A BROOKLYN GRAND JURY is investigating explosive allegations that an FBI agent helped a Mafia capo murder rivals and run a massive criminal enterprise while the mobster was a government informant, the Daily News has learned. Now-retired FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio is suspected of giving mobster Greg Scarpa Sr. volumes of secret intelligence - including addresses of rivals' hideouts and names of other informants - from 1988 to 1993, sources said. In one early 1992 incident, DeVecchio allegedly called off law enforcement surveillance of mobster Nicholas Grancio at Scarpa's request - so Scarpa could assassinate his rival, the sources said. Less than 15 minutes after the surveillance was pulled, Scarpa, with two associates, shot and killed Grancio, who was sitting in his car, talking to his nephew. DeVecchio also allegedly once tipped Scarpa off that the mobster's son, Greg Jr., was about to be busted on drug-dealing charges. The younger Scarpa fled. All the while, Scarpa Sr. was providing DeVecchio with reams of information on the inner workings of the mob, on both rivals and associates. In the current probe, sources said, the FBI's New York field office has supplied Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes with extensive documentation on DeVecchio - including his and other agents' reports on Mafia activities in Brooklyn and the bureau's work with informants. "There are new informants with new information on the DeVecchio-Scarpa relationship and firsthand knowledge of the murders who have come forward," a source said. Hynes' office declined to comment. But the stakes for the Brooklyn DA are high and affect not only DeVecchio but the past work of the FBI's New York office and federal prosecutions based on information Scarpa provided the agent. Numerous high-ranking mafiosi are serving long prison sentences, in part because of information Scarpa Sr. provided. Those cases could be compromised, sources said. Another issue being raised is whether Continue Reading

Etan Patz jury hears testimony from retired FBI agent who investigated Jose Ramos

The Etan Patz jury spent its ninth day of deliberations listening to testimony about the former prime suspect in the infamous 1979 case. Panelists in the Pedro Hernandez trial heard for a second time the words of Mary Galligan, a retired FBI agent who investigated pedophile Jose Ramos’ role in the 6-year-old Patz’s disappearance. Hernandez confessed in 2012 to killing the boy, but his lawyers say his tale is made up. Continue Reading


RACKETEERING AND murder convictions of six notorious Mafiosi could be compromised by a Brooklyn grand jury probe into allegations that an FBI agent was secretly aiding a vicious mob killer. An indictment and conviction of the agent, Lindley DeVecchio, now retired, could mean new trials for the six men, all of whom have been imprisoned for more than a decade, legal experts say. "I'm very excited about this, and a true bill [indictment] by the grand jury would certainly bear on the convictions," said Flora Edwards, defense attorney for one of the six, Victor Orena. The grand jury is investigating allegations that DeVecchio helped Mafia capo Gregory Scarpa Sr. commit several murders, robberies and other crimes during a five-year period ending in 1993, as the Daily News disclosed last week. All the while, Scarpa was DeVecchio's informant, feeding the agent information on his rivals during a brutal Mafia war, along with details on the inner workings of the mob and about 100 of its members. DeVecchio has denied the allegations against him, and his attorney Douglas Grover told The News that the probe by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes' office "is nonsense." Grover noted that the charges previously have been reviewed and investigated extensively by the Justice Department and that his client was not prosecuted. DeVecchio was head of a joint FBI-NYPD task force investigating a bloody war between two factions of the Colombo crime family that began in the late 1980s. The warring groups, responsible for 11 murders, were the Persico faction, headed by Scarpa Sr., and the Orena faction, headed by Edwards' client. "If the lead case agent [DeVecchio], whose testimony on the war and people involved, is indicted for murder, well, you don't have to be Johnnie Cochran to figure out what the impact will be," said Edwards, referring to the late lawyer who successfully defended O.J. Simpson. Attorneys for Orena and other men now in prison have previously Continue Reading

Former FBI agent stole drug money to pay for plastic surgery, cars and Vegas vacation: indictment

A former FBI agent has been indicted for allegedly stealing more than $100,000 in drug proceeds and spending it on plastic surgery, cars, tires and a weekend in Las Vegas, the U.S. Justice Department said on Thursday. Scott Bowman, 44, of Moreno Valley, California, allegedly misappropriated drug proceeds seized in June and August 2014 during the execution of search warrants, the department said in a statement. The money had been put in Bowman's custody and he falsified records to cover up his theft, it said. Bowman spent about $71,000 in cash to buy two cars and another $27,000 to outfit them with speakers, new rims and tires, the statement said. He also used about $15,000 on plastic surgery for his wife and spent $11,000 for a weekend at a Las Vegas Hotel with his girlfriend, according to the indictment. Bowman was charged on Wednesday in the U.S District Court for the Central District of California with 10 counts, including conversion of property, obstruction of justice and money-laundering. Bowman was an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2005 to 2015. Information on an attorney for him was not immediately available. Continue Reading

Robert Durst hearing postponed after FBI agents fail to show up to court

A Louisiana judge postponed a court hearing for millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst Thursday after FBI agents failed to show up. Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell agreed to the one-week delay after Durst’s lawyer accused prosecutors of playing “hide the ball.” "We needed more time ... to make sure our employees are well-prepared to take the stand," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Duane Evans, who admitted that the government instructed the agents to ignore the defense subpoenas. “All we want from these agents is the truth and I don't know how much time you need to prepare to tell the truth,” Durst lawyer Dick DeGuerin fired back. Durst, 71, is facing weapons charges after agents armed with a California murder warrant found a .38-caliber revolver and a bag of marijuana in his New Orleans hotel room last month. Durst’s lawyers say the agents illegally searched his room. Durst is accused of shooting pal Susan Berman execution-style in her Los Angeles home on Dec. 23, 2000. Berman, a college friend who had acted as Durst’s flack in the wake of his wife Kathie’s 1982 disappearance, was killed after authorities reopened the investigation into the notorious cold case. Prosecutors have suggested that Durst targeted Berman because she knew too much. Durst’s lawyers have subpoenaed former Westchester County district attorney Jeanine Pirro who revived the investigation in 2000. They want her to testify to “confirm that, as part of her investigation, Ms. Pirro never requested an interview or otherwise contacted Susan Berman prior to Susan Berman’s death in December 2000,” court documents show. Pirro, for her part, has made it clear how she feels about Durst. “Every ounce of my prosecutorial being says this guy is an evil person,” Pirro said Thursday. Outside the courthouse Thursday, Durst’s lawyer said his client is Continue Reading

Ex-FBI agent accused of lying during Whitey Bulger trial, including alleged tall tale of recovering rifle used to assassinate MLK

A retired FBI agent pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges he perjured himself while testifying for the defense in the sensational  2013 trial of Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger. James Fitzpatrick, 75, was hit with six counts of perjury and obstruction of justice by U.S. federal marshals who said he lied on the stand to  help sell copies of his book. His alleged tall tales include a story about being the officer who recovered the rifle used to assassinate civil rights leader Martin Luther King in 1968, federal authorities said. The records show three Memphis police officers found the weapon — but Fitzpatrick says it was him to bolster his image, according to the criminal complaint. The ex-agent made a 12-minute appearance in Boston federal court Thursday. He entered an innocent plea and was released on  a $50,000 bond. Fitzpatrick also had to turn over his passport, his personal weapon and his gun license and agree to avoid all contact with law enforcement and restrict his travel to the  New England region. The 85-year-old Bulger is serving two life sentences after his 2013 racketeering conviction tying him to 11 murders and other gangland crimes in the 1970s and '80s. The infamous mobster gained cult status in certain circles after disappearing from Boston in 1994 and living on the lam for 16 years.  He was finally apprehended in 2011. Bulger was a mob informant for the FBI from 1975 to 1990,  the height of his  reign as Boston’s top crime boss. Robert Fitzpatrick Indictment (PDF) Robert Fitzpatrick Indictment (Text) Fitzpatrick, who grew up in Rhode Island, started working  for the FBI in 1965. He took over as Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge to the FBI’s Boston division in late 1980. That  meant he supervised the FBI’s organized crime squad — which was using Bulger as one of Continue Reading

‘Longhorn Bandit’ bank robber kills himself after wounding FBI agent in Colorado motel raid: officials

