‘White people are terrorists!’ Heckler yells at CNN during live broadcast in Charleston, calls Don Lemon an ‘Uncle Tom’

A female heckler in Charleston blasted Don Lemon as an “Uncle Tom” live on CNN as she went on a rant while the network broadcast near the site of Wednesday’s massacre at the Emanuel AME Church. “It is not a hate crime, it is a terrorist attack,” the black bystander yelled out as CNN’s John Berman conducted an interview in downtown Charleston, S.C. “White people are terrorists!” Berman, who is white, eventually welcomed in his black colleague Lemon, who tried to play off the heckler by describing her as “a friend” as he came into the live shot. But the woman, wearing sunglasses and a black T-shirt, continued to berate the reporters as they tried to speak over the ruckus. “Don, are you angry? Are you angry, Don?” she repeated several times as the reporters tried to ignore her. “Uncle Tom, hello?” Berman at that point turned to stare at the woman, who kept yelling as Lemon continued to try and report. “Talk about the anger, Don. The President is a puppet. Stop the lies! Stop the lies — he’s an Uncle Tom too. President Obama’s an Uncle Tom too. Uncle Tom!” she continued to scream. The network is one of dozens of news outlets to descend on the city after 21-year-old Dylann Roof allegedly opened fire on churchgoers at a Bible study session, murdering nine people. Authorities labeled the massacre a hate crime. CNN eventually began to cut away to commercial as the woman yelled, “Black folk, get off your knees and stop praying!” Continue Reading

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin apologizes after suggesting veterans are to blame for Baltimore’s rioting

CNN's Brooke Baldwin is hoping to return to the good graces of U.S. veterans with an apology after suggesting that some of them are to blame for Baltimore's rioting. The cable news anchor issued a humbling on-air mea culpa Wednesday after making her incriminating statement the day before on live TV but without offering a single scrap of evidence to support such a claim. NATIONAL GUARD DEFENDS SOLDIER SEEN IN UNIFORM AT PROTEST "A lot of these young people, and I love our nation's veterans, but some of them are coming back from war, they don't know the communities, and they're ready to do battle," she told Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.). The accusatory words soon launched public calls online for her firing. “Pathetic, and sad,” slammed @Calle—Elefante. “...she should have to go to Walter Reed and spend a week with these scary Vets & their families,” Tweeted @heatherjo40. “My kid has concerns the Tooth Fairy stole his favorite hat, I don't repeat in on TV,” Tweeted @MediaMaters. BALTIMORE WHOLE FOODS UNDER FIRE FOR GIVING FOOD TO GUARDS After initially chalking her words up to a misunderstanding — Tweeting "I was repeating a concern vocalized to me lately. That's it" — she took to the airways Wednesday to repent. "I made a mistake yesterday," she told her viewers before the camera. "I was recounting a story, a conversation I had with someone recently ... and I absolutely misspoke. "I wholeheartedly retract what I said and I've thought tremendously about this and to our nation's veterans — this is just who I want to speak to this morning. I have the utmost respect for our men and women in uniform and I wanted you to know that this morning. To all of you, I owe you a tremendous apology. I am truly sorry." ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE FIRST VIDEO HERE ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH Continue Reading

Slain NYPD cop Wenjian Liu’s widow says ‘we should trust in law enforcement’ on CNN

The heartbroken widow of slain NPYD officer Wenjian Liu had a message for the public Tuesday morning: Trust cops. “Being a police officer, they are protectors,” Pei Xia Chen said on CNN’s “New Day.” “They’re on the street to protect you.” Liu’s widow, who called her husband’s slaying “a nightmare,” said cops are the first thing people think of when they’re in danger because “they are life savers.” “They are there to help you,” she said. “So we should trust in law enforcement.” The couple was married for only two months when Liu was shot to death Dec. 20 as he sat in his patrol car next to his partner, Officer Rafael Ramos, who was also killed. "He is my heart," said Chen, who said she wears Liu's badge every day. Chen, who goes by "Sanny," appeared on the news show with Frank Siller, the chairman of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. The group supports military veterans and first responders. Siller’s brother Stephen was a firefighter killed in the 9/11 attacks. "When the dust settles, everybody goes home and these families are left," he said. "They are grieving and they get on with life without their loved ones, and we want to make sure we are going to be there for them long afterward." Siller said it took just 10 days for the foundation to raise enough money to pay off the couple's mortgage. Chen said she was surprised by how much support her NYPD family provides her. “Without them, I don’t know how I am going to make it,” she said. Meanwhile, President Obama signed a bill named in the officers’ honor that creates a national system to alert officers of threats against cops. "It's important for us not only to honor their memory," Obama said. "It's also important for us to make sure that we do everything we can to help ensure the safety of our police officers Continue Reading

