Fire leads to partial evacuation, delays at Newark airport

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Authorities say an underground transformer fire near Newark Liberty International Airport darkened a terminal, forced a partial evacuation and caused significant delays at security checkpoints. Airport officials say the fire Friday morning was quickly extinguished, and no one was injured. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says a transformer fire in a manhole on a restricted road outside Terminal C cut power to the building around 11:15 a.m. Emergency generators provided partial power. A section of the terminal was evacuated. Once power was fully restored about two hours later, nearly all gates returned to service immediately. Escalators, elevators and some security checkpoint equipment had to be rebooted. Wait times returned to normal after about four hours. Terminals A and B weren't affected, but weather-related delays were reported across all terminals. ——— This story removes an incorrect reference to smoke in an airport terminal. Continue Reading

Gates open, delays at Newark airport after manhole fire

0 View Comments NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Officials at Newark Liberty International Airport are reporting progress at restoring service at one of its terminals after a manhole fire forced an evacuation. The problem prompted the evacuation of a section of Terminal C and caused significant delays at security checkpoints. The fire was extinguished Friday, and no one was injured. Airport officials say all gates are operating, and nearly all security checkpoints at Terminals C1, C2 and C3 are open, but there are wait times of up to an hour. Terminals A and B are reporting checkpoint wait times of 25 minutes or less. Passengers are advised to check with their airlines. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said there was no smoke or fire inside the terminal. ___ This story removes an incorrect reference to smoke in an airport terminal. Continue Reading

Significant delays at Newark airport after manhole fire

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Officials at Newark Liberty International Airport are working to fully restore power and service at one of its terminals after a manhole fire forced an evacuation and caused significant delays at security checkpoints. A fire that forced a section of Terminal C to be evacuated was extinguished Friday and no one was injured. Power was being restored Friday afternoon and the airport says equipment including elevators, escalators and some processing equipment at TSA checkpoints had to be re-started. Passengers should check with their airlines to see if there are any delays. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said there was no smoke or fire inside the terminal. ——— This story has been corrected to remove a reference to smoke in an airport terminal, according to information from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Continue Reading

Manhole fire causes smoky condition at Newark Airport

NEWARK — A manhole fire at Newark Liberty International Airport forced officials to evacuate a section of Terminal C.The fire was extinguished Friday, but there was smoke in the C-1 wing.The rest of the terminal is operational and no one was injured.Passengers should check with their airlines to see if there are any delays. LAWSUIT: Former Bergen SWAT officer says colleagues taunted him for being gay, asked if he had AIDS PEDESTRIAN HIT: Pedestrian struck, killed by NJ Transit bus in Nutley 'SHITHOLE': Sen. Durbin confirms Trump said 'hate-filled, vile and racist' things at meeting Continue Reading

Passenger arrested after threatening store employee at Newark Airport

A ticketed passenger was arrested Friday morning at Newark Liberty Airport during one of the busiest traveling holidays after he allegedly threatened a store employee with a pen, authorities said.The man, whose name was not released, entered the Blue Wire electronics store in Terminal C, a Port Authority spokesman said. In the store, the man threatened an employee there with a pen and demanded money. NEWARK: Newark-Liberty Airport smashes the competition come Christmas time NEWARK PENN: Concrete chunk fell off Newark Penn Station onto Mercedes SAFETY: NJ Transit ranks near bottom among railroads on safety system progress The employee called Port Authority police who caught the man and placed him under arrest, the spokesman said.No delays have been reported at Newark Liberty Airport.Officials at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey issued an advisory for passengers to allow extra time to arrive at Newark Liberty Airport.  An estimated 6.4 million people will travel by plane during the holiday season, the American Automobile Association reported. Continue Reading

AirTrain service delays frustrate flyers at Newark Airport

Frustrated flyers heading to Newark Airport on Friday got an unwelcome Christmas gift from the Port Authority — a broken AirTrain at the height of one of the busiest travel days in the year. The train was down for two hours starting about 3:20 p.m., Port Authority spokesman Neal Buccino said. The problem was signal failure, Buccino said. On Twitter, angry flyers were livid waiting in vain for an AirTrain to bring them to their flight. “@united #EWR airtrain not working. No busses. Hundreds stranded. Send #help!” wrote @TyrusEmory on Twitter. “@AirTrainNewark has a station full of people and not handling situations @UnitedAirlines please hold my flight,” @jeffbauer wrote on Twitter. Continue Reading

Haisong Jiang, the grad student who breached security at Newark Airport, cops plea

The lovesick grad student who breached security at Newark Liberty International Airport copped a plea and apologized Tuesday.Haisong Jiang, who slipped under a rope barrier to steal an extra kiss from his gal pal, agreed to pay a $500 fine and do 100 hours of community service for the boneheaded move that caused massive delays."I want to deeply apologize to those [affected] for my breach," the Rutgers doctoral student said outside court. "I just wanted to spend more time with my girlfriend. I made a big mistake, and I also learned a big lesson."His lawyer, Eric Bruce, said the misdemeanor charge of defiant trespassing would not affect the Chinese national's immigration status. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Have you seen him? New Jersey officials release video of man who breached security at Newark Airport

UPDATED: New Jersey man arrested for Newark airport security breach. Have you seen this man? He's the rogue Romeo who tied up air traffic at Newark Airport on Sunday, inconveniencing thousands of weary holiday travellers.And all, apparently, for a few more cuddles with his gal pal.Hoping to identify the man who breached security at Newark Airport on Sunday - delaying over 100 flights - New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg released a security video on Thursday that shows a few grainy images of the dopey Lothario, who remains at large."The release of this video will give law enforcement another tool to help find the person who breached the security gate at Newark Liberty Airport," stated Lautenberg. "I encourage this individual or anyone with knowledge of his identity to immediately contact law enforcement."It won't be easy. The Continental Airlines' video is blurry and choppy at best, offering only a rough silhouette of the intruder.What it does show is that the man was warned away from the secure exit-way in Terminal C by a Transportation Security Administration guard at one point, forcing him to stand in the terminal's public area a few steps away.Video shows him loitering in the public area for about four minutes.But then the guard steps away from his podium - a clear breach of his duties - and moments later the intruder slips under a stanchion and joins his girlfriend in the secure area. The woman - who appears to be Asian and is dressed in a puffy white coat - had properly cleared security but clearly was trying to offer one last farewell to her guy.After realizing the podium was unguarded, the two quickly make their move. The love-birds can then be seen walking arm and arm into the terminal, clearly pleased by their fast foot-work.Officials have said that other video shows the man exiting the terminal about 20 minutes later.Anyone with information on the security breach should call Port Authority investigators at (800) 828-PAPD. Join Continue Reading

Security measures doubled at Newark airport; chatty guard blamed for breach

Security at Newark Airport was upgraded Tuesday after Sunday's breach, which insiders blamed on a new boneheaded cause: a guard on a cell phone. Two days after an unidentified man walked into a supposedly secure exitway at the airport - forcing a headache-inducing evacuation of the jammed Terminal C - security at every exit was doubled. There will now be two Transportation Security Administration guards at all Terminal C exits, not one, said TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis. But maybe the agency should just take away their guards' cell phones. Sources told The News that the TSA guard at the exit was spotted on security video chatting on his cell phone at the moment of the trespass. TSA officials refused to comment on the specifics of the failure, which delayed more than 100 flights for up to seven hours. "TSA is reviewing all of the circumstances surrounding the breach and how it happened," Davis said. "And if there are lessons that can be learned here, we will take further actions." Sunday's security blunder - coming nine days after a 23-year-old Nigerian with Al Qaeda ties made a botched, Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound flight - did nothing to ease fears about the nation's air safety. Jitters continued yesterday as portions of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were evacuated after a bomb-sniffing dog detected a suspicious bag, although closer inspection revealed nothing dangerous. In Bakersfield, Calif., the airport was shut down for hours after routine swabbing of some bags tested positive for TNT. Inside, five Gatorade bottles filled with amber liquid were found - but the mystery liquid turned out to be honey, local officials said. Newark's screwup began after an unidentified man was spotted by a sharp-eyed bystander on Sunday walking unchallenged into an exitway in Terminal C, where only screened passengers are supposed to be. Video then shows the man, who appears to be Asian, meeting up with a woman in a white Continue Reading

Mystery odor at Newark Airport

A mysterious odor shut down a section of Newark Airport for about two hours Saturday and led to delays for several hundred travelers, authorities said.The smell, which witnesses likened to natural gas, was reported around 11 a.m. near a security checkpoint in Terminal B, causing several employees and passengers to become ill. "People were gagging. It brought tears to my eyes and my nose clogged up," said Carmen Vargas, who works at Homewords Bound bookstore near the gate. "It was terrible. I couldn't breathe," said Maria Hurley, 48, of Atlanta. The area was closed and cleared of people while the Newark Fire Department and Public Service Electric & Gas investigated the odor. But when no leak was detected, the section reopened around 1:30 p.m. Two Transportation Safety Administration employees were taken to a hospital suffering nausea and dizziness, said Port Authority spokesman Pasquale DiFulco. Other passengers were treated and evaluated at the scene. The two-hour closure didn't affect arriving flights, which were diverted to another part of the terminal, but it did upend some travel plans. Passengers from three outbound flights were put on buses and taken to adjacent concourses. Other passengers said the delays persisted after the area reopened. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading