Meet the women who won’t rest until Hillary Clinton is president

Clinton celebrates on stage after she accepted the nomination during the fourth and final night of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 28 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty U.S. Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Election Women Updated | They came for Bill but left with Hillary.San Francisco philanthropist Susie Tompkins Buell says the first time she was in the same room with Hillary Clinton was at a Bay Area fundraiser for Bill Clinton, in the early 1990s. Hillary was there to deliver the introduction for her husband, and Buell was instantly smitten—but not by the candidate. “I remember thinking, She is going to run for president someday—it should be her,” Buell, the founder of Esprit clothing, recalls. “It wasn’t that I was turned off by him, I was just so attracted to her. I could feel her dedication.” Keep up with this story and more by subscribing nowPhilanthropist Swanee Hunt, who spends much of the money she inherited from her Texas oilfield magnate father, a conservative, on progressive causes and candidates, has a similar memory. In October 1992, she organized a fundraiser in Denver called “Serious Women, Serious Issues and Serious Money,” aiming to raise a million dollars for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. Hillary was one of the key speakers. “I sat there in the audience listening to Hillary talking about the economy, and I thought, Holy Toledo, how can someone stand up there with no notes and sound like the head of the World Bank or Federal Reserve?” Later, Hillary called to thank Hunt for her contribution, Hunt recalls. “I said, ‘Oh, actually it isn’t for him, it’s for you.’”Judith Hope, who was New York state Democratic chairwoman at the time, first realized Clinton’s potential at a Manhattan women’s leadership luncheon in 1996. “I looked at the women in the room, and I saw Continue Reading

No professional licenses for Indiana ‘Dreamers’ without bill

INDIANAPOLIS — Young immigrants often referred to as "Dreamers" would be prohibited from obtaining professional licenses in Indiana unless emergency legislation is approved. A provision by Republican Rep. Ed Clere of New Albany would do just that. It was added Tuesday to a bill in a legislative committee, though the measure must still pass the full Indiana House and Senate. The term "Dreamers" refers to young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children. They've had protection from deportation under program developed under former President Barack Obama known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Recent changes adopted by Indiana's Professional Licensing Agency bars DACA recipients from obtaining licenses for dozens of professions ranging from cosmetology to nursing to real estate agents. The agency says it is following a 2011 state law. Check out our Crossing the Line Series here: Crossing the Line — Online Dating Safety Crossing the line separating Indiana and Illinois sometimes means dealing with different laws and customs. Readers are asked to share ideas for this weekly feature. This week: Online dating safety.It's always difficult to know for sure whether an online dating profile matches a real person genuinely interested in meeting others, or perhaps is linked to a scammer — or worse.According to a new study by and Safewise, hooking up with Hoosiers online is relatively safer than connecting in Illinois.The analysis ranked states based on their per capita violent crime rates, cybercrime rates and the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.Indiana was deemed the 27th safest state for online dating. Illinois came in 37th out of the 50 states.The report said the five safest states for online dating are Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho and Utah.Alaska was rated the most dangerous state for online dating, followed by New Mexico, Louisiana, Nevada and Arkansas. Crossing the Line — Continue Reading

Is Cory Booker The Anne Hathaway Of Politics?

Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu sat down with Cory Booker at Fairleigh Dickinson University for a wide-ranging conversation on July 29th, 2017. Senator Booker expounded on a variety of topics, including:How conversations about criminal justice reform ignore institutional and historical racism in the policies that put it in placeFailing U.S. infrastructure and the resources that go into warehousing people who are vulnerableHow the criminal justice system treats women unfairlyHow surprised he is to be saying that Jeff Sessions shouldn’t be fired after he worked to prevent his appointmentHis belief that police departments need to track more data in order to deal with crime effectivelyAnne Hathaway and the Les Mis movie, and how he is or is not the Anne Hathaway of politicsTaking money from Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner during his senate run in 2013Whether or not America is ready for another light skinned black man talking about hopeThe O.J. verdictWhether or not he'd let his hypothetical son play footballWhether or not he is the father of Mindy Kaling’s future childHow he thinks about his appearanceBeing hangry at a diner with Hillary ClintonHow society devalues parenthood and women’s workEating penguins TRACY CLAYTON: So I assume that you are all here to listen to us speak to Cory Booker so you probably don't need this introduction, but we're gonna get one anyway. Before he was senator he was mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013, and before that he was Newark City Councilor from 1998 to 2002. He studied at Oxford, and Stanford, and Yale, and he was a big time fancy great American football player. General overachiever, if you will.HEBEN NIGATU: We'll say these things when he's also in the room.CLAYTON: Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I would say all this to his face, I promise.CLAYTON: And he has also handed out Hot Pockets in a time of great national distress!NIGATU: That's true, that’s true.CLAYTON: Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Continue Reading