Obamacare, gay marriage decisions help boost President Obama’s approval rating to 50%: CNN poll

WASHINGTON — President Obama's approval rating has crept back up to 50 percent for the first time in months after a gangbusters week, according to a new poll from CNN. Obama's job approval rating sits at 50 percent with 47 percent of voters disapproving, the first time he's cracked that threshold in any public national poll since mid-2013. FOLLOW THE DAILY NEWS ON FACEBOOK. CLICK HERE TO "LIKE." The President is riding a hot streak after a pair of high-profile Supreme Court decisions last week protected his namesake law, Obamacare, and legalized gay marriage nationwide. He also is getting credit for his handling of race relations in the wake of a number of problems across the country, with 55 percent approving of his handling of race relations and 42% disapproving. Obama has given a number of speeches on race relations including last week's eulogy of Charleston, S.C., Pastor Clementa Pinckney, killed with eight of his parishioners by a white supremacist, which he concluded by singing "Amazing Grace." The last time any national poll found Obama at or above 50 percent was when CNN surveyed his standing back in May 2013. Obama is also getting credit for an improving economy, with 52 percent of Americans approving of his handling of the economy and 47 percent disapproving. That's the first time in six years he's had positive marks on the economy in CNN's polling. The poll was conducted before he announced plans to dramatically increase the number of hourly workers who must receive overtime pay on Monday night. While the last week has been a boon to the President, his approval ratings have been gradually ticking up since last fall, when Americans disapproved of the job he was doing by a double-digit margin in many polls. Continue Reading

That’s not Russell Simmons! Geraldo Rivera, CNN reporter mistakenly ID man

Nope, that wasn’t Russell Simmons. Fox News firebrand Geraldo Rivera and a CNN reporter covering protest marches in Baltimore thought they’d scored interviews with the music industry icon in a pair of embarrassing on-camera guffaws. “Mr. Simmons, the hip hop mogul,” Rivera began. “Russell, why are you here?” Rivera, who’d been told off by a local lawmaker during an encounter earlier in the week, pulled the mic back when he realized his mistake. “Oh, you look just like him,” he quickly added. CNN’s Brian Todd, a corresponded for “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” wasn’t so easily dissuaded — even after the man corrected him. “OK, you bear a striking resemblance to Russell Simmons,” Todd said. “You tell me you’re not him. You tell me you’re Kevin Liles? I’m not sure I believe you. We think this is Russell Simmons, Wolf.” Except it was Liles, a former executive at Def Jam Recordings. The Baltimore native was marching alongside New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony as part of the protests following the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury in police custody. Todd later apologized to Liles on Twitter for the on-air mix up. "To my new friend @kevinliles1, really sorry for the confusion!," Todd tweeted. A Simmons rep told the Daily News the recording magnate wasn’t in Baltimore on Thursday. Continue Reading

Jake Tapper to host CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ in June

Jake Tapper will take over as host of CNN’s Sunday morning public affairs program “State of the Union” in June. The former ABC newsman, who hosts a weekday afternoon program on CNN, replaces Candy Crowley. She left CNN in December and a rotating series of substitutes has been filling in ever since. CNN chief Jeff Zucker on Friday called Tapper a “terrific interviewer who doesn’t stop until he gets answers.” It’s a time of transition for the Sunday shows. CBS’ Bob Schieffer just announced his retirement and he’ll be replaced by John Dickerson this summer, and Chuck Todd took over last year on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Continue Reading

SEE IT: CNN mistakes sex toy banner for Islamic State flag in London

CNN was left red-faced after it spotted what it thought was an Islamic State flag at a London gay pride parade — but was actually a banner covered in sex toy images. Reporter Lucy Pawle filed an "exclusive" Saturday saying she had spotted the flag as she left the office, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Pawle, live on air, said she was surprised by the flag being raised and even said she was the only person who seemed to notice it. She even informed the police after she spotted a man dressed in black and white and "waving what appears to be a very bad mimicry, but a clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag, the black-and-white flag with the distinctive lettering. "The police knew nothing about the banner. Pawle said she realized the flag was "clearly" not written in Arabic, before adding, "it could be gobbledegook." In fact, the flag was covered in drawings of sex toys, including vibrators and butt plugs. But her CNN colleagues placed a screamer across the TV screen that read: "ISIS FLAG SPOTTED AT GAY PRIDE PARADE." The network then brought in "national security analyst" Peter Bergen. In the studio, news anchor Suzanne Malveaux speculated if the flag was a sign that London could be next in line to face a terror attack. Social media users were quick to point out the mistake. One person told Pawle: "The markings on that flag isn't Arabic. It's dildos." ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Don Lemon shocks CNN viewers by holding up poster with N-word written on it during live broadcast

Don Lemon shocked CNN viewers Monday night when he held up a sign with the N-word written across it and asked, “Does this offend you?” The bold stand came as part of a candid discussion about race in America, during which Lemon also held up a Confederate flag and asked the same question. “Tonight, the two stories on everyone’s radar: a word and a flag,” Lemon said at the beginning of his 10 p.m. show. “A flag that is flying tonight on the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse.” The Confederate flag has become a political football in the wake of the hate crime massacre of nine black worshippers at a Charleston church last week. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and other elected leaders have urged lawmakers to vote for taking the flag down. The word, meanwhile, shocked many when it was used by President Obama during an appearance on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “It’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘n-----’ in public,” Obama said in the interview, which was taped Friday and released Monday. “That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not.” Lemon took it a step further Monday, flashing the word, in all capital letters, on a black poster board during his live TV show. The backlash was instantaneous and began trending on Twitter after Gawker posted the clip below the headline, “Has Don Lemon Lost His Goddamn Mind?” It also sparked a meme where Twitter users filled in the poster with other “offensive” things, like Lemon’s “baffling reality of my continued employment.” But for most of the day Monday, Lemon, who is black, appeared ready to pull such a stunt after he repeatedly defended Obama’s use of the N-word, saying at one point during an earlier CNN debate that “it’s about time” Obama used Continue Reading

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta performed life-saving surgery on 8-year-old girl in Nepal after earthquake

This time he really got into someone’s head. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta performed a life-saving brain surgery on a small child in a hospital in Nepal Monday. Gupta, a neurosurgeon, is in Kathmandu to cover the tragic aftermath of Saturday's deadly earthquake, but volunteered to help struggling doctors there who are overwhelmed with countless waves of wounded survivors following Saturday’s monstrous earthquake. In a phone interview with CNN, Gupta said he had performed surgery on the 8-year-old-girl, who had suffered a fractured skull and had blood on her brain. She had been found under the rubble of her family’s remote home about an hour and a half from the mountainous nation’s devastated capital, he said. “We’re not sure of the whereabouts of her parents,” Gupta said. “Her grandfather brought her in.” During the surgery, Gupta had to rely on basic equipment and bottled water to wash, he said. Nepal was rocked Saturday by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has left more than 4,000 dead. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Baltimore pol tells CNN the word ‘thug’ is racially charged: ‘Just call them n——.’  (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

An irate Baltimore councilman said using the word "thug" to describe the rioters who terrorized the city on Monday is just another racial code word. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, City Council President Bernard (Jack) Young and even President Obama have called the protestors who burned and looted the city thugs. MORAL: FREDDIE GRAY'S DEATH CAN BE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE Councilman Carl Stokes was having none of it. He dropped the N-word in equating thug with a racist stereotype in an emotionally-charged exchange with Erin Burnett on CNN Tuesday night. "Of course it's not the right word to call our children thugs," Stokes said. "These are children who have been set aside, marginalized who have not been engaged by us." Burnett interrupted: "But how does that justify what they did? That's a sense of right and wrong. They know it's wrong to steal and burn down a CVS and an old person's home. I mean, come on." "Come on? Calling them thugs?" Stokes asked. "Just call them n-----," Stokes said. "Just call them n-----. No, we don't have to call them by names such as that. We don't have to do that." BALTIMORE MOM WHO BEAT RIOTING SON SAYS SHE WAS SAVING HIM Stokes then challenged Burnett. "You wouldn't call your child a thug if they should do something that would not be what you would want them to do," Stokes said. Burnett shot back: "I would hope I would call my son a thug if he ever did such a thing." Both Rawlings-Blake and Young have since apologized for calling rioters thugs. Follow on Twitter @jmolinet ON A MOBILE DEVICE?WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading