Yankees rookie Rob Refsnyder has Twitter account hacked

Rob Refsnyder has been getting a crash course on playing first base during the past week, but Monday, the Yankees’ rookie had his first experience with something else: the downside of fame. Refsnyder's Twitter account (@Rob_Refsnyder) was hacked Monday morning, though as the 25-year-old himself put it, by "a nice hacker" and not one trying to do harm. The hacker changed Refsnyder’s profile picture to one — presumably — of himself, then tweeted early in the morning, “my d--- out” with no further explanation. It’s unclear whether there were any other profane tweets, as they had all been deleted by late morning. Roughly two hours after the hacker tweeted to the player, “sorry bout dat, just wanted to have a lil fun, no harm intended. Check ur dm for an explanation / passwords that were changed.” About four hours later, without hearing back from Refsnyder, the hacker tweeted from the account again, this time in all capital letters: “ROBERT I DIDNT CHANGE UR EMAILTAKE UR DAMN TWITTER BACK” “That was pretty weird,” Refsnyder said. Refsnyder was first alerted to the situation when he woke up Monday as his wife, Monica, prefaced the news by telling him, “Don’t be alarmed.” “I called my agent, and was like, ‘What’s going on with this?’ ” Refsnyder said. “All my buddies on the West Coast were letting me know. I logged back in and said: Hey, just clean it up. I guess there was a social media hack the last couple days, so. Like I said, a nice hacker.” Refsnyder said the hacker didn’t ask him for anything in exchange for giving him back control of his account. “I guess he just wanted to have some fun or something,” he said. “Weird, right?” THE PLAN FOR TEX Mark Teixeira (articular cartilage tear in Continue Reading

Apple launches new ‘Support’ account on Twitter

If you have a bone to pick with Apple you can now tweet at them your complaint. The iPhone maker created an Apple Support Twitter handle that will "provide tips, tricks and helpful information." The Twitter handle will also reply to any mentions from customers who need help finding a phone setting or just want an update on the next iOS. "A HUGE welcome to @AppleSupport!," tweeted Jack Dorsey, Twitter's CEO. "Now using Twitter to provide customer support through tweets and DMs!" Apple Support will also let anyone send them a Direct Message if they need assistance in more than just 140 characters. It's been six months since Apple's last Twitter account creation. Last September, the tech giant created the App Store Games Twitter handle to feature sneak previews of upcoming games and offer deals. Apple Support has gathered more than 59,000 followers since launching at 8 a.m. It has also tweeted more than 600 tweets. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Roger Goodell isn’t the only prominent person whose Twitter account has been hacked lately

The internet is now a less sacred place than ever before. In less than a week, some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the sports world have become victims of hacking. Not even the almighty NFL shield could keep its account safe Tuesday afternoon. "We regret to inform our fans that our commissioner, Roger Goodell, has passed away. He was 57. #RIP," the hacker tweeted from the verified account. After that message was erased, the hacker was able to send out two more before the situation was handled. But the NFL is certainly not alone. Here's a look at a slew of high-profile individuals in need of changing their social media passwords ASAP: Lana Del Rey She has one more reason to be sad this summer. Singer Lana Del Rey's Twitter was hacked on Tuesday, and things got serious rather quickly. Del Rey's account spewed nonsense and vitriol including “lana del GAY” and “bush did 911.” After the account tweeted "lana del GAY," the topic changed to terrorism and included a message that read "bush did 911." The person who hacked Katy Perry last month may be behind the Del Ray Twitter infiltration as well, since the tweets are extremely similar. Tenacious D This was dark. Jack Black, the beloved actor and talented musician, was part of a death hoax when the Twitter account for his band, Tenacious D, was hacked over the weekend. "I'm sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother," the account tweeted on Sunday. After the scare, the band got control of their Twitter and said "(That) s--- ain't true! They're working on fixing it!" Mark Zuckerberg He didn't "like" this. The man who helped create one of the most popular social media sites on the web isn't safe. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg lost control of his Twitter and Pinterest on Continue Reading

NYPD will soon unveil bilingual Twitter account in Washington Heights precinct

Twitter-loving Police Commissioner William Bratton has tapped a Washington Heights top cop to pound out what will be the NYPD’s first-ever bilingual tweets in Spanish. Deputy Inspector Fausto Pichardo, a 37-year-old Dominican immigrant who heads the 33rd Precinct, shared his plans for Twitter the old-fashioned way — during a community meeting. “It’s a new way to connect with people who I usually don’t connect with,” said Pichardo, who told Washington Heights residents last week that his handle will debut later this month. The 33rd Precinct joins five other stationhouses across the city whose commanding officers have Bratton-sanctioned Twitter accounts — including Capt. Thomas Harnisch, head of the 25th Precinct in East Harlem. Having a bilingual police official on Twitter marks a break from NYPD’s language rules under Bratton’s predecessor Ray Kelly. Kelly reprimanded cop Jessenia Guzman in May 2013 for answering the phone at the 24th Precinct in Spanish. Anthony Miranda, chairman of the National Latino Officers Association, praised the Latin-tinged tweets but stressed that Bratton needs to nix the NYPD’s English-only rules. “It’s a breath of fresh air,” said Miranda. “We need to create a policy that enforces bilingual-ness in the Police Department.” Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Al Shabab’s alleged Twitter account taunts Kenyan officials following mall rampage

A new Twitter account purportedly belonging to the armed Islamic terrorists who slaughtered shoppers at a Kenyan mall started tweeting Tuesday — warning that the bloodshed has only begun. The taunting tweets — which appear to be posted by Somali terror group Al Shabab’s press office — give the impression that the militants remain in control. But Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced Tuesday that 11 suspects were captured and five were killed by gunfire, bringing an end to the siege at the Westgate mall in Nairobi. One of the tweets posted earlier by @HSM_PR includes a surveillance image of two gunmen inside Westgate “unruffled and strolling around the mall in such sangfroid manner,” the caption reads. However, there’s no timestamp on the footage. The twitter account is blaming Kenya’s “flagrant massacre of Muslims in Somalia” for igniting the violent standoff. In a tweeted audio link, an alleged Al Shabab spokesman demands that the Kenyan government stay out of Somalia — or face more violence. “We give this warning to the Kenyan Government and those who side with it: If it wants to live peacefully and safely, it must withdraw from our country, stop meddling in our affairs, set our captives free, and denounce all forms of fighting our religion,” the spokesman says in the audio, according to ABC News. “If you refuse to do so, you have seen what you will reap, which is only the beginning. Thus, anticipate hard days.” At least 62 people have died since the rampage at Westgate began four days ago. The Al Qaeda-aligned rebels have previously shown their social media savvy via Twitter and have used other accounts to spread their viewpoint — dismissed by Kenyan officials as propaganda. The accounts have used mostly English as opposed to Somali or Arabic. The Site Intelligence Group, which monitors Continue Reading

Britney Spears adopts cute puppy Hannah, sets up Twitter account for famous pooch

Just because this season of “The X Factor” is winding down doesn’t mean Britney Spears is ready to hop out of the spotlight just yet. The singing competition judge caused a flurry of tweets online Monday when she posted a photo of her newly adopted puppy Hannah. “I want you all to meet my new little baby girl @hannahspears,” she tweeted. In the accompanying photo, the judge nuzzles the tiny black-and-brown pup. Spears, 30, even created a Twitter account for Hannah with the tagline “I’m Britney’s b---h.” On it, “Hannah” retweeted Spears’ welcome message with a few kind words herself. “Awww, thanks, Mommy - I love you!” the pup wrote from her Twitter account. Spears responded promptly: “What a sweet little girl – love you too!” The dog’s Twitter account currently has nearly 7,000 followers. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Two friends revive ‘Seinfeld’ with Twitter account imagining episodes set in today’s world

Two friends wondered how the “Seinfeld” characters would handle New York in the digital age and, yada yada yada, now we know. Actually, this time, I did yada yada over the best part: One of those friends created a Twitter feed to imagine possible episodes for the much-loved, off-air sitcom.   @seinfeldtoday shows how Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer might deal with a wide array of contemporary phenomena, including the Apple Genius Bar, CrossFit, podcasts, Facebook, sexting, Groupon, Instagram, “hip” Brooklyn and Occupy Wall Street.   Jerry would break up with his girlfriend (played by Rashida Jones) for taking pictures of everything she eats with Instagram, Elaine would pretend to live in Brooklyn to date a younger guy, and Kramer would reignite the Occupy movement accidentally, according to the posts.   'SEINFELD': AMERICA'S FAVORITE ALL-TIME TV SITCOM, POLL FINDS   Here are a few illustrative tweets:   “Jerry discovers Newman is secretly an Internet famous fan fiction writer. George gets aroused reading 50 Shades of Gray, questions self.”   “Whole episode takes place in the long line at @ShakeShack. Kramer unsuccessfully tries to cut. They give up when Crazy Joe Davola shows up.”   “George's parents claim their house was destroyed by ‘Sandy,’ move in with George. He discovers the house is fine. Sandy is a loud neighbor.”   “Elaine is caught on video laughing at 9/11 memorial. @Gawker posts it & turns her into a pariah. Kramer claims to have invented the Snuggie.”   Jack Moore, a Buzzfeed sports editor, writes the condensed plot summaries. Initially, Moore and his friend Josh Gondelman, a comedian, would tweet story ideas back and forth. Soon after, Moore decided the idea warranted its own Twitter account.   “Seinfeld” was one of the defining TV shows of the 1990s, and people often mention that many of the Continue Reading

NHL lockout mediator Guy Serota’s Twitter account hacked, later deleted after inappropriate jokes

The NHL's season is being hijacked by a lockout. Its mediators’ Twitter accounts are being hacked. Federal mediators joined hockey’s bargaining process Monday to help facilitate negotiations, but after only an hour they had become a distraction. The Twitter account of mediator Guy Serota, one of three appointed to hockey’s case, created such a stir with inappropriate jokes that it was deleted altogether. Then a new account, @GuySerota, appeared with Serota’s photo and a message that he had been “temporarily hacked.” Then Serota claimed in an e-mail to ESPN that the new account was not him at all. George H. Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), therefore announced he was removing Serota due to an “allegedly hacked Twitter account.” Serota’s deleted account had contained several either inappropriate or simply strange remarks, including messages directed at comedian Sarah Silverman. “In order to immediately dispel any cloud on the mediation process, and without regard to the merits of the allegations, I have determined to take immediate action, namely to remove Commissioner Serota from this assignment," Cohen said. FMCS deputy director Scot L. Beckenbaugh and director of mediation services John Sweeney remain on the case, and the first NHL bargaining session with mediators present is expected to take place on Wednesday at an undisclosed location. Mediation brings a neutral third party into bargaining as a facilitator and, as the FMCS web site points out, "it may or may not lead to an agreement." The process is different from arbitration, in which the arbitrator imposes a binding agreement. Neither party in this instance is interested in having a decision made for it. “While we have no particular level of expectation going into this process, we welcome a new approach in trying to reach a resolution of the ongoing labor dispute at the earliest Continue Reading

Twitter suspends 235,000 accounts for extremism

SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter said it has suspended 235,000 accounts for violating policies on the promotion of extremism and terrorism over the past six months, bringing the overall number of suspended accounts to 360,000 in the last year.The company has also expanded the teams that review reports of misuse of the networking service, which had become a go-to tool for some terror and extremist groups looking to get their message out.Twitter said daily suspensions are up more than 80% since last year and that such suspensions jump just after terrorist attacks, when presumably extremists wish to tout their success.After the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, the Obama administration and presidential candidates had criticized social media platforms for not doing more to police extremist groups. In February, Twitter said it had suspended 125,000 accounts connected to the Islamic State in the past six months.In a blog post Thursday Twitter said it is working to disrupt extremists' ability to quickly create replacement accounts by expanding the teams that review reports of behavior that violates its terms and agreements. These teams work 24 hours a day, the company said.Separately, it rolled out new tools aimed at reducing harassment, an endemic problem that's contributed to stagnant user growth. A quality filter will allow any user to get hide tweets that appear automated. And it will let users choose to limit their notifications to only those from people they follow.To fight terrorist groups, the company said it's been using some of its own spam-fighting tools, allowing it to reduce the amount of time these users they exist on Twitter and the number of followers they gain.A study by researchers at George Washington University in Washington D.C. earlier this year found significant reductions in the number of Twitter followers for individuals who had to continually create new Twitter accounts Continue Reading

KFC has an epic Twitter account that you should follow right now

KFC's marketing is so extra. We all know about the crazy, even bizarre, commercials. But what's even better is the company's Twitter account. Some things we noticed: 1. The account only follows 11 people: Five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb. Eleven herbs and spices. That's genius. (h/t to Twitter user @edgette22 for the discovery)2. The profile pic is actor Ray Liotta somehow making Colonel Sanders look sexy.Think about that: an Oscar-nominated actor from the second-most-famous mobster movie of all time is your chicken spokesman, dressed in a white suit with a Southern accent. You may like: Fly-thru: KFC sandwich gets launched into space Read this: Time for a conversation about KFC's new line of merchandise 3. They take a theme and beat it to death. Right now it's "Georgia Gold" vs. "Nashville Hot." GIFs, graphics, videos, photos and just a general collection of bizarre things created especially for the company's social accounts. That's dedication! 4. USA TODAY uncovered 11 reasons why you should follow the account. The collection of Twitter responses shows just how much appreciation there is for the brand's unique style of humor.   Continue Reading