Howard Stern: I’m leaving ‘America’s Got Talent’ for another TV show

There will be a cold, hard new reality for NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” — a judging panel without Howard Stern. The shock jock told his SiriusXM satellite radio listeners that he wouldn’t return to the reality talent competition that he’s judged since 2012. Instead, Stern said he'd be jumping ship to another television opportunity, though he did not divulge any details. Stern said the network had demanded an answer by July 4 about whether or not he was returning, to start booking venues for next season. Producers had previously moved taping from Los Angeles to New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, which is across the street from Stern’s radio studio, to accomodate their marquee name's schedule. Giving up "AGT" could increase the chances Stern will re-up with SiriusXM, where his contract expires at the end of the year. He said again Wednesday that he had too many time commitments. Stern also suggested that “America’s Got Talent” executive producer Simon Cowell should step in to replace him. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

High times in the highest office: Snoop Dogg says he got stoned in the White House

Snoop Dogg says he toured the nation’s highest office while he was high on marijuana. The 43-year-old rapper said Monday that he was wasted on marijuana when he went to the White House to meet President Obama in 2013 and even snuck into a bathroom in the White House to smoke a joint. When asked on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” by host Andy Cohen about the craziest place he ever got high, the notorious smoker had his answer at the ready. “The White House,” he said. “It was an awesome experience. It was one for the ages. “That's where I was trying to get to, you know what I'm saying,” Snoop added after he was asked whether he smoked in the bathroom. Snoop has claimed before that he smoked up in a White House bathroom. In a 2014 interview on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” he said he got high after he used the bathroom while at the White House ahead of the Kennedy Center Honors the prior December. Continue Reading

Meatloaf served at Rikers Island jail confirmed to have ‘green and blue specks,’ remains mystery how it got there: official

A top Correction Department official confirmed Wednesday that meatloaf served to inmates at a Rikers Island jail last week contained “green and blue specks,” but it remains a mystery what the substance is or how it got in the food. Ninteeen inmates at the Anna M. Kross Center allege in a federal lawsuit claim that they were sickened by rat poison in the meatloaf. The inmates were locked down in their cells on that day, March 3, as a result of an earlier sexual assault on a female guard by an inmate. But Assistant Commissioner for environmental health Patricia Feeney stated in a sworn affidavit stated that nothing in the food pantry or kitchen appeared similar to the substance. “I also looked at the rodenticides in the facility’s exterminator shop and none of the rodenticides matched the substance on the food,” Feeney stated in papers submitted in Brooklyn Federal Court. Judge Roslynn Mauskopf has ordered a hearing Thursday to determine whether an emergency court order is necessary to provide follow-up medical testing of the inmates and analysis by an independent laboratory of the meatloaf samples, which some inmates are secretly hoarding. Feeney denied any knowledge that jail staff has destroyed or discarded the contaminated food as part of an cover-up as alleged in the suit. Feeney disclosed that she has samples of the meatloaf stored in the refrigerator in her office. The city Department of Health does not have the ability to test the contaminated food and is assisting correction officials in finding an appropriate lab, a DOH spokesman said. No evidence of unsanitary conditions in the kitchen was found. The department's investigations division is conducting an investigation into possible food tampering. “If in fact tampering occurred, whether by staff or by inmate, such an incident is aberrational and indeed unprecedented,” Feeney stated. A Health Continue Reading

Fraternity brother at Washington and Lee University used stun gun on new member, got frat suspended for three years

Don't tase him, bros! Washington and Lee University's Phi Kappa Psi fraternity got suspended for three years this week after a member used a stun gun on a new recruit. The shocking incident happened on March 5 at a frat event that wasn't held on the campus of the tiny private school in Lexington, Va. There were about 30 members of the fraternity present during the hazardous hazing, and the gun-firing frat bro intimidated several other pledges with the weapon, the Roanoke Times reported. No one was seriously injured, but the university still pulled the plug on the frat. The Interfraternity Council voted on Tuesday to suspend the frat for a year and a half, but President Kenneth Ruscio doubled the discipline the next day. "This was a case of clear physical abuse, harmful enough as it was, but under the circumstances potentially even more dangerous," President Ruscio wrote in a letter announcing the suspension. "It was a specific act that occurred in a climate of intimidation that existed throughout the fraternity's new member education program." The school is working with about 17 students to find new housing now that the entire 70-man frat has been banned from its house. The student who used the stun gun was not suspended or charged, a university spokesman said. Phi Kappa Psi is the same fraternity that was the subject of a botched Rolling Stone investigation of a campus rape at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, just about an hour away from Washington and Lee. The punishment came during the same week the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter made national headlines when a leaked video of members reciting a racist chant got the frat swiftly shuttered. Follow @jaysunsilver Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Jeff Ross: I got high with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg after Justin Bieber’s roast

After they trashed Justin Bieber, comedian Jeff Ross, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart allegedly celebrated by getting a little roasted themselves. In an appearance Tuesday on "Conan," Ross revealed that he, the rapper and the lifestyle mogul blew off steam by getting stoned at an after party following Comedy Central's public flaying of the pop star in March. "We get nervous, you know these roasts are high pressure," the 49-year-old comic dished about the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, which was shot March 14. "So Snoop, a lot of the times during the commercial breaks, will give me the old elbow and we'll go in the back and, maybe, you know, decompress a little bit." "And Snoop pulled out his — whatever you would smoke stuff out of — and me him and Martha Stewart got a little stoned." Ross joked that the 73-year-old decorating guru didn't want to smoke directly, "so I blew a shotgun right into her mouth." It's not clear whether Ross was serious, though Stewart has hinted in the past she's no stranger to the ganja. Chatting with Bravo host Andy Cohen at the 92nd Street Y in March, Stewart recalled driving next to some kids in an ice cream truck who, she snarked, were smoking some "sloppy joints" "Of course I know how to roll a joint," she said. Separately, speaking to Pop Sugar after the roast, Stewart admitted to feeling "a bit woozy" after sitting next to Snoop Dogg, whom she said was chain-smoking blunts. "Snoop has medical reprieve for marijuana, so he smoked for 4 1/2 hours, right next to me," she said. "These big, fat — I thought he was smoking cigars at first, and then I started to feel a little woozy," she said. "I couldn't even see in his trailer," she joked. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH VIDEO HERE Continue Reading

Police find Donnie Wahlberg a real ‘Blue’-chipper; Howard Stern eyes new directions after ‘America’s Got Talent’

Donnie Wahlberg may play a cop on “Blue Bloods,” but he was also treated like a man in uniform when he attended the grand opening of a Wahlburgers restaurant in Coney Island. “Donnie was there early and had most of the cops in Coney Island trailing him,” a source tells [email protected] “His ‘Blue Bloods’ character, Danny, is a cop favorite. He hugged and took photos with the cops. At that moment the area across from Nathan’s was the safest in Brooklyn. A sea of cops!” Another spy overheard Donnie, ever the gentleman, telling the group of New York’s Finest that they were the ones who deserved to be on the carpet, not him. Donnie was joined by big brother Paul Wahlberg, a chef who runs the chain of burger restaurants the family started in Boston. Along with Donnie and Paul, Hollywood bigwig bro Mark Wahlberg put whatever rumored rifts they may have had on the back burner and came out to support the family. While Donnie’s wife, Jenny McCarthy, wasn’t at the ribbon-cutting, Mark brought his spouse, Rhea Durham, to the festivities. “She was in a ripped-jeans casual look. Mark was a lot less approachable than Donnie,” adds our source. Donnie spoke about the neighborhood, saying, “I love that this is in Brooklyn, because this can help revitalize the area if we bring a business here.” “He was jumping around saying, ‘Hello Brooklyn!’ He was excited,” says our source. THERE’S A STERN-OVER AT ‘TALENT’ Howard Stern revealed he won’t be returning to “America’s Got Talent” Wednesday, saying on his SiriusXM satellite show that he’s now going through a “career evaluation.” The King of All Media said it was very hard to tell NBC execs his decision, but that the show needs to return to L.A. if he’s not on it, and they need to book a venue for next season. Stern says he has two enticing TV offers Continue Reading

Knicks owner James Dolan still keeping the faith: ‘You got to believe, baby’

James Dolan suddenly is invoking the same catchphrase with the Knicks that once worked famously for the Mets. “You got to believe, baby! I believe, I believe!” Dolan said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. The Q & A with the magazine concentrated mostly on Dolan’s music and business interests, but there were a handful of questions about the Knicks and their NBA-worst record under $60 million team president Phil Jackson. RELATED: KNICKS' TIM HARDAWAY JR. TRIES TO SHAKE SOPHOMORE SLUMP Dolan has famously meddled and interfered with past regimes − i.e. the Carmelo Anthony trade talks − but insisted in the interview that he has held his promise to mostly leave the Zen Master alone as he deconstructs and rebuilds the last-place roster. “I don’t see (interfering) happening. Phil is a brilliant basketball guy, and he and (GM) Steve (Mills) are working together great,” Dolan said. “I enjoy being out of the limelight. I enjoy having two experts in there that I trust. I barely have to do a thing. It can stay like that for me forever. As long as we continue to make progress − and I’m sure we will. I believe!” Dolan, of course, infamously engaged in a nasty email exchange with a longtime fan earlier this season. The fan implored Dolan to sell the Knicks, and the owner responded by suggesting the fan was an alcoholic, among other insults. Still, Dolan added that he regrets only hitting send on that missive, not its content. “I don’t respond to people like that. I learned a lesson this year about that. I won’t do it again,” Dolan said. “I don’t believe what I said was wrong. I believe responding to him was wrong. I believe what I said was absolutely correct. But that’s the thing: why engage with people like that? That was a mistake.” Despite setting the franchise record for losses in a season, the Knicks have sold Continue Reading

