Fantasy Football ADP Duel: Willie Snead vs. DeSean Jackson

The 2017 RotoExperts Xclusive Edge Fantasy Football Package is here! Fantasy Football Training Camp Starts Today. This comprehensive package gives you everything you need to draft like an expert and manage like a pro. It gives you access to all of our Premium content throughout the preseason and the 2017 Fantasy Football season. Enter promocode nydailynews at checkout for a special discount. This article was originally published on We've all heard it before. The middle rounds will be where a draft can be won or lost. That can be very true, to a degree. Once in the middle rounds, your draft preparation has to come into play, as you have to make the tough calls between players on the same tier. This holds true more than ever when it comes to the wide receiver position. As you creep deeper down the rankings at receiver, a lot of players start to mesh together and it's hard to decipher where to go with your selection. According to Fantasy Football ADP Data (via, the Saints' Willie Snead and the Buccaneers' new speedster DeSean Jackson are two players that you may have to flip a coin on. The tough decisions like this are what could make or break your season, and that's what I am here to help you with. Let's jump into the numbers and figure out which receiver will be the better player in your draft. Willie Snead: ADP 87 Snead found himself taking a back seat to rookie Michael Thomas in 2016. Snead came out of the gates with 172 yards and a score in Week 1, followed by another score in Week 2. But that would go down as Snead's only 100-yard performance all year, and he only found the end zone twice more in the remainder of his games (both TDs in Week 10). As Thomas became more acclimated in the offense, Snead became more of a chain-moving receiver and an afterthought. He finished with 72 catches and 895 yards, which is not bad as a third option on an offense. His 8.6 yards per target last season ranked 16th among Continue Reading

Fantasy Football ADP Duel: Dak Prescott vs. Ben Roethlisberger

The 2017 RotoExperts Xclusive Edge Fantasy Football Package is here! Fantasy Football Training Camp Starts Today. This comprehensive package gives you everything you need to draft like an expert and manage like a pro. It gives you access to all of our Premium content throughout the preseason and the 2017 Fantasy Football season. Enter promocode nydailynews at checkout for a special discount. This article was originally published on Fantasy owners tend to use the strategy of waiting to select a quarterback until later in the draft as they fill in the skill positions while the value is on the board. This strategy has been easier to implement over the last couple of years as the depth at the position has gotten deeper with players worthy of starting potential in lineups. As you get into the middle rounds of the draft, two names that will be jumping off the board will be Dak Prescott and Ben Roethlisberger. One, a second-year player who flashed great potential as a rookie, the other, an aging veteran in a potent offense. Both players are valued as QB1 (ADPs of 89 and 90 according to, but at the tail end of that tier, which should tell you that there will be both positive and negatives associated with either player. But if you construct your roster through the early rounds wisely, and avoid the bad weeks that each player will have, you should be able to overcome the negatives. Which quarterback will be the better fit for your team? We take a look at the numbers and I give you the call on which player to select in this ADP Duel. Dak Prescott: ADP 89 A broken back for Tony Romo led to one of the more surprising seasons from a QB since the days of Kurt Warner. Although he did not fill up the stat sheet in terms of passing yardage, his touchdown total of 29, while only throwing four interceptions, were big reasons why Dak Prescott finished as a Top 10 Fantasy QB. Prescott was able Continue Reading

Odell Beckham Jr. ‘speechless’ after watching ESPN fantasy football sketch that resembles slave auction

Odell Beckham Jr. tweeted Tuesday that he is "speechless" after watching an ESPN fantasy football auction sketch that’s being criticized for resembling a slave auction — and Beckham is the player on the block. Former Giants defensive lineman Dominique Hamilton tweeted the ESPN clip at Beckham saying: "Ummm @OBJ_3 what's sup with this racist sketch." The auctioneer in the skit holds up a photo of Beckham, who was not physically part of the bit, as he auctions him to the highest bidder. Beckham's response seemed to indicate he is equally as mortified as many are to see a white man auction a black man's services on a stage, in front of a predominantly white crowd, no less. There were white players, like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, auctioned off, as well. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant also slammed ESPN via social media. "Bum ass espn running out of ideas..." Durant tweeted along with a screen grab of the fantasy football auction. ESPN has since apologized. "Auction drafts are a common part of fantasy football, and ESPN’s segments replicated an auction draft with a diverse slate of top professional football players. Without that context, we understand the optics could be portrayed as offensive, and we apologize,” the network said in a statement to USA TODAY Sports. Continue Reading

Fantasy Football: Early winners and losers in NFL free agency

The 2017 RotoExperts Xclusive Edge Fantasy Baseball Package is here! Get your ticket to a Fantasy Baseball Championship trophy. This comprehensive package gives you everything you need to execute a successful draft and gives you access to all of our Premium content throughout the 2017 Fantasy Baseball season. Enter promocode nydailynews at checkout for a special discount. Free agency is off to a roaring start in the NFL, as money has been flying off the board in some very smart deals and some very bone-headed moves. The most desperate and needy teams tend to be the ones blowing through deals early in the process, and it usually shows in the contracts given out. When it comes to Fantasy Football, how will these signings impact the potential of players new to the team, or even the mainstays? There are some big names with quite the Fantasy potential still out there after Day 1, with Tony Romo and a slew of RBs (Peterson, Charles, Lacy, Murray) still dangling on the tree. Once those shoes drop, we will talk about them, but for now I take a look at a few of the signings to date and how they should affect your mindset for the 2017 drafting season. Winning Moves Brandon Marshall, WR New York Giants: This move provides perhaps the most Fantasy potential so far with Marshall now playing alongside OBJ with the Giants. Sure, he is 33 years old, but he has plenty left in the tank. Now, with Marshall on the outside and Sterling Shepherd in the slot, loads of pressure from the defense will be taken off Beckham. The move will undoubtedly muddy the waters in terms of targets among the receivers, but the most benefit will be the production uptick that Eli Manning should now see. Manning should easily move into the Top 10 at the position when early ADPs begin to come in. Expect Marshall to play a role similar to that of Anquan Boldin with the Lions; a chain-moving type of receiver with his greatest chance of production coming from the red-zone looks that he should receive. Continue Reading

Whole New Game: How fantasy football’s explosion during Roger Goodell’s 10 years as commissioner has changed way we cover, follow and consume NFL

The line between fantasy and reality has blurred the NFL universe, prompting an eruption that has taken the sport to new levels. The fantasy boom under Roger Goodell’s 10-year stewardship has jolted the league landscape by changing how we discuss, view and think about football. For better or worse, the NFL’s heightened popularity is rooted in a nerdy game born in a New York hotel more than a half century ago. The late Wilfred Winkenbach’s brain child has spawned a new NFL, where PPR, RBBC and Sleepers have become a part of the lexicon and the thirst for information is never quenched. Fantasy football has been the driving force behind the sport’s soaring interest in the past decade, a fickle game of skill and chance designed to thrill, anger and disappoint you every fall. “It’s fueled the popularity and explosion of football,” ESPN Insider Adam Schefter said. “It’s the HGH of the sport.” Fantasy has become such a part of the fabric of the sport that NFL owners Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft both have a stake in DraftKings, one of the two most popular Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites. A game once reserved for stat geeks is no longer marginalized. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates 57 million people in the United States and Canada play fantasy sports, a more than 200% spike from the 18 million players in 2006. Forty million people play fantasy football today in what has become a $19 billion business. “This is a big part of our world,” NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport said. The scope has broadened. Every team matters. Every play matters. Fantasy has changed the discourse of the most popular sport in the country. This is not your father’s NFL. “Ten years ago, people still held fantasy at arm’s length,” ESPN’s top fantasy analyst, Matthew Berry, said. “There was the stereotype of the nerd in his mom’s basement. Now, you Continue Reading

Sunday Morning Fantasy Football Live Chat: Don’t set your lineup until you talk with the guys from RotoExperts

There are two teams on a bye for Week 6. Make sure all of your Buccaneers and Vikings players are inactive for your fantasy football lineups. If you need help with decisions about trades, waiver wire pickups, lineup choices or anything else fantasy football related, RotoExperts analysts will be on hand today from 11 AM to 1 PM EST to answer your questions during our weekly interactive fantasy football chat. Live Blog Gameday Fantasy Football Open Chat Today 11 AM to 1 PM EST  For in-depth Fantasy advice and analysis throughout your season, including waiver tips, lineup rankings, statistical insights, live expertchats and more, register now for the RotoExperts.comXclusive Edge Fantasy Football Package. Daily News Readers can enter promocode “DAILYNEWS” at checkout for a discount. Continue Reading

Chris Christie lashes out at CNBC 2016 debate moderators over fantasy football question BUT his OWN CAMPAIGN sent out an email comparing the race to it just weeks ago

Presidential contender Chris Christie may need a reality check when it comes to fantasy football. The outspoken New Jersey governor lashed out at CNBC moderators at Wednesday night’s GOP 2016 debate, blasting the quartet of hosts for asking questions about fantasy football and online sports betting. WINNERS & LOSERS: POLITICOS RATE GOP DEBATE PERFORMANCES "Are we really talking about fantasy football," an incredulous Christie yelled after the question was asked. "Wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, ISIS and Al Qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football?" Fellow candidate Jeb Bush had just finished answering the question, bragging that he's 7-0 in his fantasy football league before saying that “there should be some regulation” with fantasy sports betting But Christie, whose line about disputing why it was even an issue to be discussed received huge applause, wasn’t done. GOP CANDIDATES SPAR WITH MODERATORS DURING 3RD DEBATE  "Let people play, who cares,” he yelled. As moderator John Harwood tried to regain control, Christie showed off his Jersey roots. "Even in New Jersey what you're doing is called rude," Christie admonished Harwood. Amid his outburst, however, Christie, may forgotten an email his own campaign sent supporters just weeks ago, equating the 2016 presidential race with fantasy football. THE 9 BEST APPLAUSE LINES FROM WEDNESDAY'S 2016 GOP DEBATE  “Have you set your lineup this week,” Christie campaign Digital Director Lauren Fritts wrote in the Sept. 24 email. “This is a friendly reminder to double check and submit your lineup before the start of the Giants ... game tonight at 8:25 p.m.” “A double reminder that you need to pick your 2016 lineup! As you saw in the last debate, Team Christie is on offense, and we Continue Reading

Still-fuming Chris Christie attacks CNBC again for asking ‘stupid’ debate questions about fantasy football, says Jeb Bush shouldn’t have answered

Chris Christie is still trying to turn Jeb Bush's fondness for fantasy football into a nightmare. A day after his memorable exchange with the moderators of CNBC's 2016 Republican debate over their decision to ask a question about fantasy football, the New Jersey governor and presidential candidate made it clear he was still fuming. "In the context of everything we're dealing with in this country you think the 40-year-old landscaper sitting out, watching, struggling every day to make ends meet for his family and for the men and women he employs gives a darn about whether the federal government is going to regulate fantasy football?" Christie said on CNN. "But let me not dodge it, OK?" WINNERS & LOSERS: POLITICOS RATE GOP DEBATE PERFORMACES  "No, they shouldn't regulate fantasy football. It's a stupid idea," Christie added, before taking aim at Bush's answer to the question Wednesday. "And that's the way it should have been answered last night by Jeb Bush but when we entertain these ridiculous questions from the media, we empower them," he said. "And my point is there's lots of important issues to talk about and only two hours to talk about them." At the debate, Christie railed against CNBC moderators for asking about whether fantasy football and other online sports betting should be regulated. "Are we really talking about fantasy football?" an incredulous Christie yelled after the question was asked. "Wait a second, we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, ISIS and Al Qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football?" RUBIO TAKES VICTORY LAP AFTER STRONG PERFORMANCE AT DEBATE  "Enough on fantasy football. Let people play! Who cares," he added. Bush, on the other hand, answered the question, bragging that he's 7-0 in his fantasy football league before saying that "there should be some regulation" with fantasy sports Continue Reading

SEE IT: Parody attack ad questions integrity of Charlotte fantasy football commissioner

It's always sad when fantasy football campaigns go negative. Charlotte resident Mike D'Avria produced a hysterical online video meant to taunt his friend, Tim Grant, and fellow co-commissioner of their Championship of the Universe Fantasy Football League. The video, done in the spirit of a nasty political attack ad, paints Grant as an elitist who doesn't care for the plight of America's working class or even professional kickers. D'Avria, who owns the production company Charlotte Is, told the Daily News he was having lunch this week with Grant, who mentioned an idea of instituting a "luxury tax" on people in the league who weren't paying fair value on their players. The keeper league allows everyone to keep three players on the roster every year at the same price as when he was originally selected. Each member of the 12-team league gets $200 and at the beginning of every season they use the money to bid on players until each team fills a roster. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback, but in 2012 he was just a rookie third round pick. So he was selected in the final round by league member Russ Hammond, who paid nothing for his selection. That doesn't sit well with Commissioner Grant, who believes Hammond should be forced to pay Wilson's fair value, which would cost roughly $35 to $50, D'Avria estimates. But D'Avria decided to inform Hammond of what the administration had planned for his team Slamma Lamma Ding Dong and the two worked together Wednesday on the video that showed plenty of unflattering yet authentic pictures of Grant. Shame on you, Commissioner Grant. Leave our fantasy football league alone. And shave your mustache. Hammond, 35, told The News he spent $5 on the website Fiverr to pay an actor to record the audio to make it sound like a political ad. The members made a bunch of taunting Continue Reading

Fantasy football in 2010 is nothing like its humble roots from about 25 years ago

It was back in the mid-1980s when Dan Marino was throwing for a then-record 48 touchdown passes, since beaten by Peyton Manning and then Tom Brady, and Eric Dickerson was rushing for 2,105 yards, which is still the NFL record. I was working at the Dallas Morning News, whose sports section was 75% Cowboys with the other 25% split up between the Mavericks, Rangers, Southwest Conference football and high school football. In Dallas, high school football ranked right behind the Cowboys. Ever hear of "Friday Night Lights"? If you didn't like football, you couldn't work at the Morning News. Back then, fantasy football still seemed like a new idea. I hadn't really heard much about it until one of my buddies at the paper suggested we put together a league. Twelve teams. One point for every 10 rushing and receiving yards. One point for every 25 passing yards. Ten points for every touchdown pass, rushing touchdown or receiving touchdown. One point for extra points, and a point system, which I can't remember all these years later, for field goals based on distance. We all loved to second-guess Cowboys vice president Gil Brandt on draft day, especially when he passed on Marino to take defensive end Jim Jeffcoat in the first round in 1983 simply because Tom Landry loved Danny White. None of us would make that kind of mistake in our fantasy league, of course. This was our chance to prove it. So, we began a ritual of gathering at 9 a.m. in the Morning News sports department on the Sunday morning following the final preseason game. In those days, every team played its final game on the previous Saturday night and the Cowboys always played their final practice game at home, so everybody on our staff, excluding perhaps the Rangers writer (nobody read his stuff anyway, it was baseball in Texas), was in town. Naturally, we couldn't draft until all the preseason games were finished, just in case there was a major injury. Believe it or not, the starters not only dressed for Continue Reading