Bird fan Heidi Fleiss says she’s more interested in her avian pals than in romance

“Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss says love is for the birds. At a Museum of Sex book-launch party for “The Art of the Pimp,” penned by her former fiancé Dennis Hof, Fleiss told us she now spends her time caring for stray birds. “I take care of unwanted parrots, macaws,” Fleiss said. A former pimp herself, the 49-year-old former high-roller who once dated actor Tom Sizemore admits that her feathered friends have built a birdhouse in her heart. “I’m not a nice person, to be honest, I’m an a—hole,” said Fleiss. “But these birds have my heart like nothing ever before, and I’m so sympathetic to their plight and situation and no one does anything about it. No one gives money to them, no one helps them.” Fleiss tells us she has 15 birds, which doesn’t leave any time for a boyfriend. “Very few could put up with me, and I’m all about the birds right now,” she said. No one seems to be giving Fleiss money, either, but she wouldn’t “cross the line” again for a paycheck. “I’ve spent all my money,” Fleiss said. “I had money before, but little by little it’s gone, and because of my birds I’m careful.” At least Fleiss doesn’t have to worry about her birds reading this article. She says they all know her as “Barbara.” “One started calling me Barbara and now they all do,” she said. BRAD & SUKI DO THE SPLITS Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper and model Suki Waterhouse have called it quits. The pair attended the Academy Awards together last month, but E! News says their nearly two-year-old relationship is a done deal. We doubt that Cooper, 40, and Waterhouse, 23, will have a hard time moving on once they’re ready. Waterhouse’s publicist had no comment. Cooper’s didn’t get back to us. Continue Reading

Phil Jackson assures Knicks fans he has ‘clear plan’ for team’s future, urges fans to ‘remain optimistic’

Hopes for a successful Knicks season were dashed before the calendar flipped to 2015, so Knicks president Phil Jackson is now selling fans on optimism for the future. Jackson, in a letter and video sent to fans on Monday, said that while the team is deep in the trees now, he has a “clear plan” to lead them out of the forest. "While I know this has been a challenging season for our team on the court, I can also tell you that everyone in the organization is working tirelessly to get our Knicks back to a place where we are once again competing at the highest level," Jackson said in the video, which was obtained by ESPN. The Knicks are languishing through the worst season in franchise history with a 14-60 record. They currently have the best odds of landing the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft when the lottery is held in May. Derek Fisher's terrible first season could be a distant memory if the Knicks are able to land a top pick - Jahlil Okafor, perhaps - in the draft and add complementary pieces in free agency. ISOLA: 60TH LOSS JUST LATEST FAILURE ON JAMES DOLAN'S RESUME Jackson will try to sell his plan to season ticket-holders in what’s being billed as “An Open Conversation with Phil Jackson and Steve Mills” at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. The hour-long conversation will be hosted by MSG Network personalities Al Trautwig and Alan Hahn. The team has been without star forward Carmelo Anthony since the All-Star break — he opted for knee surgery — and rookie coach Derek Fisher has been running out a lineup of also-rans and cast-offs since the trade deadline — when Jackson shipped serviceable NBA players Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith out of town for role players and draft picks. "We have made key roster moves to free up significant cap space that will provide us greater flexibility to acquire talent in this summer's free agency," Continue Reading

Cubs fans resort to urinating in beer cups at Wrigley Field as renovations cause long lines at restroom

The Cubs fell to the Cardinals 3-0 to open the season on Sunday night, but that may have been the least of problems for fans at Wrigley Field. Due to renovations at the ballpark, lines to the bathrooms during Sunday night’s opener were extremely long, which led some fans to relieve themselves by using empty beer cups instead of waiting for a urinal. RELATED: CUBS PITCHER JASON HAMMEL APOLOGIZES AFTER COMPARING CONSTRUCTION SCENE AT WRIGLEY FIELD TO BAGHDAD Photos of the long lines and cups of urine surfaced on Twitter as fans voiced their frustrations, with some saying they waited two innings to use the bathroom. The bleachers at Wrigley Field are currently off-limits because of the renovations and are covered in a tarp honoring the late Ernie Banks as they continue construction in that area of the park. The renovations are expected to be completed by June. Continue Reading

Kendall Jenner kissed by female fan in Paris before security drags her away

Kendall Jenner received a smooch in the City of Lights – and she was not happy about it. The reality star, who is currently in Paris for Fashion Week, had a scary encounter with a fan on Friday. The 19-year-old model was crossing the Pont des Arts bridge when a woman tried to grab her for a kiss. The fan was able to plant a kiss on Jenner’s cheek and yank her hair before she was dragged away by the celeb’s security team. Photos show that Jenner was unharmed by her encounter with her overly excited fan, just surprised by the lengths the woman went to meet her. The star seems to have moved on the from the incident, posting an Instagram photo later in the day that showed her enjoying “tea time” while on a break from runway modeling gigs. Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian also made headlines while in Paris this week when she debuted her newly bleached locks. Continue Reading

Knicks fan banks in half-court shot, wins $10,000 during loss to Pistons

If the Knicks are looking for a way to rebound from their 17-65 season, the team might consider snagging this guy. Shawn Kelly of West Orange, N.J. banked in a half-court shot to win $10,000 during the Knicks' 112-90 loss to the Pistons on Wednesday night. He didn't appear to have much of a strategy — standing on the Knicks logo, Kelly dribbled a couple of times before releasing a two-handed heave toward the basket. But the ball happened to hit off the glass, falling into the net. The fan threw up his arms in victory — one of the few "wins" that basketball-goers got to witness at Madison Square Garden these days. At least there was a positive moment to close out the worst season in Knicks history, which was jam-packed with terrible ones. MOBILE USER? CLICK HERE TO SEE KNICKS HALF-COURT VINE Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Kate Middleton, Prince William send sweet treats to fans camping outside hospital before birth of royal baby

LONDON — The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have offered a sweet surprise to die-hard fans, sending luxury pastries to thank them for camping outside the hospital and awaiting the birth of the royal baby. Kensington Palace says Prince William and the former Kate Middleton sent boxes of pastries and coffee to the five fans waiting in tents outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where the royal couple plan for their second child to be born. Kathy Martin, 50, from London, says the group noticed that the package came wrapped in pink ribbons. She says the fans “think it’s a sign they are having a girl.” Amy Thompson, 14, says she’s been camping for eight days. She says, “some people camp out for iPhones and concert tickets. I do this.” Continue Reading

HBO Now, Uber team up for #RideofThrones experience: ‘Game of Thrones’ fans can get a chance to sit on the Iron Throne in NYC

New Yorkers: Spring is coming — and so is the Iron Throne. Uber has teamed up with HBO Now to celebrate the new stand-alone streaming service, which provides TV viewers access to HBO content, including the hit drama “Game of Thrones.” For those who’ve dreamed of taking over the Iron Throne from the warring clans of Westeros, they have the opportunity to do just that with Uber’s #RideofThrones experience. Taking place in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday and Friday, fans can summon the Iron Throne using the Uber app in two ways: They can request a visit from the throne encased in a glass truck (think of it as the Throne-mobile), or ask for a ride from a throne pedicab. Here’s how it works: When Uber users enter the promotion code “ThroneRides” in the Uber app, the HBO Now option will appear as an additional car selection. Riders can either choose “THRONE” to take photos with the throne in the glass truck or “PEDICAB” for a ride in the throne pedicab. Multiple Throne-mobiles and pedicabs will be reigning over Manhattan between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the radius of 14th to 59th Sts. and Lexington to 9th Ave. (this includes both pick-up and drop-off). Fans are encouraged to share their photos with the throne on social media using the hashtags #RIDEOFTHRONES and #GETHBONOW. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Babe Ruth Day at Yankee Stadium: The Sultan of Swat whispers his gratitude to 58,339 cheering fans

