Tina Charles donating half of her $100,000 Liberty salary to her charity

(AP) — Liberty star Tina Charles’ foundation is always close to her heart. The New York native once again will donate half of her WNBA salary to a charity she started to honor her aunt who died of multiple organ failure in 2013. Charles has already bought 142 automatic external defibrillators over the past few years. She’ll donate approximately $50,000 of her salary for the second straight season to purchase more, including 16 that are headed to Europe on July 4. “It means a lot just to keep the awareness out there about sudden cardiac arrest,” Charles said. “Taking an interest in others is key in my life. It’s my way of giving back. My passion of placing AEDs. Anything I can do to impact an institution with an AED is extremely important to me.” The foundation, Hopey’s Heart, provides health education, CPR training and lifesaving AEDs in schools, communities and recreational centers. It doesn’t just honor Charles’ aunt, but also Wes Leonard, a high school basketball player in Michigan who died in 2011 of sudden cardiac arrest after hitting the game-winning shot for his team. Now Charles is expanding her foundation’s reach to Europe. Starting next season, all EuroLeague women arenas will be required to have an AED on site thanks in large part to Charles, who played in Turkey this past winter. Charles spoke at a meeting of the EuroLeague women’s general managers that took place during their Final Four in April. “I commend Tina Charles for all of the great work she does through Hopey’s Heart Foundation,” said FIBA Europe President Turgay Demirel in April. “Tina is a fantastic example of a basketball player making a difference on and off the court, and this project is a welcome contribution to our efforts to provide the safest possible playing environment for our athletes.” Being charitable is nothing new for Charles. She donated Continue Reading

White and gold version of ‘The Dress’ sells for $2,000 in charity auction

This dress is definitely white and gold, and it made some green for charity. A special version of the infamous chameleon-like frock that divided the Internet was auctioned off for $2,000 on Sunday, dressmaker Roman Originals said. Czech businessman Tomas Petru bought the one-of-a-kind white and gold garment for his wife. The original two-tone dress that sparked a massive debate was blue and black in the end, even though some saw it as white and gold in a viral picture. Customers urged Roman Originals to design a line of white/gold dresses in the same style, but the company opted to make a single garment in those colors instead, creative director Ian Johnson told the Daily News. The dress became a viral sensation because some people swear it is blue and black while others see it as white and gold.The original, right, is blue and black. "We always knew we wanted to make a special one off solely for charity," he said. Roman Originals matched the winning bid, so poverty-fighting nonprofit Comic Relief received more than $4,000 thanks to the auction. People who missed their chance to snag the white and gold dress can order a blue and black one for $74. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Pope Francis’ old iPad sells for $30,500 at charity auction in Uruguay

Pope Francis' old iPad just sold for $30,500 at a charity auction in Uruguay. The winning bid was placed by telephone Tuesday at the Castells auction house in Montevideo. The buyer's identity and nationality were not disclosed. "May you do something good with it," Pope Francis told Uruguayan priest Gonzalo Aemilius when he handed over the iPad. Aemilius then donated the tablet to the Francisco de Paysandu high school for the poor, which is located 230 miles north of Montevideo. The school then tried selling the iPad through auction houses Christie's and Sotheby's, but after failed attempts, they were successful with Castells. The Apple device has an inscription "His Holiness Francisco. Servizio Internet Vatican, March 2013." An Apple iPad which belonged to Pope Francis fetched $30,500 at auction on Tuesday, with proceeds going to a school for the poor in Uruguay. Pope Francis called the Internet a "gift from God," but confesses to being terrible with technology. This is not the first time Pope Francis donates one of his personal belongings. In 2014, he donated a Harley-Davidson motorbike he received as a gift and the bike sold for 241,500 euros, roughly $257,681. With News Wire Services Continue Reading

Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett perform at Prince Harry charity fest

Hundreds gathered outside Britain’s Royal Albert Hall on Monday, hoping for a glimpse of Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett — and another notable personality, Prince Harry. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform at a Gala Evening in support of WellChild at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The pop stars came to support a charity backed by Harry that helps seriously ill British children receive quality medical care. Bennett and Lady Gaga, who collaborated on the jazz album “Cheek To Cheek,” lavished praise on the prince. Lady Gaga bares all in see-through jewelled jump suit with nipple tassels. “Your mum was a good friend of mine,” Bennett said of Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. “I did many benefits with her.” “That’s fantastic,” Harry replied. Harry, patron of the WellChild charity, hosted a reception for its supporters and for nurses and families. They were given seats in the Royal Box for the performance. Harry, who is winding down a decade-long military career, will be devoting more time and energy to his charitable activities. The royal, who is fifth in line to the throne, plans to spend the summer working with animal conservation groups in Africa, which he has described as a long-held dream. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. Continue Reading

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he will leave his fortune to charity

The man who took over for Steve Jobs says he will donate his fortune to charity. Apple CEO Tim Cook, whose net worth is about $120 million, plans to pay for his 10-year-old nephew's college education and give his remaining wealth to philanthropic institutions, he said in an interview with Fortune. The only openly gay chief executive officer on the Fortune 500 list has been a public advocate for immigration reform, human rights and AIDS education. He joins other millionaires including Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg in pledging vast sums to charity and human rights work. Cook, 54, took over the massive technology company in 2011, when Steve Jobs retired. Cook reportedly offered a piece of his liver to Jobs, who was battling cancer, but Jobs declined. He died later that year. Cook's annual salary is $9.2 million. He holds stock that will be worth $665 million when fully vested. ON A MOBILE DEVICE? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

