Sunday Morning QB: With no support from NY Jets GM, it’s sad to see Rex Ryan era end like this

It’s ending ugly for Rex Ryan and that’s a shame. He’s always been extremely entertaining and proved he could win before his general manager decided to start playing fantasy football (Mike Tannenbaum) or sabotage him by giving him no cornerbacks even though he opened this season with $22 million in cap room (John Idzik). The Jets will have to get hot to double their victory total and finish 4-12. Ryan made the AFC title game his first two years, but has missed the playoffs the last four years, and without a Super Bowl as collateral to buy him more time, he is coaching his last five games for the Jets. Not many coaches get to walk away on their own terms. Ryan deserves better. He’s going to coach somewhere else and win big providing he has a GM who majored in personnel. Even though coaches such as Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll and Mike Shanahan had to return to coordinator jobs in order to get another opportunity after they were fired from their first head coaching job, I think Ryan has an excellent chance to get another job right away. Ryan’s demise was his inability to develop a quarterback. He was all-in on Mark Sanchez when the Jets traded up to the No. 5 spot in 2009 to get him, went to two AFC title games with him — he played very well, compiling a 4-2 playoff record, all on the road — but then Sanchez went backward with a combined 52 turnovers in his final two seasons with the Jets. Sanchez looks like a completely different player with the Eagles. He is benefitting from great QB coaching from Chip Kelly, an abundance of playmakers and a system that plays to his strengths, none of which happened with the Jets. Ryan came in talking big, promising a trip to the White House. The brash talk and trash talk endeared him to Jets fans. Now he’s just become a puppet of Idzik, even though he’s accomplished so much more in his football career. Once Idzik was hired and Ryan knew he had to tone down his Continue Reading

Stupid as ABC

Why? Yeah, poor, poor Van Gundy, fired on Friday by Houston, needs the work. And sure, he did a good job behind the mike when he worked for TNT. And anyone bright enough to punch his own ticket out of James Dolan's House of Horrible Basketball is a man who has extraordinary foresight and insight. Nontheless, adding another voice to the revolving cast of ABC/ESPN NBA broadcasters makes no sense. It's bad enough that you need a tour guide to find out where, and when, all these games air. Now the droids in charge are injecting more confusion. They actually think that Mark Jackson and Mike Breen need a third man in the booth. Bringing Van Gundy in isn't exactly a vote of confidence for Jackson and Breen. Especially when they have not gotten a lot of reps during ABC's puny NBA regular season schedule. Just as they start finding a balance some producer says: "Gee, I have a great idea, let's add Van Gundy. What we need is another mouth to muck things up." ABC/ESPN does this during the playoffs, a time when the NBA might attract a few viewers who are excited about the product. So, instead of going with their No. 1 team, the suits decide that the most crucial part of the season is the perfect time to conduct their own experiment by adding a third voice. It's bad enough that ABC's NBA pregame show is unwatchable, now the brainiacs in charge want to destroy the game coverage, too. They add Van Gundy to battle for air time with Jackson and Breen. Haven't these foofs figured out that in Jackson they already have the top analyst in the game? Obviously not, because they - get this - are still considering using Van Gundy on their NBA Finals telecast. The way things are going, ABC/ESPN management will probably add another Van Gundy - Stan - and make it a four-man booth for the Finals.A Stern talking-to As he has been known to do during interviews, David Stern got a tad sarcastic with ESPN Radio's Dan Patrick while discussing his one-game suspensions of Continue Reading