Phoenix concert news: Tucson Jazz Festival, A$AP Ferg, Alt AZ 93.3 Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Valley jazz fans will want to consider a road trip in the new year when the fourth annual HSL Properties Tucson Jazz Festival gets underway, bringing in the likes of Sheila E., Arturo Sandoval and Spyro Gyra.This year's Festival will run from Jan. 11-21 at assorted venues, presented in partnership with UA Presents, The Tucson Desert Song Festival, and the Tucson Symphony. Attendance is expected to hit 20,000, making the festival one of the major jazz destinations in the country.  VIP Tickets for the entire festival line-up as well as individual concerts are on sale at The schedule is as follows. Service fees are not included in the listed price. Thursday, Jan. 11: Hypnitic Brass Ensemble at Rialto Theatre. $25 adults/$20 seniors/$15 students.Friday, Jan. 12: The Hot Sardines at Fox Theatre. $35/$45.Saturday, Jan. 13: Matt Holman Group at Club Congress. $35-$45.Sunday, Jan. 14: Sheila E. at the Rialto. $31-$46.Monday, Jan.15: Downtown Jazz Fiesta with more than 10 bands on four stages in Fifth Avenue/Congress Street area. Tuesday Jan. 16: Warren Wolf and the UA Studio Jazz Ensemble at University of Arizona Crowder Hall. $35-$45.Wednesday, Jan. 17: Lew Tabackin Trio at Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral. $35-$45.Thursday Jan. 18:  Diane Schuur Quartet featuring Ernie Watts/Bill Charlap Trio at Fox Theatre. $35/$45.Friday, Jan. 19: Mingus Dynasty "Tijuana Moods" and the Tucson Jazz Institute Ensemble Band with Lew Tabackin and Dennis Roland at Fox Theatre. $35/$45.Saturday, Jan. 20: Spyro Gyra at Rialto Theatre. $36.Sunday, Jan. 21: Wycliffe Gordon and Jay Leonhardt at Club Congress. $35-$45.Harlem Hood Pope A$AP Ferg will bring his high-energy Mad Man Tour to the Van Buren on March 14 with Denzel Curry and IDK. Tickets are on sale now at Mad Man Tour is in support of “Still Striving,” an album released during A$AP Mob’s Continue Reading

TRANSCRIPT: John Kasich meets with the Daily News Editorial Board, April 7, 2016

The Daily News Editorial Board interviewed John Kasich, Republican candidate for President, on April 7 in the offices of the newspaper in downtown Manhattan. Kasich: I love being here. I just love being in New York. It's so crazy, right? It's just such a great opportunity, and I'm campaigning in New York City. I mean, how could that even be? New York Daily News: Why does that surprise you? Kasich: Oh, I mean, my dad was a mailman. I mean, come on. I'm just a kid from McKees Rocks. I mean, being governor, I've accepted that. In New York City? Me? Running for President. It's hard to believe. I mean, I'm ready to be President, but I'm still... You know, wanderlust sets in every once in awhile, or there's something wrong with you. You know? TRANSCRIPT: HILLARY CLINTON MEETS WITH NEWS EDITORIAL BOARD  Kasich: Mort, I think you should have owned The Daily Planet too. Mort Zuckerman: I think you should have been the mayor of Tucson. New York Daily News: Well, let me welcome you officially, and thank you for giving us this opportunity to speak. I'll start with some yardsticks for deciding a potential endorsement. Governor, indicating execute decision making, sometimes in crisis, plus experience working with a legislature. Governor of a large state that's both very urban, very rural and everything in between. Kasich: And complicated. New York Daily News: And complicated, indicating capacity for dealing with diverse needs, outlooks and policies. Governor of a state with a mature economy that's working to keep pace with rapid change. Governor who watched the great recession wipe out tens of thousands of jobs. Saw it hit bottom around 2010, then presided over a surge in job creation that surpassed the national pace. Regained all that was lost, plus more, to reach a record level of jobs with 8% more positions than at the trough. That's not bad. Now, my question. Should Andrew Cuomo be running for President? [Laughter] Does he Continue Reading