The "Longhorn Bandit" might be busted for good. A Colorado man said to be a serial bank robber known as the "Longhorn Bandit" shot and killed himself after wounding an FBI agent in a raid at a Littleton motel Friday afternoon, police said. “It’s terrifying,” Littleton Police Lt. Trent Cooper told the Denver Post about the agent's injury. “It's frightening. It's a situation where you are trying to be as safe as possible but when you hear over the radio that an officer is down, it's the worst thing you can possibly hear." The perp, who hasn't been named, is suspected of robbing six banks around the Denver area, FBI spokesperson Amy Sanders told the Daily News. Agents were trying to serve him an arrest warrant. He earned his nickname by wearing a hat for the University of Texas at Austin's Longhorns during some of his crimes. In each instance, he demanded money in a note and quickly escaped, and no one was injured in any of the bandit's bank busts. The injured FBI agent, who hasn't been identified, was shot in the leg by the bandit, who fired two shots. He is now in stable condition, Sanders said. Authorities said law enforcement fired no shots during the raid. SWAT teams surrounded the motel around 4:15 p.m., and the suspect's death was announced three hours later. Follow @jaysunsilver With News Wire Services Continue Reading

FBI agent’s sniper rifle stolen from car days before President Obama visited Utah: report

A sniper rifle belonging to a FBI agent was stolen by a determined thief who used a rope and a car to pull the secured weapon out of the fed's vehicle, according to a report. The rifle was in a hard case and chained to a car parked in a Salt Lake City hotel garage, police said, according to KSTU-TV. The theft occurred just days before President Obama arrived in Utah. The passenger window had been shattered and a rope was tied around the weapon's case, officers said. A vehicle left skid marks pulling the rifle out of the window, taking the frame with it. "It appears the case may have been too large to fit through the window, which is how the frame was pulled from the door," read a March 27 police report obtained by the station. Obama arrived April 3. Police are still looking for the weapon and the thief. There were no surveillance cameras in the hotel's parking structure, authorities said. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? SEE THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Michigan boy, 17, impersonating FBI agent crashes vehicle he was test driving

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A 17-year-old southeastern Michigan boy pretended to be an FBI agent and got a car dealer to let him test drive a Dodge Charger, then crashed the muscle car in northwestern Ohio, authorities say. The Ann Arbor teen called the Cueter Chrysler dealership in Ypsilanti Township on Wednesday and asked to test drive the 2015 model, the department told The Ann Arbor News. The boy told dealership employees he was an FBI agent and was carrying what appeared to be a firearm on his hip, sheriff's spokesman Derrick Jackson said. He said it turned out to be an Airsoft air gun. The teen then drove the car to the Toledo, Ohio, area, where he crashed and heavily damaged the crashed the car, Jackson said. The boy was uninjured and again presented himself to authorities in Ohio as an FBI agent, the sheriff's spokesman said. Charges haven't been announced. Authorities in Michigan are expected to charge him as an adult because 17 is the age of criminal responsibility in the state. Ohio authorities are expected to charge him as a juvenile. Continue Reading

Former FBI agent arrested, ordered to have mental evaluation after threat to ‘kill everyone around her’ at CIA gates: affidavit

A former FBI agent will undergo a psychiatric evaluation after an arrest last week at CIA headquarters in northern Virginia during which she allegedly reached for an officer’s gun and threatened to shoot up or bomb the place, federal authorities said. The downfall of Tunisia Davis, an agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2004 to 2010, was preceded by a series of bizarre video rants she posted to Facebook last week railing against the FBI, police brutality and local businesses. In one, she references Trayvon Martin and different police shootings currently in the news. She also describes herself as a former special agent for the FBI who was arrested a few years ago and spent time in a mental institution. “Hi, my name is Tunisia Davis. I’m a former special agent with the FBI,” she says in one video, posted April 28 to a page using the name “” “This is what my mugshot looked like when they arrested me a few years ago. But guess what? I’m declaring my intention to be in the running for president of the United States. I’m going to become a Republican, and those who want a change, vote for me. Si se puede. Yes we can!” Last week, Davis first went to the National Security Agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Md., where she was stopped at the gate and made a passing mention about “plans to test the security at the CIA,” in Langley, Va., according to an affidavit obtained by WRC-TV. Authorities issued a “be on the lookout” order after the strange encounter. Davis then left and headed towards the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters, but made and posted several of the bizarre videos on her way. In one, she has a hoodie on, the hood up and the cord tied tight around her neck as she rants while driving. When she arrived at the CIA, she passed one officer who tried to stop her before a second stood in front of her car to Continue Reading