with the porn stars. "All of our models are informed that they request a condom at any time, that they can stop a shoot at any time, and that they Continue Reading

Andrew Embiricos, grandson of screen star Rita Hayworth, found dead in his Chelsea apartment

The 25-year-old grandson of silver-screen icon Rita Hayworth was found dead in his Chelsea apartment with a plastic bag over his head, an apparent suicide, sources told the Daily News. Andrew Ali Aga Khan Embiricos’ body was discovered just after 9 p.m. Sunday by a close pal, Aaron Edwards, 33, who went to check on him after he missed several appointments. He was lying face up in his bed at his home inside The Grand Chelsea at 270 W. 17th St., a source said. Cops went to Embiricos’s apartment after receiving a 911 call. The body was taken to the city Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy, sources said. The Medical Examiner determined that Embiricos died between 8:30 p.m. and 8:50 p.m. Sunday and that the preliminary cause of death an “apparent suicide,” a source said Monday. A graduate of Fordham University with a degree in psychology, Embiricos founded a Facebook charity group that provided clothing to homeless people. On his LinkedIn page he said he worked as a sales executive for Virgin Atlantic Airways. He also worked with HIV/AIDS advocacy groups and the Alzheimer’s Association. Hayworth died of the mind-robbing disease. But Embiricos had a dark side too: In 2007, The News’ Gatecrasher column revealed he led a double life as an amateur porn enthusiast who had posted porn videos on XTube under an alias. “I’m deeply saddened by the loss of someone with such radioactive charisma,” legendary Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto, who knew Embiricos from the New York night-life scene, wrote on his blog Monday night. Musto revealed that Embiricos had been battling HIV, had been in and out of drug rehab and had attempted suicide before. He said Embiricos had sounded cheerful in recent Facebook comments and was planning a trip to London with a friend. He said Embiricos did not leave a suicide note. “He was a strikingly handsome, personable Continue Reading

‘Secret Life of Bees’ star Alicia Keys’ hive of activity

Alicia Keys isn't going to rest until she has done it all. One of the most versatile musicians of her generation, the New York-born, piano-playing R&B songstress has turned out albums worth a slew of awards and millions in sales. As the face of the HIV prevention charity she co-founded, Keep a Child Alive, she has traveled to Kenya, Uganda and South Africa and hosts benefit concerts, like one in London this year, that can generate over $700,000 in a single night. With the Friday release of "The Secret Life of Bees," she will inch further into the movie-star spotlight. How does she feel? Busy. When asked if she's hard at work on her fourth studio album yet, she laughs, "No, I need a break, dammit." PHOTOS: KEYS' BUZZWORTHY CAREERKeys, 27, made her movie debut in 2007 as a sexy femme fatale in "Smokin' Aces," and appeared the same year in "The Nanny Diaries." Both times, she earned kudos as a solid actor, even as critics shrugged off the films. "Bees" is the next logical step: bigger part, star-studded cast and an audience of devoted fans who, like Keys, loved the book. "I just fell in love with it," she says of the Sue Monk Kidd best seller that is the basis for the film. "It just felt like you knew the people in that book. It's a beautiful story - and one not often told about this time in the civil rights movement." The plot follows a white teenager, Lily (Dakota Fanning), caught just outside the tide of change in South Carolina after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. When a violent incident lands her family's housekeeper, Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson), in trouble, Lily escapes with the older woman to a honey farm run by the Boatwright sisters, June, August and May (Keys and Oscar nominees Queen Latifah and Sophie Okonedo). Self-sufficient and worldly, the women are everything that Lily yearns to be. She searches for a mother figure in August even as she is viewed with suspicion by the stiff, hyper-independent June - a reminder that in Continue Reading

PX: From porn stars to Fortune 500 CEOs, Michael Weinstein – the man behind Issue 2 – will fight anyone

If you're tired of hearing over and over about that drug thing on the ballot, blame it on Los Angeles AIDS activist and professional contrarian Michael Weinstein.He's the "California health care CEO" who's solely responsible for Issue 2, a confusing and controversial statewide initiative that promises to lower prescription drug prices in Ohio.LEARN MORE: All you need to know about Issue 2 Weinstein, 65, tried a similar initiative in California last year and voters decisively rejected it. Major pharmaceutical companies poured in $120 million to fight the effort – spending a lot of it attacking Weinstein, who's been a pain in the butt to big pharma (and many others).So here we go again. Drug companies have poured in around $60 million to convince voters to reject Issue 2 at the polls on Tuesday. Weinstein and his Hollywood-based nonprofit AIDS Healthcare Foundation have pumped $15 million into the campaign.What's up with this guy? Weinstein spoke with Politics Extra in a phone interview this week, and here are five things you should know about him: 1. As a teenager, Weinstein joined a Marxist organization and he's been fighting ever since.Weinstein has been panned for using militant tactics – a bull in a China shop who can be hard to work with and isn't afraid to piss off anyone. That personality and style started when he was young, having grown up in Brooklyn in a "left-wing" family that encouraged fighting the power, according to the New York Times.In 1972, 19-year-old Weinstein moved to Los Angeles and joined a group of gay activists. He soon started his own Marxist group called Lavender and Red Union. The group merged with the New York-based Spartacist League, which followed the Communist theories of Russian politician Leon Trotsky.Weinstein eventually left the group after it defended Hollywood director Roman Polanski, who had been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl. Weinstein began his HIV/AIDS activism in the mid-1980s, when he Continue Reading

THE SCOURGE THAT SHOOK THE WORLD. 25 yrs. of HIV peril, hope

THE PLAGUE BEGAN with whispered cries of desperation in hospital wards. A handful of young men in the prime of their lives showed up with a bizarre collection of rare diseases in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco starting around 1980. No one had a clue what was killing them, let alone how to cure them. Then, 25 years ago, on June 5, 1981, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control published the first account of what appeared to be a new disease stalking gay men in America. This was the first lightning strike that alerted the world to the looming epidemic that would eventually be named acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Most Americans were blissfully ignorant of the deadly new disease. But they would soon be shocked into action. Young men with physiques like Greek gods were unable to fight off a type of pneumonia normally seen only in sickly cancer patients. Some had purple splotches on their skin, caused by a cancer so rare that baffled doctors had to look it up in dusty medical textbooks. The men withered away. Some went blind. The disease ravaged their brains, causing dementia. Many died in a matter of weeks after checking into a hospital. The mood in the hospitals and among gay men in late 1980 and early 1981 was dark and ominous. It would take another year before doctors realized this was not a gay disease and that it could be transmitted from person to person. Until then, they had called it GRID, gay-related immune deficiency. It wasn't until 1983 that scientists discovered the lethal pathogen, eventually naming it HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus. By the time it took the life of Hollywood icon Rock Hudson on Oct. 2, 1985, the acronyms HIV and AIDS had tragically become household words. In the 25 years since that first report sounded the alarm to what would become one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, AIDS has killed more than 530,000 Americans and 25 million people worldwide. Through in-depth interviews with Continue Reading