Bernie Sanders getting under Hillary Clinton’s skin as Democratic presidential primary battle grows more heated

SYRACUSE — Hillary Clinton snapped at a Greenpeace protester. She linked Bernie Sanders and tea party Republicans. And she bristled with anger when nearly two dozen Sanders supporters marched out of an event near her home outside New York City, shouting “if she wins, we lose.” “They don't want to listen to anyone else,” she shot back. “We actually have to do something. Not just complain about what is happening.” After a year of campaigning, months of debates and 35 primary elections, Sanders is finally getting under Clinton's skin in the Democratic presidential race. SANDERS CHALLENGES CLINTON TO NY DEBATE DURING SIT-DOWN WITH DAILY NEWS Clinton has spent weeks largely ignoring Sanders and trying to focus on Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Now, after several primary losses and with a tough fight in New York on the horizon, Clinton is showing flashes of frustration with the Vermont senator — irritation that could undermine her efforts to unite the party around her candidacy. According to Democrats close to Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, both are frustrated by Sanders' ability to cast himself as above politics-as-usual even while firing off what they consider to be misleading attacks. The Clintons are even more annoyed that Sanders' approach seems to be rallying — and keeping — young voters by his side. While Hillary Clinton's team contends her lock on the nomination as “nearly insurmountable,” the campaign frequently grumbles that Sanders hasn't faced the same level of scrutiny as the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady. BERNIE SANDERS HOLDS FIRST NEW YORK RALLY IN THE BRONX Her aides complain about Sanders' rhetoric, claiming he's broken his pledge to avoid character attacks by going after her paid speeches and ties to Wall Street, and they point to scenes of Sanders supporters booing Continue Reading

Stasi: Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina aren’t doing women any favors with their whining

Hillary Clinton isn’t doing women much good. Not anymore. And for sure, neither is GOP-er Carly Fiorina. It’s like watching the pissed-off school principal and a crazed substitute teacher coming unhinged in front of the whole PTA. What happened to the tough-ass stateswomen — candidates who could go toe-to-toe with any other pol, let alone any man? In their places are increasingly bizarrely bitter finger-pointers who resort to playing the woman card with when things don’t go their way. For God’s sake women, man up! Last week both Clinton and Fiorina, increasingly, mysteriously furious — perhaps because they weren’t anointed as expected — insinuated that they weren’t being dealt fair hands as women. The dreaded woman card strikes again! That cheap move might not be beneath them, but it sure is beneath the rest of us. Anybody playing with a full deck knows you don’t just play the queen to win the game. Take Carly, who has tens of supporters. She went ballistic after finding out that she didn’t make the cut for last night’s ABC New Hampshire debate. “The game is rigged,” she raged. “And here’s even more proof: The people of Iowa voted in an election this week, and I beat the establishment’s guys,” she posted on Facebook. The game might be rigged in general, yes, but not that game in particular. While Fiorina beat Kasich and Christie in Iowa, she didn’t meet the requirements for the debate. She was not in the top three in Iowa, nor the top six in the national and New Hampshire polls as required. Expecting ABC to make an exception to the rules because she’s a woman would be asking to be the exception to the rule because she’s a woman. Then there’s Hillary. When Bernie Sanders called her an establishment candidate Continue Reading

Race and gender draw sharp exchanges between Clinton, Trump

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went after each other early and often during Monday's opening debate, arguing over race, gender, trade, government regulation, and whose economic approach would best generate growth and job creation."Donald, I know you live in your own reality," Clinton said during the highly anticipated showdown at Hofstra University, saying the New York businessman constantly tells untruths, promotes "trickle down" economics that benefits the wealthy, and dabbles in racism and sexism.The first debate of the general election campaign saw Clinton needle Trump throughout, as she called him by him first name and noted his inconsistent policy statements and claims. He pushed back, often raising his voice and sniffing. One focus group of undecided voters led by Republican pollster Frank Luntz showed Clinton the winner.After the debate, Trump made an unprecedented appearance in the "spin room," where campaign officials try to convince reporters that their candidate won.Trump said the "holier than thou" ex-secretary of State, senator, and first lady is a "typical politician" who has pushed bad policies for 30 years — particularly in trade — and wants to increase taxes and regulations on businesses that are already struggling to survive.Issues of race and gender drew some of the many sharp exchanges in what may be the most watched political debate in U.S. history.Trump avoided explaining why he suddenly announced this month he now believes President Obama was born in Hawaii, after years of suggesting otherwise. He again accused Clinton partisans of spreading "birtherism" during the 2008 Democratic primaries, though no evidence ties it directly to her or her campaign. Officials from the 2008 Clinton campaign said they did not spread the birther claim that year.Clinton said Trump built his political career by promoting the "racist lie" that Obama was not an American citizen. Noting that a Trump Continue Reading