(Originally published by the Daily News on Monday, April 28, 1947; written by Hy Turkin) In the House That Ruth Built with a mighty bat and a big heart, the founder came back yesterday for a few words, a lot of cheers and then goodbye. Only the heart was left as the once-mighty Babe, then Sultan of Swat, Mr. Baseball himself, stepped falteringly to a microphone in Yankee stadium to acknowledge Babe Ruth Day homage of 58,339 fans. Baseball Only Game. A thin, gray resemblance of his former self, wearied greatly by 82 days in the hospital, the Babe waved a cap - not a baseball cap - and began to speak. A hoarse, forced whisper went over the loudspeaker and over a WOR network to be piped into every ball park that was playing organized baseball yesterday. "The only real game in the world is baseball," the Babe said. Then he apologized to the fans. No caperings, no prancing or shaking clenched hands to try to look young again. The Babe was old, 53, and sick and gray, and he knew it. He'd always leveled with the fans, and he did it again. "You know how bad my voice sounds," came the frank whisper. "Well, it feels just as bad." He looked out toward the bleachers where he used to put them where he aimed. There were the kids who had never seen him leaning into one. Their eyes were round and big and white as a baseball just put into play. "In this game, you have to come up from youth," the Babe whispered to them. He looked toward the Yankee team standing in a semicircle near the batter's box - his box. The uniforms were the same but the faces were all different. "You've got to start way down at the bottom," the Babe said, "if you're going to be successful like those fellows over there." GREETING FROM KIDS He put the tan civilian cap back on his head, hunched himself in his long tan camel's hair coat. Slowly he walked over to the Yankees, shaking new hands Continue Reading

Jessie J upsets fans after unfollowing everyone on Twitter

British pop singer Jessie J has upset her fans after she "unfollowed" hundreds of people on Twitter. At the start of the month, the "Price Tag" singer was following 885 people on the micro-blogging site, where pop stars often have huge followings. By Thursday her 'Following' count had gone down to just 1 but, confusingly, a further click brought up a message saying "@JessieJ isn't following anyone yet". She began deleting the accounts she was following earlier this week, and fans quickly began to react angrily. "I didn't unfollow just all my fans. Please stop trying to create bad energy, I unfollowed half my followers...," the singer wrote on Tuesday in a now deleted tweet. "And when my thumb can be bothered I will unfollow the other half. Seriously guys. My love and respect for anyone isn't based in a follow." Many of her supporters took to Twitter to voice their disappointment, with one writing: "@JessieJ your words upset so many people who got you here in the first place". Another called the move "a punch in the face". The 27-year old, whose "Bang Bang" collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande was a big hit last year, has 6.96 million followers. "I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It's NEVER my intention," she has since written on her Twitter feed. Pop stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber each follow tens of thousands of Twitter accounts. Continue Reading

Mets’ Noah Syndergaard hurls insults at fan on Twitter: ‘I’m sure you call in sick to your pathetic 9-5 job’

Noah Syndergaard isn’t well enough to take the mound, but the Mets’ top pitching prospect mustered up the strength to hurl some insults at a fan who called him “soft.” After it was announced that Syndergaard would miss his scheduled start for Triple-A Las Vegas on Friday night — because of a “gastro” issue, according to Mets GM Sandy Alderson — the righthander engaged in a war of words on Twitter with a follower who criticized him. When someone tweeted that Syndergaard was “soft,” the 22-year-old responded, “I’m sure you call in sick to your pathetic 9-5 job all the time. Or you might not have one.” He also said, “I really hope you don’t reproduce.” When asked if he would prefer Syndergaard not respond to criticism on social media, Alderson laughed. “Yes. Generally speaking, Twitter’s more of a trap than a means of positive communication for athletes and executives,” Alderson said. “I cautioned him against it. That’s something the organization addresses immediately.” Syndergaard clearly felt attacked. He also tweeted: “I’m allowed to stick up for myself aren’t i?” It wasn’t the first time Syndergaard has taken heat for comments on Twitter. He used a slur against homosexuals on the social media site in December of 2012. Syndergaard, who suffered through forearm issues in the spring, which delayed his first start of the season at Triple-A, required an IV for dehydration after suffering from food poisoning. “He had to have an IV, so it was fairly serious,” Alderson said. “He’ll probably miss one start.” In two starts this season, Syndergaard has a 4.70 ERA over 7.2 innings. NOTHING TO CC HERE “No,” was Sabathia’s succinct answer when asked if he was any more amped then usual about Continue Reading