Teen bride Courtney Stodden to donate sex tape earnings to charity

Meet the sexy Samaritan. Teenage bride Courtney Stodden is giving a new meaning to the term charitable cause. The aspiring model, now 20, struck a deal with Vivid Entertainment to produce a solo sex tape - titled "Courtney Uncovered" - and was reportedly paid $1 million for the role. In lieu of an extravagant shopping spree or a comfortable nest egg, Stodden plans to donate the money to charity. "As you may know - based on my affiliation with groups like PETA, etc., and being a strict vegetarian - I'm a staunch supporter of animal rights," she revealed to Us Weekly. "I also have an interest in helping children [and their families] who are contending with cancer." The wife of 54-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, whom she married when she was only 16, is still debating which charity she’ll give her earnings to. "It's my privilege to be able to lend myself to various causes that are dear to my heart," she explained to the magazine. "Our precious innocent animals and children in need deserve our endless love and attention! As for my donation I'm considering several charities and haven't decided on which one[s] specifically." During a 2013 appearance on the "bethenny" show Stodden said she was offered several adult film projects. "Trust me, the second I turned 18, the entire porn industry turned upside down, Vivid, all of them," she told Bethenny Frankel. "I turned down a $5 million porn offer about 3 months ago."  Stodden's controversial marriage to the "Lost" star has not been without its bumps in the road. The model filed for separation in November 2013 because she missed being single. The couple reconciled nine months later. Join the Conversation: Continue Reading

SEE IT: De Blasio pokes fun of New York City pot law, snowstorm shutdowns in Inner Circle charity video

New York City Hall is going to pot. Mayor de Blasio jokes about persistent rumors of his marijuana use in a new video promoting the Inner Circle charity show. In the video, de Blasio tries to wriggle out of his traditional appearance in the annual show, in which reporters put on comedic skits at the mayor's expense and he responds with an act of his own. De Blasio frets: "I'm too tall for dancing. It's not my fault." A staffer offers to bring in an impersonator to take his place — comedian Henry Zebrowski, a bearded redhead who bears no resemblance to the mayor. Putting his stand-in to the test, de Blasio warns, "They're gonna say you shut down the city for a fake blizzard" — a reference to the January storm that ended up fizzling out. "Uh, I gave everybody a snow day. Who doesn't like a day off?" Zebrowski replies. Then the mayor asks in a loud whisper, "What about the whole marijuana thing?" The impersonator says he's got that covered: "Totally, yeah, I got 25 grams in my bag outside if you wanna go spark it," he says, in a dig on de Blasio's new policy to let people caught with 25 grams or less of pot off with a summons. When the mayor clarifies he wants to know what his stand-in will say in response to questions about the marijuana issue, the impersonator deadpans, "I will say that I just ran out." With that, de Blasio decides to give him the gig, and excitedly announces, "Book me a ticket to Cuba. I'm gonna tell Fidel all about this!" The show is scheduled March 28. Continue Reading

Erik Spoelstra sings ‘Billie Jean’ and Pat Riley butchers ‘Twist and Shout’ at charity karaoke event

Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley are the personification of the “stay in your lane” theory. The brilliant basketball executive and his championship-winning coach took a night off from hoops and took the stage for “Batioke” a charity karaoke event held by ex-Heat forward Shane Battier and, well, it’s pretty bad. Spoelstra performed Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” with his girlfriend, former Heat dancer Nikki Sapp, and made up for what he lacked in vocal chops with a derby hat, some dance moves and chemistry with his duet partner. Riley, on the other hand, was not at all like the smooth operator we’ve come to know with the Lakers, Knicks and Heat. Riley, surrounded by women, was wooden while attempting to sing “Twist and Shout.” He loosened up a little bit as the tune went along but, yeesh. Battier was the ringer in the group. His “I’m too sexy” was the hit of the evening. Also, the fact that this raised money to help kids in Detroit, Miami and Houston totally redeems the participants for butchering some classics. ON YOUR PHONE? SEE SHANE BATTIER SING "I'M TOO SEXY," ERIK SPOELSTRA'S "BILLIE JEAN" AND PAT RILEY'S "TWIST AND SHOUT" Continue Reading

Derek Jeter joins Hideki Matsui in Japan for Tomodachi Charity Baseball Game

Derek Jeter wasn’t wearing the pinstripes Saturday but he was wearing a uniform again as he and former Yankees teammate Hideki Matsui watched Japan’s junior ballplayers during a baseball clinic at the Tokyo Dome. Jeter and Matsui are in Japan to host the Tomodachi (which means friend in Japanese) Charity Baseball Game in support of children from the 2011 tsunami that devasted the Tohoku region of Japan.  Continue Reading

No one bids on Jay Cutler autographed football at charity auction

If anyone needed further proof that Jay Cutler isn't exactly the most popular guy in Chicago, not one person bid on a football autographed by the Bears quarterback during a pet adoption charity auction. The white football with Cutler's signature was one of a few items auctioned on behalf of the Anti-Cruelty Society on March 26, part of the Chosen Man's Best Friend and Factor Felines fashion show at a Bloomingdales in the Windy City. "When it came back, I was surprised it didn't go, but I didn't think it was because of who signed the football," Anti-Cruelty Society president Dr. Robyn Barbiers told The Chicago Tribune. The other items auctioned off weren't sports-related, and Barbiers added that it wasn't exactly "a football crowd." However, someone did call the Society on Thursday and offered to buy the football — but just for the $100 starting bid. Who in Chicago would actually want a Cutler autographed football? Well, he asked to remain anonymous. Continue Reading