15-year-old who brought gun to Upper East Side school charged as adult, while younger accomplices charged as juveniles

The oldest of the three teens swept up in a gun incident at an Upper East Side public school is being charged as an adult and went before a judge on Tuesday. Jordan Gadson, 15, was arraigned on two charges of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree in Manhattan Criminal Court for allegedly having a loaded revolver on school grounds. He was ordered held on $20,000 bail at his arraignment by Judge Joanne Watters. THREE STUDENTS BUSTED WITH GUN AT UPPER EAST SIDE SCHOOL Two younger teens — 13 and 14 — were also taken into custody for their alleged involvement in the scary ordeal PS 169 (Robert F. Kennedy School) on E. 88th St in Manhattan. Their cases are being handled separately in family court. Cops said the younger of the juvenile suspects menaced other students while playing with the weapon and that the middle suspect was in possession of ammunition. Gadson, who was caught by an NYPD school safety officer, had the .22 caliber revolver in his jacket pocket along with six bullets, police said. Gadson's attorney Michael LoRosso said his client is an 8th grader at the school. "He lives with his mother, he's a zero flight risk," LoRosso argued. "I ask you to consider nominal bail." This was part of a spate of similar problems in city schools since the start of 2016. This was the fourth incident of a child bringing a gun to school this year — up from two incidents in 2015. Continue Reading

Three students busted with gun at Upper East Side school

Three teens were taken into police custody Monday at an Upper East Side public school after one of them was found with a .22-caliber handgun, police said. Charges were pending against the three boys — ages 13, 14 and 15 — who all attend Public School 169. The 13-year-old displayed the gun at some point during the day and menaced another student with it, police said. The 14-year-old was found with a box of ammunition with him, but it’s not clear if it was for the .22-caliber gun, which sources said was loaded. Police found the weapon in the jacket pocket of the 15-year-old, cops said. BROOKLYN MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT BUSTED WITH GUN, TWO MAGAZINES IN DEAN'S OFFICE It’s the fourth time this year a student has brought a firearm into a public school. The episode unfolded about 1:45 p.m., police sources said. The Department of Education said it was an alarming incident. “Nothing is more important than the safety of all students and staff, and there is zero tolerance for weapons of any kind. Students and staff are safe, and no injuries were sustained,” an Education Department spokeswoman told the Daily News. Parents at the school on E. 88th St. said Monday afternoon that they had not been informed about a weapon on the premises. “Nobody told me anything. I was at the school ... this afternoon. No one said anything about it,” said Miguel Gonzalez, whose 7-year-old son is in the first grade. “I’m very concerned for my son’s safety, for everyone’s safety. I have a lot of questions for them,” the 46-year-old father said.  QUEENS 15-YEAR-OLD ARRESTED FOR BRINGING LOADED GUN TO SCHOOL Over a 10-day span last month, three other students — ages 11, 14 and 15 — brought loaded weapons into public schools. A week later, a student was found with seven bullets at Harlem’s Success Academy. Last year, the NYPD found two guns in public schools. Continue Reading

The Full list of ‘New York City’s Best Public Middle Schools’

The Full list of top schools in Clara Hemphill's "New York City's Best Public Middle Schools: A Parent's Guide": MANHATTAN New Explorations Into Science, Technology and Math (NEST M) Tompkins Square Middle School, IS 839 East Side Community High School Manhattan Academy of Technology, PS/IS 126 IS 289 Greenwich Village Middle School, MS 896 Institute for Collaborative Education Salk School of Science Simon Baruch Middle School, MS 104 School of the Future Lab School for Collaborative Studies The Clinton School for Writers and Artists Professional Performing Arts School Robert F. Wagner Middle School, MS 167 East Side Middle School Hunter College High School Manhattan East School for Arts and Academics, MS 224 Young Women's Leadership School Center School, MS 243 Computer School Anderson School Booker T. Washington School, MS 54 Mott Hall II, MS 862 Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering Mott Hall School, IS 223 Frederick Douglass Academy THE BRONX David A. Stein Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy, MS/HS 141 Theatre Arts Production Company (TAPCO) William W. Niles School, MS 118 Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science Bronx Preparatory Charter School Mott Hall III KIPP Academy Charter School MS 101 BROOKLYN Eugenio Maria De Hostos Intermediate School, IS 318 Ronald Edmonds Learning Center, IS 113 Urban Assembly Academy of Arts and Letters Math and Science Exploratory School, MS 447 Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, MS 448 William Alexander School, MS 51 New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts, MS 443 MS 88 Sunset Park Prep, MS 821 North Star Academy, MS 340 Medgar Evers Preparatory School at Medgar Evers College Crown School for Law and Journalism at PS 161 KIPP AMP Charter School Philippa Schuyler School, IS 383 IS 392 Andries Hudde School, IS 240 Mary White Continue Reading

East Side schoolgirl busted in pill-pop that sickened pal

A 13-year-old was slapped with a slew of felony charges after she gave a pill of OxyContin to a classmate who became sick from the drug, school sources said.The girl is facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance and possession of a narcotic drug for slipping the prescription painkiller to a friend at East Side Middle School on the upper East Side, sources said. They both popped a pill on Friday morning in the bathroom of the school, also known as Middle School 114, sources said. The friend grew ill from the effects of the so-called "hillbilly heroin" and was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell. Wracked with guilt, the 13-year-old admitted to Principal David Getz that she gave the other girl the pill, sources said. Getz called police, and the 13-year-old was arrested after being examined at Weill Cornell, sources said. The girl will face charges in Family Court. The Daily News is withholding her name because of her age. OxyContin has become a popular recreational drug, despite common side effects of nausea, vomiting and headaches.   Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

$4M heroin biz in East Side apartment

An upper East Side apartment served as the secret headquarters for a Colombian drug kingpin who earned $4 million a year peddling heroin to Manhattan dealers, police said Friday. When cops raided the E. 75th St. home Wednesday, Juan Ramos, 33, and his henchman Armando Leal were packing 1-1/2 kilograms of smack - more than $100,000 worth - into dime bags, according to the Manhattan district attorney's office. Ramos, the mastermind of the lucrative drug operation, was "clean-cut," said Geo Contreras, a construction worker renovating apartments in the building. "He looked like he was a manager in an office...," Contreras said. "It's only after the fact that you realize he was always home almost every day." Ramos ran a "very insular" organization that relied on four dealers to sell glassine bags of heroin to addicts from the West Village to East Harlem, said Manhattan special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan. "There's going to be a lot of people without their heroin this weekend," Brennan said. The NYPD, Drug Enforcement Administration and Manhattan district attorney's office worked together to take down Ramos' operation, authorities said. Cops hauled cash out of his studio apartment overlooking a middle school playground this week and then rounded up his dealers, police said. An armed city court officer who was buying heroin when the bust occurred was also arrested, Brennan said. Ramos and Leal, 53, were charged with first-degree drug possession. Irene Andriani, 63; Michael Rivello, 53; Luis Gautier, 53, and Olga Gioe, 29, were hit with drug possession and drug sale charges. Court officer William Moser, 51, who had about $30 worth of heroin on him, was charged with misdemeanor drug possession, police said. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Mysterious swarm of bees on upper East Side safely removed

Maybe the SWAT team should've been called.A swarm of bees mysteriously surrounded an upper East Side newspaper box Wednesday and held cops and firefighters at bay until a volunteer beekeeper stepped in. Hundreds of bees swarmed a bin on 75th St. near Second Ave., forcing cops to escort kids attending Robert F. Wagner Middle School away from the area. "The bees were all gathered into a clump on the side of the box," said Manhattan beekeeper Jim Fischer, who was asked to help by Bronx Zoo officials. "I sprayed them with water, so they won't fly," Fischer said. "And then I brushed them into a box with a broom." Fischer delivered the bees to his storage site in Bayport, L.I. It was not immediately known if anyone had been stung. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Perv tried to snatch E. Side girl – school

A man wearing a skull belt buckle tried to abduct a girl outside her upper East Side private school, according to a letter sent home to parents.The incident occurred outside the Nightingale-Bamford School for Girls at 92nd St. and Fifth Ave. at 4 p.m. Tuesday, when the man asked a middle schooler to get in his car, the letter reads.He also blocked the girl's way before a parent intervened and took her home, according to the note from school head Dorothy Hutcheson.The man was described as black, in his mid-20s, with a thin build, braids and a skull buckle on his belt. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Upper East Side story

WANTED: Movie ingenue with great sense of humor, earthy sensuality and Hollywood heat, filled with youthful vigor yet old-fashioned movie virtues, for a comedy of manners set in New York's upper East Side child-rearing and society-lunching world. Send résumé care of "The Nanny Diaries." Scarlett Johansson look-alike a plus. No, directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini didn't place ads like that to find a star for their adaptation of Emma Laughlin and Nicola Kraus' 2002 best seller, the title of which quickly became shorthand for contempt for the lifestyle of the rich and child-ed. But Johansson, 22, fit "The Nanny Diaries," opening Friday, like a spoonful of sugar. As Annie, a college graduate pondering her next move, Johansson mixes bemusement and bewilderment at the opulence, and cluelessness, around her. When Annie literally bumps into 5-year-old Grayer (Nicholas Art) in Central Park, she's instantly recruited by his mother - whom she refers to as Mrs. X (Laura Linney) - to move into her and Mr. X's (Paul Giamatti) Park Ave. home as their live-in nanny. Annie convinces herself that observing this family (such as it is) will eventually help with her interest in anthropology, and be a contrast to the middle-class New Jersey life she was raised in by her mother (Donna Murphy). What she doesn't count on is the bond she forges with the alienated kid, and the changes she brings about. "I felt like I knew this girl," says Johansson by phone from Oviedo, Spain, where she's shooting Woody Allen's latest film. "She could have been a friend of mine, or a friend of a friend, somebody who could have been in my circle at some point in my life." The life her "Nanny" character sees, however, is one Johansson would certainly be a stranger in. "I grew up in the West Village - no nanny - and a lot of my friends' parents were artists and came from sort of bohemian backgrounds. I actually didn't know many people with nannies. "Only when Continue Reading

Lower East Side becomes rib central at Georgia’s

I go to the lower East Side for knishes, pastrami and Il Laboratorio del Gelato's sublime dark chocolate ice cream. But I never thought to go there for authentic, no-apologies barbecue until I visited Georgia's Eastside BBQ, a narrow 14-seat cafe a few steps to the south (of course) of Houston St.With a rifle, a stuffed marlin and a flag on its walls, and checkered oilcloth on its tables, Georgia's tries hard to look like a rustic rib shack in the middle of New York's hippest neighborhood. When owner Alan Natkiel went to school in the South, he learned to steam pork over beer before throwing it on the grill, making the meat stay tender and moist under a crisply charred surface. That's how it was in my open-faced rib sandwich, five baby backs plopped down on a slice of white bread that soaked up the meat juices ($7). It's how it was with the pulled pork dinner, a lush heap of shredded meat doused with barbecue sauce and sharing a plate with collard greens and a wedge of not-too-sweet corn bread dotted with corn kernels ($17). Chicken comes two ways: barbecued and fried. We had a fried chicken sandwich, a boneless, crunchy-battered breast with cooling coleslaw on a sesame-seeded roll served with a heap of crinkle fries ($7). Even the vegetable plate was freshly made. Who orders vegetables at a ribs place? A vegetarian teen, that's who, and this one was thrilled with her crisp-grilled asparagus, bright green beans scattered with sunflower seeds, diced beets and - the only clunker - dill-sprinkled potato salad drenched in sweet Miracle Whip ($11). You want to know how small this place is? So small that it doesn't have a bathroom. That's something to think about before you start tossing down glasses of lemonade ($2.50), sweet ice tea ($2) or the beer that you bring yourself, because it's what you really want to drink with barbecue. GEORGIA'S EASTSIDE BBQ 192 Orchard St., near Houston St., (212) 253-6280Must haves:Worth a trip: Neighborhood Join the Continue Reading

Man dead after jumping from Upper East Side building, landing on middle school roof: cops

A 59-year-old man leapt from a luxury Upper East Side high-rise Saturday night, landing on the roof of a city school building, officials said. The suicidal man jumped from the roof of the Azure — a towering 34-story building on E. 91st St. and First Ave., where condos range from $1.7 million to $6.2 million — around 9:45 p.m., officials said. He plummeted 300 feet before slamming onto the roof of the four-story Middle School 114 next door to the skyscraper, officials said. The man died at the scene, officials said. A police source identified the man as Nicholas Cosio, but it was unclear if he lived in the building. The victim suffered from depression, according to police sources. The Azure was built in 2010 and boasts 128 residences with floor-to-ceiling windows. The building also has a 24-hour concierge service, a fitness center, game room, children’s playroom, a resident’s lounge and two landscaped terraces. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading