Readers, in joy, disbelief, even tears, on Bills ending The Drought

A few days ago, I asked readers to explain what it meant to them at the moment they knew the Buffalo Bills were in the playoffs, after a 17-year absence, the infamous "Drought." The answers poured in. Here is the entire collection of responses available thus far, more than 100 tales of tributes, exaltation, disbelief and joy, beginning with the memories of the pastor of Ss. Columba and Brigid Church in Buffalo: A note from Rev. Jud Weiksnar, a reader: My claims to being the world's biggest, and worst, Bills Fan. Longevity First, I might have the longest span of watching games with one's father. My dad introduced me to the Bills in 1963, when I was 6. We still watch together, 54 years later. He's 95, and about the only time he stays awake for three hours straight is when the Bills are playing. I remember the first game we watched together on t.v. The Bills were playing the Patriots in Boston, and I saw that the quarterback #15 was Kemp. I asked my dad if that was my Uncle George, whose last name was similar, and my dad quickly corrected me that it was Jack Kemp, not George Kempf. Even when I left town for college, and to join the Franciscans in 1987, except for two years overseas I would always catch at least one Bills game with my dad. World's Biggest Bills Fan? Along with all Bills fans, I was crushed when the Bills lost Super Bowl XXV to the Giants. A few months later, I left for a mission year in Lima, Peru. Peru at the time was under attack by a terrorist group, Sendero Luminoso, that threatened to take over the country. 30,000 people were killed in the violence. There were kidnappings, bombings, and assassinations. One day my classmate at the language school where we were learning Spanish, Sister Cathy, invited me to Mass at the Holy Cross house on the other side of town in San Juan de Lurigancho. The neighborhood was very dangerous as it was the site of a notorious penitentiary, nicknamed "The World's Most Dangerous Prison" because of all the terrorists Continue Reading