Phone calls and friendship: My time with Gov. Rose Mofford

I remember the last time I talked to Gov. Rose Mofford on the phone. I remember because it wasn't that long ago, in July, the night after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination, officially becoming the first woman to carry a major party's standard in the presidential election.Mofford loved talking about women succeeding, and she thought Clinton's speech was fabulous. I asked if she had thought she’d ever seen a woman on her way to the White House.“I always believed,” she told me.Mofford made her own history years before Clinton, as Arizona's first female governor.She was secretary of state in 1988 when she took over the top office after Gov. Evan Mecham was impeached.She ran a tight, efficient office and is credited with bringing stability to the state at a rough time.She was known for her sense of humor and saying what she thought. (And for that hairdo, the trademark swirl of white hair that made her instantly recognizable.)No one bossed her around.And, as I would learn, that included me. MORE:  Rose Mofford, first woman to serve as Arizona governor, has diedIn early 2011, with the state's 100th birthday approaching, Gov. Mofford's role in Arizona history earned her AZ magazine's "Woman of the Year" award, an honor given annually for more than 20 years. The magazine was produced by The Arizona Republic, though it's defunct now.I was asked to write a story about her. I got her phone number from information, where it has always been listed, and called to set up an interview.Gov. Mofford answered after the first ring.No, she said nicely, she wouldn't do the interview in person. We could do it on the phone, and right now.I explained that I'd really like to meet her face to face, and bring a photographer.No, she was too busy for that."My social life is cutting into my laundry," she told me.Not her own laundry, mind you, but the donated clothes she gathered, Continue Reading

Phoenix concert news: Tony Bennett postponed, Goldrush Festival, Shakira, Lorde, AZ Music Hall of Fame

Tony Bennett's Celebrity Theatre date has been rescheduled from July 11 to Thursday, Dec. 7, due to "unforeseen scheduling conflicts."Bennett's management regrets any inconvenience this may cause fans of the 19-time Grammy winner who looks forward to performing in Phoenix in December.All tickets purchased for the July 11 show will be honored at the 7:30 p.m. show on Dec. 7. Refunds are available at point of purchase. Tickets ($72 and $132) are on sale for the show now slated for Dec. 7 at the Celebrity Theatre Box office or online at  All tickets are subject to facility and ticketing surcharges. All ages welcome.Relentless Beats’ Goldrush Music Festival will bring a mix of EDM and hip-hop acts, including Dillon Francis, Lil Uzi Vert, Snow tha Product, Marshmello, Ugly God, Rich Chigga and the Underachievers, to Rawhide the weekend of Nov.18-19.Also playing: Injury Reserve Shiba San, Mija, Keys N Krates, GG Magree, Rezz, Malaa, Drezo, Al Grime, Smokepurpp, Hippie Sabotage, Oona Dahl, Walker & Royce, Sonny Fodera and San Holo.Goldrush will feature four stages with more than 50 national acts with Rawhide Western Town as a backdrop.Presales are available now for $99 general admission and $219 VIP at brings her El Dorado World Tour to Talking Stick Resort Arena on Saturday, Feb. 3.Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, June 30, but there are plenty of presales you can take advantage of.There’s a Citi presale from 10 a.m. Tuesday, June 27, to 10 p.m. Thursday, June 29, and a Viber presale beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 28. Live Nation also has a presale starting at 10 a.m. Thursday, June 29.The tour is in support of “El Dorado,” which topped the Billboard Latin charts in early June, topping the iTunes charts in 37 countries.The 12-time Grammy winner has issued a statement that says, “Thank you all so much for listening to my Continue Reading