Texas man convicted of killing ex-wife got tattoo of her burning in fire: prosecutors

He choked and drowned her to death, and when he got to jail Delvecchio Patrick got an image of his screaming ex-wife burning in flames tattooed on his leg, prosecutors said Tuesday. Jurors deciding the fate of the 38-year-old Texas man saw images of his jailhouse ink, which appears to show his former lover Deanna Cook crying in pain while being lapped up by flames on his leg. Patrick faces life in prison after he was convicted of murdering his ex-wife. A jury found him guilty last Friday of choking and drowning Cook to death in her Dallas home while she desperately pleaded for help on the phone with a 911 dispatcher . Cook, 32, was on her cellphone with 911 for 11 minutes as she was murdered on Aug. 17, 2012. She can be heard choking, gurgling and screaming "Delvecchio, why are you doing this?'" the Dallas News reported. It took police two days to discover her body after officers initially responded to the distress call after about nine minutes, knocked and left when they didn't get an answer. Patrick showed no emotion after a jury delivered the guilty verdict in court last week, according to Dallas News. He was awaiting his punishment Tuesday. Patrick’s defense attorneys argued the tattoo was not depicting Cook but rather a rapper, Lady of Rage, the paper reported. Patrick had also had it for 10 years, according to NBC5 KXAS TV. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Gay activists have got company: In Indiana, Arkansas and around the country, Apple, Walmart and other corporations are turning the same-sex marriage tide

Even if you think, as I do, that the past week's great gay rights war was 90% hype — the religious exemption laws in Indiana and Arkansas, even before they got amended, were by no means the bar to future discrimination suits that many backers hoped and opponents feared — one take-away is still a bit amazing: America's big businesses have emerged as a hugely effective ally of gay rights. That is a very big deal that will reshape this crucial cultural cause, and perhaps others, for years to come. How did this happen, what does it mean and will it last? For those whose attention was elsewhere this week, here's what happened: Like 27 other states, Indiana and Arkansas have no general laws banning discrimination against gay people in private employment or so-called public accommodations, although some cities in Indiana do have local ordinances to that effect. This week, Republican legislatures in both states enacted Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) laws, which — among many other impacts in areas of the law unrelated to discrimination — might someday be invoked by florists, photographers or caterers reluctant on religious grounds to participate in a gay marriage celebration. A national outcry ensued, fed by cable news and social media, and late this week both Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson yielded to the pressure, requesting and getting legislative "fixes" making it clear that neither law would have such an effect. (Contrary to some news reports, the revised laws did not ban such discrimination, but simply made clear that should such disputes emerge under local ordinances or, perhaps, future state laws, the RFRA would not serve as a defense.) Previous gay-rights blowbacks have been led by people holding signs and chanting slogans. This one was different. In both states, the rapid turnabout was a direct result of business pressure. Yes, celebrities jumped in with opinions, cable pundits Continue Reading

Mike Francesa owns a horse named after Jordy Nelson, and his partner in the horse got him the tickets near Alex Rodriguez’s family

Mike Francesa told his WFAN listeners on Tuesday what Daily News readers already knew: he wasn’t sitting in Alex Rodriguez’s seats yesterday during Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Francesa’s seats were near Rodriguez’s guests, but he got them from his partner in the horse game, Lee Einsidler. They are co-owners of a 2-year-old named Jordy. Yep, a horse named after the Packers’ stud receiver. RAISSMAN: IS MIKE (SPORTS POPE) FRANCESA LOSING IT? As for his neighbors in the prime seats, Francesa said they knew who he was, but he didn’t know who they were. "They knew me, obviously, because they're very attuned to everything happening with A-Rod," he said. "But I'd never met them before yesterday, I didn't go to the game with them, I hadn't made plans to go to the game with them.” “I don't even know their names.” A rep for A-Rod told The News on Monday that the closeness of the seats was purely coincidental. That little bit of newspaper work was too much for a certain downmarket tabloid to do, though, and Francesa took the rag to task for its “abject laziness.” “You would think ... they might have had the photographer — who was about 10 feet away from me when he was snapping pictures — (he) could have asked me if those were A-Rod's seats I was sitting in. Because I could have told him, uh, very nicely, no, they weren't. “I didn't even know those people when they sat down next to me.” He piled on, offering a lesson in Journalism 101: “All you would have to do, even if you didn't want to, as a reporter, (is) take the couple of minutes because you grew up watching guys do sloppy work, you do the same sloppy work, you didn't take the time to make a phone call to find out if it was true. You would have thought, in your abject laziness, ask the photographer to ask me. He was 10 feet away from me.” Continue Reading